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December 25, 2014 11:32 am

Indian Tech Entrepreneurs Highlight Israel as Source of Inspiration

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Indian companies like Seclore regard Israel's tech sector as an inspiration when it comes to raising funds. Photo: Twitter

Indian technology entrepreneurs are citing Israel as a key inspiration as they seek funds from Silicon Valley investors to develop the next generation of Indian tech firms.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Abhijit Tannu, co-founder of Seclore, which develops security software from its base in Mumbai, drew a comparison with Israel, whose “influential diaspora” has “helped Israeli software makers gain a strong foothold in the U.S.” Tannu regards that as a model for Indian companies, as the “India technology community in the U.S. is pretty strong and fairly well-connected.”

Another entrepreneur argued that if tiny Israel can punch well above its weight in the technology sector, then so can India.

“If Israel can do this, with just eight million people, why can’t we do it? I think it’s a pride issue,” said B.V. Jagadeesh, managing partner at venture capital firm KAAJ Ventures, who is involved in The Indus Entrepreneurs, or TiE program, which aims to tap the huge presence of people of Indian origin in major technology firms in the United States.

Jagadeesh said that half of the companies that are founded and funded in Silicon Valley are founded by Indian entrepreneurs, which shows the knowledge and expertise in India, the Journal reported. He said the timing of the TiE program comes at a time when entrepreneurs in India want to do more than just create outsourcing firms.

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  • charlie johnson

    The Queen of Spain sent Columbus off on a trading expedition to India but he ran smack into the continent of America. He dabbled in real estate and precious metals awhile then went back where he came from.His original intent was to trade in spices with the Indians.I have worked for some Indian/Indians ,They are very intelligent and count large numbers in their heads. Our grads from the big universities are little more than wooden headed mannequins with a sheepskin and import brains as the funds( Or bailouts) permit .Indians are nice people.

  • steven L

    Where their is a will to construct there is a way and many will support creativity instead of destruction.

  • zadimel

    I wish these Indian entrepreneurs the very best in their efforts to develop technology that makes them world leaders.

  • No surprise when God is behind Israel and the Jewish people!

  • Pinchas Baram

    I think the first commentator gave Israel a backhanded compliment when he implied that it was thanks to the Jewish diaspora that Israel became a hightech wonder. Methinks otherwise. Maybe as Jews in the diaspora we once helped Israel by purchasing more oranges and diamonds, but Israel as startup-nation was as much a surprise to Jews as it was to Gentiles– who ultimately were the ones in the US and Europe and China and India and South America who have made the big purchases of Israel’s tech inventions and innovations.

  • racy

    Smart move. You can’t lose.

  • rachel robinson

    I wish them much success.

  • truth-sayer

    A source of inspiration for what? Stealing innocent people’s homes and butchering them? Haven’t these Indian’s learnt from what the British did to them and still are doing to them? Oh wait, these individuals must be the corrupt Indian puppets bowing to colonial-Zionist rule at the expense of their own people.

    • debra

      some people have a hard time looking at any other dimension other than one when it comes to Israel.