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July 27, 2014 1:37 am

Mr. President: Redirect Your Criticism Away From Israel

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From the Oval Office, U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the phone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sept. 27, 2013.

This week, in keeping with the Administration’s track record of open hostility toward Israel and her government, President Obama and Secretary Kerry found time to censure Israel, while ignoring her pressing security concerns. By calling on Israel to “take even greater steps to ensure the protection of civilians,” they insinuated their belief that Israel is not doing all it can to avoid harm to the current residents of Gaza.

Seemingly every day since Mr. Obama assumed office, the U.S. Administration has urged Israel, a sovereign, democratic nation, to show “restraint” as her citizens continue to be the victims of violent attacks and incitement by terrorists who are committed to her destruction. As she has in every operation, Israel continues to implement safety measures to avoid civilian casualties. In Operation Protective Edge, these measures have included:

· Dropping leaflets, urging Gaza residents to flee areas used by Hamas operatives to launch attacks against Israel

· Sending text messages to residents of Gaza warning them of impending strikes

· Employing the practice of “roof-knocking,” to warn those who decided not to take Israel’s initial warnings seriously, to evacuate a danger zone immediately.

· Sending daily truckloads of aid, including food and medical supplies, as well as thousands of gallons of fuel into Gaza

· Setting up a makeshift hospital inside of Gaza for wounded civilians

· Providing water and electricity to the Palestinian population while ignoring the millions of dollars in debt that the Palestinian government owes Israel for these same services

· Accepting three different ceasefires, two for humanitarian purposes, even as her enemies ignored those ceasefires

· Calling off many necessary airstrikes to avoid civilian casualties

Therefore, it baffles me that while no other country in the world would take half of these measures to help an enemy, the Obama Administration still finds a way to criticize the one country that decides to set, and exceed, higher standards than those ever seen before. What is of even greater concern is the president’s failure to reject and to pressure Israel’s enemies, as they continue on their journey to destroy Israel and to annihilate the Jews.

Not one day has gone by since 2008, where a Jew has not been either stoned, stabbed, beaten or threatened by an Arab inside of Israel. Arab terror groups inside of both Gaza and Judea and Samaria fire thousands of rockets at Israeli population centers, attempt to kidnap Israeli civilians and continue on their drive to perpetrate suicide bombings inside of Israel. Had our only, democratic ally in the Middle East shown all of the “restraint” that Mr. Obama would have liked her to, many of the aforementioned attacks would not have been foiled, potentially resulting in the murders of hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians.

While these threats are as real as ever, the president has done nothing to force Hamas to disarm, and, worst of all, publicly accepted a new unity government between the “moderate” leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas, the terrorist organization which makes no secret of their genocidal intentions.

Despite Hamas’ continued attacks on Israel, and amid ongoing pressure from both Republicans and Democrats, the unity government, and President Obama’s willingness to accept it, has not changed. A campaign promise to protect Israel’s security above all else in the region has been exposed for a a dangerous lie, which can prove costly for Israel and for America.

While this astonishing attitude toward Israel is becoming more evident by the day, the Jewish State continues to protect the lives of “innocent Palestinian civilians” at the cost of her own citizens’ lives. What Mr. Obama and the rest of the world fail to realize is that if Israel did not want to avoid civilian casualties at all costs, it could have saved its troops by launching an aerial operation so harsh, that every single street, alleyway, and underground tunnel in Gaza would have been destroyed and unrecognizable.

Instead, Israel sent in tens of thousands of her own soldiers, including teenagers, 20-year-olds, and reservists who have families and children at home, as a means of reaching their operational goals without harming those who are not actively shooting at Israel. It is because of Israel’s concern for Palestinian civilians, a majority of whom despise the very existence of the Jewish people, that Israel has taken incredible measures while fighting an enemy who has made it clear that it places no value on the life of a human being.

My message to the president is simple. Instead of attempting to delegitimize the most moral army in the world, he must concern himself with the terror and incitement emanating from both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the direct and indirect recipients of U.S. taxpayer money. Furthermore, the president has a responsibility to protect and defend the rights of her citizens and the lives of those around the world who support democracy. Therefore, instead of throwing Israel under the bus, the president should focus his energies on punishing the perpetrators of an attack by Palestinian terrorists this past Sunday, that murdered two American citizens. The lives of Max Steinberg and Nissim Sean Carmeli, California and Texas natives respectively, were taken when they were fighting to defend the Jewish people, a people of peace and supporters of American ideals.

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  • Houston, we have a problem – the US president sides with Hamas against Israel!

  • Robert Davis

    The PM Netanyahou should not reply any longer to that non american,moslem “president” obamama. He should IGNORE him and his usual PESTERING over the phone as well as kerry. This is a very important BATTLE the the PM to win so that obama eventually will shut up and stop pestering the Israeli Govt. As to hussein obama he should be PROSECUTED for all his LIES and his terrible anti american job. He does not even deserve to be allowed to remain in the US!

  • BethesdaDog

    Somehow, the picture of him sitting at the president’s desk just doesn’t look right…and it has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a president that just doesn’t seem to love America, unless we all change to suit him.

    Kind of like the revulsion I had to Carter when he came back from that long retreat to Camp David toward the end of his term, and came back and spoke to the nation telling us how sick we were.

    Now we know why these two men are considered the two worst presidents in American history. I don’t know enough about all the presidents, but they are certainly among the two worst in my lifetime, and that includes a corrupt Nixon.

    • Justice

      Israel doesn’t seem to realize that massacring children in Gaza is increasing hostility towards Israel in rational people and Jew-hatred in anti-semites globally. I keep in mind all the decent Jewish radicals–admirably brave in aid of suffering people–I have known of all my life. And I am glad that there are decent Jews in Israel itself who oppose this slaughter.

      As for the rest, this indifference to the suffering of others coupled with self-righteous justification of cruelty far outweighs the arrogant, bigotry-tainted disdain expressed towards President Obama. I reminds me of the Bush years in which that president added insult to the injury inflicted by our country on Iraqis: “They hate us for our freedom.” No, they hated us for blowing up their children. “They hate us for being Jews.” No, Palestinians hate Israel for dispossessing them of their home and now also for blowing up their children.

  • Matt

    Such is Life, you just have to knuckle down and move forward, things get a bit tough and people go to water, I saw it in Iraq in 2005. It is nothing we are always doing things that others deem to be impossible, under extreme pressure. The US and officials have been subject to extended psychological warfare and they are broken. It takes special training to counter psy-ops and carry on, what do you do take every citizen and leader and give them the treatment. Look at the death toll, PTSD, drug use, alcohol of the returned. And the effects are right through the class structure and social stratification. Israe is at war all the time so it has less an effect on the population and it is not war that even effects people like Barak and Livin. Israel has intergenerational indoctrination against psychological warfare. With the US this is intragenerational. So I don’t pay too much attention to it or what is said or done and don’t take personally.

  • nathan Phatti

    What do you expect, he went to cheder in a Muslim yeshiva.