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November 17, 2014 5:40 pm

Claim: Israel Aborted Plan to Hit Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah

avatar by Dave Bender

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Graffiti image of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli army special forces planning to kill the head of Hezbollah during the festival of Ashoura ceremonies two weeks ago, called off the assassination bid due to logistical constraints, according to Israel’s Ch. 2 News, quoting Dutch media.

The plan, according to Palestinian media quoting Holland’s De Telegraaf, was to assassinate Hassan Nasrallah in a pinpoint missile attack during a speech in a suburbs of Beirut, in order to make it look like a local explosion.

There has been no official Israeli comment on the report.

A European source quoted suggested that the Israeli army’s elite Sayeret Matkal unit was involved in the planned operation during the bloody Shia Ashoura ceremonies in which throngs of Muslim worshipers slash and scourge themselves.

Heavy security and bystanders at the public venue prevented the hit, according to the report, due to Israel’s policy of minimizing collateral damage as much as possible.

During the speech at the ceremony, the terrorist organization leader said that his organization’s involvement in Syria was to prevent “Zionist hegemony” in the region, and, were Israel to intervene, claimed that Hezbollah has the ability to strike any target in the Jewish state.

“We need to open our eyes on Israel,” Nasrallah said in a speech broadcast on Hezbollah’s television channel, Al-Manar. “We are fully prepared in southern Lebanon despite the presence of our fighters in Syria, and we have the ability to strike anywhere in Israel.”

“Israel’s threats of another war on Lebanon do not stem from its power because it has lost hope and is concerned,” Nasrallah said in a televised address to hundreds of thousands of Shiites gathered in Beirut’s southern suburbs following the traditional march to mark the Ashura holiday.

On the contrary, “the resistance is a real threat to Israel,” he said, according to a report on the Naharnet website.

Demanding that the Arab League firmly stand athwart what he said was “the Israeli assault on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the building of settlements,” the terrorist chieftain alleged that “Israel takes advantage of the upheavals in the Arab world to achieve its goals.”

Israeli officials say Operation Protective Edge and other IDF measures using the Iron Dome defensive anti-missile system are only practice for the next conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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  • Mel Kram

    What is to gain by publishing this article? It strikes me as highly irresponsible on your part to report on abortive military operations, unless you have an ax to grind. Please alert us to your motives regarding this matter.

    • Live

      Please note that colonial expansionism has great mass support. Attracts many followers eager to rape and pillage.
      Israel is the heir of the Mandate. As such she is called upon to secure certain rights, not just for Judean Palestinians, but for Arab Palestinians as well.
      Jordan and Gaza should be cautioned to allow human rights to women and minorities and to cease their suppression of the rights to Free Speech, Press and Religion.
      Religious intolerance is abhorrent to Israel and forbidden under the Mandate which led to the creation of Jordan.
      The Sinai was never Egypt. Maybe they would like to give it back?

  • art frank

    Typical savage ceremony. They “slash and scourge themselves”. Must be from generations of inbreeding.

  • Simon Bar

    How did Hezbollah become terrorists. The people that formed Hezbollah were not Hezbollah until shortly after the 1982 IDF invasion of Lebanon. Before that they were just Shia descendants of people that had lived in Southern Lebanon for centuries.

    They were in fact on good terms with Israel in that the shared a common foe — the PLO. The IDF routinely used Hezbollah provided intelligence.

    At the beginning of the invasion former Israeli PM stated they welcomed us with wine and roses.

    But then the IDF started mistreating these people. Killing them etc. And so Hezbollah was formed to protect the people and the land.

    They drove Israel out and have resisted Israel ever since quite successfully.

    So maybe we’re the terrorists.

    I hope this story is false because such IDF action would have and will provoke a war that Israel cannot win and will be gravely hurt by.

    Read the IDF’s own report on the 2006 conflict. Ultra Orthodox and Eastern Euro scum do not fight well and that is Israel today. No more doves who fought like tigers.

    • Eastern Euro Scum

      Hopefully, that last quip of self-indulgent bile felt good to you.
      Obviously, beyond the sordid sensations of relief you feel following such mutterings – and quite sadly – your’ analysis’ does not comport with history or the facts.

      And surprise, we’re closing in on 2015, not 2006.
      You missed two wars, but whatever…

      There is no act of wanton barbarity that Israel could **ever** impose upon the Arabs that they have not lathered each other in blood over already.

      Been to Tripoli in the past month? Smells like ISIL!

      You watch the Eastern Euro Scum launch SPIKE Missiles from the air, land and sea, as Hezbollah ‘commandos’ and Assad’s Shabiha death squads butcher the Syrian people in their homes like sheep.

      The next war on Lebanon (not ‘with’, but ‘ON’ Lebanon) will be unlike what the world has seen before in terms of speed, scale and overarching ferocity. That’s not hubris. It’s Game Theory, Ashkenazi ingenuity and a lot of strategic studies analysis over the past decade or so.

      (I forgot again. You’re referencing 2006, when the IDF Cast Lead upon Gaza, and mowed Hamas’s lawn for a few decent years)

      .Due to Hezbollah’s massive missile stockpile, and it’s ability to strike almost anywhere in Israel, the Jewish State will summon a matrix of forces to thump Lebanon in a manner and style unlike anything ever seen in modern warfare,

      Lebanon,from the border past the River Litani, will be a moonscape before the Persian stooges can emerge from their holes
      to fight. We’ll do the slashing for them during this year’s bloody Shia Ashoura ceremonies, but nobody comes out alive after the show.

      Sorry, ‘Simon Bar’, the ‘resistance’ has actually been rather unsuccessful, since there is nothing really to ‘resist’, considering Israel has no territorial ambitions in that violence-plagued, crumbling Arab state.

      However, ISIL does have such ambitions, and the Persian mullahs know it. First, their Hezbollah cannon fodder gets thrashed back to prehistoric times by Israel, and then the hordes of head-chopping Sunni’s swarm in like vermin to cannibalize other sects, religions and ethnic identities.

      How foolish it would be for the Mullah’s Muppet to start a war this year or next. How foolish it would be for the Muppet Nasrallah to emerge in public again, hallucinating under the false pretense that he couldn’t be turned to a burnt piece of shishlik whenever our Commander says ;’Esh!’

      (Okay. Perhaps burnt Kishka, to give it a Eastern Euro flare)

      You might as well mark that little tuft of wiry hair over Nasrallah’s forehead to read:


  • RobiMac

    Pointless to kill Nasrallah when there would be 50 more terrorists ready to step in his shoes. To insure that doesn’t happen, one has to destroy the whole lot. Not just one.



  • Pinchas Baram

    israel was worried about “collateral damage”? about some bloody shiite nuts who hate Israel with intensity who might be near Nasrallah’s podium?

    sorry, IDF, you sound like you’re chickensh##, and gave up an great opportunity with avery lame excuse.

    as Abraham Miller says in his blog at the end of today’s email, Israel must change its dopey defense policy DRASTICALLY– if it wants public support– and if it wants Jews not to desert in disgust a state which REFUSES to go all out to protect Jews!

    • debra

      you think the IDF is chicken sh*t ? are you crazy? they are one of the best war machines ever to live.

      • Simon Bar

        I suggest you read the IDF’s own report on the 2006 war wherein the IDF admits defeat.

        At least the IDF is candid.

        You can google it. It is a fascinating detailed report about what the IDF did wrong and what Hezbollah did right including what steps are needed to get a better outcome.

        Nowhere does the IDF contemplate ever digging Hezbollah out and taking Lebanon. All the IDF wants to do is degrade Hezbollah in the next war.

        That says a lot.

    • Pakistan Khan

      Israel has never hesitated from carrying out such strikes. It is the only the aftermath which it fears for its own safety. Israel would have taken the shot if it saw a slight chance of its success. However, they are very well aware that the response of Hezbollah would be devastating for them and it would take them year to recover from it. With middle east already in deep turmoil, another war is not an option the world powers would encourage and Isreal would be the only country to be blamed for it.

      Israel is already the most hated nation in the comity of the world nations and with the boycott campaign gathering steam, Israeli leaders have lost their patience (which is already in short supply in Israel)

  • Reform School

    Why would Israel murder such savages, when their Muslim cousins line-up 12 deep to do the dirty deed themsewlves?

    • John Kabanya

      Why is it seen as a crime when Israel revenges on attacks from the so called Arab cousins and no blame to them?

  • Harvey

    Does not ring true . Its in Israels strategic interests to keep him alive while he is focussing his man power in Syria where hundreds of Hezbollah have been killed to date . Why run the risk of his successor ordering their withdraw . It makes no sense . It’s not as if a change in leadership will bring about a sea change in their long term objectives as far as Israel is concerned . Its in Israels interests in the short term to keep Nazrallah in power

  • Dabo

    That’s no surprise. Hamas does it all of the time. Eventually so will ISIS. Pretty soon Israel may need to change their policies for rules of engagement as if they haven’t done so already. Hezbollah seems to still be weary from their last ass whipping. They must not forget the rules for engaging non-Israeli citizens are not the same.

  • To absorb Lebanon, ISIS must move into its territory. Then we have radical Shiites fighting other radical Shiites! And that would make an interesting scenario!!

    • Jack

      ISIS aren’t shiites “David”

  • Dr. Pesach Rothstein

    Devote our lives to Ha Shem. Kill Nasrallah. Expand the settlements. Build the Temple. Remove all those who do not wish to live in peace from the land. Demolish the homes of terrorists. Use our full force on those who would destroy us. Make no apologies. Devote our lives to Ha Shem.

  • HaroldT38

    How stupid of them to miss out on an opportunity.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    The Arabs know too much!!

  • Billy Bumps

    Nasrallah bears a similar likeness to a certain chubby,
    Korean dictator….a kind of roundness…it is strange
    that nothing is ever heard regarding their women
    except when they are killed…does Nasrallah travel
    with his mommy…does he have a yum-yum that he
    sleeps with at night…is he afraid of the dark?…most
    intellectual wierdos are…look under the bed nassy..
    a boogie man may be hiding……is he paranoid…very
    likely….be careful 2nd man in charge…so, how do
    Al baggy-daddy and nassy get along? Then there is
    Abass, the 3 of the would make for a good 5 card stud
    game on Saturday note after a couple of shots of
    Muscatal…..who brought the razor????? I can hear
    nassy if he doesn’t win every time…”death to Abass”.
    …….do any of these guys have real live willing girls..
    Or is a plastic babe their no. 1…I guarantee you that
    all of these guys, as young as they are probably
    use Viagra..whether it is for female or male
    partners…….sexual problems are always in the mix
    with these types…sas Charlie brown says “good grief”..

  • Too bad…so a rabid dog lives another day

  • Eric R.

    I do not buy the story. The Israelis know that an Ashoura ceremony would be crowded.

    I wish they would get rid of Nasrallah and other Hezbollah Shiah-Nazis (and they are proud to be associated with Hitler, I might add); but this does not at all sound like a Mossad or IDF modus operandi.

    DeTelegraaf, being a European paper, is no doubt, virulently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and pro-Hezbollah. It would not surprise me if they just made this sh*t up.

  • Charles Martel

    And why is this news published? Does the word covert have completely lost its meaning?

  • I am an avid reader of Algemeiner, but I find this article incendiary and highly irresponsible. It is based on guesses, rumors, third hand accounts, unnamed “Israeli officials”, and Arab propaganda. When Israel is so vulnerable from without and within, it serves no purpose but that of terrorists to put Israel in such a bad light. Base your story on facts, and they will speak for themselves. This isn’t it.