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August 11, 2014 6:27 pm

The Disproportionate Nonsense

avatar by William Pollack

A pro-Hamas rally in Damascus. Photo: Tasja via Wikimedia Commons.

I shouted at my flat screen today as another talking head spewed anti-Israel diatribe. The anchor lacked either desire or intelligence to counter his guest’s nonsense so he let him drone on. Truth be damned. Later in the morning, I sighed after reading Eugene Robinson’s column. He suggested Israel was responding “disproportionately” to thousands of missiles launched by the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza. Robinson made it clear he does not support Hamas. In fact, he “abhors” them but then suggested a moral equivalency between the terrorist organization and Israel’s defense of her citizens. As the Jewish country exercises her inherent right of self-defense against a growing Islamic scourge, she is also fighting a multi-front media war against bias media reporting.

Israel, a small democratic country created out of the ashes of the Holocaust, is once again guilty of defending her right to exist; seemingly an unforgivable crime to some.  As the world turned through the centuries, Jews were the scapegoat and victim. But since 1948, Jews established a homeland to live a life free of persecution in a country that recognizes individual rights for all. But now that shining light of freedom on the Mediterranean Sea again is threatened not only by Hamas rockets but much of the leftist media and its insatiable anti-Israel appetite. We are not suggesting all media is this way but more than not.

To paraphrase comedienne Joan Rivers, New Jersey would be obliterated if it had lobbed missiles into New York. But would New York wait years to respond? In recent times, over 8,000 missiles have been fired into Israeli territory from Gaza; a sacrifice of land turned over to the Palestinians by Israel so they might build their “Singapore of the Middle East.” Soon thereafter, Palestinians elected the terrorist organization Hamas assuming political and military control and turning the Gaza Stip into a launching pad of terror against Israel. Hamas also built an intricate underground network of tunnels. These tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel were designed for abduction, kidnapping and almost certain murder of potentially thousands of its Jewish citizens. As of this writing, the Israel Defense Forces are destroying the tunnels.

Israel is defending her very existence against the Iranian and Qatar backed terrorist organization Hamas and Hezbollah and a growing Islamic extremism with tentacles spreading throughout the world. Clearly this is a case of good versus evil. It is that simple. Yet some media pundits relentlessly and unfairly use the phrase “disproportionate response” whenever referring to Israel’s defense of the country.  What would describe a proportional response to more than 2,000 missiles in the last few weeks? If Israel had responded proportionately with her own 2,000 missiles, Gaza would now be the world’s largest ashtray. I have even heard the obnoxious cry that Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, which effectively destroyed most of the incoming missiles sparing civilian life, was not fair since the Palestinians have no such ability. Here too is another example of a glaring distinction between a society that loves life and one that relishes death and destruction. Hamas uses the Palestinian population as human shields. Israel shields her citizens with technology and military might. One can only imagine the death and destruction Hamas would have wreaked had Israel not long ago learned through words and deeds the threat of Islamic terrorism.

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Disproportionate is a word seemingly used only when Israel defends herself. Did the United States respond proportionately to Japan following Pearl Harbor? Did the British respond proportionately to the German blitzkrieg? When a country is attacked, the response should deter the attacking nation, entity or any other one else forever more.

International pressure for a cease-fire will only succeed in protecting Hamas from certain destruction and another war on another day. A disproportionate response from Israel may guarantee no more war on any more days.

William Pollack of Memphis, TN is a broadcaster and movie theater operator with locations throughout the United States.

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