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December 2, 2014 2:31 pm

UK Parliamentarians Push for Sanctions Against Israel

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Labour MP Grahame Morris is pushing for sanctions against Israel. Photo: Twitter

As French parliamentarians geared up for today’s National Assembly vote in favor of a Palestinian state, their counterparts across the English Channel were busily debating the desirability of economic sanctions against the State of Israel.

During a three hour session in the House of Commons – which voted overwhelmingly in favor of a Palestinian state on October 13 – British MPs repeatedly attacked Israel and compared the Jewish state to the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

The session was led by Labour MP Grahame Morris, who secured October’s historic Commons vote which called on the government to recognize Palestinian statehood, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

Sir Alan Duncan, who launched a blistering attack on the Israeli government’s settler policy in October, said responses to his comments had shown him “the Jewish voice in the UK has changed significantly in favor of a Palestinian state”.

George Galloway, an MP from the far left Respect Party and a committed supporter of both Hamas and Hezbollah, said the situation in Jerusalem was turning to crisis and would overshadow the “erupting sore” of Gaza.

Former Middle East Minister Alistair Burt called on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to meet and “physically stand together and say ‘no more'” in order to stop the spiral of violence. He said it was a time for “bravery and courage” from the men.

He said Israel needed to realize the “reality” of the fall-out from the conflict in Gaza in the summer and acknowledge the changing view of world opinion.

His fellow Conservative MPs Robert Halfon and Matthew Offord were among those who defended Israel.

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  • Matt

    This once again is hypocrisy you have 3 generations of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon etc that have been denied citizenship and equal rights for over 40 years in those countries. Is that not apartheid.

  • esther noodelman

    Our dear friends in England might one day have to deal with a Palestinian contingent in their own Government…the advice you give Israel today may one day be the medicine you might have to swallow tomorrow!

  • Jonah

    Their are always hamstrung conservatives with good intentions who will throw Israel a bone as the liberal wolf pack is circling them. Take heed France and Britains actions are not toothless actions. Something vaguely similar to Zachariah 2:18 is occurring here, but in this instance instead of four horns their will be 10 horns as spoken of by Daniel. Now Israels objective is to prepare to stand against or attempt to survive the frontal attack of the Islamic horns. France is an Islamic arm, Britain, and I hate to say it, but with our current president we are an Islamic horn. Now it is not a matter of, if you will be attacked the question is when? The attack must occur in a two year time frame. Israel must cohesively stand together as a United front in order to mitigate their civilian collateral damage.

  • Scott

    On what spaceship of altered reality did these misguided travelers come from?

    This is the typical “western mantra” of……..”Oh, the Palestinians don’t really want the destruction of Israel, they just have a list of grevences that need to be addressed. If the Israelis would only give and take, the problem for them (and us), would go away”.

    These people are either clueless, stupid or I suspect far worse. They are not for the creation of a Palestinian State as they are for the destruction of a Jewish one.

    Neville Chamberlain did. It have a Neville Chamberlain to learn from. He sacrificed the Czechs to appease the Germans. Here we are in the Orwellian time warp of The 1930’s. Orwell knew he was right. It’s just amazing how much so he saw this completely twisted future…….

  • Homer Jones

    LOL, the UK is flying over Israeli airspace to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria because Turkey refused to cooperate. What a great time for sanctions.