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January 2, 2015 1:12 am

‘Jesus Was the First Palestinian Fedayeen’

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Christmas in Nazareth, Israel. Photo: Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiwiki Israel.

A number of Arab media outlets recently published an extended harangue on how evil Jews are.

Dr. Mustafa Yusuf Leddawi, who lives in Gaza, used the holiday season to say that Jewish rabbis hate Christmas and Christians. How can it be any other way, since the Jews persecuted and crucified Jesus? Not only that, but he informs us that Jews tortured early Christians with iron combs, ripped out their limbs, gouged out their eyes, and cut off their tongues.

Christians, we are told, know about how much Jews hate them, and about how Jews murder their children to get blood for their matzoh. Even today, Jews are stopping Christians from getting to Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas!

There are root causes, of course.

“Jews today are not happy and elated, but they [are] angry and disgruntled and envious and disgusted, and Christians of all denominations know it,” Leddawi says. “Jews do not give up their habits, they do not like the goodness of others, nor hopefulness in others.”

But some Jews are happy during Christmas season. These are the greedy Jewish businessmen who take advantage of this holiday to earn more money, and sell a lot of products, and take advantage of tourist traffic – renting out their Jew hotels, and promoting their Jew goods, and increasing the income of their airlines, greedy and insatiable, and with their greedy monopolies, and seamy exploitation and ill-treatment of gentiles – reflecting their ugly habits that have caused enlightened Europeans who suffered under these Jews and complained of their behavior, and have tasted the bitterness of Jewish treachery.

Unfortunately some Christians have been brainwashed not to hate Jews, but most Christians are aware of how evil Jews are, and “the Palestinians are hoping to win these honest Christians over to their cause, and to stand by their side, and to support their steadfastness, and support the resistance, as we believe [that Jesus] was the first Palestinian fedayeen, who called to resist injustice to counter the aggression and called for he who does not have a weapon to sell his cloak and buy a sword.”

One of the media outlets that published this hate is based in Sweden.

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  • charlie johnson

    I am a Christian. Far less that a perfect Christian,I have read the King James Bible from page one to the last page three times.About half of our Bible is Jews who were well established before the times of Jesus.The front half our Bible is a history of the Jews, It is taught as part of the Christian teachings.I saw no place in the book that Christians should hate Jews.Only to not partake in evil. If Jesus hated Jews it would have been written.He connected to King David I believe.He spoke of the Ten Commandments as rules for Christians to follow.There are Jews who deny that God exist at all.They use the US Government to eliminate Christians from government .They may have Jewish names and use this as part of their weapon.But I believe that they are no friend of the Jewish believers either.They have a god that has a name.Karl Marx. As for Muslims.I read nothing of them in the Bible.Probably some are good people. But the good ones are not using children as tools of warfare. The good ones do not execute innocent people nor use people for slaves. I doubt that there are but few real Christians in Europe.

  • Enid

    Someone should inform Dr. Leddawi that Christians know two things that directly contradict him:

    1. Jesus was born Jewish. He is free to claim that the Palestinians’ ancestors were Jews who converted to Islam, whether willingly or otherwise, but this establishes that the Jews have a prior claim to the Land. It was Palestinian rejection of this detail that convinced Bill Clinton that Arafat wasn’t serious about making peace.

    2. Christians are free to worship and build churches in Israel while similar behavior in Gaza, or most anywhere else in the Muslim world, comes with a serious risk of being murdered.

  • Helena

    Why is no one giving a response to this nutcase?
    Why is nobody saying that Muslims are creating havoc in Christian countries (the West) , Jews are not.
    Why does someone not say that the Christians are persecuted by muslims only ,in all the muslim countries. In Israel they can live a normal life?
    Does he think everyone is so stupid as to believe this?

  • Robert Davis

    What is that “Dr.” leddawi expertise? Dr. in LIES surely! So now it is…jews who crucified jesus? whose army was occupying Palestine at the time? that of..Jews or that of romans? arabs and lefters LIES have now surpassed that of the greatest liars in the world : the greeks! Someone must have invented a new doctorate…

  • Reform School

    Could the reason most Christians (except the stupid ones) prefer Jews to Muslims be that Jewish hatred beats Muslim slaughter, enslavement, rape and dhimmification every time?

  • Bill

    Hama has proven that they are incompetent leader of their own people. They rule by fear as the summary executions of there own people after they lost the last war. They are shamed and so they wallow in racism. They hate Jews because they are unable to reach the achievements of the jewsh or israel communities. They want to divide the Jewish and Christian community. The easies way they think is to lie. They lie because the know that even in this day and age some will start to believe. Remember Hitlers first rule ” Tell a lie loud enough and often enough” you know the rest. As I watch Hamas and realize you can not be trusted or reason with their limited vision of “hated”. Considering that they are fudimentalist and and extension of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and that benevolent state called Iran it must be remmembers and how the Brother treated the Coptic communities after the took power and the way Iranians treat the Baha’is let alone anyone else who disagrees with them.

  • Arnold Handelman

    Leddawi shovels such drivel. Christians have complete freedom of worship in Israel. Ask Christians in Arab countries how they’re doing. Ask Coptic Christians in Egypt. Bit by bit, the Muslims drive out the Christians, despoil Christian holy sites, torture and even kill Christians lingering on in their country.

    Ask Gazans what they did with the multi-million dollar state of the art greenhouse facility donated to Gazans by Jewish private business men as a gesture of good will.

    Within one week of Israel withdrawing from Gaza, including settlers forced to leave by the IDF, Gazans destroyed the facility. They would rather destroy it in spite of the fact that it created many jobs, and enabled large scale export of flowers and vegetables as well as supplying the domestic market with much needed fresh vegetables. The Palestinians live in a culture of hate and focus on death. Suicide bombers who kill innocent Jewish children, are revered and have monuments raised to them and parks and streets named after them. Gazans threw PA supporters off rooftops, and were treated as heroes for killing fellow Palestinians.

    Leddawi: nobody believes your lies, told in a juvenile way aimed at juvenile minds.

    what do the Palestinians contribute to the world, besides terror and death. Begging for handouts to survive. Squalor. Corruption stealing billions of dollars in aid.

    What does Israel contribute: the latest advances in science, medicine, high tech, biotech, agriculture. Israel supports and helps underdeveloped countries improve their economy. Whenever there is a crisis: an earthquake, plane crash, ebola outbreak, Israeli IDF medical staff are there first, with a field hospital, helping and treating patients with their expertise. Gazan wounded have been treated in Israeli hospitals, as have Lebanese and Syrian civilians. Palestinian children receive the finest medical treatment on the planet in Israeli hospitals.

    Leddawi, answer these comments. Your out-dated anti-Semitism would be laughable if it were not so hate-filled.

  • Muslims are the great genius’s of projection.

  • David Blacher

    It should be noted that the Discovery Network (which owns multiple history related channels) has produced a series called Mysteries of the Bible. At least one of these is about the early life of Jesus. In the script for this episode, it only refers to the land in which Jesus was born, raised and did his ministry as PALESTINE, and the inhabitants thereof as PALESTINIANS.

    The land of Jesus was, in point of demonstrable historical fact, the Roman Provence of Judea! The name derives from the fact that this particular chunk of real estate had been continuously a Jewish political entity for at least 800 years. It is also a documented fact (for those who care to read history) that it wasn’t until after the failure of the second Jewish revolt against the Romans in 135CE that Rome renamed it the Provence of Syria-Palestina. The residents, however, continued to be predominantly Jews and Hellenists, and the nascent Christians.

    We all need to communicate this as vigorously as possible to the Discovery Network, and its sponsors.

    • Ben

      You happen to be right, but in a sense it matters less than that the definition of Palestinian is ‘Jew’, and so it was until 1964 when the PLO was established upon the fraud of an Arab Palestinian people. Sure it’s a Roman name created to erase the identity of the Jewish homeland.

      Arabs are foreign to Palestine as they are to anywhere outside of Arabia. Every Arab country is an occupation in which they are stepping on the necks of dozens of indigenous peoples who resided on those lands before the Islamic Conquest.

  • Heyy!

    What are you doing here?!

    Get back to where you belong!


    Good piece, man.

    If there is one thing that I truly despise it is the Arab theft of Jewish heritage and history.

    First Palestinian fedayeen, my ass.

    • Ben

      Jesus (if he existed) would have been stoned, crucified or beheaded by Palestinaian Arabs, if they had existed. But they didn’t.

      Jews lived in sovereignty and lawful society for 2000 years before the first Arab entered he land as invaders, occupiers and colonizers.

  • Tom Johnson

    I was wondering why y’all were wearing Brown Shirts. I’m sure your copy of Mein Kampf has been thoroughly read and re-read.

    On a more serious note, Jesus died for ANYONE who would accept Him into their heart and lives, be they Jews or Gentiles. If you really want to know Peace, know Jesus


    I’m starting my own personal “BDS” against Sweden. If I buy anything not “Made in USA” I’ll be sure it’s made in Israel.

    • Lauren Goldman

      Way to go, Barbara! As much as possible, I also only buy goods from Israeli companies.

      My stepfather’s heritage was Swedish, and he was the poster child for bigotry and anti-Semitism. He could run off blood libels like saying the ABCs, and of course the town we lived in was mostly populated with like-minded pinheads.

    • Robert Davis

      Barbara : you are right! sweden’s population is a herd of cattle. A cattle nation that of cows and beefs.While swedish cows let arabs rape them,swedish beefs run for cover! norway is not better,just cattle! Only Finland has a human population in that part of the world called scandinavia or scandicattleland!

    • DACON9


      • DACON9

        All people on that side of BROOKLYN NEW YORK
        are deceptive Barbara.
        By the way…what is made in sweden that you can boycott anyway?
        They dont make Schwarma,not even humus…
        Listen to me barb…
        The only one worried is john kerry.

        put your energy in a contructive positive….
        HELP THE IDF…SEND GIFTS,CARDS,notes of appreciation

        leave sweden and john kerry to his
        muslim loving wife teresa heinz
        like nancy pelosi
        eventually the garbage will be put out