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June 11, 2014 6:54 pm

Neo-Nazis on the Rise in Europe, Jews and Minorities Must Take Action

avatar by Deborah Jacobi

Right-wing Jobbik Party members in Hungary holding a rally. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Europe’s woeful economic struggles have resulted in Neo-Nazis and National Front parties gaining a shocking amount of seats in the European Parliament (MEP). Should Jews be concerned that a limp European economy might result in Neo-Nazis sweeping Europe’s next election?

Obviously Jews need to gauge the progress of Europe’s economy and the impending uprising in their midst. Passports should be up to date, and excess funds moved to safer shores. Israel might prudently prepare for an influx of European Jews.

Marine Le Pen, the youngest daughter of the founder of The National Front Party, won 27.5 percent of the French vote, appealing to the struggling working class and youth of the country.

Le Pen the elder is one of the more infamous anti Semites of our generation. Jean Marie Le Pen is well known in Europe for his bigotry, racism, and anti Semitism. In 1987 he said that ” the death camps were a ‘mere detail’ of World War 11.” A long time Holocaust denier, Le Pen accused President Chirac  in 1997of being “in the pay of Jewish organizations.” More recently his snake charming tongue suggested that the Ebola Virus be dropped on all immigrants.

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And then there’s the rest of Europe!

For the past five years Greece, has been submerged by an economic tsunami. The heaving wave saw the tide rise on the violent neo-fascist Golden Dawn Party, which won 16 percent of the vote, and is now Greece’s third largest party. Its leader, Mr. Michaloliakos, along with other members, was imprisoned for his gang-like criminal behavior. Nonetheless, Golden Dawn thugs succeeded in gaining a substantial voting bloc.

On June 6, 2014 Athens, The Globe and The Mail reported the following:

“A few of them openly sport swastika tattoos, including party spokesman Ilia Kasidiaris. A raid last year on the house of a fugitive businessman linked to Golden Dawn unearthed a trove of Nazi memorabilia and weaponry. Reports of verbal and physical attacks on immigrants by party supporters are common.”

In Denmark, the nationalist, anti-immigrant Danish People’s party won 26.7% of the vote and doubled its number of MEP’s from two to four.

Italy’s right wing Lega Nord party gained 6% of the vote. One of their ex-MEP members made the following racist comment: “Africa hasn’t produced great geniuses as anyone can see from a Mickey Mouse encyclopedia.”

Finland’s Anti-Euro Populist Party constantly trashes Muslims. It too gained a seat at the MEP.

Austria’s far right Freedom Party, which seeks an alliance with France’s National Front, gained more than one fifth of the vote. They are fiercely anti Muslim.

Belgian’s Flemish Separatist Party has made political history. It’s the first time a Neo Nazi Party will be representing Brussels at the European Parliament.

Germany’s National Democratic Party “once again” proudly proclaims the Nazi ideology of National Socialism.

Hungary’s right wing, nationalist Party Jobbik received a sizeable 14.7% of the vote. It is now the third leading party in Hungary. The anti-Semitic rhetoric of this party is so far ahead of any other right wing group, one might think Hitler rose from the dead and is lurking on every street corner.

Jews would do well to consider vacating this land. You might want to check out Hungary’s flight schedule this week. No doubt they are offering one-way tickets to any Jew who sweeps the streets, hands over his house keys, and signs over his bank account.

The Netherland’s leader Geert Wilders of the Party For Freedom lost one seat to pro EU parties. Nonetheless, his party still retains four seats. Wilders rationally states that he is not anti-Muslim, just anti-Islam. Is that any different from saying one is not anti-Semitic just anti-Zionist?

Good news regarding the British National Party. They lost their one and only seat in the MEP. I’m so proud to be a Brit!

In all, nine Neo-Nazi Parties will sit in the European Parliament. Some parties will occupy more than one seat. How many more seats will they acquire in the next election? Perhaps the answer to that lies in our hands.

Approximately 43.11% of European voters never made it to the voting booth. How many non-voters were Jews? How many were immigrants? Jews and other minorities must vote in all upcoming elections.

We cannot accomplish victory alone. If Jews want to stay in our host country, and even if they don’t, it’s time to speak out and get involved. They must ensure that no upstanding citizen is bullied or marginalized. Jews are morally obligated to be a light unto the nations, which entails speaking up for all those who are morally abused.

We need to join together with all minority groups, and campaign to safeguard the legitimate rights of upstanding minorities to remain in Europe. We cannot afford to stand by and hope the despicable rise of Neo-Nazism will somehow disappear. “Never again” will become “yet again” if we continue to have a “don’t bother me about it just yet” attitude.

One can just imagine the ill feelings these Neo-Nazi Parties will ultimately ferment toward the State of Israel.

The voices of the BDS movement will seem Disney like, compared to the poisonous, virulent tongue of an elected Neo-Nazi.

Jews need to acknowledge the financial grievances that foster such hostility. We might consider reaching out to the vulnerable, troubled youth and workers who experience the brunt of economic oppression.

All peoples everywhere need to help Europe survive not just the costly assault on their pocket, but also the sickening rampant assault on civilized man.

Hopefully, with The Almighty’s help, there will be an upsurge in the economy, resulting in more inclusive, bountiful, neighborly relations.

Deborah Jacobi is the founder of and can be reached at [email protected].

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