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June 22, 2014 6:34 pm

When the Only Winners are the Benchwarmers

avatar by Brandon Marlon

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ISIS soldiers in convoy in confiscated trucks in Iraq. Photo: Twitter / nayelshafei.

ISIS soldiers in convoy in confiscated trucks in Iraq. Photo: Twitter / nayelshafei.

The battle of Mohammed’s heirs is being fought anew in the Middle East. Tired of jostling for isonomy in Iraq and dismayed at the malversation of that country’s Shia Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, armed Sunnis are readily en route to a showdown with Moqtada al-Sadr’s irregular Mahdi Army and the national Iraqi Army.

In its accelerated growth from minutiae to magnitude, Sunni ISIS terrorists have turned northern and central Iraq into a sea of banners, headbands, and bloodshed. The scene is somewhat reminiscent of The Battle of the Camel (656 C.E.), the First Fitna when Islam was first riven over its founder’s divisive cousin and son-in-law, caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib (r. 656-661).

In this Latest Fitna, as ISIS obtrudes deep into southern Iraq toward balmy Baghdad, Sunni and Shia are again at each other’s throats, with Israel keeping a wary eye on events and Iran threatening to intercede on al-Maliki’s behalf, as it continues to do in Syria on al-Assad’s behalf.

Notably, the current ISIS leader, al-Bagdadi, has threatened to take the Iraqi capital as a preliminary to Jerusalem, and to reach New York. But if the Ayatollahs of Iran prop up Iraq’s teetering Shia government, the Fertile Crescent remains solidly dominated by the Shia Iranians, Iraqis, Alawite (Shia) Syrians, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. This axis is fundamentally detrimental to Israel, America, and Europe in particular, and to civilization and democracy worldwide.

So what is the West to do? Nothing…yet.

As a 4,000 year-old people, Jews have always been intimate with the scope and scale of history, and so have learned the art of how to remember the future and forecast the past. That means preparing for the worst (in this case, the triumph of ISIS in Iraq and the collapse of neighboring Jordan) while hoping for the best (that in Syria and Iraq ISIS and Al-Qaeda keep Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah occupied indefinitely). If rival evils are willing to wipe each other out while distracting dictators from actions against Israel, then nonintervention is the order of the day.

There are times when the polestar of impartiality must prevail, even if only for a fleeting time. For now, the sidelines never looked so good.

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  • BH in Iowa

    PCUSA Leadership should read carefully. This is what Jews have faced for the past four thousand years, and likely for the next four thousand. This is how we can and should utterly dismiss the recent PCUSA declaration of war against the Jewish People as irrelevant – given our history, it is as threatening as a barking dog.

  • Yale

    I’d agree with the “let them all rot” approach except that what’s going on Iraq is a threat to the entire Westphalian system of international law and politics. That system was established after the Thirty Years’ War, which was basically a Christian analog to the Sunni-Shi’ite mess going on now. The conclusion was that religion and politics should be separated; now we’re seeing an effort to make religion the touchstone of politics.

  • Larry

    Your comments would be better appreciated if the reader didnt have to stop to look up your obscure synonyms for equality and corrupt. Isonomy and malversation? Unecessary use of “big” words usually come from uneducated people trying to impress people with their intelligence rather than someone trying to convey an idea. Otherwise, you made many good points.

  • Mickey Oberman

    What a powerful statement could be made if all Jews put three candles in their window every night until the boys are home.


  • Both Iran’s I_2_Allahs and Saudia’s al_CIA_da, now known as ISIS (LOL!), are Vatican/CIA muppets designed for the purpose of genociding the “heretics”, aka, Jews, Orthodox Christians, etc.

    That’s the plan folks. War and mass murder.

    Understand that the Vatican/CIA muppet-masters are laughing at your face:

    ISIS! LOL!

    ISIS, goddess ISIS, who nurses Horus the PHARAOH
    –> becomes the Assyrian/Babylonian/Israeli goddess Ishtar/Asherah..
    –> becomes the Flavian-Roman Mary mother of the Roman Lord Jesus
    –> becomes the Vatican Mother Church with the Pope as EMPEROR

    In other words, the Vatican/CIA mafia, like all criminals who want their “genius” to be known, is telegraphing to the world that it is behind this. But the propaganda stoned out zombies are too brain dead to clue in on the clues in front of their face.. 🙁

  • Bart A, Charta

    For nearly 3 years I’ve been rooting for both sides to win – Go Assad vs. Go Rebels; Go al-Maliki vs.go al-Baghdadi (or, if you prefer Al BigDaddy). Go Sunni boy vs. don’t be Shia boy, and go go go….

    Thus much has always been a no-brainer…Give all sides enough guns ‘n ammo kill off each other. The more of each other they kill off, the safer for the Jews and therefore (on the theory that we Jews are the canary in the coal mine) the safer for the world-at-large. Loz ehm beyden/ahlen gehen in dr’erd mit a por fissen oif’n tuches….. Let ’em both/all go to hell with a few kicks in the ass…. Omeyn Keyn Yehi Ratzon.