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December 30, 2014 7:37 pm

Palestinian Statehood Resolution Rejected by UN Security Council in Blow to Abbas

avatar by Ben Cohen

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The UN Security Council's rejection of the Palestinian statehood resolution is unlikely to end Palestinian unilateralism. Photo: Twitter

The UN Security Council has rejected a resolution that would have compelled Israel to agree to a final peace deal with the Palestinians twelve months from now, with a further deadline in the form of a full withdrawal from the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem by 2017.

The United States and temporary UNSC member Australia were the only two states that voted against the resolution, submitted by Jordan after the text was agreed with the Palestinian Authority and the Arab League.

Votes in favor included France, Russia and China, along with temporary members Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg.

The four remaining states – the UK, along with temporary members Lithuania, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea and Rwanda – abstained.

The Palestinians had claimed earlier on Tuesday that the nine votes needed to pass the latest version of the statehood resolution were in their grasp. Had this been the case, the US would very likely have used its veto to block the resolution.

Tonight’s failure for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is unlikely to mark the end of his unilateralist strategy. Among the measures which the Palestinians threatened to take in the event of the resolution’s rejection are applications to join numerous international organisations and conventions as a member state, including possibly signing the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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  • Lema Charles

    I thank Australia for always standing with the State of Israel in difficult times and happiness. You are true friends of Israel indeed.

  • Having grown up alongside the Jewish Left during anti-war and anti-racism while young makes it difficult to understand what is happening, which is also happening in NYC in similar ways but with different “others”

    Here is my attempt at understanding:

  • 1- The Palestinians did NOT recognize the DECISION of the League of Nations for Palestine in 1922, or the UN Partition Plan for Palestine of 29 November 1947!
    After they disregarded the decisions of the International Forums, what are they looking for there now?

    2- Kindly note that many politicians don’t accept that United Jerusalem is the Capital of the State of Israel, but if the Sunni Palestinians receive East Jerusalem, SUDDENLY Jerusalem will have the status of capital of both states…! Very strange, isn’t it??!!

  • Straightshooter

    These are the times when the righteous amongst the nations stand up to be counted. Baruch Ha Shem, there are still a few who do the right thing when it counts.

  • Phil Heaton

    A Palestinian state will be announced at some time future – as prophecy has revealed. Yet this state will have no territory or capital. Read Isaiah 34:11-12.

  • Simone Miller

    The UK should be ashamed of their vote. And we can always depend on the French to Weasel out.

  • Ia this not enough? Why should Israel continue supporting the AP which is now clearly not working their statehood making within the framework of a peace process?

  • Elisabeth Wolf

    I am shocked about the pro-voters, i.e. the European states. Obviously, they either lack complete history knowledge and consciousness of the likely consequences of such a resolution.

  • Ivan Cohen

    Unfortunately this is a Phyrric victory. Only 2 states voted against the resolution.
    It is interesting to note some of the countries that supported the resolution and also one notable abstention . . . . the UK.

    David Cameron was extremely brave and supportive when addressing the UK Jewish community at the Chanukah ceremony held at 10 Downing Street this year. Sadly when push came to shove and the world was watching, he never followed through.

    • Dan W

      The UK has a long history in the UN on abstaining on most resolutions concerning Israel going right back to the 1947 partition plan where it was the only Western Eurpean country not to vote one way or the other. An abstention was not unexpected, in this case it was as good as a vote against the resolution.

  • Paul

    Since hamas is supposedly now a part of the Palestinian Authority Government, taking Israel to International courts would be a tremendous boomerang – all the war crimes committed by Hamas (firing missiles from civilian sites at civilian targets, for starters) would be the responsibility of Mahmoud Abbas.

  • Markus E Brajtman

    I hope that the civilized world will now warn Hamas, J\hezballa, Abbas etc, to stop their promoting hatred in the minds of children.
    The children are the future of the world

    The Arabs must stop teaching how to murder Jews with a knife.
    Their video has gone viral
    If the world wants peace, they must warn the Arabs that the BDS campaign against Israel will hit them hard, if they promote more terrorism.

    BDS against Israel must now stop.
    The lies coming from the Palestinians is so bad, that a Muslim professor in South Africa, who has never been to Israel, is calling for an academic boycott of Israel senior Palestinian activist who argues that “Israeli universities are are deeply complicit in the planning, implementation and whitewashing of Israel’s regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid”

    Israel is not “occupying ” any land. No country can occupy land which is theirs.
    Re the apartheid.
    If that professor and others who condemn Israel for protecting herself against terrorism, and “apartheid” they need to
    visit the Israeli universities and hospitals. There are many Arab professors in the Israeli universities. Unlike South Africa, where there is a quota for white students, there is no quota for Arab students in Israel
    Visit a hospital, and the chances are that you will be seen by an Arab doctor and nurse, as well as Arab heads of hospital departments.
    The lie about apartheid, is nothing but a lie.
    As the South African professor said, “a senior Palestinian ACTIVIST ARGUES THAT——”


  • kris kristian

    What wonderful news.
    Now, that unelected president of the PA will try everything he can,
    Time for the world to tell that savage liar, to stop his hate and lies.
    He is worse than Arafat
    This latest round is a great thank you to the GOD almighty.
    And we must not forget to thank Obama. Without his Vito, Israel would have in trouble.

    Now the rest of the world must tell Abbas to jump in the lake, and to tell him that once he and his terrorists stop their terror and lies, then Israel would sit and talk peace again, but Abbas mist not put obstacles in the way by making demands.
    Talks for peace have never been with one side making demands
    .It should have been Abbas who should have begged Israel to talk, not for Israel to beg Abbas to talk.
    Throughout history. The victor lays down the rules.

    GOD certainly favours the Jews and Israel, no matter what that Jew hating archbishop TUTU said, that GOD favours the Palestinians.
    Time for that hater to shut his mouth. He has committed blasphemy by “promoting ” himself to God

  • theo

    Israel has a lot of work to do here !
    China ,with all its interest in the high tech and other fields with Israel should not be voting the way it does Granted there are other determining factors involved But Israel should expect more from China for all the co operation which is mutually beneficial
    China – unlike the European countries – is not inherently anti-Semitic

  • Robert Davis

    The rejection was expected but Israelis and their leadership should understand they cannot be subjected to arabs’ and french BLACKMAIL for ever! The ONLY solution other than Israel’s destruction is to EXPEL those fakestinians to end once and for all their threats, terror,mystifications,boycotts etc.supported by french cowards and ill intents towards jews reason why they want a weak Israel.

  • Put not your faith in Princes nor your trust in Presidents. The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.

  • Margaret Mildenhall

    Praise God that Australia did the right thing and voted against this .resolution.I’m proud to be Australian today!

  • Marcio

    la guerre comme à la guerre (In war, as in war) – A French maxim

    The dispute between the Arabs and Jews is an “agrarian dispute,” over the question of who puts who in the ground first – Attributed to Yisrael Galili (1911-1986), head of National Staff of the Hagana, and an iconic figure in the Labor Party

    Over the last two decades, Israel has inexorably painted itself into a perilous corner. By blunder after debacle, it has allowed itself to be corralled into a political cul-de-sac that threatens to undermine its very ability to survive as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

    Arrogance and indolence

    With a lethal blend of arrogance and indolence, it has surrendered card after crucial card in the deadly high-stakes Middle East poker game. It has maneuvered itself into a situation where, seemingly, its only strategic initiative is capitulation.

    Predictably, years of neglect of (even, disdain for) public diplomacy, and an enduring refusal (even, inability) on the part of successive governments to acknowledge the critical strategic function it has in the defense of the nation, have precipitated inevitable diplomatic disaster.

    And indeed, recent weeks have produced dire political outcomes for Israel.

    It has watched, helplessly, as one European parliament after another, disdainfully spurning Israel’s concerns, endorsed Palestinian demands for statehood, “based on the [indefensible] 1967 borders.”

    It is now faced with the emerging specter of majority support for the upcoming Palestinian motion, submitted to the UN Security Council, calling for a Palestinian state and Israeli withdrawal to those indefensible frontiers, within two years – and the tangible prospect of a US veto being withheld by a hostile White House.

    There is an increasingly ominous sense that Israel is powerless to contend with the threat of Palestinian unilateralism, and at a loss as to how to counter Palestinian diplomatic offensives – or rebuff the maelstrom of international censure should it dare to do so.

    Unwarranted despair?

    However, despite the undisputed gravity of the situation, despair need not be warranted – if the Israeli leadership can find the necessary intellectual integrity, moral courage and political foresight.

    For if Israel is to break out of its beleaguerment, and devise policy options that can extricate it from its increasingly perilous predicament, these three ingredients are essential.

    Only if the Israeli leadership is willing and able to strip off the layers of distorting political correctness that have accumulated over the last quarter-century, and clearly identify the true nature both of the prevailing realities and the Palestinian adversary, will there be any chance of halting the descent into catastrophe.

    The first imperative is to recognize that in the prevailing Mideast realities, willingness to accept compromise and offer concessions is counter-productive. It is not perceived as a pragmatic desire to reach a reasonable accommodation with the other side, but as an admission of error, or at least as a lack of conviction in the validity and justice of one’s case. Thus, by offering compromise and concession, one will not satiate the opponents’ demands, but only whet their appetite for more.

    Identifying the enemy

    The second imperative is to avoid the temptation that the entire Israeli Left, and growing portions of the Right, have succumbed to: The illusion that at some stage the Palestinians will become credible “peace partners”; or alternatively, loyal – or, at least, not overtly disloyal – permanent residents or even enfranchised citizens of a Jewish Israel.

    In previous columns I have been at pains to demonstrate how any policy based on either of these assumptions will inevitably create conditions incompatible with preservation of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

    The indispensable point of departure of any policy that can offer Israel any hope of steering the country to long-term security is one that recognizes the Palestinian-Arab collective for what it indisputably is, and for what it undeniably defines itself: An implacable enemy whose enmity toward the Jews is not rooted in what the Jews do, but in what they are.

    Such recognition will have two strategic consequences.

    First, it will underscore the futility of compromise and concessions, since no offer other than ceasing to be what one is – i.e. ceasing to exist – will satisfy such an enemy.

    Second, it will underscore that Israel has neither moral obligation nor practical interest in sustaining the security or the welfare of such an enemy entity.

    Quite the opposite. Israel has an ethical duty and a vested interest in its speedy demise. No amount of professed – even proven – goodwill will sway it from its Judeopohic bent or its Judeocidal intent.

    Not a suicide pact

    Once this mindset is established and its ramifications are grasped, the parameters of the appropriate response to recent Palestinian diplomatic offensives are almost self-evident.

    Instead of trying to cajole an unrepresentative Palestinian leadership, with promises of ever-increasing pliancy, to reengage in futile negotiations, Israel must declare that all previous offers are off the table, all previous agreements null and void.

    It must announce that since consensual resolution of the conflict has proved unattainable, Israel will seek alternatives – now unavoidably unilateral – to ensure its security and survival as the democratic nation-state of the Jewish people.

    The Israeli leadership would do well to be guided by what should be the self-evident, but apparently oft-forgotten, realization that commitment to the principle of democratic governance is not a suicide pact. The overriding obligation inherent in the social contract between an elected government and the people who elected it, is to provide its own population – not that of an enemy collective – with good governance and protection.

    The Israeli government has no obligation – democratic or moral – to sustain the Palestinian enemy’s economy or social order. An overwhelming case can be made – on both ethical and practical grounds – that it should let them collapse.

    Responding to unilateralism with unilateralism

    The operational implications of this are manifestly apparent. Israel must respond to Palestinian unilateralism with unilateralism of its own.

    The most pressing measure is to make it clear to the Palestinians – and to their supporters – that if it is independence they demand, then independent they will have to be.

    Thus, Israel must convey unequivocally that it will cease, forthwith, to provide every service and all merchandise that it provides them today. In other words, no water, electricity, fuel, postal services, communications, port facilities, tax collection or remittances will be supplied by Israel.

    This will vividly expose the futility of the Palestinians’ endeavor for statehood, which almost two decades after the Oslo accords and massive investment has not produced anything but an untenable, divided entity crippled by corruption and cronyism, with a dysfunctional polity, an illegitimate president, an unelected prime minister, and a feeble economy that, with its minuscule private sector and bloated public one, is unsustainable without the largesse of its alleged “oppressor.”

    Humanitarian response to ‘humanitarian crisis’

    There is little doubt that such a unilateral initiative by Israel would inflict considerable hardship on large sectors of the Palestinian population – engendering inevitable accusations that it is precipitating a “humanitarian crisis.”

    To counter these charges Israel must provide a “humanitarian response” and offer individual nonbelligerent Palestinian breadwinners generous relocation grants to help them build a better life for themselves and their families elsewhere, free of the incompetence and corruption of the cruel cliques that have led them astray for decades.

    Last week, a courageously frank op-ed in The New York Times provided a revealing glimpse into the plight of ordinary Palestinians under the yoke of the Abbas regime. In her piece “Ramallah’s Mean Streets,” Mariam Barghouti, a Bir Zeit University student, points an accusatory finger at the Palestinian leadership, painting a grim picture of life for the average Palestinian even in the relatively affluent city, Ramallah, which “acts as a capital for the would-be Palestinian state [and]…

    as a magnet for migrants from neighboring towns and villages.”

    She laments: “for most, the struggle to make ends meet has become more and more arduous…

    There are no laws to protect workers’ rights and wages are pitifully low.”

    Humanitarian (cont.)

    The problem is not a lack of money.

    Barghouti cites cabdriver Abu Jamal, a father of seven, whose fate she sees as typical of many. He bitterly bewails the rampant corruption and graft: “You think there is no money? There is money. The PA has money.”

    Indeed, it has – much of it (foolishly) provided courtesy of the Israeli government.

    Shaking his head, Abu Jamal cautions: “Look around you, it’s everywhere: the fancy cars they drive to the villas they build. It’s going to explode, we’re all going to explode.”

    But it is not only the economic plight that Barghouti bemoans, but also the sense of insecurity and fear of the regime. She writes of a widespread sense of “loathing of the Palestinian Authority [which] spends 27 percent of its budget on its security forces, turning the territories into a virtual police state.” Referring to the PA’s security forces “parad[ing] with their guns,” she remarks gloomily: “Instead of feeling safe, people in Ramallah resent them.”

    Given the dismal conditions, and the tangible prospect of their drastic deterioration, it is difficult to find fault – ethical or practical – in the proposed offer of funding humanitarian relocation of nonbelligerent Palestinians and an opportunity for a better life elsewhere.

    After all, numerous policy proposals suggest, that there is no moral defect in, or practical impediment to, funding the removal of Jews from their homes to allow the establishment of a micro-mini entity that, in all likelihood, will become a bastion of Islamist terrorism on the fringes of Europe. Why then would there be any moral defect/practical impediment in funding the removal of Arabs to prevent the establishment of such an entity?

    The moral imperative

    That is the question that Israel should be forcing into the public discourse. It is no less than a moral imperative. For once the Palestinians are designated an enemy entity, what possible claim could be invoked to coerce one sovereign entity to provide for another allegedly sovereign entity – and an adversarial one, overtly committed to its annihilation at that? After all, when Israel declared its independence, no Arab country rushed to help it develop and prosper. Quite the opposite: The Arab world imposed embargoes and boycotts on it – and on anyone with the temerity to conduct commerce with it.

    There should, therefore, be no doubt as to the justice and the justification of the proposed unilateral measure. Nor should there be any doubt as to Israel’s resolve to implement its stated intent – or as to the repercussions thereof: The Palestinians will have to find alternative sources for their utility requirements and day-to-day needs.

    It must be indelibly underscored that this burden will fall to those nations that endorsed the unilateral measure – should they care to shoulder such an onerous and expensive responsibility.

    It may be surprising how rapidly international appetite for Palestinian statehood wanes if its sponsors realize that they will have to bear the financial consequences not only of its creation but of its sustenance.

    World opinion: An excuse, not a reason

    Of course many will object that world opinion will not brook Israel’s unilateral abandonment of the Palestinian Authority, and will respond with harsh measures of censure – even sanctions. This of course opens up an entirely different – albeit crucial – question for debate.

    However, suffice it to say at this juncture that in fact Israel does not give a hoot about world opinion.

    For if it did it would not be assigning the pitifully small funds it does in trying to influence it. Indeed, the miserable amount of resources that the government allots for presenting its case to the world, in explaining its policy constraints and security imperatives, testify eloquently to the fact that world opinion is very low on its list of priorities.

    World opinion is not a reason for avoiding more resolute and assertive Israeli policy. It is merely an excuse used by the advocates of appeasement who control the diplomatic decision process for doing so.

    Israel is far from helpless in facing the Palestinians diplomatic assault. Much can be done to defuse it. True, it requires political will, moral resolve and the appropriate “anatomical appendages” on the part of Israel’s leadership.

    So the only question is, will it rise to the occasion… or (once again) be found wanting?

    Martin Sherman ( is the founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

    • Max Cohen

      Marcio: I am in full agreement with every word of Martin Sherman’s essay. So, now what? In 1948 many of us concluded from the territorial borders of Israel that the U.N. assigned that they were not serious. The territory seemed indefensible. Yet, a rag tag Haganah fought off a coalition of Arab states thus encouraging belief in the new nation’s ability to defend itself. But now, with adverse left-wing opinion on the morality of Israeli existence, Israelis are in danger of losing the confidence of their early years. The antidote for this left-wing crap is a statement by top Israeli officials and others to the effect that neither the left or the U.N. has established a high ground of moral achievement so as to qualify them as fountains of human correction or as support in the event of renewed military invasion. Why not suggest that the U.N. pay to resettle peaceful Gazans elsewhere? At least this would help establish a practical trend for Near East stability. Of course, this is a rhetorical question. The truth is that Islam fears it can not survive unless its people are kept in a state of crisis.

  • Alan Kennedy

    Abbas needs to be slapped like the petulant child

  • What a disgrace that France and Luxembourg voted for the resolution! A pat on the back for all the antisemitic extremists in France.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Just as I believe Israel should act in accordance with UN opinion so should the Palestinian Authority

    I read the vote as saying that there is more direct negotiation required before the UN Security Council is prepared to vote in favour of the Palestinian request

    So therefore I believe the Palestinians should view the vote. The forum for the vote was of their choosing. Please respect its decision. No doubt this matter will again come before the next UNSC later next year, 2015. A good start in preparing for this might be rejection by Hamas and the PA of the present Hamas Charter

    Just a suggestion

  • David Levy

    Hope Abbas now returns to negotiations rather than sabotaging them.

  • steven L

    Shame on France and Luxembourg. They do not have enough problems in their countries with fascism that they need to make it worse.
    The European socialists have introduce, 30-40 years ago, a Trojan horse in the EU and there is a good possibility that it will destroy western Europe. The EU socialists made an alliance with fascism Islam. They learned nothing from “40-45”. Their antisemitism was and still is deeply ingrained in their soul.

  • Daniel Gutelman

    Yes, failed, but only by one vote. One vote only. Thank you France for voting in favour of the bid. Your always say that you are a friend of Israel. With such friend, who need enemy?

  • Maxime

    Shame on France who has voted like Chad, and thanks to Nigeria who abstained like UK

  • Peace and coexistence between Israel and its Arab neighbors would be a dream come true!

    I do not think that anyone could comprehend what a true peace and coexistence would bring to Israel and the Middle East.

    As long as the Arab-Palestinians incite the masses to terrorize and commit violence against Israel and each other, peace and coexistence will stay a dream.

    The Arab Palestinians must start by educating their children and the masses that violence begets violence and that the only way to improve their lives is to pursue peace and coexistence.

    Stop celebrating and rewarding terrorists and those who commit violence and destruction. If the Arab-Palestinians truly want peace they must practice it. The leaders the Imams and anyone who has influence on the masses.

    Both sides will have to be careful not to let the extremists jeopardize this approach and direction. There will always be someone who will try to sabotage any conciliatory coexistence. Both sides will have to set up a joint working group to address safety and security. Plan and implement the economic future of all the people. It is not going to be easy after a century of hostilities, but if there is a will there is a way and it can be done.

    Both sides must learn to respect each other. It will help greatly in bridging the differences and bringing about the tranquility that is so greatly desired.

    It must start by taking small steps and confidence building between the Israelis and the Arab-Palestinians. As the confidence building steps are accomplished, the flow of cooperation will increase, the animosity will decrease and the friendship and cooperation will increase. These will bring an economic prosperity and monumental surge in the standard of living.
    Funds and resources that were used for advancing the conflict will be diverted to the economy and the advancement in the quality of life for all the inhabitants in the region.

    A true peace will bring a tremendous economic prosperity to the region, which all the people in the region will benefit from.


  • Alan Cahn,

    Mazel tov to the United States and Australia for standing for and defending its Democratic ally,Israel ,against the failed hippocritc countries of France ( liberty ,Egalite,Fraternity..B.S.) and England (abstained……the two countries that caused all the problems in the first place…England do you remember Balfour? Shame Shame &

  • Alan Cahn,

    Mazes Tov to the United States and Australia for standing for and defending its Democratic ally,Israel ,against the failed hippocritc countries of France ( liberty ,Egalite,Fraternity..B.S.) and England (abstained……the two countries that caused all the problems in the first place…England do you remember Balfour? Shame Shame &

  • Fred Rogers

    Thank you, Hashem, indeed, as well as the most sincere gratitude to Mr. Obama. And good on you, Aussies all!

  • Gary vidor

    Thank toy Tony Thank you Bronwyn for standing by the only Tuesday democracy in the Middle east ! I am so proud to be an Australian

  • Hashem is our savior and protector.
    Bless be those who follow Him.

  • thank you HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bullfrog Europe

    It appears from reading the press that Qatar may have started withdrawing from ‘open’ / public funding of terror. Turkey appear to be the last ‘public’ supporter of Muslim Brotherhood and terror group Hamas.

    Fatah & those who support Hamas must recognise Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

    Only then, can the world consider allowing Abbas to contemplate a state for the Palestinians.

    Even then, let’s not forget that there never was a country called Palestine. The region used to be part of the 400 year old Ottoman Empire.

  • The lawless Palestinian movement is not an authority but a criminal movement. They function similar to the US hoodlum street trash and criminal types parading in America screaming for “dead” cops; whereas the the unruly Palestinians parade in Israel’s streets asking for dead “Jews”.Nations voting with the Palestinians must be insane.



  • Michael

    and so it goes…Hamas calls for the indiscriminate killing of Jews who live in Israel and the destruction of the sovereign state of Israel. It posts a video on how to stab an Israeli Jew to death. This is the same organization that the EU has just un- listed as a terrorist organization and supports recognizing a Palestinian state based on pre 1967 borders without participation by the Israelis the settlement process. The chicken has come home to roost. Anti-semetism has deep roots in Europe.As I write, Muslims are busy preparing a new constitution for the EUI, the European Union of Islam.

  • Israel’s declaration to the world must be plain and simple
    Israel has to develop its message to be as clear and simple to comprehend as the Arab one. We have to learn from our enemies when their tactics are effective. I do not propose that we lie like they do. Just tell the truth in clear cut, simple terms:
    Jews are from Judea; Arabs are from Arabia. The Jews are the indigenous people of this land; Arabs are the colonizers. We are the people of Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Galilee and Golan. We have been invaded by the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Crusaders, but our link to the land has never been broken. We have resided without interruption in this land for over three thousand years. We have built the cities and every square meter holds archaeological remains from our ancient kingdoms. During the two thousand years when most Jews lived in exile, we never forgot where we came from. This was, is, and will be our nation’s sacred land forever.
    Meanwhile, there never existed an Arab Palestinian nation or a country. It is a complete hoax. There never was a Palestinian Arab king of this land; there were no famous Palestinian poets, philosophers, generals; no distinct language, no architecture, no inventions, no battles, indeed, no mention of the “Palestinian” Arab people in any history book written before 1960. Arabs from neighboring countries started immigrating into Palestine in late 19th century to take advantage of the infrastructure and jobs created by the newly invigorated Jewish people. They came for the same reasons that Mexicans cross the border into the U.S. and that Muslims have flocked to Europe. They came in great numbers seeking a better life than in their Arab lands.
    During these years the Arabs dwelling in Israel were simply “Arabs” and, when the term “Palestinian” was used, it always referred to the Jews! The “Palestinian people” were invented in the 1960s for Cold War purposes by the Soviet communists. The Arabs residing in Israel began to pass themselves off as the ancient native peoples of this land. They invented the name, “The West Bank,” for our provinces of Judea and Samaria. Today they even claim that Jesus was a Palestinian prophet and that the Jews never lived in this land. They have developed this pseudo-history to dupe the world into believing that their racist terror campaign against the Jews is a national liberation struggle!
    The Arabs’ genocidal military assaults on the Jewish state failed repeatedly, so today they are using propaganda and diplomatic shenanigans in their efforts to destroy us. The Arabs have the power of huge territory and oil money, but we have truth on our side. We live in our homeland, and only we have a legitimate claim to this land—legally, morally, and historically. We will never let Arab squatters and imposters steal our birthright. As people of good will around the world learn the truth, they will stand with the people of Israel.
    This should be our Jewish message. I hope that when our PM visits Europe and explains the situation, he will go beyond raising just the security issues. This is a message that even our European friends should be able to understand, since they are witnessing a replay of the same scenarios in their countries. Arriving as poor immigrants looking for jobs, just like in Palestine, once their numbers grow, radical Muslims take control and seek to impose their worldview and values wherever they live. From Berlin to Barcelona, from Marseille to Malmo, from Amsterdam to Athens they sow intolerance and hatred toward their host nations. They impose their sharia laws, homophobia and ill-treatment of women. Will Europeans be surprised when Arab Muslims start claiming that they alone are the native inhabitants of these lands? After all, they have gained experience and expertise in creating alternate realities during their aggression against the indigenous peoples of Israel.

    The Arab countries have expelled over a million Jewish people, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land totaling over 120,000 sq. km. (which is 4 times the size of Israel) and valued at over 15 trillion dollars, plus personal assets valued at over 990 billion dollars.
    We have resettled our refugees, it is time the Arab countries resettle the Arab-Palestinian refugees once and for all and bring abut peace and coexistence.

    YJ Draiman

  • charlie johnson

    I would like to see a peaceful state that would end conflict between Israel and their neighbors.I don’t wish bad things for either side.But I wonder why a people who want to become nation would only teach their youth how to war?What benefits them as a nation?Maybe they could invest in a weapons industry? I think they are good people being led by fear of evil leaders who leave them little other options but to follow evil men who say they are men but hide their faces behind mask.If they really are men they could remove their mask and be counted among men.

  • Ben Gruder

    Good news indeed! Israel has more than just the US at least somewhat in it’s corner.

    • Rom 8:28 And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose.
      Rom 8:29 For whom he foreknew, he also foreordained to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren:
      Rom 8:30 and whom he foreordained, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.
      Rom 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?

      Rom 11:25 For I would not, brethren, have you ignorant of this mystery, lest ye be wise in your own conceits, that a hardening in part hath befallen Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in;
      Rom 11:26 and so all Israel shall be saved: even as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer; He shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:
      Rom 11:27 And this is my covenant unto them, When I shall take away their sins.
      Rom 11:28 As touching the gospel, they are enemies for your sake: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sake.
      Rom 11:29 For the gifts and the calling of God are not repented of.

    • Anthony C Abela

      And you better believe it Ben, Israel has more friends then it ever thought possible. Take me for example, I am Maltese by birth and live in Australia. May J-w-h bless Israel and it’s people.

  • Seemed fairly evident the resolution would fail, Abu Mazen knew that. More interesting is to try to understand the thinking. May have to do with the declining popularity of the Abu Maze administration and the rising appeal of ISIS. Probably the last thing in the world the Palestinian Authority wants to see, with Hamas breathing down their neck, is the IDF depart the West Bank.

  • Joel Keller

    Let them sign off on joining the International Criminal Court. That would put them on the hook for their war crimes and crimes against humanity in front of a potentially more sympathetic and non-partisan organization. It would also place Hamas’ behavior in plain sight of the world, without its rose colored glasses claims against Israel.

  • The UK’s abstention is the discouraging development, here. That so many nations, today, support ‘Abbas’s unilaterality is incredibly distressing, given how overt ‘Abbas’s shameless incitement to violence against Israelis is, these days.

    I continue to fear that violence against Jews, simply because they are Jews, is becoming acceptable political expression in the Middle East and elsewhere. Moral and political relativism are now entrenched, it seems. There is no longer any worldwide preference for legality and democracy, to the point where even nation-state status, pursuant to established international law principles and procedures, means little.

    We live in a world in which even “mainstream” political regimes see no problem in questioning the sovereignty and rights of self-defense/preservation of a nation-state that has been in lawful existence for 68 years.

  • Duncan

    If the UN becomes so focused on pushing Israel into an agreement that it cannot see reality any longer then it will be responsible for a very bloody war shortly after. There are legitimate grievances by both sides and Israel will NOT be pushed into an agreement that leaves them at the mercy of those who want nothing more than their eradication. They will fight first and fight HARD.

  • Valery

    is not so much the victory of Israel, as the defeat of the United States.
    In the end, the establishment of the deadline for peace talks – logical and not a threat to Israel. Recently, the United States itself offered peace talks to end the first 9 months.
    US credibility in the Arab world at the lowest level, if they do not support the resolution even moderate Jordanians …
    Palestinians as a result become more radical, resort to a worsening of relations with Israel. Hamas will say that it was right to call for an armed struggle.
    I’m terrible. 2015 – will be the year of new challenges for Israel. The fault of the United States.

  • noellsq

    Well it is official France has become a Muslim country with their vote

  • Michael Adamz

    This can be successfully resolved by two knowledgable people….the number one Palestinian Real Estate tycoon negotiating with his/her equal and opposite Israeli real estate tycoon…. Property swaps and adjustments with Qatar as the referee and UBS and Bank Leumi as the fiscal custodians