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November 20, 2014 11:40 am

An Unacceptable Reality in Israel

avatar by Ezzy Rappaport

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Funeral of Zidan Saif. Photo: Amit Zayed, Tazpit News Agency.

Israelis are accustomed to the often harsh circumstances that mark their existence. But no matter how often war and terror claim the lives of Israel’s soldiers and civilians alike, Israelis refuse to sink into the sort of apathy that often accompanies reoccurring tragedy. Every individual victim is collectively and personally mourned as if they were kin, never to be thought of as merely a statistic of tragic consequence.

Israelis may be outwardly brash at times and argumentative with one another, but they love their country more than anything and are willing to sacrifice all for their fellow man. The spate of recent terror attacks in and around Jerusalem stirs those sentiments and brings their ever painful reality to the forefront once more, leaving Israelis and their supporters everywhere asking why this is happening yet again.

As to be expected, the Palestinian leadership blames the current violence on Israel, this time for allowing Jews to visit the Temple Mount, and is subsequently trying to rally pan-Muslim sentiment around a supposed threat to the status quo of the holy sites. Street battles with stone throwing youths and ‘lone-wolf’ attacks have also been attributed to broader Israeli attitudes toward a unified Jerusalem, the eastern part of which Palestinians demand as their future capital.

A more accurate pretext, however, is the Palestinians’ frustration over having lost yet another battle with Israel in Gaza this past summer, and to a greater extent a staggering peace process that seems less likely to fulfill their nationalistic aspirations anytime soon. Whether it be Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, et. al, antagonism and incitement seem to be the Palestinians’ sole means of maintaining relevance and the best way to secure world attention.

While the lack of international condemnation following terror incidents is troubling, and the flagrant criticism of Israel bewildering, placating the Palestinians’ reckless behavior legitimizes and even rewards their belligerence to themselves and others. It’s no surprise then that when a Palestinian uses violence it’s often seen as an act of resistance while the Israeli who thwarts it is deemed the aggressor. But the reason for this double standard in world opinion may be due to underlying perceptions as much as it is to politics.

At a policy conference in Washington, D.C., a few years ago I had a conversation with a State Department official who had been part of the Israeli-Arab peace negotiating team. At a time not unlike now, when the peace process was dormant and sporadic violence was threatening to erupt on a broader scale, I asked him if the cessation of violence wasn’t a prerequisite to further (and earnest) negotiations. “No” he replied, “the fact of the matter is that Israelis will always have to live with some degree of low-level violence; an occasional shooting or stabbing, as long as it’s not a mass casualty suicide bombing or something on a larger scale of the sort, that unfortunately is their reality.” His answer while startling in of itself, is a window into the rationale of those who in the pursuit of peace seek to compel Israel into a treaty with dubious consequences they themselves would never accept, and that Israel can ill afford to acquiesce to.

As is often the case in international relations, foreign sentiments play a large role in the prevailing attitudes and behavior of others, especially in the Middle East. While well-meaning Western diplomats should be seeking compromise and common ground, their efforts – stymied by the Palestinians – become increasingly one sided and irrationally antagonistic toward Israel whom they surmise can sustain peace with whatever terms dictated.

One recent example of foreign fumbling is the way global media outlets have been searching for the onset of a third intifada, probing public dissent and motives of terror for a sign that they ultimately conclude isn’t quite there yet. It’s one thing to report the news and an entirely other matter to provoke it – and serious peace proponents need to be mindful of the stakes their careless postulating raises.

The purpose of Palestinian terror is of course to break Israel’s spirit, to force it into a precarious settlement and to subsequently erode the fabric of its society. While Israel shows no sign of capitulation, its friends in the international community,  while mindful of terror, see it as a never ending cycle that Israel must perpetually deal with. But as the people of Israel are its greatest asset, Israel will always choose to protect them before and after any agreement, and will never consent to a deal that suggests anything less. The recurrent reality of provocation is not one Israel should ever choose to accept, nor is the one that would likely follow a reality it should ever settle for.

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  • Barry panensky

    What are you people talking about. Barry

  • My comment is directed to all states who are contemplating to recognize the non-existent state of Palestine, or have already done so: take a good look at these people who commit unprovoked violence and terrorist acts, provoked and condoned by what goes by the name of their ‘leadership.’ Do you really believe these people, who have accomplished nothing but destruction of others, would be a worthy and productive addition to what you call ‘the family of nations?’
    Some family! Some new addition!

  • Terror made by coward man hiding behind fake organization and infiltrated agents in EU, NATO, USA, Africa and Asia moves on our planet as a moving storm as it did on North Africa – Middle East, Nigeria, Ukraine, Scotland and Hong Kong, all those events are linked all together!!! Mad and planned by coward people hiding behind the Nobel Prizes, behind Obama who is a made man by the same coward barbarians who did target Obama’s father. The Nobel prizes given to Obama, EU and to a girl who was targeted, first shooting a bullet into her brain making sure she will not die, and then shooting one more bullet into her mind by giving her a Nobel Prize to use her as a tool to split “men’s minds ” of the entire world masses, this targeted girl was supported by a women movie star trap who was abused by her father. The Nobel Peace Prize committee do talk about children abuse as working force in the Arab world and the same time Norway does hides Norway children’s sexually and mentally abuse by thousands trough all times, does any one on earth know about it? No! It is about time to wake up! Those Norwegian sexually abused children by thousands do became unseen solders in civil cloths using their bodies as a tool to target people worldwide into fake marriage, into becoming political activists, who are later on infiltrated into fake organizations, into political leadership. Erna Solberg the new prime minister of Norway did say that 50% of the Norwegian people suffer from mental disease in her first speech as P.M. How many of those Norwegian abused people do support Hamas? Does any one know about it! No and not! Jens Stoltenberg is a psychopath who did drive the whole Norwegian nation into “silenced fear” where nobody in Norway could react when he did disgraced the King of Norway Harald several time and time again, attacking the King ” one mind” by an abused thirteen years old girl legitimately in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. The Norwegian King house was under political pressure not only by Jens Stoltenberg people but also by people from outside of Norway, as Bill Clinton entering the King House talking about fixing the future, Bill Clinton was involved in the fake manipulation machine of the peace talks between the Israel stat of 5775 years existence and the Palestinians who are abused by those barbarians. Those Nordic barbarians do control the Arab world who can’t speak their own words including the Palestinians. Those Nordic barbarians are the people who stand behind the Palestinians terror against Jews worldwide and against Israelis to exhaust their minds, to make their life as terrible as possible. Who? And Why? Because the Jews do not learn from past events! The Jews stupidly let them selves be manipulated by Nobel Prizes which is a criminal trap attacking “men’s mind ” first softening minds by a given award and then attacking it by all round staged fake events where men become a lost paranoid mind. We see how Jews are prevented mentally to react correctly when been attacked by terror. We se how the intellectual Jews minds are lost becoming stupid by excellence and therefore the terror against Israel and the Jews worldwide will not stop. The Jews must wake up! Did the white man treat the Red Indians in America continent according to human behavior? No and NOT! Did the white man treat Australia and New Zealand aborigine man according to the human law? No and Not? Why did the Red Indian and Australian aborigine man disappear? Because they were defenseless and therefore easy to be all killed without any one on earth did react to it! Can the Jews of the Hebrew bible who were translated to Greek, to Latin, to English, to Chinese be defenseless? Can they? No and Not? The Jews must come back to their awareness and become a man of body, to watch very carefully who are those people who drive the whole world into chaos!

    • Robert Davis

      I agree with Ms Fedida! nordic scandinavians are cowards and their intentions are evil towards Israel and I wonder why Israel’s politicians(I do not call them leaders)do not reply in a harsh manner. The only intelligent thing the PM did was to cut links with that swedish cattle people and now he…restored them! This pm is an underling coward who deserves to be kicked out. Likud party which is supposed to be a right wing party is in fact 95% lefter with a 5% right wing cover and this is why this terrible pm is not even able to claim Israe’s sovereinghty over Western Palestine,arabs’ eviction which is the only way to have peace and is bringing CHAOS inside and outside Israel. The only man who can bring up a PAX ISRAELIANA is BENETT.

  • Though I am an American born Jew no matter what consequences I will face , I will always stand the side of Israel even if it ever means to betray America. Because without Israel America will never exist or survive and already even as i speak G-d has judged America and America has turned it’s back on G-d and Israel.

  • rachel robinson

    This last atrocity shows that there is no living with such neighbors. They are not humans, they cannot be tamed and contained or made into what they are not. The only thing Israel can and must do is to make a clear separation between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem and everywhere else, and not let them set foot in any Israeli territory. That is the only thing that will put an end to this endless killings.

    • Robert Davis

      he way you say it is WRONG and you fall in arabs’ trap! That is exactly what they want Jews departure and separation thru Jews departure! Separation is OK BUT THRU ARABS’ DEPARTURE. Arabs must be expelled fromW.Palestine,this is the RIGHT kind of separation. No only arabs but eu also wants Jews departure and say ethnic cleansing is OK when it is arab made not when it is Jews doing it! Why do you think they say that? because they want Jews to go away and give W.Palestine to arabs who already have Eastern Palestine and 22 other states! If this is not imperialism,what is it? arabs’ metropolis is arabia and THEY must leave and they will as soon as Israel will have the right PM.