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December 10, 2014 5:54 pm

Veteran French Jewish Leader Roger Cukierman Warns That ‘France Will Fall Into the Hands of Either Shari’a Law or the Front National’

avatar by Ben Cohen

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CRIF President Roger Cukierman addresses the rally against anti-Semitism in Creteil. Photo: Twitter

Roger Cukierman, the veteran president of CRIF, the representative body of French Jews, has issued an extraordinary warning concerning the potential fate of his community.

“Jews will leave in large numbers and France will fall into the hands of either Shari’a Law or the Front National,” Cukierman declared at a rally against anti-Semitism in the suburb of Creteil last Sunday, to loud applause from the assembled crowd.

The rally was called in response to last week’s chilling assault on the home in Creteil of a Jewish family by three anti-Semitic thugs. Claiming that the family had been targeted because “Jews have money,” one of the assailants forced them to hand over credit cards which he then used to extract money from a nearby ATM. At the same time, the young man who answered the door was held hostage while his 19 year old girlfriend was raped.

Also appearing at the Creteil rally was French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who declared that the fight against anti-Semitism in France, which has risen dramatically since the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas over the summer, was a “national cause.”

But it is the comments of the traditionally cautious Cukierman that will attract the most attention. When I interviewed him during a visit to New York last May, he did not seek to play down the threats which French Jews face, but he also emphasized that Jews had lived in France “for the last 2,000 years,” adding, “We are still here. And we are not the only country where anti-Semitism is developing. It may develop in America also.”

However, since the war in Gaza, Cukierman has sounded a more apocalyptic note. Interviewed by French television journalist Claude Askolovitch last weekend, Cukierman said that in France today, “the word ‘Jew’ is used as an insult in school.”

Cukierman’s fear that French Jews are caught between the growing radicalization of the Muslim community, which now numbers almost 10 percent of the total population, and the right-wing extremism promoted by the Front National, was described as unprecedented by Ron Agam, a French-Israeli artist and political activist.

“I have never heard comments like these ever before proclaimed publicly. It really highlights the very grave concern, and almost heartbreaking appeal of members of the Jewish community,” Agam told The Algemeiner. “France is like a sick  patient diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and only radical therapy will save it. I am praying for it, as I love my country.”

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  • Mr. Lucky

    Le Pen is the savior of France. The stupid EU has flooded Europe with Muslims, and they will rise up and slay the unbelievers. Israel will not be save either, the Muslims will attack there as well.

  • Robert B Geller

    No need to make this so complicated. As the Muslim population in a country, anti Semitism will grow. Examples in Europe are plentiful – France, Britain, Netherlands, etc. The same will happen in America.

  • Mark

    “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place.”

    “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” ——————- Barbara Lerner Spectre Co-Founder of European Institute for Jewish Studies.

    • Mr. Lucky

      You sir are a fool. It is multiculturalism that is destroying the West, and you are helping.

  • Stoltz

    To claim, as Mr. Cukierman does, that Jews “have been in France for 2000 years,” is a gross exaggeration bordering on fabrication. France itself, or what might be called France (the region then dominated by the German Frankish tribe, begins its history with Clovis in the 5th century. The country (Gaul during that epoch) was a province of Rome which had been occupied by various German tribes – the Visigoths, Vandals, Suevi, Trevengi, etc.after the fall of the Roman empire. There is no mention whatsoever of a Jewish presence in Gaul. If there was, it was probably little more than as hawkers and traders at Roman military outposts. Cukierman’s misrepresentation of history to overstate the importance of Jews as having a central place in French history is precisely what makes them detested by the true French population.

    • Howard Laibson

      Simply by distinguishing between Jewish French and “true” French, the bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism in France becomes apparent. Jews – and all of us – should refrain from buying anything French until France does the necessary soul searching to merit our patronage.

    • Moscow

      So he exaggerated. Your response demonstrates nothing more than outright bigotry.

    • Harvey

      Its France that is detested for their eager capitulation to the Nazis and the formation of the Vichy government . Collaborators and Nazi lovers. Today much of France particularly in the larger cities is in the hands of criminals from North Africa . The Jews will leave and France will get what it deserves . The arrondissements will go up in flames and become no go zones for non Muslims

  • Intelligence in France is just 1mm from Dumb and Dumber.
    If G_d forbid the Front National, Radical ignorant muslims take control of France, for the French have never been very far sighted, xenophobic to any foreigners, but allowed a multitude of French Territory’s muslims” to take over several city’s so far, Arabic spoken more than French !
    Now this is the HORROR, if Paris is ever over run by radical radical muslims.
    It is against the quaran to represent any living person, animal in a painting, no matter who it was by.
    Look what the Taliban did to 2500 year old statutes of Buddah. “Boom” gone for ever !
    They will have a bonfire of the INSANITYS, as the Mona Lisa becomes charred ash !
    This is Cultural Genocide !
    This thought chills anyone ! Wake up France, if all Jews leave look what you fate/future will be.

    • Vittore

      Sad as it would be, I think even Leonardo would prefer to see Mona Lisa to go up in smoke, if it would wake up the rest of Europe.

      • This is a shanda, but there is a modicum of truth in your words, G_d forbid if this is the only way to not only wake up France, but would create a Cataclysmic shock to the World.
        I feel Islam would implode, what has more international commonality than Art.
        From Tut to the loan of Van Gogh in China to Chicago it is “The international Language “.
        The entire world would be against them, like a cancerous growth, Sanctions, forced deportations, confinement the likes never seen before, Islamic country’s would become a wasteland.

  • In order to better understand the situation in France one needs to go back to the Dreyfus Affair of December 1894 and follow up to the Sykes–Picot Agreement in 1916 followed by the Balfour Declaration in 1917. France has been anti-Semitic as long as can be remembered and history shows. They always favored the oil-rich Arabs. They handed over the Jews to the Nazis knowing they were going to the German death-camps! France was in league with Nazi Germany and were as guilty as the Nazis in seeking to exterminate Jews. It seems today’s revisionist historians who make up whatever “sounds politically correct” and then promote their agenda count on the public to be ignorant of true historical accounts which sadly to say this generation is guilty of. Too many today accept at face value the lies being perpetrated and fail to check the lies against historical FACTS that can be verified. The anti-Semitism in France is NOTHING NEW. It’s been a smoldering coal all these years and is now being blown into a flame again by the Islamic leaders.

  • tom tuey

    I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for Jewish
    families to totally uproot and leave their homes…
    their friends …businesses….everything and while
    linked, Israel is a different Nation, to start all over
    again and not in peace….the concern for war is
    ever present in mind…either that for those who
    are able and can or…..FIGHT BACK with all that
    is within you NOW and before it is too late to do
    anything else and if you will be allowed to LEAVE
    You MUST not allow Vichy government and death
    to rule again!!!

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Ms.Le Pen for a few minutes,she’s not anti Jewish at all.Her Father was but not everyone is like their parents.She’s not even anti muslim.All she wants is that they recognize that they live in France and not in their home or ancestral and not bring the bad parts of their home cultures to France.

  • Unfortunately,Roger Cukierman and the whole CRIF are ignorant about Islam and Sharia. Each day I am getting their newsletter, this is evident. The equalization of FN and Sharia is another peak of ignorance.

    As long as one does not identify the ennemy correctly one can’t fight him.

    And now I am waiting for the next Dîner du CRIF, the biggest fun for me listening to all the speeches, seeing the members of the French government jamming and swigging on behalf of the “Fight against Antisemitism”. Enjoy!

  • Lauren Goldman

    “We are not the only country where anti-Semitism is developing. It may develop in America also.” The anti-Semitism which went underground after WWII is increasingly rising up in America. I live in San Francisco and have heard statements of Jew-hatred, here, that would make your hair stand on end, and not just by adults, but high school students.

    This is just what Holocaust survivors I have known described as taking place in Germany in the early 1930s. Now I am 69 and the echo of their voices is getting louder, so my plans to make aliyah seem a bit more urgent.

  • Jonah

    Since this war obviously according to Daniel and John the revelator is a war between Satan, fallen angels and their minions vs. God, His angels, and his elect….the end result…the Jews and Christians get caught in the crossfire. Now if you are a Jew it would greatly behoove your ability to survive the coming onslaught and increase your ability to navigate the surge of antisemitism along with finding a safe harbor to rest your weary souls if you understand how your prophets have described in detail how the time of Jacibs trouble unfolds. God is repossessing his planet and the tribulation is part of the foreclosure action. Satan will attempt to destroy the planet as the judgements increase on an incremental basis. So my suggestion to all Jews is get the hell out of Dodge, if need be, while the getting is good. The Palestinians main function is to prevent any further construction of settlements as they will provide a safe haven for Jews on the run. Get back to Isreal, take a stand, let God and Netanyahu protect you during these turbulent times.

  • Julia, I admire your ability to squeeze so much nonsense in such a short comment. The Muslims are not angry because they are an “underclass” – the extreme part of them simply wants to establish their totalitarian ideology in Europe and elsewhere. “Uniformed Fascist parties rise again, promoted by the journalistic whores in so much of commercial media.” That sounds like Pravda in the times of Stalin.

    What you propose as a solution is a horrific fascist dictatorship, which would control the whole world. It will dwarf anything that even the worst dictators have ever done. Count me out of your psychotic project.

  • Deportem

    Why would any nation allow Muslims to reside within their borders? Muslims have one goal_ to impose Sharia law on everyone. Islam began, and continues to be an international, Mafia type crime syndicate with a religious front. It breeds hydrophobic dogs that bite the hand that feeds them, injecting the poison of their false prophet into every nation stupid enough to allow them to live there. Separation, isolation and mass deportation is the only solution. The antidote to hydrophobia is Islamaphobia, a healthy fear of the ideological goals of Islam.

  • Oh Julia, you are so failed last century.

  • DocReality

    All Jews should leave France immediately; then, let the country get what it deserves from its Muslim inhabitants.

    • Hah ! It would serve them right, try to find a good surgeon or cardiologist !

  • Remit to the Dutch gentlemen who spoke in New York at the 4 Season´s Hotel in a conference titled “America why we lost Europe”. – If European countries keep “tolerating” these camel jockeys by allowing them to establish ghettos and impose “sharia law” among themselves in Europe, then you are giving these pedofile brain dead idiots more leeway to keep abusing Jews and Christians alike.
    Start tossing them out before its too late. Rememeber theta they want to convert Europe in EUROBIA. They refer to Spain as “Andalucia”. Remembering the moorish domain.

    • Thank goodness! One person who really understands what is really at stake. Thank you!

  • Reuven

    France is dying. Jews need to get out and come home to Israel, before it’s too late. Non-Muslim French gentiles will eventually regret how they mistreated Israel and The Jewish People.

  • Reuven

    France is dying. Jews need to get out and come home to Israel, before it’s too late. N
    on-Muslim French gentiles will eventually regret how they mistreated Israel and The Jewish People.

  • Morty Mooose

    A tous nos amis francais-juive-

    Venez au Canada!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    As long as it results in ethnic cleansing of all Jews I don’t think the French are troubled by either option. Less face reality, either option puts the nation on its face, a population of slaves and I think they’re ok with that.

  • Varway

    and the right-wing extremism promoted by the Front National!!!
    Mr. Cukierman is typical left socialist correct.
    He looks away and still hopes the islamists will leave.

    They FN is NOT right wing extremist. They are nationalists. They are anti E.U.
    Either Marine LePen will be the next President, or La
    Douce France is LOST and becomes an Islamist country.
    Without French Jews.

  • BUTSeriously



      Free Palestine
      Get rid of Abbas and his terrorists, and bring back the League of Nations declaration of the whole of what was geographically, Palestine, to the rightful owners of the land, the Jews.
      The UN never rescinded the League of Nations declaration. We must also not forget San Remo.

      There never was a “Palestinian” people
      It was an invention of arch terrorist Arafat in 1967 after Israel took back the land which Jordan OCCUPIED and which Egypt occupied (Gaza)

      If that was Palestinian land, why was it never developed as such? It was barren desert, until the Jews created fertile farms in what as desert.
      and built cities on the desert land.


    • Rubina

      This will accomplish nothing for the Palestinian people until their leadership can abandon it’s violent , corrupt, UN- democratic ways, and actually begins to care about it’s own people.

    • Hazer !

    • Israeli


  • Bernard Ross

    Cukerman should be urgin Jews to leave for their own safety rather than repeating the mistake with a new vichy France

    • Vittore

      He has for a while. But he has been doing it quietly. For all the brouhaha that him speaking out now has caused, I’ve heard him talk about the dire situation several years ago. The reason it did not become public was that he spoke in Yiddish at the time, so a rather limited number of persons could hear what he thought. But at the time, it was still Sarkozy, so he had some hopes. Now, I’m guessing, he realizes that even if the top members of the government are likely to support the Jews, the party at large won’t.

  • Eric R.

    Better the National Front, at least temporarily, as it will afford less persecution, until the Jews leave France to its fate.



  • Julia Clovelley

    So long as it is not recognised that the real problem is the division of wealth the situation will only get more dangerous. If Jews respond by pressing the interests of the Right it will be tantamount to committing suicide

    Europe cannot handle another day of the “Austerity” employed to prop up the rich. Muslims are often angry because for the most part they constitute almost an underclass. The whole underclass is increasingly in revolt. They have had a gutful since decades before the so-called “GFC”. “Global” be damned – the vast majority have never experienced anything other than the “Personal Financial Crisis” – get honest about this before it is too late, and uniformed Fascist parties rise again, promoted by the journalistic whores in so much of commercial media.

    The desperate need is throughout Europe and much of the world to build staggering amounts of top quality public housing, available at rents linked to local wage levels – you want a figure on it, then I would suggest it would be in the hundreds of millions of domiciles worldwide – not over ten years but right now. No domicile should be left empty as an investment chip for a start

    All rents, commercial and domestic need to be regulated and not left to the market. It is the consumer who ultimately pays commercial rents in product and service prices. The days of the market corrupting and superceding democracy have to be brought to an end. Every nation needs to imposed draconian vacant dwellings taxes to stop domestic properties being used as gambling investment chips and kept empty as “assets”

    The alternative is to watch minorities scapegoated for the results of a dysfunctional economic ethos. For private enterprise to properly flourish, there must be a planned economic structure operating at the basic level of society -guaranteeing food supply, health services, educational services, personal security, public transport, recreation facilities, and housing in an egalitarian and democratic manner

    With a world population exceeding seven billion there are only two choices – properly plan representative adminstrative structures that serve all of our people on a fair and wealth sharing basis – or kill some of them, reducing the population to a level that laissez faire capitalism is more capable in its hopeless dysfunctionlity to serve

    All else is hot air and nonsense. It isn’t about antisemitism – it is about class, caste, elite and racist based economic divison. Antisemitism is but a minor(sic) manifestation of a Gargantuan problem. Put simply, the world can no longer sustain the economic abyss between the rich and their inheritances and privileges, and the poor and their continuing dispossession and disempowerment

    We have genuine democracy that restores economic balance – or we have chaos that destroys life itself.

    And as the climate deteriorates – there is not much time…

    • LEAH


    • Reform School

      Learn from history, or you are doomed to repeat it.

      Neither Julia nor her White House hero Barack Obama will admit it openly, so let me reveal who they really are.

      “Old Socialists Never Die: They just hide underground!”

    • V. Gates

      Wow. This is the most absurd, wrong-headed bunch of far left fantasy-land ideological crap that I have seen in a long time.

    • Reform School

      The idealism of youth, unfettered by life experience, falls easy prey to professors whose ideals are also largely ungrounded in reality, having spent most of their professional lives safely cloistered behind ivy-covered walls. Isn’t it ironic a theory espoused by Jews has been subverted by tyrants to destroy them?

      Is this the really the message ‘Julia’ wishes to convey?

    • Karen

      What are you talking about?! Do you live in France? Obviously NOT or you would know that Muslims are threatening Jews and non-Jews alike daily in this country, that the government is afraid of them and does nothing to act against them and that Jews are the only ones that dare speak up, once again.

    • Efram

      I agree with you about the world wide triumph of greed. In the US one of the political parties glorifies in stealing from the poor to give to the rich, and the other party makes little if any effort to change it. The incredibly large, and growing, difference between the haves and the have nots are the worst in modern history.

      With regards to the subject of this article, Julia, that is pure excrement. There are many poor people who do not engage in this. It is the Muslims because they look upon terrorists as role models, and emulate them. The idea that wealth props up the system is very true. But the answer is not to scapegoat Jews. Plenty of French gentiles are wealthy, and perpetuate the system. The reason the Muslims pick on the Jews is because it is tolerated in France, and virtually everywhere else. Anti-Semitism does exist in the US. Try reading responses to any article having to do with Israel, the middle east, Obama, and you will find many many Nazis explaining why Israel is the worst country on earth and Jews deserve what they get.

      Jew hatred is on the rise, it is becoming a tsunami. The right hates the Jews, the left hates the Jews. The Muslims hate the Jews, and many Christians (especially in Europe) hate the Jews. It is a new bigotry with a different flavor in the large economy size. French Muslims commit atrocities because they can. Most of their leaders, who are quoted by the lame stream press, are jihadist. Al Jazeera is bigoted, PA radio and television is bigoted, so is The Guardian, the BBC, and the New York Times, to name but a few. The bottom line is Jews are at severe risk. Jew hatred has become a core value to many self-labeled progressive groups. If one says something against women, G-d help them. If they say anything against Black people, Hispanics, Muslims, the outrage would be overwhelming. Yet, the libels of the middle ages are spoken openly and frequently and the results? A deafening silence. The president of the US should look after all of his citizens. If an American is murdered he has to speak out. Yet, three American rabbis, praying in a house of worship, are brutally butchered, and he says nothing. What’s worse is that none of his sycophants say anything as well.

    • Nige

      Julia, the problem with the world today is two fold: An arrogant, brutal, expansionist religion with an inflated sense of its own victimhood, used daily to demand concessions which should never have even been considered, let alone granted. And two, you, and the naïve stereotypes who apologises for them and undermines any kind of debate, insinuating they are some kind of oppressed minority, not guilty of their obviously barbaric assault on our values and way of life because there is (in this example) a shortage of high quality housing for these people. (amongst other excuses for their behaviour, which usually involves someone not giving them enough of *fill in the blank* (respect/ tolerance/ religious freedom/ land /power /money / jobs/ benefits bla bla bla). We are then told we don’t understand this religion and that neither do the people who bring it into disrepute. To me this is like saying that the person who distrusts the serial killer released into the community shouldn’t complain because they don’t understand the intricacies of the killers mental illness. It’s a nonsense. The truth is the Jews are going to suffer in Europe because an idiot political (and academic) leftist elite are too stupid and cowardly to acknowledge and confront a belief system that teaches its followers to hate and kill those that don’t follow it’s message about a blood thirsty invisible super hero who grants wishes and virgins to people that kill. A belief that if it wasn’t a religion would require sectioning and medication. You are an idiot Julia, and hopefully the right will one day wake up and see that the enemy is not the minority Jews and their success, but the Majority and their 5th column idiots. Society needs a purge

      • Julian Clovelley

        I note I left the “N” off my name earlier – It’s Julian not Julia

        I think that those who call themselves Jews really need to ask themselves what in fact they seek in terms of their relationship with the nation they live in. Is it a genuine equal citizenship, or is it a “special place” within that national structure for their own exclusive sub culture?

        Just as freedom is indivisible so is assimilation. Multiculturalism within a society seeks to create a middle path whereby cultural manifestation of personality within society does not destroy its cohesion. But I am unconvinced that Jewish people seek the multicultural path. Zionism is a determined culturally separatist path

        Therein lies the problem we don’t want to talk about – because that would be to recognise that Zionism itself is a threat to those who call themselves Jews, creating at (supposedly)physical level a categorisation that really only exists at religious level, something that late nineteenth century Rabbis warned the communities(sic) about. The united Jewish people of common discreet origin is a political fantasy based on mythology. Could Judaism at this stage successfully separate itself from Zionism? – I rather fear it couldn’t. Zionism has turned it into a racial concept that largely rejects conversion because of its Genealogical myth. It is separatism – separatism by definition cannot seek unity.

        When a religion has become so contaminated with mythology that it loses its ability to accept the findings of research and scholarship – and when that faulty construct is used to politically shape a social structure that includes territorial and power relationships, then that whole construct has to be dismantled.

        170 years ago a German Jew looked at the problem himself, and entered a number of ideas into his writings. One was that to be liberated from the oppression of religions one first has to be liberated from one’s own.

        Irespective of what one may feel about the writer much is worth quoting because it points to the core of the problem

        “In wanting to be emancipated from the Christian state, the Jew is demanding that the Christian state should give up its religious prejudice. Does he, the Jew, give up his religious prejudice? Has he, then, the right to demand that someone else should renounce his religion?

        “By its very nature, the Christian state is incapable of emancipating the Jew; but, adds Bauer, by his very nature the Jew cannot be emancipated. So long as the state is Christian and the Jew is Jewish, the one is as incapable of granting emancipation as the other is of receiving it.

        “The Christian state can behave towards the Jew only in the way characteristic of the Christian state – that is, by granting privileges, by permitting the separation of the Jew from the other subjects, but making him feel the pressure of all the other separate spheres of society, and feel it all the more intensely because he is in religious opposition to the dominant religion. But the Jew, too, can behave towards the state only in a Jewish way – that is, by treating it as something alien to him, by counterposing his imaginary nationality to the real nationality, by counterposing his illusory law to the real law, by deeming himself justified in separating himself from mankind, by abstaining on principle from taking part in the historical movement, by putting his trust in a future which has nothing in common with the future of mankind in general, and by seeing himself as a member of the Jewish people, and the Jewish people as the chosen people.”

        Harsh words – written long before the matter was made more complicated by the growth of a more cohesive secularism and the greater incursion of another religion, Islam, into Europe. But they were written before the rise of Zionism, the concurrent rise of a conceivably partially linked and reactive virulent antisemitism, and the terrors of the drift into Fascism and Nazism.

        It is not just about Judaism, or Christianity, or Islam – the real question is about human progress out of mythology and backwardness. Let me put it to you this way – in a divided society there can be no peace without liberation – and part of that liberation is from the self inflicted bonds that bind us to a particular separatist identity. “Identity” is what it is all about – liberation from both how we are seen and how we see ourselves – and imagine our origins. You either tackle such problems or they tackle you.

        And I fear this failure of all of us to tackle “identity” – for in reality there is NO “Other” – is what underlies the present rise of ethnic phobias generally. There was no revelation of Absolute truth, just as there is no “Holy Grail” – Truth – if it can exist as a unified theory is something we can only work towards – not from…

        That is the error.