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December 12, 2014 12:30 pm

Iranian Democracy Activist Assails British MP George Galloway as ‘Voice for Dictators’ After London Man is Sentenced for Assault

avatar by Ben Cohen

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A smiling George Galloway meets with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1994. Photo: Twitter

A leading Iranian democracy activist has responded angrily to remarks made by the British judge who yesterday sentenced a man to a jail term of 16 months for an assault on George Galloway, the British parliamentarian notorious for his support of dictatorial regimes and his detestation of Israel.

In sentencing Neil Masterson, a 39 year-old care worker who assaulted the MP as he posed for pictures in west London at the end of August, Judge Aidan Marron QC sympathetically described Galloway as still suffering “from real physical consequences” as a result of the attack.

“Equally significantly, [Galloway] still harbors real anxieties and concerns about venturing out to meetings and the like and takes security staff with him,” Judge Marron said. “That has a profound impact on his professional and social life.”

But Saba Farzan, a German-Iranian journalist and the Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Circle, a Berlin-based think-tank, told The Algemeiner that Galloway’s support for tyrannical regimes, like the reigning mullahs in Iran, should never be forgotten.

“Mr. Galloway is now going through what so many innocent prisoners suffer from on a daily basis – from Tehran to Moscow to Caracas, democrats are abused, tortured, raped and even killed,” Farzan said.

Several of Farzan’s relatives and close friends have been incarcerated by the Iranian regime in Tehran’s Evin prison, where inmates are routinely beaten, tortured, starved, and subjected to psychological humiliation.

“George Galloway has always been a voice for dictators around the world who oppress their citizens viciously and with impunity,” Farzan said. “Maybe for once – though sadly through a terrible personal attack on himself – Mr. Galloway can find the courage and human decency to abandon his admiration for evil human rights abusers and start honestly defending democracy activists around the globe.”

Throughout his career, Galloway has associated with a dizzying range of dictators and terrorist groups. During a visit to Iraq in 1994, he told the then dictator Saddam Hussein, “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.” Addressing a July 2006 London rally protesting Israel’s defensive war against the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon, Galloway declared, “I am here to glorify the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah!” The MP has also hosted discussion programs on Press TV, the Holocaust-denying, English language mouthpiece of the Iranian regime, as well as on RT, the Russian broadcaster which faithfully promotes the political line of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Galloway has regularly decried Israel as an “illegal” state and supports its elimination. Last August, at the height of the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Galloway was questioned by police over inciting racial hatred in his constituency of Bradford West, in the north of England, after he declared the city to be an “Israel-free zone.”

“We don’t want any Israeli goods, we don’t want any Israeli services, we don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college, we don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford, even if any of them had thought of doing so,” Galloway ranted.

Shortly after those comments, Galloway was attacked by Neil Masterson on August 30 as he posed for pictures with two Moroccan men on Golborne Road, a major thoroughfare in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. After Masterson spotted the MP, he ran towards him and assaulted him with a series of blows to the face and body. Masterson also shoved a bystander, Dr. Mostafa Maroof, when he attempted to intervene.

Masterson, who is not Jewish, justified the attack by calling Galloway a “serpent” and an “enemy of Judaism.” The 16 month sentence he received was punishment for the attacks on both Galloway and Dr. Maroof.

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  • Jeff

    Galloway is an intellectual freak with oratory skills second to none.Such a shame he is wired up to oppose the US and Israel as well as mainstream UK politics. He is the friend of dictatorships and terrorists ie, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, , the Ayatollah led Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.
    However as detestable as the company he often keeps and craves , his right to express those views must be protected unlike in the countries and organisations whose causes he espouses.

  • A whip is for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the back of fools. Answer a fool as his folly deserves, lest he be wise in his own eyes. Proverbs 26:3,5. For Mr. Galloway. I wonder if his name betrays his family background.

  • noellsq

    It is shame that Galloway was not attacked by one of the people from a country that he supports with a bomb. It is outrageous that the man got such a long imprisonment never mind I figured it out the reason he wasn’t a Muslim.

  • Eliot Schickler

    If Galloway is fearful of venturing out, maybe he can be accompanied by one of his boyfriends, like Russell Brand or Chris Gunnnesss!

  • Jeff

    Ian Masterson should be applauded for doing what many people would like to do to Galloway.

  • Masterson is a hero. The judge joins the gang of antisemitic judges like the judge in Brighton who applauded the vandalism of Israeli premises a couple of years ago.

  • Duncan

    Mr Galloway has the right to make his opinions known and due to his constituency his voice is heard by a much larger audience. His rhetoric is highly inflammatory and when the two are combined it is small wonder that someone decided to make a “statement” of his own in opposition. For that statement he will sacrifice 16 months of his life and freedom. I applaud his courage. Galloway is a textbook antisemite and is making a good living from it. He should man up and take the downside of his chosen profession in stead of acting the coward.

  • David Goshen

    As the British Media does not critize strongly Galloway’s behavior is supporting dictators and trying to engage in ethnic cleansing of Israelis and others who do not support his disgusting agenda citizens of the UK should create a fund to help support Masterson’s family during his time in prison.This incident could have been avoided if some media attacks were made on Galloways behavoir which is no doubt abhored by the majority of UK Citizens.One wonders if Galloway would have supported Hitler in his Holocast of Jews?

  • steven L

    Gall needs to be punished!

  • Fred

    George Galloway wants to change his name & religion . He may become a Pasha. His personality has all the ingredients d by lies & hatred.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    George Galloway is either drunk, insane or an honest to goodness Black Shirt Fascist. Take your pick. Any of the above answers is equally valid.

  • Partick Roche

    The jail sentence is an absolute disgrace

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Aidan Marron QC sympathetically described Galloway as still suffering “from real physical consequences” as a result of the attack.”

    He is lying to you.
    He always suffered spasms of agony when he looked in a mirror.

    I salute Mr. Masterson.

  • Ron

    Instead of sending Mr. Masterson to jail, they should have held a parade in his honor.

  • The Mossad should solve this matter.

  • I think we who know Galloway for what he is should set up a special Masterson Award to express our solidarity with the
    courage he showed in taking on this “serpent.” I’m ready to donate significantly. In fact, I offer a major amount to
    someone who could follow in Masterson’s footsteps and
    give Galloway what he he more permanently deserves.

  • sootys mum

    Galloway should be charged with racism, no idea why the CPS won’t charge him unless it’s because of his anti-Semitic attitude which is perfectly acceptable these days.

    Masterson did not deserve the sentence and I think that it was excessive. He made a point that needed to be heard.