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January 2, 2015 2:45 pm

ADL Denounces Anti-Semitic Graffiti Sprayed on Synagogue in Venezuela

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed on the wall of a Caracas synagogue. Photo: ADL

The Anti-Defamation League has issued a sharp reminder to the Venezuelan regime of President Nicolas Maduro that it is “responsible for the safety and well-being of Venezuela’s Jewish community” after anti-Semitic graffiti was sprayed on the wall of a synagogue in the capital, Caracas.

The graffiti included a Nazi swastika and a celtic cross, a symbol widely used by neo-Nazi organizations. The number “6 million” – a reference to the number of Jews exterminated during the Nazi Holocaust – was accompanied by a question mark.

“This heinous act – deeply offensive to Jews and other survivors – sends a chilling message to the Jewish community in Venezuela and is an affront to all in Venezuela who strive to live in harmony,” declared ADL National Director Abraham Foxman. “Unfortunately, we have witnessed that anti-Semitic incidents occur far too often in Venezuela.  Despicable acts of intimidation, like this one targeting Jews, contribute to an atmosphere of insecurity.”

Under Maduro and his predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez, the Jewish community has declined from a high of over 20,000 members to less than 7,000 currently. Jewish emigration from Venezuela has been partly provoked by the country’s economic crisis, now at an unprecedented level, as well as the anti-Semitic rhetoric that has marked the left-wing regime’s support for Iran, Syria, and Palestinian Islamist organizations like Hamas.

While Venezuela does not have a notable history of anti-Semitism, first Chavez and now Maduro have found political uses for anti-Jewish rhetoric, including the targeting of opposition leader Henrique Capriles, whose mother’s family survived the Holocaust in Poland before arriving in Venezuela. Chavez broke off diplomatic relations with Israel following the 2008-09 war in Gaza, when he declared to a French newspaper, “What was it, if not genocide? The Israelis were looking for an excuse to exterminate the Palestinians.”

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  • A.Franklin

    Time for the 7,000 left to leave for Israel

  • Anthony C Abela

    This could be a blessing in disguise, the way I see it, I think it is about time that the Jewish diaspora returns home. There is no assurance anymore for the safety of Jews overseas. It is time the chicks went back to Mama. Whilst Israel is combating unfairness and is surrounded by enemies, the diaspora of Jews are reluctant to leave their businesses and play Russian roulette with their lives. For goodness sake, try and look at the bigger picture and not what you may loose in monetary way. Your country needs you and you need your country as it is the only place of safety for you.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Surprised? Not. Venezuela was a safe haven for Nazis, especially after the war.

  • blackrose

    The U.S. must stop foreign aid to Venezuela (if this hasn’t been done already) until the Venezuelan government-i.e. Maduro and his ilk,publicly renounce anti-Semitism and take measures to prevent it. Assuming the latter does not occur, the U.S. must open its arms and welcome the remaining 7,000 Venezuelan Jewish community to the United States, offering them immediate citizenship, or assist them in making aliyah to Israel. The U.S. State Department would greatly benefit from the talents of Henrique Capriles if he would move here.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    What’s the ADL going to do? They give seminars, that’s all they do.

    Their as weak as any Jew who lived in Germany before Hitler.

    They didn’t kill him and looked what happened to 7 million Jews.

    Don’t you ever learn?

  • steven L

    They fear not the Jews but the Islamists. They are cowards.

  • David

    Venezuela’s government and Venezuelans need to be warned that the so called “Chavez” era is rapidly drawing to a close. When the regime does fall there will be an accounting for its sordid behavior and that of its Leftist supporters. Put simply, the pay back will be just like that meted on the supporters of Batista regime by Castro’s supporters. The bottom line with all of the Leftist regimes of Latin America is that their supporters will pay a heavy price for their persecution of their Jewish citizens who are prisoners of these regimes. Boycott Venezuela, sanction its leaders and government and keep driving down the price of oil.And, for good measure, file a couple of creative law suits in New York and let’s see how much longer these clowns and their supporters last.

  • charlie johnson

    There is a lot of strange things going on in this world today. This calls for a closer examination.Don’t put much trust in the news industry.It needs an independent investigation. Why are the godless communist in bed with the Islamic fanatics? They murder the infidels? Are communist not included as infidels? Why not? Then there is the supposed mixing of NAZI and communist?How did that get started? Is this not a thing to question? Then I read the Russians who are backing their “Volunteers” going across the order to the Ukraine to fight.One minute they claim that they fight NAZI. The next minute they claim to fight Zionist Jews. The news clarks have easy access to any event or secret of the west.They broadcast every bad thing they find to the entire world, They ignore the closed countries.Iran. Russia.China.North Korea .Syria, and several others. One Russian in London was invited to tea by two Russians and strangely died of nuclear spiced tea. He blamed Colonel Putin. Putin denied it.A reporter in Russia reported on Chechnya.She was found with a 9 millimeter hole in her head. Do you think the KGB died and went away? I think they were just renamed. If you rename a mad dog he will still be a rabies carrier.