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December 5, 2014 11:47 am

Don’t Want to Come to the Middle East? Stay in Europe and Kill Jews, IS Tells Aspiring Jihadis

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Yezidi refugees have fled Islamic State persecution in Iraq. Photo: Wikimedia

Recruiters in Europe for the Islamic State (IS) organization are proposing an alternative form of service for those jihadis unwilling to venture to the Middle East, where the terrorist group has carried out gruesome massacres of Christians, Yezidis, and other minorities: stay at home and kill Jews.

In an article about a Muslim female teenager from the French town of Bethoncourt who disappeared in October, and was later discovered to have traveled to Syria via Turkey to join IS, the New York Times reported that “another 15-year-old girl, who was intercepted by French intelligence officers as she tried to go to Syria months ago, has since told the authorities that once her recruiters realized that she was unlikely to be able to leave the country anytime soon, they began pressing her to strike at home against Jews. She told them she had begun looking for weapons and targets.”

Observed the Times: “Experts say that the problem appears most severe in France, which has a large Muslim population from the Middle East and North Africa and where more than a hundred families have been talking to experts to help them cope with their daughters’ growing radicalization.”

In recent weeks, IS has been stepping up its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. “The flag of the Caliphate will rise over Jerusalem and Rome, even if the Jews and Crusaders despise such,” an article in the latest edition of its magazine stated.

“As the eyes of the world are all transfixed by the mendacious media coverage of the battle for Kobane, the eyes of the Islamic State are scanning the West and the East, preparing for the expansion that – with Allah’s blessing – shall put an end to the Jewish State, and the rest of the apostate allies of the cross,” the article declared.

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  • It is a little late in the game It takes an all out effort if Europe wants to stem the spread of Islam just as it would have taken a strong hand in Germany in the 30 ties nobody imagined the murderers team hitler put in place His book mein kamph spelled out his plans no one believed his devious plan Islam is no difference we seen examples and the Koran preaches the teachings of Mohammed
    it is ok to kill rape etc
    Islam 1.6 billion world wide can easily achieve there goals. Only 8 million Nazis they occupied all of west/east Europe/part of Russia in less than 3 month so watch out WW3 is not far away the way I see it if something does not change

  • Julian Clovelley

    All of the present manifestations of discontent have at their core the appalling conditions billions of people are forced to live in under the present “competition” ethos of laissez faire capitalism

    Frankly competition doesn’t work. It makes the only stable labour force the cheapest – which results in the repression of discontent and of trade union activity aimed at improving working conditions and wages – such activity being for most poor wage earners the only experience they ever have of genuine democracy

    International competition is the root cause of local Fascism. Jewish businesses, in combination with all businesses operating in any country, might like to ask themselves how many of the products they use in their operations, and how many they sell, are actually sourced and manufactured locally from locally produced resources.

    One of the causes of present inter racial division and prejudice is unrestricted free trade and globalisation. In addition there is the forced homelessness caused by foreign investment in local housing markets – something which – to Israel’s shame – also happens within Israel, displacing Arab tenants. The Settlements too are largely Capitalist projects.

    If we want a better world – and a safer one – then Capitalism needs to clean up its whole lousy act, and accept the need for planned economies, and regulation that ensures all of the people are fed, clothed, housed, educated, given the highest scientifically available level of medical care, properly treated in old age and in periods of disability and unemployment

    Jewish business might like to set an example – most especially for a start in the position of domestic and commercial landlords

    Nobody really wants to admit the truth that has been staring us in the face for the last hundred years. Antisemitism is largely the deliberate displacement by political fascism of justifiable resentment and hatred of the brutal ethos of industrial capitalism, and its concurrent inpenetrable class and caste system

    Antisemitism is the result of Fascism sublimating the resentment and targeting of those responsible for so much human misery, onto innocent scapegoats incapable of defending themselves. Sadly amongst those scapegoated is a tiny group that are in part – in combination with tiny minorities of other cultural groups – responsible for the misery.

    If you want antisemitism to stop, then competitive laissez faire capitalism has to change too. The alternative may well indeed be another Holocaust of the same, or a different ,ethnic group. It could be anyone’s turn next time.

    Private Enterprise has a great deal to commend it, but when corporate power and government combine in creating a shared interest that is also particularly the province of a minority class, then what is created fulfils Mussolini’s own definition of Fascism – From that point it is just a small step to trying to divert the fury of the masses living under conditions of Austerity, by creating a small group that can be dispossessed and murdered.

    When you take away the perceived difference – there is no “other” to scapegoat. Emphasising largely imaginary difference, as Zionism does, is a huge tactical error that plays directly into the hands of Fascism

    Jews might like to think about that in their present urging to move from Democrat to Republican support. No economically low minority ever gained security by supporting the Right. No racial minority ever preserved its freedom or enhaced its self defence with like action

    • Gea

      This explanation of terrorism of ISIS is typical of the poliltically correct cultural relativists who had been raised by neo-Marxist professors at the US and European universities, who had not yet learned that Commnism died under its lwn weight.

      Yes, corporate socialism (which was bailed in Europe and America) must be replaced by the FREE market capitalism (with regulations to level the playing field so that best ideas and project WIN), but Muslims had much larger problem that the economic one: It is the problem of their totalitarian, supremacist ideology of Islam which also condones pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny, rape, looting and murder, because its founder did all those vile things. Reak Koran and Hadith and study the history of Islam (

      ISIS, Al-Qaedaq, Hamas, Hetzbollah, Taliban and other terrrosits for Allah are just following what Mohaemd told them to do in Koran and Hadith, including hatred of Jews, whom the Muslim leaders call sons of pigs and apes.

      Naturally, Muslim delusional Jew hatred is now as high as it was in Europe after WWI, which enabled Hitler to come to power and start WWII and Holocaust. ISlam and Nazism are very similr totalitarian supremacist ideologies of hate, whihch do not belong to ANY country that respects liberty, justice nad human rights of ALL individuals regardless of creed, color, gender or income.

  • Floyd Russak

    Most Muslims in the US are well-integrated peace loving folks. But it is very important that the US secure its borders against Islamist terrorists, so we don’t end up like France or England.

    • You can not change the stripes on a Tiger, nor see a wolf in sheeps clothing !
      Seeing through rose colored glasses distorts vision !
      A child a woman, with a vest of explosive’s may look normal and nice till they detonate the bomb, killing and injuring many.
      Wake up and see the danger !
      All muslims are loyal to Islam first ! Be they Doctors or street sweepers.
      Naive is a dangerous tack to take.

    • Gea

      This is a common delusion in US, becasue Obama had been helping to white wash Islam and actually promotes it in his speaches, lying through his teeth, using the old Koranic teachignsn of taqiyya_islamic principle of lying and kitman-Islamic principle of concealment.

      Read Koran and Hadith and learn about imperialistic history of the Islamic conquest and Mohamed’a crimes against humanity ( Mohamed was a pedophile polygamist, rapist, looter, misogynist and murderer,who in any sane and decent society would be convicted for his creims against humanit and not emlated by 1,640 milliosn of Muslims worldwide as “the most perfect human being who ever lived and their “beloved prophet”.

      Read Koran, Hadith and Sira (life of Mohamed) ( to understand what Islam is all about, rather then believing your nice Muslim neighbors who hide the truth about Islam in Amerrica in order to cover up their asses and continue the strealth jihad in our midst.

  • Smoke screen from ISIS. And damn Europe is so stupid it just can’t see it. G-d help us living in Europe!

  • This is a message that should go to all the university authorities in the western world, who have so far condoned, and even encouraged, anti-Israel and antisemitic activities on campus. They have condoned hate speech for long enough, now is the time to crack down on it before people (including themselves) are physically attacked by the extremists.

  • Michael Fox

    Nazi’s reincarnated as evil IS zombies.

    • adam

      they’re worse thank Nazis. But rest assured, they are mindless zombies indeed

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    ISIS is right. Why come to the Middle East when you can kill Jews in Europe. The thing is that one will not have to train for that as Europe has been the primary school for killing Jews. It is like mother’s milk to Europeans.

  • Howie Subnick

    If it takes the “BOMB” to save Israel, it had better be the “BOMB” dropped by the Israelis. The longer we wait the harder it will be to do this. On the other hand, you use 1,000 pounders and you saturate the area for thirty days. There will be nothing left, but glass. Turn it into a parking lot or plant trees. Shalom

  • blackrose

    Tell the parents to take away their children’s computers and/or access to the internet. Teach the parents how to block computer access to the radical Arab networks. Teach the parents to tell their children that the “Caliphate” is fantasy and will lead to an early death for their children.

    • Gea

      Perent and non-parents EVERYWHERE need to learn about Islam and its asinine totalitarian supremacist imperislaist iceology of ahte of all non-Muslims. Islam is worse than Nazism since it also condones pedophilia (which is rampant among Muslims), slavery, misgoyny, rape, polygamy, lootking and murder, because Mohamed did all thsoe criems against humanity and he is emulted by 1,640 mnillions of Muslims worldwide.,

      Now that Islam had destroyed 56 Muslim majority coutnries for decent life, these corrupt, overpopulated and dysfucnational Muslim majority countries are sending their surpllus population to be fed and taken c care of in the Western world and thanking by terrorism and violence agaisnt Western civilization.

      Apparently, Europeans are being punished for the murder of 6 millions of Jews but replacing them with over 20 pluc millions of Muslims who are hell bent on their jihad in our midst, with the help of moronic politicians who allow them into Europe to destroy it.

  • Dockywocky

    I can see where all this is heading thanks to ISIS, al-Queda, and islam: the W.W.W. Not the wrestling group, the Wild West Worldwide.

    Soon, we will all have to be packing, or at least carrying a baseball bat with a big nail in the end, because you never know when a wild-eyed jihadi jerk is going to come screaming about some guy named Akbar at us from the shadows and self defense will be a requirement for anyone who wants to survive this era.

  • Jonah

    French intelligence Can put on a dog and pony show when it comes to the appearance of protecting France From the caliphate, but France is dealing with an Islamic tsunami. If law enforcement does something more than token arrests in order to appease the general public their country will be burned down and they know it. The French government is like a bobcat with the tail of a tiger in its mouth. France is France in name only,mot has sold its soul to Islam.

    • Gea

      France now has over 11% of population Muslims, who are asserting their superiority fot French civilization. The number of childrne of a Mulsim is 2-5 times higher than European women have, and Europe will soon be inundated by your Muslims who imbibe hatred of their host countries in mosques financed by muslim oil.

      Unless Francde stops Muslim immigration completely, bans teaching of hate in French mosques and deports all Muslims who cause trouble into country of their or their parents origins, France is kaput ;-)!