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November 11, 2014 12:14 pm

Suicide Nation: Competing Pathologies in the State of Israel

avatar by Brandon Marlon

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The Bleeding Season Returns to Israel

With this Third Intifada (2014-?) overtly underway, the bleeding season is once again in full swing in Israel. Jews are being murdered in increasingly resourceful ways by Palestinian Arabs manifesting their insatiable bloodlust. But it is Israel’s own pathology that enables the Arabs’ pathology. Truth be told, Israel is reaping what it repeatedly sows.

Through its pathologically suicidal altruism, Israel became a Lemming Nation, a state that self-immolates. Common sense is seemingly unknown, and the slow bleed ensues. What is normal in Israel is patently abnormal elsewhere. The real tragedy is Israel’s evident resignation and complacency in the face of avoidable horrors — horrors that are not and would not be tolerated in any other civilized country on earth.

Superficially, it is mighty tempting to throw up one’s arms and surrender to fatalism. After all, death-obsessed Arabs are taking advantage of life-obsessed Jews. Same old story for the millionth time. They know and exploit our Achilles heel. They will never change, and we never should. “It is what it is.” All that remains is to join the growing ranks of the resigned.

Yet resignation to the situation must be fervently resisted for the contemporary reality to ever improve.

Jews are not helpless, and need not be pathetic. For the first time in almost two millennia, the Jewish People has a nation-state, the Middle East’s strongest military, internal and external security services, a border police force, and a national police service. If we are incompetent, impotent, and inept in spite of all this… then undoubtedly we are the masters of our own demise.

Looking at the current measures against terrorists reveals a nonsensical strain in Israeli cognition. Actions result from an aberration in critical thinking. Presently, terrorists’ houses are demolished, but houses do not commits acts of terror; terrorists are released by the hundreds to seduce the Palestinian Arabs into “peace” negotiations, an absurd and lethal initiative to any sane mind; and wounded terrorists are treated in Israeli hospitals by the same people the terrorists were in the process of murdering, a farcical proposition stranger than fiction. Startlingly, Israel aids and abets its own piecemeal dismantling, and this is due to a dearth of clearheaded thinking and a surplus of misapplied good intentions.

What can be done to cure Israel’s lame-duck pathology and heal the seeping flesh wounds? Are there concrete measures that might stem the tide, or even reverse the trend? With a touch of common sense, much can be achieved. Anything would be better than the status quo. Here are just a few policy changes that might have a tremendous impact:

1) The Death Penalty for Terrorists: If they elude summary justice on site, terrorists who survive their missions ought to be held to account and made to pay the ultimate price. Only in Palestinian Arab culture, where murderers are “martyrs”, would this be no deterrent, but justice would be served, there would be no chance of released terrorists terrorizing anew, and hosting terrorists in jails on the taxpayer’s shekel would be a thing of the past.

2) A Law against Releasing Terrorists: The Knesset should pass a law without delay stipulating that no Israeli government or court can effect the release of convicted terrorists, with or without blood on their hands. Surprising as it may be, terrorists sprung from their cells in “goodwill gestures” do not go into real estate or embark on teaching careers. They terrorize at their soonest possible convenience, undeterred by capture, confident in the likelihood of being released in the near future. Stopping the revolving door for terrorists is basic; allowing it to whirl is imbecilic.

3) Draconian Laws against Arab Incitement to Violence: Any Arab television channel, radio station, school, organization, or individual fomenting unrest and inflaming others with calls for terrorism, murder, rock-throwing, or violence of any kind ought to be subjected to stiff laws designed to counteract such incitement. The promoters and promulgators of terrorism need to feel the full brunt of the law: media outlets should be shuttered, school curricula rigorously monitored, and those advocating violence sentenced to harsh penalties involving long prison terms and stringent prison conditions.

4) Defensive Training for All Citizens and Residents: The frequent helplessness of civilians can be combated by instituting compulsory self-defense training for all Israeli citizens and residents beginning in adolescence with unarmed martial arts and  progressing to training in weapons use in early adulthood. Group courses in responding to simulated terror attacks could realistically save lives. All women and men who do National Service instead of enlisting in the IDF or Border Police should still possess the rudimentary skills necessary to defend their lives.

5) A Major Plan to Annihilate Terror Armies: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and other murder syndicates are perched on Israel’s borders, armed to the teeth, and ready to unleash at their pleasure. Terrorists need to have the earth quake beneath their feet, to be forever unsure of their footing. As a priority, the IDF must conceive of and execute a strategic plan for eradicating, root and branch, the terrorist thugs sitting pretty on Israel’s borders. Targeted killings of terror leaders only lead to promotions in terrorist ranks. Instead, the entire organizations must be methodically uprooted, not merely decimated but destroyed to a man, top-to-bottom, inside out. No more band-aid “operations” to restore “quiet” are needed; they do not do the job of ending terrorism and fall woefully short of any meaningful change. Only wholesale obliteration of terrorist gangs, Sri Lanka-style, will bring long-term results. Such a prolonged campaign should not be televised or broadcasted in any way, shape, or form, and UN ticking clocks or resolutions must be resolutely ignored. Only when the job is done decisively and with finality should Israel’s defenders stand down.

Palestinian Arabs regularly clear their schedules for a satisfying Day of Rage; Israelis should regularly clear their heads for a salutary Moment of Clarity.

It would be a historic tragedy for the Jewish People to squander the miracle of the State of Israel. With the way things are going, though, Israel is fixedly on course toward garnering the inglorious epitaph of “Death by Excessive Restraint”.

By holding Palestinian Arabs to no standard, let alone low standards, the world infantilizes them. But the hypocritical world can afford to do so, because its nations do not have to experience Palestinian Arabs as neighbors and suffer from their murderous psychosis. Israel cannot afford the luxury of holding the Palestinian Arabs unaccountable. Meekness in the face of aggressive terrorism kills. It is immoderate and unreasonable to assist your enemies in their work of destroying you, to understate. An active and determined approach to counter-terrorism must resurface amid Israel’s polity and society; the bleeding season will otherwise become a permanent period.

Besides, the State of Israel has more than enough admirals of appeasement, captains of capitulation, and sergeants of surrender. What it desperately needs are mature leaders who understand the necessity of a firm hand in times of terror, and who are unafraid to act accordingly. If Israel’s leaders cannot protect Jews, then who can?

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  • rulierose

    excellent article. but I would add that it’s not just Israelis who are suicidal; Jews in general are eager to take the blame and do the apologizing. (why do we DO that?) I’m very glad to see this article, and the comments it inspired, from Jews who are not suicidal.

  • Robert B Geller

    Israel needs to stop worrying about what the international community and the US will do? The answer is already known – condemn, condemn, and condemn. As an American Jew, I have realized over the last several years, that the world is consumed by anti-semitism, form the US State Department and many of this country’s leaders to the NYTimes to Paris, to London, etc.. Comments and opinions that would never be allowed against Muslims or Blacks are commonly made against Jews without any reservations. One black youth is killed in MO, and even before the formal investigation is completed, the DOJ is involved threatening lawsuits and civil actions. Jewish youths and elderly are threatened and beaten up in the streets of our cities, and it is only the summer heat or unemployment which is the cause. Israel needs to protect its citizens at all costs because, in essence, by their actions, they are protecting Jews everywhere. When Israel shows weakness, all Jews suffer. There is no soothing the words or actions of anti-Semites, and as the Muslim population grows and spreads across the West, anti-Semitism is only going to grow and flourish. At least, within the borders of Israel, a Jew should have no fear. Unfortunately, the same is not true in the streets of New York City.

  • Ed Clark

    Brandon Marlon’s article entitled, ‘Suicide Nation: Competing Pathologies in the State of Israel’ is an intelligent & appropriate statement of requirements to achieve lasting peace, security, stability & prosperity for Israel & its neighbors in the Middle East.

    Were it that Israel’s hostile neighbors, islamo-nazi terror groups & more distant antagonists (i.e., Iran, Barack Hussein Obama) able to annihilate Israel & every other Jew on Earth, they’d have long since done so… with impunity.

    Mr Marlon’s assessment of Israeli attitudes & actions correspond well to the definition of a neurosis: An unsatisfactory state of existence in which the patient (e.g., Israel) is stuck in a repetitive “game” with its adversaries, until its enemies exceed some indeterminate threshold of pain & evil that motivates Israel to riposte until the islamo-nazi enemies are beaten into submission, and/or other Western nations prevail upon Israel to accept some vague cease-fire accord that lasts until the barbarians renew their attacks… as they always do. Such has been the case since Israel’s creation. Such is the nature of neurosis, whether individual or collective (Israel’s case for nearly 70 years).

    The sole means to attenuate such a severe neurosis is to significantly change the subject’s behavior. For example, in the case of Israel’s antagonists, by following Mr Marlon’s suggestions… though I’d be sorely tempted to extend such response to include terrorists’ entire families, their livestock, & burning their houses to the ground.

    • Jews have been accused of meekness and not fighting back during the Shoah. Yet, 100 to one ratio Nazi revenge and total lack of support from local populations made resistance a fool´s option. Israel finds itself in a similar conundrum:Too many arabs and too many interests of the west that depend on oil,plus wellknown antisemitism. Things might be different with one million more Jewish israelis.Israel does what it can do. Aliyah is what WE can do.

  • Leo

    If the objective is to deter terror, then Israel must threaten and enforce counter-measures that the Palestinians will see as costly to them.

    Since many of the terrorists are looking to die, to gain a quick pathway to Paradise and their 72 virgins, killing them is not a deterent. Something that would deny them entry to Paradise or to their sexual reward there might.

    Anybody remember the suicide bomber, I think in Pakistan, who wore a metal jock-strap while blowing himself up so he could have the pleasure of those 72? The counter-measure here is fairly obvious. Likewise, the suggestion that terrorists be buried with bacon, or dog bones, or something else of the sort will be seen as denying them access to paradise.

    Meanwhile, there are measures Israel might undertake to punish terorrism, and possibly also incitement: Connect it to claims on territory. Since the Palestinian Arabs value land more than lives, acts of terror should be punished by expropriation of land, or perhaps land that might have been transferred to a Palestinian state could be removed from the table.

    The international system will howl, of course, but Israel should tell them that their support for terror has lost them the right to comment. If the Government can reject demands that it stop, and the Palestinians come to conclude that they may be killing their state at the same time they’re killing Jews, the incitement and then the terror might stop.

    This last result is one the international system will find intolerable because it will demonstrate that the reason the negotiations haven’t led to a solution to the conflict is their support for Palestinian intransigence. They’ve been blaming the Jews, but it has actually been their fault.

  • lucretius

    I generally agree but there is still one thing that I find missing. Israel should finally take seriously the idea of treating all its citizens equally. That means that every able-bodied citizen should have to serve in the IDF (in some cases an alternative but equally demanding service could be made available) and all should have to take an oath of allegiance to the state of Israel. Those who refuse should not possess full citizenship rights (they could still remain as residents provided they keep the law but could be deported if they don’t) and breaking this oath should be considered treason and treated with the same seriousness as it has always been by other nations involved in a struggle for existence.

  • Degel

    I salute Brandon Marlon for his position and great insight of the whole problem. Here is a MANIFEST of surviving for Israel during war. It brings half of cure by determining and identifying the main disease: as simple as genius! By setting up first steps of the fight we as nation should triumph over it. It’s a program for implementations. I am ready to be recruited as a free servant for this program. Tell me how I can help to fulfill it and I will do my best for that. We do not need anybody’s approval, but G0d’s. Let’s start!

  • P Kipnis

    One real deterant. Don’t release 5he bodies. Bury the in a prison cemetery or create the body with a slab of bacon to nullify the marter/murder reaching heaven. That would give real pause once the initial furor died down.

    • Yale

      That’s what the British did in putting down a Muslim uprising in Malaya.

  • Sharon Buck

    Great article! I agree wholeheartedly. That Israel wants to be the Mr. Nice Guy of the Middle East makes no sense….a little “back-at-cha” should go a long way because the perpetrators of terror are bullies and cowards at best. Why have a great army, a great Air Force, a warrior heart, if standing down is always the word of the day?

    • Dante

      Of course it makes no sense to try be the Mr. Niceguy of the Middle East because the only ones who benefit from it are its very enemies.
      European and American “Israel-criticizers” will regard Israel as an apartheid state or something much worse anyway because they litterally believe in Israel’s alledged wickedness like in a religion – or a lunatic believes in his obsessions.
      This could hardly be worse if the Israeli government really acted much harsher than it actually does.

  • Who is. This author, and why isn’t he running for office? He has my vote. If I wanted to practice “restraint” and to “turn the other cheek” I could have joined the Anglican church and stayed in Canada. I came here forty three years ago, raised six children, four of which serve in combat roles in the IDF because I mistakenly thought that the creation of a Jewish state meant that finally the Jewish People were going to look out for number one, not live by some Utopian Leftist agenda that no other country in the world is expected to live up to!

    I have been asking myself for the longest time why Israel acts so meekly, and most of all: why she does not exercise her sovereignty over the entire area of the ‘British Mandate for Palestine,’ which is hers by International law and the Treaty of San Remo; while the UN Resolutions do not have the force of international law if not agreed to by all parties concerned (article 80 of the UN Charter). Since the Palestinians have never agreed to the Partition Resolution, it is null and void and the League of Nations Mandate is the only extant document that has international validity.
    My best guess: it may be considered dangerous to antagonize the United States, however misguided its president is.
    I do not live in Israel (unfortunately), so I have no idea whether ignoring this president, however inept, may be. I have faith in the intelligence of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his able cabinet. I hope that articles like this one maybe helpful.

  • Kudos to Brandon Marlon for the article Suicide Nation.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Israel, and most other nations as well, are replaying the Chamberlain disaster of diplomacy. Terrorists, including rock-throwers should expect to be shot dead on the spot, if they are caught in the act. If they are apprehended later, they should be sentence to life in prison, with no possibility of parole, in strict isolation and their immediate families stripped of their citizenship and deported as soon as possible.

    This summer’s war with hamas, and the general condemnation Israel got for defending itself, tells it all. In keeping with the last two millennia of our history; when the situation gets critical, we are on our own. In the middle of the war, Obama decided to stop shipment of contracted weapons to Israel, to ‘review’ the weapons delivery process. The media said it was the Hellfire missiles which were being delayed, when in fact it was all weapons. An ally does not do this.

  • I, for one fully agree with you Brandon! An auto and a stone, and a pocketknife can be a weapon in manwolfes, hands. Even in time of Arik Sharon, when he was governor of Gasa, all Arabs caught with a weapon, was shot on spot.That time much fewer Arab dared to kill Israelis there!

  • Naomi Silver

    You are so right in everything you say. The government of Israel has been impotent and short-sighted and we have paid the ultimate price for this. There should be serious demonstrations in the streets about the need to change things, as per your article.

  • Ernie Lofthouse


  • Helena

    I totally agree. The West should do the same, but Human Rights stop it.

  • Jim42

    Who made the Jewish People survive: those who dug their graves to be shot randomly after having blocked the Zionist Youths from organizing fight and escapes; or those who fled to Fight in the Forests and sabotaged the Nazis’ work?
    Jews are distributed on a Gauss Cuve (Bell) which which show us they are exactly as idiot and coward that any Maginot-french….Too civilized and “Passivist” to survive in a standard primitive world…

  • Michal Evenari

    You in this article said in words, what I felt, but could not explain that well.
    May many read this.
    When you are surrounded by wolves, it is wrong to enjoy
    being a sheep.
    Animals can’t change their character. We are humans.
    We can think and also change.
    Thank you for this article!

  • Michael Fox

    If you continue to do what you have always done….you are going to get what you have always got. In the case of Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians, this would amount to death by a thousand lashes. A slow, torturous death that only serves to embolden an enemy who sees impotence and a reluctance to do what must be done as politics trumps heroic courage to action.

    I totally agree with Brandon Marlon’s commentary

  • Jacob burland

    Now you are talking!

  • David Polovin

    The ‘reward’ for terrorism against Israel and her citizens whatever its shape or form, should cause maximum harm and suffering to the perpetrator and his supporters and that rule should be clear and applied rigourously.

  • Ross Yerkes


  • Dr.M.Otero

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to have a population exchange? Non-binding resolutions or their equivalents by the US Congress, UK, and UN exist. Our Ron Proser spoke of the issue before the UN in the spring of 2012 or 13.
    If 700,000 Palestinians are indeed refugees and 865,000 Jews are refugees from several Muslim nations,and if it was feasible for 25 million Central Europeans and people of India engage in people exchanges, this should have been done in 1948-49 for the Palestinians. Condemning the Palestinians to the ministrations of the Arab League and UNRWA has been a greater curse than the Nakba itself.

  • Peter


  • Sonia Willats

    PM Netanyahu is no lemming, they are not a national of lemmings. I don’t altogether agree with the early tone of this article, but DO AGREE with the latter conclusion that the PATH OF APPEASEMENT is not the correct route to follow.

    PM Netanyahu called a security cabinet meeting last night. You can see in Hebrew on Channel 2, with written article. It is no speech of appeasement. Minister Yaálon and Bennett etc. are hardly appeasers.


    What is the root of the malaise the author describes above? THE ROOT IS INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE TO ISRAEL BY HER “FRIENDS” – the current American regime and the West, and the UNHCR etc. Isreal is held to absurdly high standards of human rights and Israel’s “friends” expect her to sit as a lame duck, accepting endless wounds to her citizens and her sovreignity. The root problem is in the West, and what it insists in requiring from Israel; quite unrealistically, utterly unfairly. There is no ways any other country would have sat on their hands whilst 14400 rockets are rained on their citizens and terror tunnels are dug to kill innocent soldiers+civilians. The fact that the tunnels are a terror to Israel but not to Gaza shows who the aggressor is. Yet the West is blind, Ban KiMoon, Amnesty International etc… Sweden.. Catherine Ashton, and BHO cowtowing to Iran and holding Israel to a totally different standard whilst Iran and Qatar sponsor terror against her at every turn.


    PM Netanyahu is a good man. Stand by him and acknowledge his stubborn vision and strength.

  • Pinchas Baram

    Shades of Rabbi Kahane– great article! Ben-Ari, Zelkin,Danon,Feiglin, Bennett– Bibi– are you there, are you able to see the sechel in this article, are you aware of how disgusted so many of us are with Israel’s inability to really fight back? As for Labor, Meretz, Yesh Atid, the Chareidi– they are worse than useless in a pinch. BEGIN WITH A DEATH PENALTY FOR TERRORISTS AND A TAKE NO PRISONERS APPROACH AND YOU WILL WIN. OTHERWISE, FORGET IT.

  • Yes

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This is the Spartan approach to the insanity pervading the terrorists in our midst as well as on our borders. As a teacher for some thirty-six years, I would disagree with not attending to physically ill individuals in dire need of medical care; Americans have dome the same during wartime. Israeli morality is constantly put to the test according to its Talmudic and Biblical foundations. Yet their must be a limit to attending to tikkun olam. Israeli lives must never be sacrificed in the name of tikkun olam.

  • Reuven

    One of the first things Israel should do is reinstate and promote Lt. Col Shalom Eisner in the IDF. He knew how to deal with terrorists.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    I for one, have been advocating each and every one of these steps for years; only the willfully blind can not see that each is absolutely essential – and necessary to stop the bleeding.

    And I have not been alone.

    The effect has been nil.

    I don’t know what it will take to move Israel firmly in this direction; the Jews never seem to tire of seeking accommodation, even as they bury their children.

  • elaine sandler

    Mr Marlon….I couldn’t agree with you more. The policies of Israel are wholly self destructive and continue to feed quite literally, their enemies who cannot control their unbridled hate to end as many Israeli lives as possible. That Israel kowtows to this insanity is pathological; they’re shockingly inured to the abnormalities that pervade their lives and accept the reality of sudden death at any time. They placate anti-Semitism as if being nice to ruthless terrorist thugs will somehow assuage the global anti-Zionism that keeps on coming.
    As you advocate, Jews need to take control of their country and people.
    The death penalty for terrorists is a natural remedy that fits the crime and avoids future release which should never be entertained in the first place. Like you, I do not understand why Israel medically treats their enemies and caters to their basic needs. Do they fear criticism? The criticism comes anyway perhaps because no country on this planet would tolerate what they do. Why should they??
    This summer’s war with Hamas convinced me it was time to put a permanent end to that problem. Instead Hamas is rewarded with money which equates to new tunnels and more terrorism. The problem needs to be addressed permanently.
    ….I’ve concluded many Jews lack critical reasoning and common sense. American Jews are very troubled and feed this problem. They resoundingly brought Obama to power – a man who clearly feeds anti-Semitism and abuses Israel along with many others in the rest of the world. Israeli policies reflect that same deficit.
    It is time to approach these endemic problems exactly as you suggest. The question is how to do it??

  • dante

    the proposals are well worth considering however the Israel govt is acutely aware that the e.u. and the u.n. and certain other disreputable govts (that insist upon complete freedom of action for themselves with no accountability, whatsoever) deny Israel the right to self-defence. so, for the unexampled display of restraint against the savage attacks of an enemy that has enjoys a general dispensation issued by the e.u. and the u.n., Israel is placed in the dock.
    CONCLUSION: Israel has made some mistakes and does not have the luxury of such mistakes but the arrogant fools that run the e.u. and u.n., fools who have made themselves allies and accomplices of the jihadist terrorists in gaza and elsewhere, and the terrorists, themselves, bear full culpability for the situation. That is a fact which must not be forgotten.

  • I agree 100% with your proposed solution. However, Israel depends overwhelmingly on US support for weapons. In addition, the world does not want to acknowledge even Israel BASIC and minimal rights to self-defense. The only way that Israel can implement the solutions proposed in this article is that ALL Jews all-over-the-world not just in Israel come fully back to the domain of HASHEM. The Jews are one people and one nation no matter where they are. The parashat of the TORAH TOLDOS and subsequent parshas pertaining to Yakov and Eisav which we will begin reading next week clearly present the issue of the survivability of the Jewish people, which BTW are guaranteed to survive even under the worst duress. The nations of the world, including our worst enemies will eventually appreciate that in due time.

  • art frank

    Well said. Israel must ignore world opinion and do what is necessary to wipe out the savages.

  • Isaac Brajtman

    Thanks Brendon Marlon. Its about time somebody said the bloody obvious .
    Problem is , will the politicians take notice.?

  • BH in Iowa

    The persecuted majority.

    Israeli Jews need to wage intifada against the arabs.

  • Please advise: where may I find the “comments”? Thanks!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    That’s one intelligent piece. Israel will not commit suicide.

  • The problem is living Muslims. We must remember the brilliant words of Winston Churchill: “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”.

  • Valentina Perakh

    Absolutely agree with entire content of the article!It should be a severe punishment applied to terrorist attackers on any Israeli!It should a law of the country!Israel never can please the Wold, but they should defense themselves by all measures.

  • NCS


  • Chanukah, the holiday celebrating the Liberation of Jerusalem is less than a month away. Chanukah is a time of renewal. Significantly outnumbered, the Maccabee’s succeeded against great odds by combining strategy, devotion to God and a willingness to sacrifice themselves in their unified battle against both assimilation and religious persecution. They returned to rededicate the ransacked and desecrated temple in Jerusalem with renewed faith and hope for the future. Today is no different, The Jewish nation is fighting for its survival, let us follow in the footsteps of our ancestors.


  • Noellsq

    Wow, what can I say, a rational man. The UN is not neutral and cannot be trusted.

  • hillel

    It is easy for me to say, I do not live in Israel, but I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Israel did not come to exist by default. The world view may be that they have tolerated us for a long time and to atone for NAZI sins and the world communities apathy and often complicity in the progressive and planned annihilation of the Jewish race across the millennia, they voted to allow the establishment of a Jewish state. Not to mention for how many decades since WW1 this had been avoided. In the decades since, the guilty have forgotten and the Goebbels type propaganda has permeated the unenlightened younger generations who are reverting to the age old prejudices against the Jew. It is evident globally that the fear and hatred for the violent death cult that is Islam is not nearly as prominent as the global hatred of the Jew. The unilateral actions taken by Sweden is a clear reflection of that and just the beginning. Bob Carr in Australia is now taken the same view, he is safe to do so now. He no longer needs to hide his prejudices and can openly declare his hate. He claims to be a historian, he should read his history. But I digress.
    Clearly, the Jew was and is the enemy of all Civil Society, just ask civil society. So why, if Israel is in a position of strength now, why not hit back with a big stick? Will anything change? Will the US stop supply of weaponry? Well, they did it anyway, only a few weeks ago. Will the UK or any other arms supplier embargo Israel, well they are already doing it in some areas and we may not have heard yet. There are over 1.8bn muslims in the world and no matter where they are from they want Israel destroyed. There are but 18 million, or so, Jews world wide why would anyone care if we all disappeared? They didn’t really care during WWII and there were only approx. 1.7bn people on this planet and 14mil Jews, they killed almost half and now there are over 7bn people in the world and arseholes like Bob Carr or Barak Hussein Obama or that dick in Sweden think Israel is breathing Arab/muslim air.
    Fight back hit them hard, it won’t make any difference. For a change learn by example rather than trying to set an example, look at all the Arab countries, they have minority leadership which uses force to maintain their existence. Israel/Jews are a minority in the world and will only be able to live in peace if their opponents are worried about living in pieces.

  • Lois Feinberg

    This is a very good article!!!

  • terryl delaney

    Thank you! At last a common sense approach to a difficult and painful problem. When a nation or people decide they want to massacre others for their own pleasure or benefit it’s time for the targeted nation to take the threat seriously and do everything in its power to eliminate that threat. If this is not done it is an injustice to the innocent lives that are sacrificed by restrained action in the futile hope of peace coming from those who have promised to “exterminate” you.

  • Ori

    Thank you Mr Marlon.
    There are a rapidly growing number of people on your side that can all too clearly see that restraint is nothing more than piece meal suicide. We’ve given appeasement and negotiations more than their fair share of effort. How much more bloodletting of innocent Jews needs to happen?

    There are more and more of us that believe anything but an overwhelming response to that which is totally disjointed from our way of life and celebration of it is the only answer. I for one am done at the negotiation table.

    Certain people cannot live in harmony. For the sake of those that can, removing those that cannot is a duty to humanity.

  • Emmett

    Everyone knows what must be done, including Israel’s Torah desecrating, corrupt leftist PM & his greedy band of cronies that the ignorant refer to as a government. If they did what was right & necessary, they would lose money. To them, no amount of Jewish lives are worth them losing the illegal money that they worship.

  • 77 years ago today, the Palestinian (British) authorities imposed the death sentence to deal with Arab terrorists. Did it do any good?