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December 25, 2014 1:40 pm

‘Are You Brain Dead?’ CNN Exec’s Shocking Question to Young Jewish Activist

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CNN's Atlanta HQ; one of its top executives asked a Jewish high school senior whether she was "brain dead" after she challenged him over Israel coverage. Photo: Wikicommons

Hayley Nagelberg, a high school senior from West Orange, NJ, has revealed that a top CNN executive asked her if she was “brain dead” following a question-and-answer session in Atlanta, where the news broadcaster is based, earlier this week.

Nagelberg, who was among 700 Jewish teenagers from around North America gathered in Atlanta for the United Synagogue Youth’s  64th annual international convention, wrote about the exchange in a blog for the Times of Israel. The meeting with Richard Davis, the Executive Vice President of News Standards and Practices for CNN, was part of a study session around the concept of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Wrote Nagelberg:

During the hour that I spent listening to [Davis] and his colleague Etan Horrowitz, CNN’s Mobile Editor, I felt my jaw drop lower and lower in disbelief, and the scowl on my face grow increasingly intense in anger and frustration.

Davis told me and my peers and staff that it is up to us, and everyone else, as consumers to check other news sources if we think we may want more information. He said, “You can’t be in the news business and also be a babysitter to the people that only read the first paragraph”. I was confused. Isn’t it a news organization’s job to provide the facts? While an educated reader should always check a variety of news sources for different presentations, one should expect a leading news distributor to get the basic story right. And in a day and age where most people only read headlines, or maybe the first few lines or paragraphs if you’re lucky, shouldn’t CNN make sure that all salient and truthful information can be found there?

During an animated conversation about CNN’s “abysmal” coverage of last month’s terrorist atrocity at a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, in which four worshippers and a Druze policeman were brutally murdered, Davis was asked to explain why the broadcaster initially identified the synagogue as a “mosque.”

“To expound on how the words ‘mosque’ and ‘synagogue’ could have been swapped, Davis gave an even more infuriating response,” said Nagelberg. “Apparently, in the room where the headlines were written, there was some conversation taking place regarding a mosque in Damascus. ‘Haven’t you ever written something you heard instead of what you meant to write?’ he asked.”

Undeterred, the feisty Nagelberg approached Davis directly after the session concluded.

I questioned him on the Har Nof headlines again. I first had to prove to him that I had in fact even seen the headlines I was questioning. When I managed to satisfy his questions, I wanted to know why CNN, when releasing the headlines at issue, couldn’t call it a terrorist attack. Davis explained that they would never jump to a conclusion that anything is a terrorist attack. “Okay”, I said, fully understanding the weight that the word “terrorist” carries. “But by the time it was known that it was four Israelis and two Palestinians, it was known that there were meat cleavers and stabbings involved. Why couldn’t you call it an ‘attack’?” I continued. His response? “You’ve got to be kidding me? One word? Are you brain dead?”

Nagelberg concluded, “No, I am not brain dead. I am a seventeen-year old girl from New Jersey who is appalled by the biased media coverage of Israel here in America,” before wondering aloud whether Davis, who was “one of the CNN’s original team members at the 1980 launch,” according to the broadcaster’s website, might be suffering from the same affliction himself.

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  • victoria brandeis




  • Myron Robinson

    What can you expect from 99% of Journalists. Why should an element of truth ruin a good story. The world hates Jews (read Israel) and it is more newsworthy to report the death of one 12 year old “Child soldier” in Gaza than the murder of several Rabbis. After all CNN is broadcast out of the middle east & owned by one of those consortiums not friendly to Israel. It is no wonder that Egypt has detained those Al Jazeera journalists who as usual always only report their version of the facts as they would like them to be as can be gleaned from the above CNN senior Journalist/media executives. If only the journalists would report the facts correctly as they are and at the least took a neutral stance then reporting would at least be fair.Davis] and Horrowitz would not know the truth if it stared them in the face. I would have told them to put the sexual act into a verb of motion & emigrate to Mecca where I am sure that their Muslim friends would accept them with open arms.

    • AfraidToSay

      In the news business, younger always trumps older. Normal adults between 25 and 75 just aren’t news if they die. It’s ridiculous, but there you have it.

  • Tony

    Any credibility that CNN ever had has well and truly gone right out the window! Overall most news organisations and journalists are a far cry from what they once were, their lack of integrity, moral fibre, their leftist bias and journalistic skill have made them laughing stocks around the world.

    • Reform School

      If Davis was onboard for CNN’s birth, his question seems more a probe to learn if Nagelberg was a Monica Lewinsky looking for her very own William Jefferson Clinton.

      Run, Hayley. Run!

    • Rose Smith

      I was educated as a journalist and unfortunately I have to agree with you that too many journalists today do not make enough of an effort to report the facts and get the information right. Very sloppy, very biased. Very disappointing that we can no longer depend on news agencies to give us the truth.

  • eli gilmore

    Why Eithan Horowith did not mention anything ? Obviously I glean his name is pretty Jewish isnt it ?

  • charlie johnson

    Watching TV to get information ? This is much like a magician who comes to a small town in the country where he proceeds to saw a pretty lady in to two halves then pull a few rabbits out of his hat make money disappear and nobody is allowed to watch his magic show but from a seat in the audience.This is why the elite want to control the internet.Their magicians are being exposed as frauds.

  • John

    Having worked for CNN in the early “Glory Days” I can only say that I am truly saddened by what it has not become… I know I speak for many other employees who started out with the organization having only the best wishes for its evolution – never suspecting the developments that have come to pass.

    Kudos to Hayley Nagelberg for asking the proper questions in the proper way… Davis needs to somehow make amends.

  • Grandma

    CNN is a waste of time. Whenever I made the mistake of watching because I was somewhere where I had no control over the remote I became incensed by the stupidity and comments made. This article just proves my comment on CNN and my belief that they were always and will always be pro Palestinian and Anti-Semitic.

  • Miriam Nery

    If CNN is this far gone in their mediocrity and lack of integrity, I don’t think I will pay attention to what they say ever again! To call the girl brain dead, he’s worse than a moron!

  • Zal Lazkow

    I see that this young lady is pretty NAIVE regarding any “news” from any source, including Israeli newspapers and their websites.
    She is too young to understand that “news” is business. Every piece of “news” is manipulated according to news source desire. that’s the fact. Israeli news sources do the same thing.
    “Har Nof”….what’s that ???? Maybe “Har Ha’Bayit” or Temple Mount ???
    Let me clarify here, because many people are confused with this issue.
    TEMPLE MOUNT is a site where was first and second temple. Second temple was destroyed by romans hundreds of years before Al-Aqtza Mosque was built and Dome of the Rock. It’s about 700 years the site was a garbage site. Then came arabs and built these 2 mosques in 700 AD. Since then both mosques changed hands from arab to muslim to christian to turkish and back. It means that 1300 YEARS Temple Mount has NOTHING to do with Judaism. Oh yes, there is a huge rock inside Dome of the Rock which is supposedly part of second temple foundation.
    Religious jews are constantly provoking and inciting arab, the true owners of Temple Mount, with Likud’s support.

  • Clifford

    Ever heard of Amber Lyon. Ex CNN reporter. I suggest you google her to understand how CNN operates. A discredited news network indeed.

  • Naftoli Pickard

    Good job, Hayley !!! We need more Americans like you !!

  • RobiMac

    I’m convinced that everyone in the lame stream media is dead from the neck up.

  • Chaya

    A news organization should snap this young woman up fast! 17 or no, she is on it!

    • Evelyn Wertheimer

      Of course! But I don’t think a non-Jewish organization could be interested. They are all full of hate against Jews, and against the Jewish State.

      • AfraidToSay

        I love the Jews and that’s why I’m going to give you some advice that comes from a place of love:. The American people, your most important constituents and your most faithful friends all these years, have lost touch with the whole point of Israel. It’s not that they hate Israel, it’s that they just don’t understand why it’s important anymore.

        And, that’s your fault for failing to explain the country in clear, simple, unambiguous terms. You used to do a great job. But the old message about the brave founding of a homeland and the heroic early days and intrepid sabras and Golda Meir doesn’t resonate with people under 60.

        Bottom line: It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

        • Jim. Reillyberg

          What is more important to todays 88% non Jewish Americans !

          Having a job or whether on not CNN inadvertently made an error in wrongly reporting the name of this particular place of worship.

  • If we had more young adults like this young lady and less CNN “Exec’s” like this gentleman….I would feel a lot more confident about the future.

  • Karen Triantafilis

    Unfortunately we can complain all we want but most of the world relies upon CNN and theBBC to report on international news. This is why so many people are uninformed about the real facts. It’s not their fault…. and unfortunately it will be have to be someone who is not Jewish to call them out on all of the biased reporting that is going on. Who is willing to step up to the plate and do that? I don’t see any top politicians calling them out on the crap they write…the world should expect more from the people who are getting paid to report the truth or maybe they are getting paid more to bias the truth….

  • arn kurtz

    I do not waste my time watching cnn. Much of what cnn calls news is merely cloaked up versions of the real news. cnn hates Christians, Jews capitalism and the American dynamic.You can figure out the rest.

    • You only have to watch CNN International (the CNN channel broadcast outside the USA, and very different to CNN USA) to see just have many adverts are carried for Arab companies and Arab organizations. So much advertising, to the point that you have to wonder the influence of Arab organizations have on CNN’s editorial content. Is it any wonder that Becky Anderson (one of CNN International’s major news anchors) has relocated her residence and her studio from London to Dubai, where as she says, quote, “everything happens”.

    • charlie johnson

      I am not sure of what their names are who do these things. I know that they are highly educated. They have an over inflated ego.They resent money and wealth ,Except that they accumulate as their own.They promote poverty stricken people and blame everyone but themselves for it.They pretend to speak for all people but want total control of the information of world events.They set their own standards of morality and their favorite tool is deception.As the elite of the world they think they deserve to live apart from the average they claim to represent. They conspire to have their chosen ones put in political positions while they misrepresent them to the voters. They recently put in power a man they told us was a Christian -Black American who would lead all citizen to live in prosperity and harmony among varied races and genders. We find a commie in golf trousers taking vacations among those who live in luxury and keeping children informed on the travels of Santa Clause. Then we get the idea that a Colonel from Kentucky is the only old white man that you can trust. He is the one who has all the chickens .

      • Lynne T

        The same mentality infects news coverage by other big broadcasters including the BBC, CBC, the Guardian, the New York Times. I am suspecting that the problem tracks back to what’s being taught in journalism schools and a herd mentality, as Matti Friedman, Seth Frantzman and Richard Behar have been writing about recently regarding the Israel / Palestine conflict.

  • Chetak

    I can fully understand how an idealistic 17 year old would be confused by this moron in his position of power declaring that he is purposely the source of lies. Welcome to the real world where only money and power are seen to have value. The VP from C(ommunist)N(ews)N(etwork) has no meaning to his life aside from this.

    • C S

      Frankly, this leftwing disgrace to the world of journalism has sold its soul to money and power. Wasn’t that precisely what Liberals claim to fight against?!?!? George Orwell must be turning in his grave as “Doublespeak” has become the shameful, disgraceful language of brain-dead-morons like Richard Davis masquerading as “journalists.” Pity!

    • Mariane

      Hey! I’d give you’re comment a like at Facebook 🙂

  • As a Christian supporter of Israel concerned with the nearly global Islamic persecution of Christians and Endemic Jew hatred a d the general abuse of human rights and disregard for the rughts of women. In any society under Sharia, with respect, I must ask this articulate young lady from NJ what else should be expected from CNN.

    Like CNBC , The BBC etc. it is not about news.It is about the biased editorializing of news that accounts for such hypocrisy and illogicality.

    As with the unfortunate majority of American Jews however, she appears to be missing the main point: that is the. self hating liberal political orientation of 75 percent of American Jewry that electorally and politically aligns utself with its own enemies.

    J. Jacob Prasch

    • Elmo Glick

      Most American jews are nuts. I used to work professionally for several different Jewish organizations. Back in the early ’70’s, the brilliant theologian Richard Rubinstein used to say that the American Jewish community was in an advanced state of decay. He was right, and can you imagine how much the corpse has rotted since then?

      American Jews are absolutely clueless, with their love of Obama and the Democratic Party. (Of course, the Republican Party is probably about to give us a Bush, and I’ve never totally trusted the Bushies and their people on Israel.)

    • Susan

      Well stated.

    • Shirazoken

      Thank you for support, I am Jewish and could not agree more with your comment – it is disappointing and frustrating

  • Samuel Asher

    You go, girl!!!!

    • Willam Kaplan

      Way to Go Haley!

  • Congratulations Hayley, you are to be congratulated on you questioning those that prepare and deliver the news. You asked the correct questions and Mr. Davis is the one who must be brain dead.
    The world needs more incisive “reporters such as you. Mr. Davis should have offered you a job on the spot. CNN’s lack of calling a spade a spade… as they neglected to call the horrific ‘butchering ” of 4 rabbis and a member of the police department shows a lack of good reporting and slanting of the facts as they were presented.

    NO ONE should ever take here say as fact unless they research it themselves.

    Keep up the good work and you will be great at what ever path you take in life.

    Just in case you are wondering: I am a broadcaster who has 50 plus years in radio and I have taught broadcasting as well.

  • Shmuel Mendelsohn

    As much as I am appalled by the double-standard used by virtually all of the mainstream media when writing about Israel, I find it strange that such an absurd, unprecedented rude attack on a seventeen year old girl was carried out by a member of the press. Were there witnesses? Did others hear this exchange? Why should a respected, veteran reporter not be forced to apologize for such a demeaning attack?

    • C S

      Why? Would the apology of a malodorous brain-dead moron be worth anything?!?!?

      • Shmuel Mendelsohn

        You are correct; it would be meaningless. Nonetheless it would at least somewhat put him in his place.

  • Shmuel Solomon

    Not a big surprise. The Jew-hating, liberal, mainstream media had has had this attitude for years.It’s all about the money. Not the facts.

    • That’s a twist

      Now the supposed liberal media is the jew hating liberal media? Come on.

  • Straightshooter

    Right on, Hayley!

  • C S

    Perhaps it is the good Mr. Davis, who is really brain dead. America is catching on to the lies espoused by CNN, yet Davis in his arrogance and demonstrable lack of a functioning brain doesn’t understand why CNN’s ratings are far below those of FOX news?

    Yes, there is always a bias in any new sources – such is life – but BIAS IS DIFFERENT FROM OUTRIGHT LYING!!! Unfortunately the execs at CNN, like Richard Davis – VP of News Standards and Practices – has no standards of truth, they proudly engage in damnable practices and – like drug addicts – are incapable of mending their ways.

    • Elmo Glick

      I cannot believe this man is in charge of Standards and Practices and he has the gall to insult you by calling you names. Wy couldn’t he try to use reasoning to convince you of his side of the case. No, he has to call you “brain dead.” That speaks volumes about the quality of level of their “standards” and “practices.”

    • Dorothy J. Litt

      Just read on the net that CNN is owned by a very wealthy ARAB. So what else would you expect? He’s not brain dead just owned body and soul by this wealthy ARAB. Would you expect an ARAB to tell the truth? It would have to be anti-Israel. Now that everyone knows let’s all boycott CNN. I’m sure monetarily it won’t affect this ARAB, but we can still show our disatisfaction with CNN. Unfortunately I’m sure that this is true of much of the news media.

  • Martin Solomon

    Davis is definitely brain dead, and has been so for quite a long time.

  • Moshe Sapper

    Obvious to me that being in the news business for many years has not led to an increase in wisdom. A wise 17 y.o. could put many of us to shame too!

  • judithg

    cnn is in the same category with the nytimes, the state deparment, and al sharpton. i don’t go to any of those for news. to that list can be added oblabber or any of his cronies or henchmen.
    when there were journalists instead of pundits and newsmen instead of tvreaders the news organizations were considered a sacrosant part of our republic. they were the watchdogs. the public knew the difference between a crappy newspaper featuring aliens from outer space and assumed whatever they read in one of those was entertaining but false.
    cnn is not and never was a news organization much as it would fancy that were true. it was simply the first cable 24hr service broadcasting beyond historical tv limits.

  • Michael Adamz

    How right you ARE!!!

  • Robert Davis

    Evidently richard davis is a CORRUPT journaLOST bent on proceeding with his biased desinformation furious to see he cannot spread his LIES any longer. Since he has no brain at all how can he judge who is brain dead? This guy is CORRUPT from skull down to his toes! 17 years old Nagelberg is by far more intelligent than this moron.

  • Kovi

    I hate biased headlines says the girl with an article with a biased headline.

    • C S

      Pray, tell! First, can you explain to us what is biased about the truth?!?!? Second, she did not write the headline, and even if the headline were biased (WHICH IT”S NOT BY ANY STANDARD OF JOURNALISM!!!), how does it change the fact that CNN lied and continually shows itself incapable of any journalistic integrity?

    • Yossi

      Kovi – Biased Headline? – The headline of this article is factual unlike CNN’s Mosque headline – are you perhaps a CNN journalist (I hesitate to call what CNN does journalism)

  • To truly understand the status of this territory in Greater Israel we have to first differentiate between the personal and the national.

    Of course there is land privately owned by Arab-Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, what many call the “West Bank” in seeming deference to the Jordanian occupation, which invented the term as juxtaposition to its eastern bank. These areas, like privately owned territory anywhere in the world, cannot be touched unless there is very pressing reason for a government or sovereign power to do so. These areas, according to Ottoman and British records, constitute no more than a few percent of the total area, meaning the vast majority is not privately owned.
    However, to contend that these territories are “Arab-Palestinian” on a national level is problematic. To claim an area belongs to a particular nation requires the territory to have belonged to that people, where they held some sort of sovereignty that was broadly recognized.
    All of these criteria have been met historically by the Jewish people, and none by the Arab-Palestinians.
    In fact, the Jewish people were provided with national rights in these territories not just by dint of history and past sovereignty, but also by residual legal rights contained in the San Remo Treaty of 1920 and the League of Nations Mandate, which were never canceled and are preserved by the UN Charter, under Article 80 – the famous “Palestine Clause,” that was drafted, in part, to guarantee continuity with respect to Jewish rights from the League of Nations.
    For the past almost 2,000 years, since the destruction of Jewish sovereignty and expulsion of most of its indigenous people, it remained an occupied and colonized outpost in the territory of many global and regional empires.
    The Ottomans were the most recent to officially apportion the territory, in what they referred to as Ottoman Syria, which today incorporates modern-day Israel, Syria, Jordan and stretching into Iraq. Before The Ottoman Land Code of 1858, land had largely been owned or passed on by word of mouth, custom or tradition. Under the Ottomans of the 19th century, land was apportioned into three main categories: Mulk, Miri and Mawat.
    Mulk was the only territory that was privately owned in the common sense of the term, and as stated before, was only a minimal part of the whole territory, much of it owned by Jews, who were given the right to own land under reforms.
    Miri was land owned by the sovereign, and individuals could purchase a deed to cultivate this land and pay a tithe to the government. Ownership could be transferred only with the approval of the state. Miri rights could be transferred to heirs, and the land could be sub-let to tenants. In other words, a similar arrangement to a tenant in an apartment or house as having rights in the property, but not to the property.
    Finally, Mawat was state or unclaimed land, not owned by private individuals nor largely cultivated. These areas made up almost two-thirds of all territory.
    The area recently declared “State Land” by the Israeli government, a process which has been under an intensive ongoing investigation for many years, is Mawat land. In other words, it has no private status and is not privately owned.
    Many claims to the territory suddenly arose during the course of the investigation, but all were proven to be unfounded on the basis of land laws.
    Interestingly, it should be clearly understood by those who deem Judea and Samaria “occupied territory” that according to international law the occupying power must use the pre-existing land laws as a basis for claims, exactly as Israel has done in this case, even though Israel’s official position is that it does not see itself de jure as an occupying power in the legal sense of the term. It is only a liberator of its ancestral land.
    None of these facts are even alluded to in the many reports surrounding the government’s actions in settlement and housing. This is deeply unjust and a semblance of the relevant background, history and facts would provide the necessary context for what has been converted into an international incident where none should exist.

  • Jonah

    Americans are inundated with articulate antisemitic bias. Our first defense against it is conservative AM radio. The liberal media has abandoned fact based journalism and replaced it with political bias and spin. They have agendas, and their agenda is to misrepresent truth regarding Israel and influence aggressive behavior towards Jews.

    • That’s a twist

      This is simply ridiculous. The facts don’t support your statement. You think conservative AM radio is free from bias and spin? Seriously? You should take a look at your own biases and blindspots. I’m not saying CNN does a good job but this is insanity.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Davis’ response ‘are you brain dead ?’ And the fact that CNN found it hard to call ‘the incident in Jerusalem an attack’.

    I would expect that kind of journalism and stupidity from “Crap News Network .. CNN'”.

  • test

  • Regina Sluszny

    good for you miss Nagelberg Davis is only interested in selling storie not bringing the real fact

  • Joy D. Brower

    Hayley Nagelberg is fearless! She is clear-headed and determined – and a bright future OUTSIDE the narrow and “brain-dead” confines of CNN awaits her! I hope (but don’t expect the network to undertake serious self-criticsm) that this senior VP Richard Davis is given the oportunity to retire. He’s obviously WAY past his professional usefulness.

  • Lauren Goldman

    I have been receiving CNN in my inbox. Now, between their consistently distorted coverage of all news concerning Israel, and the the defensive war with Hamas this summer, specifically, this is the last straw. When they appear in my inbox next time, instead of hitting delete, I will unsubscribe.

  • steven L

    The OBVIOUS question is: Who is funding CNN? t. Turner created CNN. It is owned by Time Warner TW). time Warner is responsible for CNN. Apparently Bromfman own TW!!!

  • Robert Clack

    Kudos kiddo. Nice work Ms. Nagelberg.


  • Duncan

    GOOD on HER!!!!!

  • Sylvia Furshman Nusinov

    Smart young lady! We need more like her – and when the opportunity arises – one must speak the truth – and question the bias of the media!

  • well, we should be shocked and surprised, but we are not. That, of course, does not mean we are not disgusted, we are!

  • Pinchas Baram

    Taking the offense against these smug know-it-alls is the ONLY way to win. They will gnash their teeth and will dislike you, but they will back off and not make the same error again. Unless they’re stupid and anti-semitic, which is another story calling for even tougher responses. Meantime, good job, Hayley N., and a good show of grit and integrity.

  • USY

    I was here and heard this whole exchange and everything Hayley wrote is completley accurate. The meeting was absolutely disgusting,shame on you CNN.

  • Myra Baker


  • Benjamin Stark

    Bravo, Hayley,
    that anti-Semite, whose intellectual level is lower that the seat of a chair, has to study much more to reach your level of intelligence.

    • C S

      Study and the ability to understand what one studies requires a modicum of intelligence. Intelligence is something this brain-dead moron – CNN executive – sorely lacks!

  • Michael

    The inflated male ego of this big wheel must hate it when he is cornered or confronted by a female….especially a teenager. So, he does what he does best and uses his position of power to bully a 17 year old girl who was spot on with her legitimate questions. Nice work CNN.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    Thank you Hayley for standing up and challenging a hater .

  • racy

    All of us should scold CNN for its biased reporting,
    for its anti Israel coverage. Good for you young lady!
    You’re much more mature and levelheaded than most of
    CNN’s staff. They’re off my list.

  • Evelyn

    She is brilliant – well done.

    Her family should be so proud

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    It was about time to lay it down on the slithering cnn poison snakes as the youngster did. KOL HAKAVOD to her.
    And that goes with the rest of the deviants pretending to “report”. The whole list of that garbage is well documented for later reference. In Eretz Israel is known who the anti-Semite bastards are and not long from now there will be a giant true change here laying the ground for them or their local proxies to face the music.
    The SD, administration, the cnn’s and nyt’s originals and clones are banking on “pollsters” and local unJews. Peres, the perennial saboteur, Livni his female copy and Hertzog with NIF-Soros cash flow are fronting on behalf of the foreign enemies again. They are all in for another General Sissi moment… plus.

  • Kerry Berger

    Bravo to Hayley Nagelberg and her comment referring to CNN Executive Richard Davis as suffering from \being brain-dead. That was a brilliant retort and her conversation should be the basis for rigorous debate about news accuracy since it is the role of the Media to keep the American people informed so that we can make informed decisions. Furthermore, it is time to stop the politicly correct fear of calling an act of “terrorism” terrorism. Who cares if some Muslims in the US and elsewhere get upset. Terrorism cannot be treated with kid gloves. It must be exposed as evil and inappropriate political action in the 21st Century. If I were the CEO of CNN, I would expect the resignation of Richard Davis on my desk promptly. This man is an asshat.

  • CNN stands tor Crescent News Network.End of story.

  • Mandrake

    Apparently Richard Davis is the one who must be brain dead. It is apalling to hear that he could not give a satisfactory answer to anybody who has common sense.

  • Arthur Fliegenheimer

    CNN will be changing their name to “Die Sturmer”. The whore that works for them-Amanpour just adored Arafat.

  • Mark D. Ruthenberg

    There has been a serious media bias against Israel for some time now, as has been discussed in “Tablet” and even in a recent article in the New York Times.” Furthermore, Western news sources have frequently deprived violent Palestinians of responsibility for their actions while being excessively critical of Israel. This approach in itself contains the essence of the patronizing, condescending attitude of the colonial period that they ascribe to Israel.
    Finally, there has been a fundamental change in terminology that affects every report coming from the Middle East. Contrary to popular belief, the term “terrorist” is nonjudgmental. It describes a tactic used by a movement , or government, that employs terror for its own end. Whether one sympathizes with the perpetrators should be irrelevant, but no longer is. Whether the perpetrator is a scoundrel or a “freedom fighter” should not matter when describing the activity. Somehow, the news media have been confused about this for some time.

  • Max Cohen

    Dear Ms. Nagelberg:
    It is only one person’s opinion, but I will try to explain Mr. Davis’ position. You are apparently an inoffensive young girl so when you showed a glimmer of defiance, MR. Davis felt certain that you didn’t pose a threat to his person. I would also venture to guess that he did not for a moment suspect that you are a terrorist. He felt safe in insulting you. Mr. Davis is a liberal coward who does not dare to opine the obvious for fear some Islamic dagger-man will be offended. Kick him in the shins next time and he will cry.

    • CRG

      I think Davis has terrorist tendencies, and doesn’t recognize them in others.

  • Fred Chalfin

    It would be interesting to know if the word synagogue had ever been printed, or reported, INSTEAD of mosque? Somehow I suspect not. In his world, antisemitism is the rule, the norm, and not the exception.

    He, and his associates, are prepared to believe every word from the palestinians and not a word from Israel.

  • David Levy

    No, CNN reporters, editors and management are not brain dead. They have simply adopted an anti-Israel position and edit all reporting accordingly, and facts be damned.

  • Good for the 17 year old Miss Nagelberg, who not only has far more brains then CNN newscaster Davis, but also far more courage then he’s able to muster. It’s obvious that he’s clueless about what Israel stands for in the world…in it’s fight for religious freedom for all of us, not just for the Jewish people. I’m extremely proud of this young lady and I’m disgusted with his brand of journalism.

  • Nancy FLeischmann

    CNN as well as well as numerous other media websites and news casts have done a unfathomably poor job in reporting the news concerning Israel and the Gaza Strip. The information is clearly biased toward Hamas. Misrepresenting facts or information all together to make
    Israel look as bad as possible. A Middle Eastern correspondent even charged his own channel NBC with censoring him.
    Hey CNN NBC ABC – you can all go suck a raw egg I now get my news from India.

  • Isaac Waterman

    Excellent reply. This Mr. Davis is indeed already “brain dead”. And you are not at all. Kol Hakavod.

  • Debra Michels

    Good for her!

  • Efram

    I guess that is the kind of answer one would expect from someone without a soul or conscience, let alone integrity.

  • charlie johnson

    Most of these journalist /news clerks are on a mission that ends up in a gold mine.The bus they ride on is fueled by deception. They have truth available to them but their paychecks depend on the ability to spin things in a fashion that pleases their paymasters.They are highly paid because they have a talent for distortion. These news organizations are not in the business of bring light to subjects they discuss but darkness if truth is conflicting with their mission.

  • Anschel

    Thank you, Algemeiner, for publishing this informative article, and kudos to Hayley Nagelberg for standing up to the face of evil in the form of an alleged “journalist.” CNN is really “brain dead” when it comes to its anti-Israel and pro-terror bias!

  • Nora W

    Bravo to Hayley for being so insistent but sorry she was so shabbily treated. This shows the obvious bias of CNN that we are already aware of.


    What a bunch of morons!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    CNN is the voice of left wing antisemitic hate speech in America. Asking them to respect journalism or the truth would be like asking ISIS to dance the Hora.

  • Ms. Nagelberg, my congrats to you for exposing the total idiot and zealot, Davis. But why are we surprised at his tone and reaction to your inquiry? This is CNN, the home of the zealots. Yet, we are at fault for enabling these morons, in media and universities, etc. Since the late 60’s these so called journalists have been empowered by us, and we bear responsibility for the pathetic state of the mainstream media and academia. You should be proud of your courage to stand up to his pathetic human being.

  • Sol Kohan

    Let us creat a petition to boycut CNN if they continue this behavior against Israel

  • Fred

    Modern day journalism on Israel by the CNN & others do not require truth or integrity else the Emir of Qatar will pull his oil money support. The deliberate demonising of Israel by media would gladden Hitler’s heart.

  • TheAZCowBoy

    With the US Jewish owned and operated media (Jew York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, et. al.) working 24/7 to obscure Jewish terrorism from the American public’s eye – one has to wonder how any Jew can be critical of Jewish CNN, Fox Jews Network, CBS, ABC and NBC, when they already know that these Jewish owned entities fight 24/7 to keep pariah Israel exploits out of their ‘terrorist’ endeavors in the West Bank, Gaza and now Syria.

    • zadimel

      I used to be a member of AZA in my youth,but the “AZCowBoy” creature vomits only ignorance,Jew-hatred,and primitive savagery. That Jews own all these particular news media is “news” to me. I don’t think they do, but,then, if they do I’m happy that you are sooooo bothered. Happy breakdown.

    • charlie johnson

      I am not very sure this is a cowboy up there.If it is,He is laboring under the misconception that all Jews are one and alike.They are all in unison in thinking and agree with everything said by the TV Jew.This would be a grand Jewish conspiracy if true. He needs to take a look for himself and not parrot things he has heard.Read a lot of history and most of all THINK. Don’t let others think for you,Think for yourself.Jews are not all alike. They do not all agree on everything.Except maybe they all fear of conspiracy to rid the world of Jews.I can hardly blame them myself.But they are not all alike. They fight among themselves . Pick up a Bible. Or a real history book not a recent fantasy book listed as history. The Jews fought each other in the days they had a Kingdom before enemies destroyed their nation.You might find some groups you are not fond of with Jews in them. But there are Jews who oppose them.Liberals have Jews.Conservatives have Jews. There are rich and poor Jews ,Educated and just working class Jews. If you look around with an open mind I think you will find some that you would consider a good person. You are as likely to find an enemy quicker among your own kind. Did you ever go to one of those big dancing places as a youth out in the West? Those are a great place to find a pool stick on your head or a knife in your ribs. I know,Ive been there.

  • there are peaceful Muslims but Islam is no religion of peace it is a militaristic political movement that will keep growing if not stopped. the press in this country is trying to hide this evil truth from the masses.

  • jack

    CNN is indeed brain dead. But in fairness, the true reason they did not cover the Har Nof Massacre was not out of a pro-terror or pro-Palestinian slant, but rather because it didn’t deal with an attractive young woman kelled by her boyfriend, or murder of n African American youth that has a racial slant they can exploit. You see, CNN is not in the news business. They are in the entertainment business, not in the news business.

    But what the executive said to this intelligent young woman was outrageous.

  • dante

    davis is a disreputable moron, posing as a journalist. and, it must be admitted that contemporary journalism, under his influence and that of his colleagues, in cnn and beyond, has largely liberated itself from any fidelity to the facts or to impartiality. contemporary journalists, often called “the herd of independent minds,” feel that their role constrains them to persuade people of the virtue of those designated by them, however arbitrarily or irrationally, “victims” and the villainy of those designated by them victors or aggressors.

  • Joseph Camp

    I graduated from the same high school as Ted Turner (i.e., Ted the Turd!), just a year behind him!!! Just because CNN (the Communist News Network) prints something doesn’t mean at all that they have thoroughly checked it out, our if they give a damn if it’s true. They live by the simple old adage, “If it bleeds, it leads…and if it doesn’t bleed, cut it!!!!

  • Bill

    This sounds like an interesting and disturbing story….however, other than that the word “mosque” was inappropriately used, it’s unclear what CNN actually said that’s being questioned….it’s as if the writer assumes we would know.
    Well Intentioned

  • irving katz

    hayley-you are one terrific,stand-up woman That nasty anti-semite that tried to back you down didn’t realize that you were smarter than he was and had more balls than he has. Now, if only all the Jews in America could be as proud as you are…

  • I am so proud of this 17 year old girl learning to be a news reporter. She acted correctly to question this bigshot CNN head for not reporting the news accurately. It’s all because he doesn’t want to lose his following, which has nothing to do with being an accurate reporter. Hayley Nagelberg is our hope for the future in accurate reporting. This is why I watch Fox News a lot and get very disappointed with CNN.

  • Tom Tuey

    Newspapers are meant to be sold..if the news offends
    certain groups then sales go down…in my opinion
    the newspaper business isn’t about truthful reporting
    in the majority anymore, but more about
    sensationalism…..juicy headlines that intice people
    to buy….look at the soap opera industry..the more
    gossip and sex you can get into the daily blah sheet
    the greater the sales..So?…..can u believe the NEWS??
    I give it about 75 yes for TV…for other media avenues..
    …well, maybe 40 – 50% yes…maybe less….good grief!

  • Johnd

    Good on you Hayley. The political correctness and muslim apologist brigade run the media, and it is refreshing to see them called on it for once.

  • outlet…nothing new about.

  • sootys mum

    Bright girl, showed up Davis as an appalling and biased journalist!

  • Golum

    This Dude Davis is obviously Brain Dead….if not worse!

  • Scott

    Spot on Hayley. Keep the pressure on.

    I keep hearing rumors that CNN is trying to be bought by Aljazeera. Seems Al Gore’s former Current TV didn’t work out so well for them. They’re allthe Wayne to 14,000 viewers………per day!

    Makes sense, does it not? Especially the way “brain dead” CNN executives behave.
    Remember the silly saying, “What’s my motivation”?

    Ask the executive how the talks are going on the possible sale?

    Ted Turner is a misguided bleeding heart liberal. He , like all the morally bankrupt Europeans, believe that the Palestinians have “legitimate grievances”, that if Israel would only acceed to, the world would be fine.

    Neville Chamberlain believed that of Adoph Hitler. Didn’t work out so well did it Mr Davis.

    Now as Hayley suggests……Who exactly is brain dead? Look in the mirror if you need a reminder………



  • Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu has been a strong presence in Israel for many years. Personally I admire Mr. Netanyahu in the most positive manner.

    It is my belief, that it is necessary for any person from the Western World to clearly know and understand the grievous situation with which each Israeli citizen is faced daily, as they go about living his/her life.

    Over the period 1970 – 1997, I visited Israel on six different occasions. These were not visits of great length, nor was I there professionally to critique and evaluate the reality of terrorism acts that each Israeli must face each day, in their attempt just to exist and be happy and proud to be an Israeli.

    My visits were for a professional purpose of coordinating aircraft programs with Israel Aircraft Industries. These were civil aircraft programs; not military.

    I met many men and women involved in the business. I knew them in the various phases of their daily lives; 1) workers 2)Israeli citizen soldiers; 3) normal, freedom loving individual people, doing their very best to cohabit a country or geographic territory with people of different religious and politic beliefs and objectives.

    I have the utmost respect and admiration for those with whom I worked, shared free time, took tours, and observed their reactions to very tense situations.

    There is no lack of integrity amongst the Israelis. Yes, they are human beings, and as such, are not totally submersed by political stimulus, either good or bad. Each person exhibited to me, a very positive ability to understand the substance and nature of the threats that were ever present.

    On one trip, in the 1970’s, one of my co-workers from our company in the United States, was badly injured by a bomb explosion in a wall locker in Ben Gurion airport. Two people, Israeli, accompanying this individual, were killed. Our man was badly injured. I was absolutely amazed by the speed, and the thoroughness as the Israeli plan for action was deployed by the Israeli authorities in the airport.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Israel will survive and continue to prosper in the middle East. Your people are true patriots and are willing to fight to preserve those elements of their lives, religious and civil, which they hold in a most sacred way respect.

    The people of the United States, regardless of what our news media, and the political consternation in Washington D.C. presently exhibits, will assist the Israelis. We must and will support Israel in your pursuit of freedom and religious beliefs.

  • Dr.M.Otero

    Most folks are unwitting victims of an educational system and big media that are cursed with a kind of tunnel vision. In some cultures, every truth is subject to careful scrutiny with a record of different opinions and how they are arrived at, When we see divergent thinking in other cultures. we dismiss it as toeing the party line, but what are we doing?

  • David Most

    My cure for CNNitis was to switch to Fox.

    CNN’s “style manual” must only allow the word “terrorism” to be used if Americans are machine-gunned by a kafiyah -wearing
    Arab screaming Allahu-Akbar!! And then they would have a staff meeting to be sure they wouldn’t offend anyone. Never mind the victim(s) of the terrorism.

    His final remark about Nadelberg being “brain dead” was his dumb way of venting his anger because he knew she was right!!!

  • Julian Clovelley

    I agree with the suggestion that editorial standards are a worry. But I find that to be the case with Jewish media too

    At the age of seventeen one is inclined to believe that one has already found “The Answer” to it all. As you get older you discover that you know far less than you thought you did and that truth is far harder to find and far more work to uncover.

    My advice to anyone of that age is first work on properly recognising your own identity – That gives you the starting point you need. That in itself is a very complicated task and one almost certainly to end up giving you an entirely different message to the one inherited from family and culture. Take it easy, read a wide variety of sources and don’t paint yourself, or allow someone else to paint you, into a corner.

  • :Lee1

    CNN’s Richard Davis is a vile anti-semite, misogynist, and a cretin to boot. Instead of apologizing for the outrageous misreporting of the terrorist attack in Har Nof, he puts the blame on the reader, for not checking out other news sources.
    And David had the audacity to call an intelligent teenager “brain-dead”, when his news service is coldbloodedly and systematically anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. CNN prints fantasy and hateful thinking. It was, IMHO, not an error.
    Three other newsservices also, in various ways, mis-reported on the scourge in Har Nof.

    Yeah, put the blame on the reader, who would have been hard pressed to find accurate reporting. Also, the CBC and two others. Perhaps the MSM is a mafia all agreeing to misreport, misrepresent all news from the Middle East.

    SHAME ON YOU RICHARD DAVIS. Vile reporting and vile response.

  • Ephraim Shalom

    This event may help to explain why Richard Davis never rose above Executive Vice President: his unforgivably rude retort to an inquisitive student confirms that CNN HAS no “News Standards and Practices” vis-a-vis its consistently biased news coverage of any story involving Israel and Jews.

  • doubleblack4

    If you hate Israel you probably hate America, Mr. Davis and visa versa.

  • Gregg Solomon

    Can you post the email address for Richard Davis

    So we can mail him and ask him if “are you brain dead” the standards that he and CNN promote. And so we can ask him if “someone was talking about a mosque story so we got confused” are the journalistic standards he and CNN promote? And so we can ask him if CNN does not fact check stories before airing them, so even “accidents” such as we got confused don’t happen? So we can ask him why he and CNN were so careful not to declare the attack terrorism, but didn’t even think to fact check it was a mosque?

  • Hayley Nagelberg’s experience is deeply upsetting – not least for her.
    Hayley must realise that in media bias, in antisemitism, factors that are VERY deep-seated are in play.
    The clue to understanding these deep-seated factors is the way the Nazis treated Jewish criminals. Believe it or not, they treated Jewish criminals with respect. They rarely selected them for gassing. The criminals were admired; they were saved.
    Jewish criminals are, thankfully, a minority.
    But the majority Jewish non-criminal community is the norm. THIS community is treated with disdain, contempt and total lack of respect. Why? BECAUSE the community espouses values of decency and truth.
    Does that mean CNN are Nazis? Well, with the behaviour Hayley received they are going that way. Judge for yourself. We are dealing with the blind visceral hatred reserved for the know-all do-gooder who is always right. And the Jewish community espouses sound values of Torah truth, justice and family values. These ARE almost always right! People, CNN included, hate us for it! Get used to it. It is past, present and future, I’m afraid!

  • Don’t worry Haley,sounds to me your going to go places…and so is he!!

  • Mayven

    Integrity is not in CNN’s interest. Never was.
    CNN is fixated on blood-thirst sensationalism. I deleted their channel long ago.
    CNN will prostitute themselves for ratings otherwise they are bottom-feeders…which they are anyways.

  • Zipory

    Yep, this Davis is brain dead as is CNN in general. Their coverage is far worse then biased, it can be considered aiding and abetting the Jihadis without shame. since in that organization it’s the norm

  • Leo Toystory

    Ms. Nagelberg’s got it all wrong. She completely misunderstood what Richard Davis was saying. He was considering her as a replacement for Ashley Banfield,
    and one of the main criteria to fill that Canadian’s shoes is to be brain dead. In fact, almost all the jobs at CNN require applicants to prove they are brain dead. There’s a drooling test involved.

  • If you feel it is moral to express your sympathy for those Arabs who colonized and occupy all but a sliver of land in the Middle East, those who stone women to death, execute gays and rape little children? Those who kill people indiscriminately, suicide bombers, teach hate and violence to their children! If you believe that making Judaism illegal in every Arab country is OK? Really? The Arabs have also forced most Christians out of their countries. You leave me no choice then, but to assess you moral indignation as meaningless lawless revolting and vile. I laugh in astonishment at what hypocrites and naked bigots you are.

  • HaDaR

    They’ll lose money in advertising if their audience drop.

  • Monty Pogoda

    CNN stands for “CRAP NOT NEWS

  • Monty Pogoda

    CNN stands “CRAP NOT NEWS

  • Rabbi Jon Haddon

    The only person “brain dead” is Mr. Nagelberg. I wish one day CNN would simply tell the truth. “We would never call the Palestinians terrorists, because they would probably take out our studios the next minute.” That would at least be honest. Shame on all those who covered the War against Israel this past summer. Wolf Blitzer spoke to Hamas leaders as if he were talking respectfully to Winston Churchill. Absolutely shameful.

    Rabbi Jon Haddon

  • E lipke

    Good work Nagelberg!

  • E lipke

    G2 Charles St.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    If ever we human beings are going to make this world a better one, we must invest ourselves in opening our hearts, minds, and souls to those different from us in appearance, in belief, in culture, and yes, in deed. There is always more than one way to look at the world. There is always more than one way to do almost everything. Of seminal, vital concern is the way we humans go about doing things–the right and wrong, the moral and immoral, and the amoral. How far does this go? Consider for a moment being called “brain dead” and in the very same moment having a molotov cocktail thrown at your car and having some 50% of your face and other parts of your body burned with third-degree burns. Seventeen-year-old Hayley was assaulted emotionally; where an eleven-year-old girl was attacked physically. Both attacks were beyond the pale, lacking all human reason, indescribably insensitive, crazed, irrational. The victims, though, are representative of that special group which has the oldest victimhood record in human record.We are hated because we are Jewish. When the hatred stops, this world will develop in a moocher humanised place to live.

    • Ephraim Shalom

      What exactly is YOUR solution to “stop the hatred”? Since only Israel has consistently sought genuine peace with her Arab neighbors, while the PA/HAMAS have consistently sought only terrorism and armed conflict against Israeli civilians, with negotiated ceasefires only to rearm and regain a foothold, your reply might have been better served to a different audience, such as the useful idiots @ CNN, those who support BDS, et al.

  • Elihu Stone

    It seems Ms. Nagelberg hit a nerve- Davis should have been man enough to admit CNN screwed up royally on that bit of coverage. For someone in the very business of word-smithing to get miffed when someone demands the news media employ accurate terminology is ironic.

  • Fanfare

    He’s braindead and soul dead.

    The only reason to watch CNN is to have a pen and paper ready to write down a few of their advertiser’s names, then call them later and tell them you don’t do business with companies that advertise on such a biased anti American anti Israel network.


  • Joel

    Hayley Nagelberg should now know and fully understand that the major media in this country are completely controlled by Leftist managers to meet their narrative and to fulfill their agenda. It should also be apparent to her by now, without any doubt, that the American corporate and government agenda is not for the sovereign nation state of Israel. In fact it is for the dissolution of the Jewish state at whatever cost. I’m sorry that it has taken American Jews so long to understand this, but this 17-year old should have no further doubts and make he life plans accordingly.