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August 6, 2014 9:41 pm

Why the Jewish People Will Never Be Defeated

avatar by Izzy Ezagui

Max Steinberg's funeral in Jerusalem. Photo: Tazpit.

The answer is Israel.

The question? Why are we able to stand together, to let our voices be heard, without truly fearing for our safety – not just here on American soil, but in France, Austria, and many other countries with populaces that are largely anti-Semitic?

Why – however bad it gets – is it safer to walk the streets of Germany today than it was during the 1930s? Israel.

Why are young Jews – our brothers, sons, and fathers – dying in Gaza? Why is the price of our freedom so much suffering? How can we ever really feel safe? Because of Israel.

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That humble strip of land in the Middle East is our guarantee that, Never Again. But it’s also so much more.

I find it heartening to see the extent of our unity during such turbulent times. There is no doubt that the Jewish people are strongest under pressure. I only wish we could somehow encapsulate, and replicate, this behavior during times of peace. We’d be a stronger nation for it. We would be far better off as a people.

I wish that my brothers in arms could be here in the U.S. now, even if only briefly, so that they might share in the unity they are fighting so fiercely to protect. And I wish I were in Gaza fighting beside them for what I know is right. Unfortunately, I don’t get to decide which reserve units are called up to battle. It isn’t easy for me to sit helpless on the sidelines, watching the IDF death toll rise.

Soon, the obvious truths will come to light as to just how moral and necessary Israel’s campaign inside Gaza is. This may happen next week, it may happen twenty years from now, and when it does, many people, the world over, will bow their heads in shame. They will be forced to acknowledge an ugly truth: that when we, the good guys, needed them most, they were standing on the wrong side of history.

This is not a battle between us and them. Not the Jews vs. the Arabs, or the Israelis vs. the Palestinians. No. This is a fight between light and dark, righteous against evil.

This is a battle between those who celebrate death, and those who have a deep appreciation for life. This is a war between those who name streets after their suicide bombers, and those who mourn the loss of two lone soldiers with an outpouring of 50,000 civilians.

The battle against the Jewish Nation has been waged since our ancient covenant with God. But it is only during these last few weeks that I’ve been awarded a glimpse into why we win war after war. Why, historically, nation upon great nation has disappeared simply with the erosion of time, and yet we persevere.

I saw it at the funerals of our two brave lone soldiers, Max and Sean, may they rest in peace.

Fact: As many civilians showed up to mourn the loss of these two heroes as there are soldiers presently fighting inside Gaza. Doesn’t that astound you? Doesn’t it tell you so much?

I ask you: how can a people who mourn the loss of their heroes just as fiercely as these heroes fight to protect their people EVER disappear with the erosion of time, let alone disappear due to the likes of Hamas?

They can’t.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Izzy Ezagui is a reservist in the Israeli Special Forces. He lost an arm by mortar attack during Operation Cast Lead in January 2009. Izzy currently lives in the United States where he is a motivational speaker – and is working on a memoir titled, Single Handed, a Pessimist’s Inspiring Journey.

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