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November 11, 2014 6:04 pm

Hostile Media Coverage of Israel Fueled Anti-Semitic Outbursts in Australia, Jewish Group Reports

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Anti-Zionist or Anti-Semitic? Grafitti sprayed on a Jewish building in Australia. Photo: EJAC

Five teenage drunkards storming a school bus of Jewish children while screaming “Palestine” and “Heil Hitler;” a vicious mob attack on a group of Jews, two of them in their 60s, leaving a shabbat dinner; a family pelted with dirt while exiting a synagogue – these are just a few of the 312 incidents of anti-Semitism recorded in Australia between October 2013 and September this year.

The “2014 Report on Antisemitism in Australia,” the latest in a series of annual reports going back twenty years produced by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ,) noted a worrying 35 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks compared with the previous year. The anti-Israel tone of much of the media coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza over the summer was the primary cause, ECAJ said.

As well as detailing the specifics of each anti-Semitic episode, the report examines manifestations of anti-Semitism in Australian politics, including the far-right and the Palestinian solidarity movement.

Mainstream media depictions of Jews are a central focus. ECAJ warned of an “escalating use of antisemitic motifs” in the mainstream media, singling out claims by the former foreign minister, Bob Carr, that Australian politics was subject to a “very unhealthy influence” by a Jewish lobby, and a Sydney Morning Herald cartoon in July that revived some of the ugliest anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The cartoon, by Glen Le Lievre, showed a hook-nosed, bespectacled man wearing a yarmulke on a couch emblazoned with the Star of David using a remote control to blow up buildings in Gaza.

“The publication of the clearly anti-Semitic Le Lievre cartoon was completely unacceptable,” ECAJ said in a letter to the Herald. “The cartoon unambiguously portrays an ugly stereotype of a Jew.

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  • Dr.Joji Cherian

    In Harden,N.S.W,one youth went around in a motorbike shouting free Palestine at around 4 in the after noon.I do not know if this antisemitic incident was noticed.If not please take care.Such culprits should not be left unpunished

  • Jonah

    Not healthy for a country such as Australia to turn on Jews. I warned Putin many times on Algemeiner that if he became to actively involved or in other words crossed red lines established by God he would crack the mantle under Moscow. Putin my suggestion for you and your countryman is that you should open your borders to Persecuted Jews and treat them in the eyes of God respectably. Things will go well for you and your people. Why is it so difficult to extend a helping hand to Israel and to those Jews who are in dire straights? You can surreptitiously assist israel in its battle for its survival with the little horn. God is not going to allow you to cross lines Islamic nations can. You are a Christian nation and he is holding you to a higher standard. Your country will thrive and survive during the milliniam…that’s Gods plan for Russia…read Daniel. The Kings of the north and the East assist God by diverting the beast from Israel. But if others of your administration get other ideas God is going to hammer you. That’s a fact. You are navigating perilous waters you cannot afford to make mistakes. I know the Holy Spirit is talking to had better hearkened to what he says. Ditto this to China.

    • IloveIsrael


  • Eric R.

    I have to wonder how much Herr Clovelly added to this incitement, since he thinks that Islamonazis should have open season to kill Jews everywhere and anywhere.