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December 1, 2014 10:35 am

French Ambassador to Israel Reportedly in Affair With Daughter of PLO Terrorist

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French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave. Photo: JSS News.

French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave. Photo: JSS News.

Patrick Maisonnave, the French ambassador to Israel, is reportedly in a relationship with the daughter of a high-level PLO terrorist, Issam Sartawi, who was later assassinated, the French-language JSS News reported Monday.

Maisonnave, according to the report, is close to Nadia Sartawi, the former director of International Relations and Protocol of the Palestinian Legislative Council (the Palestinian Assembly), and who was also in charge of economic negotiations for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sartawi currently works for the ministry.

Her father, Issam, was the right hand man in Europe for Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, and played an important role in the attack against Israeli Jews at Munich Airport in 1970, according to Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper.

On February 10, 1970, three terrorists attacked El Al passengers in a bus at the Munich Airport with guns and grenades, killing one passenger and wounding 11 others, according to the US State Department. The Action Organization for the Liberation of Palestine and the Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attack.

Sartawi, however, reportedly also held dovish political views, and was in favor of a Palestinian state in Jordan – which Arafat rejected. In 1983, invited by the International Socialist Congress in Albufeira (Portugal), Sartawi was murdered by a group linked to Abu Nidal, another Palestinian terrorist group.

Contacted by Ma’ariv in late October, Maisonnave refused to answer any questions:

Reporter: Hello Ambassador Maisonnave…

Maisonnave: Hello, I’m driving and will not talk about my private life.

R: Do you know the story of her father?

Maisonnave: I’m sorry, I do not know you and I will not talk about my private life.

R: I just wanted to tell you…

Maisonnave: Where did you get my number?

R: You are an ambassador and I am a journalist … You are an important figure in Israel!

Maisonnave: Thanks, but I’m not talking about my private life…

French-Israeli artist and activist Ron Agam told The Algemeiner that he sees the relationship as inappropriate and said it could undermine the envoy’s diplomatic credibility.

“I just don’t see how this ambassador can stay in Israel and keep his credibility clean,” Agam said. “He is now emotionally attached to the Palestinian cause and cannot have an unbiased attitude towards Israel.”

Agam added, “There are many serious and thorny issues between Israel and France, and to have an ambassador that sleeps with the enemy is not exactly something Israelis would appreciate.”

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  • Bernard Ross

    typical frog insult

    • dominique

      I am surprised that Algemeiner trusts what “JSS News” writes.

      “JSSNews” actually is the personal blog of one Jonathan Simon Sellem, a would-be diplomat, would-be journalist who runs his own blog, with articles written under various ridiculous (fake) names.

      It is NOT a serious media – at all.

      JSS News is known for regularly attacking diplomats, journalists and highly respected members of the French Jewish community.

      Algemeiner should not compromise itself by publishing news from this blog.

      • Alain

        JSS News is known for publishing a huge scoop – the death of Bashar al Assad.

        “But… he’s not dead!” will you tell me.

        Yes. Which is why Algemeiner should not trust what JSS News writes.

        JSS news is not a media, it’s just the blog of one Jonathan Simon Sellem, a French-Israeli national who no one knows in France, and very few in Israel.

  • Bernard Ross

    sending this creep as ambassador to Israel adds insult to injury

    • dominique

      “JSS News” is NOT a reliable media source. It is the personal website of one Jonathan Simon Sellem, who ran (unsuccessfully) for election at the French Parliament, claiming to be a diplomat, a politician and a journalist.

      Last month, the French Jewish community was shocked by a short text in which “JSS News” attacked Jean-Yves Camus, a highly respected member of the French Jewish community, known for his work against far right wing and antisemitic groups in France.

      “JSS News” is also known for publishing rants against the previous French Consul and the previous French Ambassador.

      I am surprised, and saddened to see Algemeiner publish news coming from such a website.

      There are serious French-speaking, Jewish media out there, starting with i24 TV. Why publish information coming from a tiny website?

  • asherpat

    This sh1tty little country, France!

  • Was it Adolph Erdogan who said: “We will conquer your country with the bellies of our women” … “?

    (quantity seems to win over quality any time).

  • shosh

    Israel should demand from France a new French Embassador to Israel.

  • Jonah

    It’s an epidemic. Hilliary with Hummus, Obama with Valareie, ad in finitum.

    • Who is “Valareie”?

  • shloime

    french libel laws are significantly different than israeli law – in france, a reporter can tell the truth and still be found guilty of publishing a story that damaged the plaintiff’s reputation.

    while ambassador maisonnave may enjoy diplomatic immunity from israeli law, maybe someone should advise him of the applicable laws that govern israeli journalists…

    • Alain

      Jonathan Simon Sellem is a blogger, not a journalist.

  • Sua vida é uma privada

    • Why is that? It’s not like he is in a position where the matter is irrelevant. Is there a line where privacy should give way?

    • shloime

      not at all. he is entitled to his private life, but as the representative of the french republic, this affair casts doubt on his judgment and credibility. if he were sleeping with a known cia or kgb agent, nobody would have any doubt that he was compromised, so why is it any more acceptable that he be “courted” by a palestinian agent? this isn’t just some random woman that he happened to meet.

      where the two are incompatible, he should be required to choose either one or the other.

      • May be he should rather be Frances ambassador to the PLO.Shloime is perfectly right.

      • Alain

        The information on the “Affair” coms from JSSnews, the blog of one Jonathan Simon Sellem, known for announcing the death of Bashar al Assad, who’s still very much alive – JSS news cannot be trusted.