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July 2, 2014 3:36 pm

Grand Larceny

avatar by Chloe Valdary

A Palestinian flag.

TOTD: Palestinian identity has been forged out of a vacuum of historical nothingness. It culturally appropriates the history of the other (namely the Jew) and adopts it as its own. Consider the so-called “Nakba” – what the Arabs call the alleged tragic alleged expulsion of Arabs from “their” land and the subsequent mourning and longing to return. Does this sound familiar to you?

It should.

This is nothing more than Jewish history repackaged in 21st century fashion for the politically correct kleptomaniac, i.e. the Omar Barghouti types.

It was Jews who were kicked out of their land and Jews who longed to return to their homes, who had keys, (the real ones, not the fake gigantic ones Palestinian Arabs would have us believe fit into tiny keyholes in 1940) and prayer books, and Torah scrolls, etc. as proof of their history. For 3,000 + years they longed to return and mourned their exiled existence. Palestinian identity merely takes that true story, applies it to Arabs, and Viola! the crime of theft is complete.

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Consider the so-called “Occupation,” the completely made up idea that “Palestinian” land is being colonized by those evil Jews. But of course it was JEWISH land that was colonized throughout the centuries (and which is still being colonized today). Once again, Palestinian identity steals from the Jews their own story and adapts it to make it their own. It is the ultimate bait-and-switch tactic.

So, not only is the Palestinian Arab stealing sovereignty from you, he’s also stealing your story. Why is it working? Why is it so effective? Because you are not telling YOUR story. You are willing to forego the task of telling your story because you think it’s not pragmatic or too moral sounding to appeal to the masses. But therein lays the irony. Although Palestinian propaganda is based on lies, it invokes a false morality. It appeals to the moral sensibilities of human beings. “Colonialization is bad. Occupation is bad. Resistance is justified when people are occupied.” These are all morally tinged catchphrases. They appeal to the moral inclinations within mankind.

If you talk about start-ups in Tel Aviv, you are having an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT conversation.

(Sidenote: Talking about start-ups in Tel Aviv in and of itself is not enough. In fact, it’s rather boring. No one cares about Apple because they make computers. They care about Apple because of the FEELING of coolness associated with the product. This is why people will wait 48 hours in line for a new Apple product and will also trash-talk Microsoft. This is also why if you respond to the accusation that Israel is raping Palestinian women with the story of start-up nation, people will think you are at best, a jackass. And just like Microsoft, they will trash-talk you.)

At any rate, if your answer Palestinian propaganda — which is both a lie and morally appealing — with technology centers, you will lose every time because he just called you a baby killer and you responded by saying that you have nice beaches. You are not answering his claim, you are avoiding the central moral question and in doing so, you forfeit your claims to the actual story that HE JUST STOLE FROM YOU. If you don’t tell your story, there will be a vacuum. And Palestinian propaganda will fill the void every time.

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