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June 15, 2014 1:02 pm

Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune: Palestinian Unity Deal Creates Opportunity for Hamas to Seize Control (VIDEO)

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Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune on Real News TV discussing the newly inked Palestinian unity deal. Photo: Screenshot.

The newly inked Palestinian unity deal between former rivals Fatah and terror group Hamas will create an opportunity for Hamas to seize more power, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said in a recent interview on Real News TV.

Citing sentiment on the street, and the 93% of Palestinians that harbor anti-Semitic views, Efune said, “This really is creating an opening for Hamas to seize control.”

“The question really is… if you are talking about bringing the Palestinian Authority and Hamas together who is going to end up on top?” he said. “It’s pretty clear that this is a power play whereby Hamas is going to have more access in the West Bank, more access to educate people, more access to the populace and to recruit people, and you are going to end up with a situation where Hamas becomes increasingly empowered and the Palestinian Authority is increasingly irrelevant.”

Asked about the Obama Administration’s assertion that the new Palestinian government is run by technocrats who are not members of Hamas, Efune said, “The figureheads that are sitting in place are practically irrelevant.”

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He added, “The first thing that is crucial to understand is that when you are dealing with a dictatorial theocracy… what is important to look at is; Who is behind? Where is the power? Who is appointing these people? Who do they have allegiance to?”

On a Facebook comment posted recently by former Hamas spokesperson Ihab al-Ghussein, in which he said that public conciliatory statements by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas were designed to “trick the Americans,” Efune said that “the posting itself unfortunately is not news.”

“It is just another symptom… of the duplicitousness that we have seen coming out of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas,” he said.

“Consistently, you have had this situation where they say one thing in Arabic, they say one thing to their own people… and a completely different script and a different tone when it comes to conversations with the West.”

Watch a video of Efune’s full interview below:

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