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November 26, 2014 1:32 am

We’re Better Than This

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry negotiates with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif in Vienna, August 2014. Photo: Wikimedia

This is a very sad evening for me – my father’s yahrzeit. It is even sadder because on this same evening I am witnessing an abandonment of the values that he fought so courageously to defend and for which he personally witnessed so many make the ultimate sacrifice.

It appears as though the great appeasers – Obama, Cameron, Hollande and Merkel  – are in the very process of enabling Iran to become a nuclear threshold state.

It appears as if the Democrats in the United States Senate remain complicit in this surreal malfeasance as they sit idly by after preventing for nearly a year the passage of sanctions legislation, which would  have exerted greater pressure on Iran to agree to dismantle its nuclear program.

By enabling Iran to go nuclear – they are enabling terrorism to go nuclear.

They are ignoring that Iran – the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, according to the United States Department of State – is responsible for the intentional maiming and murdering of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

They are ignoring Iran’s sponsor of the Assad Regime in Syria and its facilitation of the mass murder of over 200,000 innocent civilians in Syria.

They are ignoring the Iranian regime’s denial of fundamental liberties and flagrant human rights abuses.

They are ignoring the the Supreme Leader of Iran’s pledge to annihilate Israel and his public release just last week of a related nine-point plan.

They are ignoring that the Supreme Leader of Iran unites his followers amid  haunting chants of “Death to America” and “Death to England.”

If we don’t stand for something — we will fall for anything. And we are falling fast.

We must stand for freedom and human rights and against tyranny and oppression.

We must stand for value of every human life and the dignity of every human being.

We must stand for peace. Legitimizing, rewarding and emboldening this regime makes the world much less safe — and moves us farther away from the true peace and genuine security to which all people of goodwill aspire.

We must stand for strength and moral clarity.

We must stand tall. We must stand clear. We must stand proud. We must demand this from ourselves and from those we elected to represent us in government.

Last year our governments rewarded this brutal and tyrannical regime with the gift of time and an easing of sanctions. The regime responded by substantially ignoring its commitments, yet again; continuing to preach hatred and violence; continuing to sponsor terrorism; continuing to oppress and persecute its people; subverting the inspection and verification efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency;  preserving its  nuclear infrastructure, which remains substantially in tact; and only G-d knows what else.

It is acknowledged that the so-called “breakout period” was, and remains, alarmingly and unacceptably short.

How are our governments proposing to respond  to the crisis they created? By rewarding  the regime’s deplorable behavior with a sweetheart “deal” that essentially legitimizes its nefarious nuclear ambitions.


Please let you government officials know right now that you will hold them accountable unless and until they achieve the complete and verifiable dismantling of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Please let them know the Iranian government should be held accountable for the terrible crimes it has committed against humanity.


At stake is the  security of each of us and of our loved ones. At stake are the values that define us, bind us and sustain us.

Miss Kone is the Administrator of the Facebook Pages Holding Hands for Israel and Stop Iran Now.

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