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January 9, 2015 5:28 pm

‘Every Single French Jew I Know’ Leaving France, Says Prominent UK Jewish Journalist

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Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard said that France leads the world in home grown anti-Semitism

The editor of Britain’s storied weekly Jewish newspaper The Jewish Chronicle has said that this week’s terrorist attacks in Paris will force larger numbers of Jews to leave France.

“Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave,” said the newspaper’s editor, Stephen Pollard, on Twitter.

Pollard added, “So, it’s a fluke that the latest target is a kosher grocer, is it?” in a reference to the kosher supermarket in eastern Paris where four hostages died after it was seized by an Islamist terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly.

“What’s going on in France – outrages that have been getting worse for years – put our antisemitism problems in perspective,” Pollard said.

In an oped for the Daily Telegraph, Pollard observed that “when it comes to home grown anti-Semitism, France leads the world.”

Pollard wrote: “A survey last year from the European Jewish Congress and Tel Aviv University found that France had more violent anti-semitic incidents in 2013 than any other country in the world. Jews were the target of 40 per cent of all racist crimes in France in 2013 – even though they comprise less than 1 per cent of the population. Attacks on Jews have risen sevenfold since the 1990s.

“No wonder Jewish emigration from France is accelerating. From being the largest Jewish community in the EU at the start of this decade, with a population of around 500,000, it is expected by Jewish community leaders to have fallen to 400,000 within a few years.”

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  • remindes me what happened to us in Poland 1n 1968 – suddenly we found ourselves without a home, our “homeland” rejected us.
    Well, puts it in more politiclly correct words, but fails over and over again to protect French Jews. Well, good that Israel exists (still)…Otherwise what would happen?

  • Bernhard Rosenberg · Top Commenter · Edison, New Jersey

    We always said if we had a strong Israel during the Holocaust it might not have happened. . NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE ISREALI MILITARY TO ACT. AMERICA, WHERE ARE YOU. This is world war 111. Annihilate the enemy once and for all. Obama , where are you.?

  • deborah fayga

    It is high time for The Jewish Agency for Israel and their affiliates to get up off their soft tender tushes and iPhones and come to the rescue of those Jews who are stranded in France and other countries (not the wealthy mind you who have beautiful apartments in Netanya and Ashdod). The truth is many of these lansmen are shop keepers, living day to day, trying to make ends meet, hence they are stuck in G-d awful anti-Semitic ghettos with their lives and their families in serious peril. JEWS are the hunted today.
    This criticism also applies to the U.S. organization known as Jewish Federations of North America as well. They are busy supporting the left and the Arabs, but for the Jews who need it, the treatment and resources are pretty shabby.
    I know personally several Jewish families who want to leave and cannot because they have no money to do so. And Nefesh B Nefesh needs to be shut down or rebuilt. It is a very hard organization for most people to use. I know myself after having to go jump thorough their ridiculous bureaucratic hoops, insulting, senseless and stupid.

  • Stannis

    Now the Jews will leave. Then the Christians. The wine industry will die (Islam does not allow alcohol, remember?)Champagne will turn into a desert.France will pay for its dumb naivety, and a Muslim flag will crown the Eiffel tower.

  • Jonah

    It’s unfortunate that the Jews do not have Moses here to part the Red Sea and deal with pharo as you start your exodus back to the homeland. Be of good cheer, according to Revelation Moses and Elijah will soon appear as two end time witnesses to protect the Jews during their worldwide exodus and to prevent the Islamic slaughter of Jews as they attempt to escape the caliphate. They will have control over the weather. Palestine is not a problem for them they can level it with earthquakes in order that Israel will have additional space to house the influx of International Jews. God will also give special considerations to the country’s that open their borders to receive And protect Jews. These nations will be considered lamb rather than goat nations and will enter the millinium with special favors from God. But islam will not give up easily they will be slaughtering Jews, Christians and infidels until the arrival of our Messia. Turbulent times are ahead.

  • charlie johnson

    So,The productive Jews leave and fewer citizen will be asked for more funding their government to feed the deadbeat they invited into the nation to cause conflict.I would guess that if there was an honest poling taken in the western nations it would reveal the fact that very few of the citizen want the Muslims as neighbors.The Muslims nations are concerned about the welfare of their exported citizen yet as the western nations to provide all their needs and make rules that conflict with the traditions of the people they immigrated to. The people of the western nations need to inquire among their elected as to who invited terrorist in among them.Why are the Muslim nations not taking in Western deadbeats?

  • Max Cohen

    In the face of mounting attacks upon Jews in Europe, one wonders what more it would take to convince “anti Zionists”
    that the existence of Israel is essential to the survival of the Jewish people, BUT that the real estate it occupies is of no importance to the survival of Muslims. If the N. Y. Times brand of intelligentsia was truly concerned about the welfare of Gazans, etc., they would not contribute to forcing Jews, with no place to live in peace, to believe that they have no right to lands they restored and that they had possessed for over a thousand years. In a war of desperation, it is Gazans who will be forced into the sea.

  • Sofia Bain

    Once again, the educated, intelligent, professionals are leaving, this time France, other Countries will benefit greatly, from their knowledge, innovative spirit, great medical experiences, and France will be the big loser, like a lot of other European Countries after WWII.

    France will find this loss very quickly.

    Amen – and may G-d protect Israel.



  • Richard Kirschenbaum

    The Jews gave France Andre Citroen and Marcel Bloch among many others. This is the equivalent of Henry Ford and William Boeing. What have the Muslims ever given France?
    What is this about No Go zones in which Muslims have defacto States of their own inside France? The French should use the military to clean out these rat nests.
    Don’t say it can’t be done. The Czechs expelled the Sudaten Germans and have never regreted it.

  • Steven Geller

    If you are Jewish and still living in Europe by the end of June, 2015, good luck because unlike the 30’s in Europe, there is ample warning as to the future. You are on your own if emigration is not in your immediate future.

  • Abraham

    We welcome our brothers and sisters to Israel.Israel is your home.