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October 29, 2014 7:45 pm

Jewish Girl Attacked in Sick New ‘Game’, Suspect Apprehended, Scene Descends Into Anti-Semitic Hate Fest

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A new ‘game’ circulating on social media inspired a group of teenagers to assault a Jewish girl in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and resulted in a display of hatred toward Jews upon the suspect’s arrest, local blog reported on Wednesday.

The ‘game’ is called ‘What the hell are they?’ The objective is to hit someone on their feet or legs if he or she is wearing nicer shoes than you, shout “what the hell are they” and then run away.

The victim, a 13-year-old student of local Chabad girls school Beis Rivkah, was approached by two girls and a boy as she walked down Lefferts Avenue. One of the girls shoved and kicked her, then shouted the game’s mantra.

An eyewitness to the assault called the neighborhood patrol Shomrim. Others chased the assailant down Brooklyn Avenue and eventually into the Public Library on New York Avenue and Maple Street, where the teenager remained in an attempt to hide from police.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the 12-year-old assailant after Shomrim apprehended her and brought the witness, another young Jewish girl, to the library so she could identify the perpetrator. The victim said she didn’t understand what her attacker had yelled until police explained the ‘game’ to her and she confirmed that it was in fact what the suspect screamed, according to the report.

The young assailant admitted to attacking the Jewish girl. After apologies from the assailant and her parents, and also warnings to her from her parents and the police, she was released to her parents’ custody without charge.

According to, the scene at the Public Library escalated into an ugly display of anti-Semitism as Shomrim held the assailant and waited for police to arrive. “Adults shouted anti-Semitic slurs and called for violence against the Jews, simply for being Jewish and standing up for their rights,” the blog said.

The reporter for the blog said it was “one of the ugliest displays of hate and anti-Semitism” that he had ever witnessed.

“This is why I hate all them Jews; I would kill them all; I hate them all from 2 years old to 80 years old,” shouted a man who appeared to be in his 40s, the blog said. A woman, who appeared to be in her 60s, said to the victim, “Next time someone hits you, you beat them back up; you don’t call the police.”

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  • Joe Reality

    This is a very poorly written news story. The perpetrators supposedly attack people wearing fancy shoes. Sounds like anyone, of any race, religion or ethnicity , in New York City could be a victim. Well…I couldn’t, because my shoes are always held together by bubblegum and band-aides.

    It does not sound like people of Jewish descent are being targeted. Hell, I grew up in New York, and I knew many, many, many Jewish people who looked more Aryan then the average Scandinavian, and those who had dark hair and larger noses could just as well be Italians. So why does the author of this sadly written story conclude that the “Jewish girl” harassed in this story was harassed because she was Jewish?

    Also, the story does not expressly say what the demographic group of the attackers consist of. From the back chatter of the comment section, it sounds like they are African American. If there are tensions between Hasidics and local African Americans, that may not have nothing to do with religion and more to do with typically rivalries that exist between any two groups that have different customs (ala Sharks vs. Jets from West Side Story).

    Sorry author of this incomplete story, but I just do not buy your bogus alarmist claim that children are being targeted because of their religion.

  • Elena Clark

    I wrote a book about the life of the Jews in the former Soviet Union and their fight against antisemitism and for their own identity. I paid the money for company Author House, but they refused to publish it because it was ‘too Jewish’ and openly was talking about the Jewish Issues.
    So much for freedom of speech in USA

  • I come from a people who gave the Ten Commandments to the world. Time has come to strengthen them by three additional ones, which we ought to adopt and commit ourselves to:
    Thou shall not be a perpetrator; thou shall not be a victim; and thou shall never, but never, be a bystander.
    —Yehuda Bauer, professor (b. 1926)

    • Mike Miller

      I agree with your sentiments, and as a Christian, I hate anti-Jewish rhetoric and/or action as I hate all racism (although anti-Semitism is particularly evil & pernicious). But I take issue with one thing you said. No “people” can lay claim to having given the Ten Commandments to the world. They were given to the world by God.

      • HiHo

        Note to Mike: God may have given Jews the 10 commandments, but Jews gave them to everybody else. That’s simply how history went.

        • Mike Miller

          Granted… but you miss my point. Following that logic, it was not Jews that gave me the 10 Commandments, it was Cambridge University Press. The 10 Commandments are concepts, prescriptions for living, and what today could be termed “intellectual property.” Just because you pass on, distribute, or publish intellectual property for wider consumption does not make the intellectual property yours to give. A man [or a people] cannot give what he does not own. The Jewish people “owned” the tablets, but they did not write, and therefore never “owned” the concepts. But frankly, this is a somewhat fruitless debate. I just wished the world would pay much more heed to timeless wisdom of those prescriptive concepts.

    • As a Christian, I stand with the Jewish people. Not because they are better or worst than others, but because they are specially loved by my God. May God bless Israel as He promised and He pours his Spirit over them.

  • Black leaders and black teachers must educate love and understanding or perpetuate black inferiority complex. Blaming and attacking others means you gave up on yourself….. THIS is what destroys societies and why Jews have survived…. they ignore the bigotry and try to bring out their own potential.

  • Mike B

    “Next time someone hits you, you beat them back up; you don’t call the police.”

    Sure, as if she wouldn’t call the police if she was beaten up and robbed. What she really wants to say is that she thinks the victim is a snitch for seeking justice.

  • cool

    as was driving back from williamsburg,i got caught in traffic next to a school bus full of African American kids, one of the kids got up on his seat stuck his head out the Window and yelled F**k you, twice, then tried to throw on of his school supplies at me luckily it missed.
    just wondering what type of education he gets from his parents that prompts him to cursed at a Jew for no reason and then throw the first think he got his hands on.
    although it wasn’t anything serious i shudder to think what he will be up to when he gets older.

    • America Doro

      Hopefully this young criminal in training will be locked up by the time he’s an adult.

    • Kelly Quinn

      I feel for you It is hard in many ways, I95 is a nasty road. I live and work n Virginia it is a tough road

    • Chaim

      Rav Chaim from Volozen said if the Jew won’t do Kadish, then the non Jew will do havdalah. This is a way of a Kodesh Boro chu talking to us to get out of hultz la eretz, and come home before it’s too late.

  • Jimbo

    The article didn’t mention the race of the assailants. Were they white or black? Where were the young men? Young boys should be taught to defend young girls. In these days that’s what should be taught to our young Jewish boys. Don’t depend on the police or the government. These parents need to know that our Jewish children are not targets. The targets should be these Jew hating parents.

    • Miriam Esther

      typically, when media fails to mention race or religion it falls into two categories ….

    • Vicky

      The article clearly says “two girls and a boy” and that the one who shoved and kicked the young lady was one of the girls. I’m not sure what difference it makes as to what race or age they were. Racism and anti-semitism comes in all colors and ages, unfortunately. It’s practically impossible to see it coming or predict who is more likely to commit such an act. There are parents of ALL kinds who have been dropping the ball.

    • Jacqueline S.

      The blog says the assailant was black and at the library, the people who made anti Jewish comments were black. There is a link to the blog in the article. Number one, this is not a “game”. Games are harmless fun. This is assault and battery upon a child. The police need to ARREST the perpetrators. They still can do that. Maybe then the black parents in Brooklyn will discipline their children to not assault people. But of course, the black adults will have to rid themselves of their Jew hatred first.

      • Jeff

        You can bet if the races were reversed, it would be all over the news, and get swift and strong attention (cf. Ferguson and Florida).

        The sad part is, this envy (“Thou shalt not covet”) and entitlement mentality permeates the whole culture anymore. The idea that, “if you have something I want, I’ll take it from you if you don’t give it to me”, or, barring that, “I’ll ruin it, so you don’t have it either.”

        Also have to wonder where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were….
        Just like very young, immature, brats. But I the brats of yesteryear, for the most part, matured. I’m not so sure about the current bunch.

  • Tina

    The Rebbe’s chasidim will Not move from the CH and 770 neighborhood …. it’s obvious there is huge gap between the two neighboring societies …. one is all about Godliness, family, love of humanity and a desire to transfer the world and make it a better place for all …. the other …. well … goodness wins at the end.

    • Clayterman

      אנחנו החסידים שניקינו ומיופים השכונות שלנו. הם הרסו .. עכשיו הם רוציםולבכות גזענות !! זו גזענות לחיות באזור שאתה באופן אישי יש לנקות?

  • Uncle Sam

    What about Jews being attacked everywhere in the world because they are Jewish. We still have no word from police in Dade County Fl. about the killers of our Rabbi. Be careful.

  • Prof. Hal Daniels

    Don’t blame me for the “chicken shit” comment. I am a third generation Jewish American activist and I voted for McCain and Romney for these reasons. Pres. Obama has – for the most part – contained his pro-Muslim tilt. However, his bias will occasionally leak out. Unless he fires the nitwit who defamed the prime minister, who is to challenge me? I have a close friend who lives on the West Bank and he is not leaving. There can never be peace unless a compromise is reached. There can be no peace unless cooler heads prevail. Obama, get rid of this knucklehead.
    As for anti-Semitism, fight back with guns if necessary or die a coward.

    • Clayterman

      נכון. עדיף למות על רגליך כגבר מאשר על הברכיים שלך כמו כלב.

    • Well said, professor.

  • Jack

    That children are so abusive of each other speaks to a lack of supervision and character on the parts of parents.
    That such outbursts are often tolerated by the police is also significant of same such by their higher ups.
    Nothing changes if nothing changes!
    The fact that three children where there is a significant factor, even if only one acted as a bully. And that’s what it is.
    Where their parents told?
    I hope so!

  • Nochum Paysach

    First the mayor of NYC is not stupid… he does not want to see the Jewish population leave NYC en mass, so let that alone. Next it is the parents to are to busy, not around or many other reasons to numerous to mention for this show of antisemitism.

    Next it is also a game of entitlement “if you have something I want you just take it! By force or what ever”

    But a twelve year old to be that brazen is more than criminal it show a lack of respect for your fellow man/woman. The twelve year old should have been made to do some community service.

    • Bill DeBlowio

      Wha! Bill would like nothing better than NYC to be Judenfrei.

  • Jeff

    What is particularly troubling about this is that it is in these unguarded, unexpected moments that you actually see the vile seething Antisemitism that is prevalent in Europe but also simmers under the surface in the USA.

    • Jack

      Most people do not know what true civility is. Even those who are sensitive to such issues a blind to much simply from life experience or choice.
      That people are so ill tempered to find cause to support bullies with racist comments leads one to fear for the mans family.
      That he wasn’t interviewed and charged is possibly illegal.
      Hate speech is not covered by the First Amendment.

    • Jeff, if one wears a kippah (yarmulke) full time like my son, you see anti semitism in full force on a daily basis. We live in Phoenix, a relaxed and fairly tolerant city, but my son gets frequent name calling on his way to shul walking down the street. I don’t see it so much myself, as it’s harder to tell a Jewess for most non Jewish folks. And my son’s such a pleasant guy to know! Shame.
      Am Yisrael Chai.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    The De Blasio administration at this point wants to see Jews leave NYC en masse.

    • sweettrinighal

      thats the stupidest thing i’ve heard anyone say, about a bullying situation, what does the mayor has to do with any of this, in regards to jews leaving the city. If you are aiding the hate then perhaps you should leave on your own, now back to the kids we cant say that they are youngsters and nothing shouldnt come out of this, one way or the other they have to learn that bullying in any form is not acceptable. And that goes for everyone of all races cause i see it happening on both jewish people and others. IY MUST STOP TODAY. parents teach your kids the right way. show them that its not good to be followers and be a leader to stand up for what is right and now follow the wrong doers just to fit in the crowd.

  • As Obama said about the guy shot to death in Florida IF I HAD A SON IT COULD BE HIM. Will he say if i had a daughter in Crown Heights it could be her.

  • those displaying anti-Semitic feelings/expressions, were they perhaps of a certain race or is this a multi-cultural phenomenon?

    • Steve Loeb

      Don’t even go there …. then you’re no better then they are. Reading the article you learn that perhaps a few voiced their own opinions but to assign an entire people as being one way or another? That IS racism … and its just not only NOT true, but impossible to claim. Clearly many Blacks don’t like Jews, and many Jews don’t like Blacks … so? Whats more important os this game they were playing – it had no connection to anti Semitism

      • Mike

        Dear Mr Liberal,

        According to the 2013 survey by the Anti Defamation League, in 2011 29% of Blacks and 42% of foreign born Hispanics were anti-Semitic (compared to 15% of all Americans and in 2013 22% of Blacks and 36% of foreign born Hispanics were anti-Semitic (compared to 12% of all Americans.

        Yours truly,
        A. Realist

      • Bill DeBlowio

        Steve, you have many orifices. Seems you’re using the lower one to think & write.

    • Jimbo

      I would like to know the race.

  • Howie Subnick

    I don’t believe enough of these antisemetics have had the crap beat out of them. Even assholes like the kids in New York hate pain. If they got their asses kicked on a continuing basis, they look around and say, I have had enough of this crap. I live in Southern California and have 32 years in law enforcement. I’ve seen things done that made the bad guys run like rockets. They hate pain. You break a few bones and they will move on. I know, your saying they’ll come back with guns. 911 is the answer and then you arm yourselves after taking a couse in firearms. I wish you well. If you carry a 5 iron golf club like a cane and you run into a problem, you are well armed. It’s legal. It’s not a club perse, you’re a golfer and you use it as a cane. Good luck.

    • marc

      You got that 100% right!. 99% of the time a person who attacks another is usually taller or bigger. The attacker is NOT angry, NOT jealous, etc. The attacker is just bigger. AND WANTS NO PAIN. In 40 years as a teacher, I’ve seen this acted out many times. The initiator of any violence is always careful to make sure s/he could win. Of course, such a person is rather mentally ill, but why should anyone random on the street have to take it. Psychologists and social engineers totslly miss this point. It’s JDL time!

      • Shelly

        I agree with you. J D L time. Come on, this generation of young Jews need to align and protect themselves. Read from Kahane, how to protect yourself and your people.

    • JP

      I think that’s a start, beat them back, harder then they have ever experienced. They may just wake up, if not , beat them again, this time, senseless,
      If you let this fester, it’ll just get worse, and worse. Stop these idiots, once and for all.. Americans should stand up, now , before it’s too late, and history repeats itself.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Either fight back these animals or die.

    God hates a coward and doing nothing gave the Jews Babi Yar.

    Fight you idiots

    Good for the Shomrim.

    if there were Shomrim in Germany there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust because they could have killed Hilter and the Nazis in the 1920’s.