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November 6, 2014 1:08 pm

Australian Attorney-General Shoots Down Comparison Between IDF and Islamic State Terrorists (VIDEO)

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Australian Attorney-General George Brandis underlined that there was no comparison between Jews volunteering for the IDF and Muslims fighting with terrorist groups. Photo: Twitter

George Brandis, Australia’s Attorney-General, has roundly rejected the comparison between Australian Jews volunteering for the Israeli Defense Forces and Australian Muslims joining Middle Eastern terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

Speaking on the most recent edition of “Q and A,” a current affairs program on the ABC network in which a studio audience poses questions to an invited panel, Brandis emphasized that there was no legal basis for such a comparison.

“There is no equivalence between the standing army of a friendly foreign state like Israel and a terrorist insurgency like ISIL,” Brandis declared. “I am not aware of a single instance of a Jewish man or woman who has seen service in the IDF, has come back to Australia, and has perpetrated a terrorist crime.”

Brandis was answering a question from Dr. Mohamad Abdalla, a professor in the city of Brisbane and a Muslim community leader, who spoke of “a double standard… how do you respond to the fact that is often raised by young Australian Muslims that there are other non-Muslim Australian citizens who fight in other countries that are committing war crimes?”

Though Abdalla did not mention Israel explicitly, presenter Tony Jones interjected to say, “I suspect you are talking about Israel and young Australians fighting for the IDF.”

Brandis’ response did not appear to persuade the majority of the audience, who made their skepticism heard as the Attorney General answered Abdalla’s point.

Later on in the program, Brandis revealed that 71 young Australians have fought in northern Iraq and Syria, while 73 people have had their passports cancelled to prevent them from joining the conflict. Brandis said that more than 15 Australians had been killed in the conflict in northern Iraq and Syria, where Islamic State terrorists have been engaged in a genocidal campaign targeting the Christian, Yezidi and Kurdish minorities.

Here’s the video of the Brandis-Abdalla exchange (20:00):

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  • Leon

    Australia does not need Islamic persons who doe not engage in Australian tolerances .
    Read the news throughout the middle east.

  • Myron Robinson

    Well said MR AG. If the leaders of Islam would preach love & not hate then the perception of being targeted would 1st not exist & 2nd would go away.

    • Otto Schiff

      Well said

  • Myron Robinson

    If the leaders of Islam did not advocate the destruction of Israel & all Jews in the world you would not have this perception that Muslims are targeted as Terrorists. Further if the Imams preached love & not hate then the perception would go away. Rather look at yourselves first. Well said Mr AG.

  • Julian Clovelley

    This for Australia is indeed a thorny question and the questioner is right to politely put it.

    Australia has a long tradition of people joining the forces of the United Kingdom, which stems from the Colonial epoch. The professor is asking a question, and making an observation, that is very valid to the Australian context – and as one can see from audience reaction there are many people who do consider that saying one group can do this – and be encouraged to do this, and to another group that to undertake a parallel action of joining the forces of their own country of origin, or a rebel group that accords with their beliefs is unacceptable, constitutes in the eyes of many people a double standard.

    It rather reminds me of a friends reaction to the question of Conscription to fight in Vietnam some nearly forty years ago. He said he could accept it so long as he could choose sides

    Many Australians see Australia, with its multicultural “ethnic” composition, as being far more useful in the role of peacekeeping than in offensive action. Partisan involvement on the part of government is likely to produce a reaction that the person reacting considers to grant similar ethical and emotional justification for personal action in relation to his own beliefs.

    This kind of radicalisation occurs especially because Australian society has very rigid class lines that need mentoring and a road map to navigate – and then rarely with great success. For the young Australian there is bugger all chance of buying a home nowadays, in any city where you might earn a reasonable salary. This has arisen through the governments of all colours, state and federal, failing to build public housing, control rents, and to illegalise the use of investment property – often kept vacant by overseas owners – being used as Capital gambling chips

    Globalisation suggests to a modern dissident that if he cannot participate in a Revolution at home, he might as well join one somewhere else. For some the present distribution of wealth spells unending poverty, unrelieved by “opportunity”, as increasingly our government moves in the direction of financially unsupported further education

    All rather a long winded way of saying “as ye sow – so shall ye reap”. Globalisation is for the most part a very bad and inflammatory as well as socially repressive policy. Global Capitalism creates Global opposition to social division.

    Those who leave Australia to fight in rebel forces find that the militant world is not the simplistic idealistic world they had expected. But by then it is too late. Soon many are dead.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    The audience was mostly Muslim and they had not clearly distance himself from the action of they friend ISIS. They had try in all way possible to attenuate the abhorrent actions of the IS militant always suggesting that other do the same like the Jews and Christians. Mr George had patiently but firmly disagree from they suggestion. Well done.

    • Julian Clovelley

      On a point of information – Audiences for the programme are selected from application made to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and dealt with by their offices. In the case of this particular programme much of the audience may have come from the immediate area of Western Sydney where the QandA session was held, which has a high multi-sourced recent immigrant contingent. I did not think the audienced showed a bias in terms of appearance. Obviously questioners were selected, something I am never happy about with such programmes

      Just as many people might think Israel is an entirely Jewish country – so people tend to expect Australia to be white Anglo Saxon with a small aboriginal group. In one small street I lived in in Sydney some years ago there were twenty three nationalities I knew of in about 120 houses. We all got on well and met at the local pub or at BBQs – or as our children played together in the park etc

      One quick response to Jay – the use of PR is actually part of Israel’s problem. Where one seeks genuine changes of attitude one gets spin instead. All sides are justs as bad in this

  • Jay

    Israel must start to invest in the Public Relations to present its case to the world. I have never understood why the Israeli government never spent in PR.

    Today’s wars are being fought on the battlefield and the battlefield for world opinion. The Arabs understood it long ago. The Israelis never did.

    Isn’t it time the Israelis start to implement this part of their war for survival?

  • Lucille Kaplan, Esq.

    A ray of sunshine in an otherwise grey week. . .Let the voices of reason, and challengers of toxic moral relativism, become ever louder and clearer. . .

  • The question comes at min 20

    • Paul

      How you you wish to be thought of, with the choice of “rumpleforeskin” as your ID ?