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November 26, 2014 12:29 pm

EXPOSED: US Media Outlets Daily Beast and International Business Times Publish False Accusation of Israeli Police ‘Sexually Abusing’ Palestinian Children

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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: The false report on sexual abuse of Palestinian Children run by the International Business Times. Image: Screenshot

At least two major media outlets have this week reported the shocking statistic that 40 percent of of Palestinian children detained in Jerusalem have been sexually abused by Israeli police. There’s only one problem – the statistic is entirely fabricated.

Writing for the International Business Times, contributor Tabatha Kinder reported the following:

Around 600 Palestinian children have been arrested in Jerusalem since June 2013, the International Middle East Media Centre news agency reports. This means approximately 240 minors could have been abused during their arrest or investigation by Israeli authorities, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PCC).

The PCC say the “daily arrest campaigns” inflicted on young Palestinians living in the historic capital are a “collective punishment against Palestinian residents of Jerusalem”.

Kinder’s claim was then picked up by Daily Beast writer Creede Newton, who stated, in an article condemning Israel for destroying the homes of Palestinian terrorists, that “Israeli jails are known to be brutal and the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club, a group that campaigns for Palestinians arrested inside Israel, recently released a report saying that 40 percent of Palestinian children detained in Jerusalem have been sexually abused.”

Popular Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyon has decisively debunked the false claim. Kinder’s article, Elder said,

“…links to Muslim News UK, which copied word for word an article from the rabidly anti-Israel IMEMC website.

The IMEMC made this up.

Even though the Palestinian Prisoners Club is run by convicted terrorists, and even though it is known to have made up plenty of lies about conditions in Israeli prisons, in this case the IMEMC completely misreported what the PPC had said.

Although I cannot find the original PPC report online – their webpage has been down for a while – their Facebook page has a summary of the report, and it was widely reproduced in Arabic media last week.

According to the actual report, 600 youths between 14-17 have been arrested by Israeli authorities since June 2013 – which are 40% of the total number of people arrested. The report further claims that the “bulk” of them were physically abused during arrest or interrogation.

Nothing at all was said about sexual abuse. And even the allegations of physical abuse are probably based on asking them leading questions for which they know what answer the interviewer wants to hear. Any physical contact when detaining them becomes “abuse ” according to these “rights groups.”

The accusation that Israeli forces engage in the sexual abuse of Palestinian women and children has long been a favored theme of anti-Zionist agitators, despite the overwhelming lack of evidence. In February this year, an Israel-related student event at the University of California Davis was disrupted by members of the violently anti-Semitic “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP,) whose members screamed “How many women have you raped? How many children have you raped? You are a child molester!” at a Jewish and a Druze speaker sharing the platform.

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  • steven L

    Goebbels theory was that: the bigger the lie the greater the chance that something will be believed. Many among the DB and IBT readership won’t be taken for being THAT stupid.

  • Linda Rivera

    Prosecute the two publications now! Muslims are infamous for accusing innocents of perpetrating the evil that muslims commit. The massive RAPE WAR waged against non-muslim females by filthy muslims in Europe and Britain is fully documented.

    It is fully documented that dirty demonic savage inhuman sex-slaver muslim monsters – the Spawn of Satan have for decades gang raped, tortured and forced into prostitution and sex slavery many thousands of Britain’s infidel little white girls.

    The 1,400 years of the horror and terrible suffering of Muslims taking slaves continues to this day in Sudan, Mauritania, other countries and in BRITAIN:

    Liberty GB leader, Paul Weston – Where are the Politicians on Rotherham’s 1400 Child Rape Victims? Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK

    THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP THE CHILDREN! We need counter-jihad, political party, Liberty GB!

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    I guess it takes one to know one. If there is any abuser of children and women, it is certainly not Israel. Could it be that these people have a hidden desire to abuse and project their indecent souls on others.?

  • judorebbe

    Do we sexually abuse them before or after we kill them to use their blood for making matzohs?

  • Lynne T

    I guess these loons forgot that the IDF has been condemned as racist for REFRAINING from sexually abusing Arab women.

  • Jonah

    It’s name depicts it’s function…the daily beast. It is stated very clearly that the beast in Daniel and revelation, is the wolf on the heals of Israel. We are exposed on a daily basis to actions taken by the lawless one and his notorious lawless pen. Until israel realizes that the de facto beast is alive and well working and orchestrating all wars in the direction for the taking down of Israel their is the good possibility you will be blindsided or hoodwinked by him. He has his juglar and chief putting on circus spectacles for Israel by attempting to appease the conflict between Iran and Israel but you must realize who is pulling his strings and what the enevitably end game is regardless of what they say or do….the destruction of Israel. Dont let his clowns and their spectacles divert your attention from that fact.

  • larry butchins

    …but then Israeli soldiers are called “racists” because they DON’T rape Palestinian women. So by the same token, if we DON’T sexually abuse Palestinian children we are racist as well … damned if you do and damned vif you don’t.

  • Israel must respond to terror and violence with extreme prejudice

    Israel – When you do not respond to terror and violence with extreme prejudice
    Terror and violence becomes rampant bringing about mayhem.
    The population pays the price and bears the brunt of it.
    The government loses its credibility and its function becomes questionable.
    The economy suffers and the public standard of living is reduced.
    To correct it. The government must go on an unrelenting campaign with more extreme measures for an extended period of time.
    Destroy the homes of the terrorist and the extended family.
    Expel and or deport the family of the terrorist.
    Terminate any government benefits to the terrorist and his family.
    Confiscate all assets, liquidate them and place them in a victims fund.
    Utilize similar measures against rioting and stone throwing.
    Law and order must prevail!
    The government will be criticized by the world at large and it must stay strong and unified it must pursue its course to protect its citizens at all costs, no holds barred and bring about an end to terror and violence.
    No foreign government can dictate to Israel how to handle its internal affairs.
    Anything less is a dereliction of duty.
    “The best of snakes—crush its head”
    How the English defended their people in WWII from V2 German rockets on London and how did the English-British fight mercilessly the IRA terror.
    Israel must do no less.
    The Europeans were complicit in the Holocaust of over 6 million Jews.
    The Mufti of Jerusalem was personally responsible and actively participated in the murder of 12,000 Jews in Europe during WWII.
    The Jewish people are not going to be a scapegoat for anyone anymore. NEVER AGAIN.

    Israel has defeated the Arab aggressors in 4 major wars (1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973) where in history have you seen the vanquished dictate the terms? Nowhere.
    Let the defeated Arabs accept the peace offering Israel is offering them and proceed to improve the standard of living of their people, instead of wasting billions of dollars on war, terror and violence.
    A true and lasting peace will bring a monumental economic prosperity to all the people in the region.
    The State of Israel took care of the million Jews who were forced out of Arab countries their homes and assets confiscated (small in numbers with limited resources). It is about time the Arab countries (which numbers over a billion people and numerous resources) should take care of the displaced Arabs they created in Israel-Palestine.

  • ted weiss

    they cry cry wolf ….

  • More examples of the technique of the “Big Lie” as developed by Himmler and his Nazi propagandists. If you want to impact a population, tell a lie but make it a BIG LIE. That way it keeps alive through multiple variations that can persist for years.

    The Students for Justice in Palestine are good successors to the WWII Nazi propagandists. And if you can do it in the environment of a respected US institution
    so much the better. You merely make sure you have the numbers and you shout down any opposition.

    The Big Lie has been turned loose and the opportunity to debunk it has been squelched. Score: Islamist lies 2, democrats 0.

  • Susan Staehs

    Please ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!!
    How much BS are you going to PILE ON !!!!
    It is all so ridiculous THAT ONE NEEDS TO LAUGH

  • Bernard Ross

    these rags should be made to pay for libel.

  • blackrose

    If the two papers don’t apologize in print for the articles and fire their authors, the papers are anti-Semitic,unreliable works of pulp fiction, unworthy of anyone’s time to read. thanks for the information about them.