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December 19, 2014 8:55 am

UN: Turning Back the Clock to Pre-1948 is the Real Endgame

avatar by Anne Bayefsky

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United Nations HQ in New York. Photo: wiki commons.

Incitement against the Jewish state is directly related to the stabbings, raping and killing of Jews inside and outside of Israel.  But doing something to stop it requires confronting a very troubling fact: the global epicenter for incitement is the “human rights” leviathan, the United Nations.

From November 24, 2014 until December 5, 2014, UN human rights headquarters in Geneva mounted a public exhibit that was pure incitement. UN-driven antisemitism that takes the form of seeking to demonize, disable and ultimately destroy the Jewish state.

The exhibit was entitled: “La Nakba:  Exode et Expulsion des Palestiniens en 1948″ – or “The Nakba: Exodus and Expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948.”  The occasion was the annual UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Solidarity Day marks the adoption by the General Assembly on November 29, 1947 of the resolution that approved the partitioning of Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state.

The partition resolution was rejected by Arab states and celebrated by the Jewish people.  Thus the Arab war to deny Israel’s right to exist began.

But in 2014, the UN overtly jettisoned the usual diplomatic lie that the 1967 occupation is the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The exhibit focused on the alleged crime of creating a Jewish state in 1948 and openly justified the rejection of the partition resolution.

The display was located in the UN’s Palais des Nations just outside the home room of the UN Human Rights Council. It consisted of 13 panels in French and an accompanying catalogue with English reproductions of each item. The catalogue was distributed by UN conference services.

It turns out that the highly controversial exhibit has been circulating in churches and community centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since April 2008. Sought-after hosts like the City of Dusseldorf and the city library in Freiburg have refused the exhibit, which has also been formally criticized by the Mayor of Cologne.

The organization in charge of “design and content” for the exhibit is “Flüchtlingskinder im Libanon,” translated, “Refugee Children in Lebanon.” Ingrid Rumpf (aka Ingrid Hull), head of the organization and curator of the exhibit, explained her motivation in a 2011 interview by comparing Israelis to Nazis: “My involvement in the Palestinian problem is significantly influenced by my confrontation with Nazism.”

Over the years, the litigious Ms. Rumpf has evidently enjoyed casting herself as a victim, launching repeated objections to bad press and other criticism over the exhibit before German courts and administrative tribunals.

In the exhibition catalogue, the organizer explicitly asks and answers the question: “Why did we create this exhibition on the Nakba?”  The answer given: to reeducate all those whose “perceptions” have been “hindered” by “German guilt” and “the mass media” in order to “evoke understanding” that in 1948, Palestinians were “robbed of their homeland and their property.”

According to UN regulations, the exhibit was required to have been authorized by the highest UN authority in Geneva. UN guidelines spell out that a request – in this case from “the mission of Palestine” – must be sent to the Cultural Activities Committee of the UN Office in Geneva “who shall make recommendations for approval by the Director-General.”  Michael Møller of Denmark.

In other words, the UN itself approved an exhibit proclaiming that “the partition resolution violates fundamental principles of the UN Charter.”

According to the exhibit, the problem with the partition plan was that it was prepared and adopted “without consulting the Palestinian people,” and “the General Assembly is not authorized to pass binding laws or create new states.”

Actually, the General Assembly decision not to hand Arab rejectionists a veto over Jewish self-determination was deliberate and well-justified. And the partition resolution never purported to be a law or “create” a state. The resolution represented a stamp of moral and political approval for the creation of Israel, which was accomplished by a declaration of its own people almost six months later.

The “source” identified in the exhibit for this bogus contention is one Norman Paech.  He is a former German Left Party parliamentarian, who distinguished himself by voting against a 2008 resolution establishing a committee to report on antisemitic crimes and to support the growth of Jewish life in Germany. A prolific inciter, Paech has also claimed that there is a “right to armed resistance” against anyone living in a Jewish settlement, Israel is an “apartheid state,” and Israel waged “a war of extermination” in Lebanon.

The UN-sponsored exhibit contains a litany of other fabrications and hate speech.

These include: “The roots of the Palestine problem date back to the late nineteenth century, when…Zionism developed in Europe.” “The Balfour Declaration was legally, politically, and morally dubious.” The 1948 war consisted of “acts of terrorism…by the Zionists.” Jews were busy conducting “massacres,” while Arabs were busy fleeing. The “leading Zionist representatives headed by the subsequent Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion, planned and implemented the ethnic purge.”

The case for Arab rejection of a Jewish state, indicates the exhibit, is that “the Palestinians failed to see why they should be made to pay for the Holocaust.”

The exhibit used the word “indigenous” only to describe Arabs and their “ancestral soil.” The presence of Jews, and the association of Judaism with the land of Israel, for almost 4,000 years were never mentioned.

Palestinians, the exhibit claims, were “an entirely uninvolved people” in Nazi persecution of Jews. In fact, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, closely collaborated with the Nazis.  Living lavishly under German auspices during much of the war, and still considered a hero by many Palestinians, al-Husseini pressed Hitler to extend his solution of the Jewish problem to Palestine.

Nowhere in its history of Israel’s creation is there any mention that the armies of five neighboring Arab states – exclusively equipped with the standard weapons of a regular army – invaded the day old Jewish state on multiple fronts.  Instead, the exhibit gives a revisionist account of impoverished Arab “troop strength.”

As for the 800,000 persecuted Jews who were forced to flee Arab states, the exhibit blames Israel:  “Israel’s expansionist policy had grave effects on the mainly peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Jews and Christians that had prevailed for centuries in the Arab countries of Asia and Africa. The result was massive immigration of Jews from these countries to Israel.”

The exhibit concludes with the final message that Israel is the “lost homeland” of Palestinians to which they are “longing” to return.  The visual images include signs saying “no return = no peace” and pictures of a title deed and front door key.

Nowhere does the exhibit talk about recognition of, and peaceful co-existence with, the Jewish state.

The sources for all the falsehoods in this UN-hosted exhibit are clearly acknowledged and are a veritable who’s-who of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish extremists, like Ilan Pappe, Walid Khalidi, Uri Davis and Salman Abu Sitta.  A mere glance at their extensive contributions to bigotry would have revealed the exhibit’s fraudulence to UN officials, had they cared:

Ilan Pappe: “1948…Zionist leaders…put the final touches on a plan for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine…[E]thnic cleansing …has been practiced…by the Nazis…The problem with Israel…is its ethnic Zionist character.”

Walid Khalidi: “The unity that currently exists in Jerusalem is the unity of an Anschluss…The Zionist leadership “accepted” partition, but this acceptance was only verbal. At the same time they prepared a master plan…for military conquest.”

Uri Davis: “The core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a conflict between a settler colonial state of Israel informed by political Zionist apartheid ideology and characterized by political Zionist ethnic cleansing practices, on the one part, and the indigenous people of the country of Palestine, the Palestinian Arab people, on the second part.”

Salman Abu Sitta: “Palestine is the patrimony of Palestinians…In spite of British collusion and Jewish wealth…Palestinians will never accept foreign intruders…Zionism is a colonial project… Colonial projects cannot last. Zionism has implemented the largest comprehensive ethnic cleansing in modern history.”

For her efforts in transforming such a group of pathological xenophobes into UN authorities, the day before the exhibit opened at the UN, the Palestinian Community in Germany awarded Rumpf with the “Palestine Solidarity Prize.”  The presenter thanked her for the exhibit and its message, which he encapsulated this way:  “The Palestinians are the last victims of the Holocaust.”

Another showing of the exhibit earlier this year was opened by Hans-Christof von Sponeck – a former UN official disgraced by having personally benefitted from working against sanctions on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  In his opening remarks, von Sponeck said:  “Maybe the time will come when Palestinians…and Israelis…will join hands in mounting a joint Naqba & Shoa exhibition…”

In defense of the exhibit, Rumpf herself lined up and distributed at the UN a list of supporters. They included Jean Ziegler, who launched the annual Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize in 1989 four months after Libya bombed Pan Am flight 103, received the prize himself along with a French Holocaust denier in 2002, embraced and advised dictators from Castro to Mugabe, and called Gaza “an immense concentration camp.”

The exhibit also proudly identifies the NGOs from which it “has received support.” They include organizations such as “Right for All,” which shout about Israeli “ethnic cleansing,” and “crimes against humanity, and claim that the problem all started with “the Zionist occupation in 1948.”  Their solution? “All Palestine must be liberated.”

Recent work by exhibition backer the Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS) includes the publication of a series of “beautiful posters” – to use the words of its president Taoufik Tahani – on the Gaza war  in September 2014.  Posters like “Bibi dans son bain,” whichportrays Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu soaking over his head in Palestinian blood.

And then there is exhibition backer “Collectif Urgence Palestine” whose website boasts a poster depicting Israel as a blood-dripping weapon that must be stopped.

With the United Nations having welcomed the exhibit with open arms – notwithstanding its vile purposes, partners, supporters and fact-checkers – the organizers hit the jackpot. On November 23, 2014, Rumpf gushed:  “I very much hope that the Nakba exhibition will encounter in the future strong demand…[Its] appearance…in the Palace of the United Nations in Geneva, where it is shown on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, should completely remove serious doubts about its reliability…”

UN rules state that cultural activities seeking a UN platform must “promote dialogue among civilizations” and “be compatible with the values, purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

Apparently, a direct attack on the legitimacy of the UN member state of Israel is now interpreted in UN circles as consistent with the principles of the United Nations.

Maybe, so long as those principles have nothing to do with truth, equality, and justice.

The silence of UN members on this abomination is deafening.

Anne Bayefsky is the Director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Follow her on twitter @AnneBayefsky.

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Pre 1948? I’d say they’re aiming for Poland circa 1943.

  • Fred

    I always thought Arab United Nation aka Tower of Babel.
    …and that won’t last, it is soaked in hatred.

  • Henry Andrew Shiner

    The True Legal & Historical Facts underlying Israel’s Sovereign Legal Rights in Extant International Law

    Although the State of Israel was officially declared by its first
    Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, on May,14,1948, the
    sovereign legal rights to Palestine/Israel, in the context of
    (still extant) International Law, were actually granted by the
    Supreme Allied Council, to the Nation of Israel/Jewish People,
    28 yrs. earlier on April 25,1920 at the San Remo Peace Conference,
    in San Remo Italy, after the conclusion of WWI.

    The San Remo Peace Conference was convened by the Supreme
    Allied Council (comprised of Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the
    U.S as an observer as America had not officially declared war on
    the Ottoman Empire) in San Remo, Italy from April 19-26,1920 to
    deal with territories that had formerly been controlled by the Ottoman
    Empire. The Supreme Allied Council represented the interests of the
    collective allied nations/forces of WWI, who now possessed the full
    legal right of disposition over the lands of the former Ottoman Empire,
    which had now become the legal property of the allied nations as
    a result of the Right of Conquest, which was the extant international
    law at that point in history i.e. before the 20th Century establishment
    of the Mandate System, and the League of Nations/U.N.

    The Right of Conquest was a law that granted nations ownership
    of the lands which they conquered militarily. The completion of
    colonial conquest of much of the world , the devastation of WWI
    and WW II, and the alignment of both the United States and the
    Soviet Union with the principle of self determination, led to the
    abandonment of the Right of Conquest in formal international law.
    The Mandate System (which was created by South African statesman
    Jan Christian Smuts:- PM of South Africa – who served as part of the
    British Imperial War Cabinet in WWI ), the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact,
    the post-1945 Nuremberg Trials, the UN Charter, and the UN role in
    decolonization saw the progressive dismantling of this principle.
    Simultaneously, the UN Charter’s guarantee of the ” territorial integrity ”
    of member states effectively froze out claims against prior conquests
    from this process.

    Due to the law of the Right of Conquest, The San Remo Resolution
    did have the force of law, as the Supreme Allied Council now possessed
    the full legal right of disposition on the former lands of the Ottoman
    Empire, which included the territory that was commonly known as Palestine.
    The terms from the San Remo Resolution were then incorporated first
    a ) in the Treaty of Sèvres of August 10, 1920 and b) in the first three
    recitals of the Preamble of the Mandate for Palestine. The Mandate
    was confirmed in 1922 by all 52 member states of the League of Nations
    and separately by the United States in a 1924 treaty with the United Kingdom:
    (The Anglo-American Convention).

    Even though the above legal and historical facts are the objective truth
    (i.e. all facts can be independently validated by unbiased, knowledgeable
    3rd parties) there unfortunately still exists widespread misconception adhered
    to by both political leaders and people of good will in all spheres of life
    from around the world, as well as among Israel’s political leaders, judiciary,
    military and media, that the State of Israel derives its legal existence from
    the UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) of November 29, 1947,
    popularly known as the”Partition Resolution”. This misconception is so
    ingrained in official historical,political and popular thinking that it is extremely
    difficult to change, regardless of the overwhelming legal and historical
    evidence to the contrary, as referenced above .

    In addition to being ignorant about the law and the related historical
    events, another major reason for this misconception is that Israel’s own
    Proclamation of Independence perpetuates the wrongful notion that it
    was “on the strength of the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly”
    that the members of what in the proclamation itself was called “the
    People’s Council” relied in declaring the establishment of the State
    of Israel on May 14, 1948. Other reasons cited in the Proclamation
    were “our natural and historic right”. It was further stated there that
    “the State of Israel will cooperate with the UN in implementing the
    resolution of the General Assembly of the 29th November, 1947, and
    will take steps to bring about the economic union of the whole of

    The misstatement in the Proclamation of Independence that
    the State of Israel relied “on the strength” of the Partition
    Resolution for its legal establishment is 100% false, and as a
    consequence has ended up concealing or suppressing
    the fact that Israel’s legal foundation under international law
    derives not from United Nations General Assembly Resolution
    181 (II) of November 29, 1947,which was merely a non-binding
    recommendation, without any force of law, as the General Assembly
    of the U.N. is not a legislative body, but rather, as mentioned
    above, stems from the San Remo Resolution of April 25, 1920,
    issued by the Supreme Allied Council,who did possess the full
    legal right of disposition in regard to Palestine/Israel, and as
    such did have the force of law, and was thereby incorporated
    into the various legally binding conventions/treaties .

    Furthermore,contrary to popular belief,although the text of
    The Mandate for Palestine referenced the British Government’s
    favorable view on the establishment of a Jewish Homeland in
    Palestine (what has commonly become known as the
    “Balfour Declaration”, in a nod to British Secretary of State
    of Foreign Affairs Arthur James Balfour, who made this
    historic declaration on behalf of the British Government,
    on November 2,1917), this pronouncement by the British
    did, although welcomed by the Jewish community, did not
    confer any sovereign legal rights upon The Jewish People,
    since at this point in history Britain had not yet acquired the
    legal right of disposition to Palestine, notwithstanding the
    fact that at that point in history, Britain was arguably the
    world’s superpower, and that it was Gen. Allenby who led the
    troops that captured this region. This misunderstanding of
    the true legal and historical facts by both Israeli & international
    historians, politicians,media et al is the fundamental reason
    behind the distorted narrative that gave birth to the concept
    of ” The British Mandate for Palestine” . In fact no such
    convention/treaty by this name ever existed.

    The name of the treaty was The Mandate for Palestine
    and Britain was the Mandatory working on behalf of the
    Allied Nations (i.e. the “property manager” ) who had
    collectively gained title to this region due to the Right
    of Conquest and whose collective interests were represented
    by the Supreme Allied Council. Britain, as Mandatory, in fact
    violated many of the People of Israel/Yehudim’s legal rights,
    and even though, in many cases they failed to do so, their role
    was in fact to have acted as a mentor to support and tutor
    the Jewish People so that they could fulfill all the terms of the
    Mandate and build the institutions of government that would
    allow them to establish a functioning state and declare independence,
    and be accepted by the community of nations, being that they
    were the rightful & legal beneficiaries of the Mandate .

    Finally, Article 80 of the UN Charter, once known unofficially
    as the “Jewish People’s clause”, preserves intact all the rights
    granted to Jews under the Mandate for Palestine (which was
    confirmed in 1922 by all 52 member states, of the League of
    Nations,) even after the Mandate’s expiry on May 14-15, 1948.
    Under this provision of international law (the U.N. Charter is
    an international treaty), Jewish rights to Palestine and the
    Land of Israel (i.e. this included Gaza & the “West Bank-
    Yehuda – Shomron & all of Yerushalayim) were not to be
    altered in any way unless there had been an intervening
    trusteeship agreement between the states or parties concerned,
    which would have converted the Mandate into a trusteeship
    or trust territory. The only period of time such an agreement
    could have been concluded under Chapter 12 of the UN Charter
    was during the three-year period from October 24, 1945, the
    date the Charter entered into force after appropriate ratifications,
    until May 14-15, 1948, the date the Mandate expired and the
    State of Israel was proclaimed. Since no agreement of this
    type was made during this relevant three-year period, in which
    Jewish rights to all of Palestine may conceivably have been
    altered had Palestine been converted into a trust territory,
    those Jewish rights that had existed under the Mandate
    remained in full force and effect, to which the UN is still
    committed by Article 80 to uphold,or is prohibited from
    altering to this day .

    ( Source : Howard Grief : The Legal Foundation and Borders
    of Israel Israel’s Rights under International Law : A Treatise
    on Jewish Sovereignty over The Land of Israel ( available for
    download as an e-book from
    also on facebook:

  • Dr.M.Otero

    The German camps were indeed concentration camps where the intent was to kill all Jews and others in the camps. All would have been grateful had the camps been detention camps Palestinians seem to relish using the term concentration camps whereas at its worst they are in Arab League assigned detention camps: detained.
    The Palestinian Arabs have in large numbers sold their assets at market prices and moved abroad unlike the Jews driven out of the Muslim world and whose assets were largely confiscated.

  • The Palestinians did not recognize the DECISION of the League of Nations for Palestine in 1922, or the UN Partition Plan for Palestine of 29 November 1947!

    After they disregarded the decisions of the International Forums, what are they looking for there now?

    I think that what happened then and what has happened in the new situation with the Palestinian initiative is very interesting!

  • Mr. McLaughlin, you can be forgiven. Since you are, most
    likely a gentile, you are unaware that in Jewish prayers
    and Torah study Jerusalem is mentioned almost constantly.
    Try doing some basic research on the Jewish faith. A good
    start for you could be “The Jews,G-d and History” by Max

  • Isaac Brajtman

    Nothing new. Hundreds of thousands of people being killed in North and Central Africa and all Moslem countries in the Middle east and far east ALL by Moslems . And the UNO only talks about Israel and the poor oppressed Palestinians !!!
    Can somebody make a list of anything good done by this unbelievably expensive bureaucracy ,besides providing high living operators jobs, paid for with money that could be spent on feeding the poor and educating the billions of uneducated people

  • steven L

    Needs to go back to the decision of the League of Nations and San Remo convention and the Jewish homeland/state.
    The UN, the House of Recurrent Crimes against Humanity.

  • Mandrake

    Should we give back New Mexico to old Mexico?

  • Leo Toystory

    There isn’t going to be any peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestinkian conflict, and this kind of thing isn’t going to go away, it’s going to keep getting worse and worse. The time is coming soon when the people of Israel are either going to have to leave, be slaughtered, or really destroy their enemies in the Middle-East and elsewhere. Jews have been exiled and massacred enough, perhaps the third way is in order.

  • art

    The arabs have kidnapped the terms of Jewish history, ex.diaspora, holocaust etc. There will be no peace 100 years of hate now acceptable and encouraged by the UN and eu

  • Bella

    The Mufti initially welcomed the concept of Jewish immigration so his supporters could fulfil Hitler’s job.

    Hence, the UN created Israel, 8 miles wide in parts, surrounded by millions of hostile neighbours. No reasonable human would have thought a fledging nation would survive under those conditions.

    Having failed to exterminate Jews earlier, the UN created UNWRA – an extraordinary creation which would inevitably eventually swell to such an extent that it would become a major force and the greatest obstacle to the existence of Israel.

    ….. which is where we stand currently……

  • Julian Clovelley

    The Partition Resolution of the United Nations marked the birth of Israel in the eyes of the world, not any version of history or of mythology. The partition was carried out in an attempt to resolve a complex and violent situation that, in the first instance, occurred as the result of the collapse and dismantling of the Ottoman Empire.

    People who, for whatever reason including choice, are labelled Jews or Palestinians may have different versions of the history of the preceeding centuries and millenia, but these were not relevant to the final UN decision, based as it was on the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the resolutions of the League of Nations, the inheritance of those decisions by the United Nations at its own Foundation, and the situation in the Middle East as it presented itself in 1947 – which included the proposed withdrawal of Great Britain from its role as Mandate Authority. That’s real history.

    Because Zionism is currently so influential in parts of the Jewish and Israeli communities a “justification” has been constantly aired of the right of Israel to exist that is based on a version of Biblical based “history” that most of the world does not accept. Like it or not the UN Resolutions relating to partition are all that exists in terms of “justification”. This is not a unique situation. Worldwide much that currently exists came about on the basis of UN debates and Resolutions – and upon a battery of International Law, based on those Resolutions, and on respect for them. Undermine UN Resolutions and International Law, and you have precisely nothing. Undermine Geneva Conventions, and you undermine the Conventions that protect people in your own territories should you ever be invaded and occupied. What you do to others, you often set as a precedent for yourselves.

    When I read a book or watch a film – or open a newspaper – I am well aware that the information will be presented to me in a form that is dependent on the bias of its creators. So it is with an exhibition, whoever hosts it. I doubt if any person looking at the exhibition in question had any doubt about the reality that a particular view was being presented. One alternate view has been presented often enough without any of the fuss being made here. It is the view one sees in films such as “The Ten Commandments” and “Exodus” and which has been presented in all forms and media since the Second World War. One finds it in the pages of Algemeiner.

    I am now approaching seventy years of age. For my entire life I have heard the nonsense put out by all sides in the Middle East mess. Just occasionally I hear the voice of reason, of reconciliation, of common sense, and of recognition of a common suffering humanity. We will get nowhere until we are prepared to listen to all of the voices, all of the viewpoints and all of the expressions of pain. What is essential is that we are given – or find for ourselves – the ability to assess, analyse and evaluate what we see and hear.

    But how can that ever happen when all sides revert to pseudo history concocted in self interest? – how can people inculcated from birth with such pernicious garbage not find themselves in adult conflict? Both private and public education have let us down, our religious leaders have all too often lied to us – or deprived their congregations and followers of the findings of scholarship – and to demonstrate in a less relevant manner the degree of misinforming and incompetence, how is it possible for such a high percentage of one of the most scientifically advanced nations in the world – and the world’s greatest superpower – to have so many people within it still believing in Creationism and Fundamentalist religion? It is a disgrace.

    If an exhibition such as the one spoken of here has a detrimental effect, it is because media, education and political parties have been so busy lying that they failed in their first responsibility, substituting a barrage of nonsense and propaganda for the real informing of the populace

    I hope one day there is indeed a joint exhibition that tells the real history of how the present misery came about. I doubt if I will live to see it – but that exhibition will also show how the peoples of the MIddle East came together, recognising their common suffering and common humanity, how together they made the deserts bloom and even perhaps helped lead the world out of the superstitions, mythological influences, pseudo histories and ideologies – and the nationalisms too – that so nearly destroyed the Planet

    Perchance to dream

    When that exhibition is opened Julian Clovelley, himself a dream, will be there in spirit.

  • Jim Briggs

    There are always two sides to a story.
    “Innocent Israel” always blames the Arabs for todays problems in the Middle East.
    The bloody atrocities committed during the creation of Israel are never mentioned. The in fighting between Jewish organisations are never mentioned. The thousands of Jews, who came from Europe to join the fight are never mentioned. The support Jews got from the communist states are never mentioned. The fact that the weapons used during the early days of the State, when they were fighting the Arabs, were supplied by the communists is never mentioned. The U.S. had an arms embargo The fact that at first the United States refused to recognise Israel is never mentioned.

  • Jack

    Maybe you still live in Scotland laddy, but if not, move back, cause where ever you are can’t be central to you.
    Zionism is a fabrication of an overly hasty and evil mind.
    There never were,AND NEVER WILL BE a group called Elders of Zion.
    For some people reality is too much

  • Leave the SDN Worse Model UNO and stop it !
    All that UNO is a Joke .
    US pay for only to put Vetos… it is a good thing but if THEU don’t pay anymore then there is no UNO anymore.
    Everybody a bit serious in the World is fed up withTthat Thing

  • Anne Bayevsky is correct, analytically and powerfully. The relentless campaign to delegitimate and destroy Israel as the Jewish state — rendering the Jewish people again stateless, powerless and dependent — is meant to reghettoize the Jewish people. That accomplished, Jews are returned to their “proper,” inferior minority status, and “Never again!” recedes as an ahistorical moment. “Yes, again” then returns as a historically recurrent possibility. Mr. McLaughlin is incorrect. Every Passover seder I’ve attended, and every Yom Kippur service — scores of them, Reform, Conservative or Orthodox — has ended “Next year in Jerusalem!” It is the physical and psychological, actual and spiritual heart of Judaism and capital of the Jews.
    Eric Rozenman


  • It is time to leave the UN.

  • rachel robinson

    “human rights” This only applies to the Moslem Humans (sic) not to all of humanity. That institution picks and chooses whom it wishes to include in that “human” group, but not all are included. Jews and Israel are apparently not a part of Humanity as far as the UN is concerned. Shame on them for being such hypocrites.

  • matt mclaughlin

    Jerusalem hasnt been central to Judaism in 2000 years (“temple-based). Of course, for Zionism it is central.

    • rachel robinson

      You are totally mistaken. Jerusalem was always central to Judaism, there is no Shabat, no Holiday and for sure no wedding that Jerusalem is not only mentioned but is very central to the celebration. Jews did not leave Jerusalem of their own free will, and from your comment I assume that yo are not too familiar with Jewish history or rituals.

    • noellsq

      Please get your facts straight Jews and Muslims have live their for many many years. Several of the Mosques there are built over Jewish temples. Please tell me how you do that and deny they lived there. Should the US give Texas back to Mexico is it not the same?

    • US McLaughlin ! you have a country (Ireland or even two:? Scotland? and a third one in America you have stolen from Amerindians…
      Please, look at your own Timber …….instead of looking for other’s straw in eye…

    • Joel Keller

      So, what’s the point you’re trying to make?

    • A. Silverman

      Jerusalem has been central in Jewish memory and aspiration. The formula “next year in Jerusalem” is old, far older than Zionism, perhaps predating the Arabs. Jerusalem, on the other hand, is not mentioned in the Koran.

    • shmeelshiya

      Hey Matt Mclaughlin,
      I rejoice and take great comfort in the stupidity and ignorance your comment displays. Knowing that people like you are our (Zionists) enemy assures me that we have nothing to fear.

      On the other hand, your Jew hatred gives me no pleasure, but reminds me that the disease that afflicts many is still virulently present. There is no cure for you. You will suffer all of your days, as surely as Israel continues to flourish. May your days be many.

    • Bella

      What is the point of your (erroneous) statement?

      Israel exists – ‘Palestine’ never did. Would you prefer the chaotic, despotic, brutality of Hamas/PA/Hezbollah rule?

    • Philippe Mampuya

      Of course Matt, that is why jewish families in the diaspora, celebrating passover for 2000 years always finished their celebration with this well known wish : ‘next year in Jerusalem’. Do not pretend to know Judaism when you don’t know the first thing about it.

    • Efram

      You are a vicious liar. Open any Jewish prayerbook, and you will find a longing for Jerusalem in many many prayers. Jerusalem has never ceased being the goal and dream of Judaism over the past 2000 years.

      Conversely, prior to the ‘modern’ aka dark age, Muslim scholars accepted that Jerusalem is for the Jewish people. It is the THIRD holiest site of Islam, and those who worship there face Mecca. The vast majority of ‘Palestinians’ can trace their roots in Israel, and in Jerusalem, back no further than the turn of the 19th/20th century.

      I do not see why barbaric Jew haters, such as mclaughlin, are permitted to voice their stupidity, ignorance, and Jew hatred here, when the press is full of Jew hatred, where they can rave and spew out their savage lies where they are welcome.


      Matt, you are not correct when you state that Jerusalem hasn’t been central to Judaism in 2000 years (“temple-based). Of course, for Zionism it is central.” For the 2000 years that Jews have been forced to live in the Diaspora (outside of Israel) they have prayed, “If I forget thee oh, Jerusalem, let me forget my right hand.” This was way before the idea of Zionism was conceived by Theodore Herzl.

      Many Jews mixed genetically with non Jewish Europeans either by way of marriage or rape, but a substantial number of “Palestinian” Jews remained in Israel without interruption. Ironically many of these “Palestinian” Jews died fighting the Crusaders alongside “Palestinian” Arabs who also lived in “Palestin”e. Read some good history books, written by authors who are real historians and not revisionists. I would be happy to recommend some good books if you are interested.

    • Roy

      About as abysmally ignorant as one can be! Go back to the cave you dwell in before the light repels you.