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January 15, 2015 2:26 am

The New York Times Rescues the Palestinians Again

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

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Office of The New York Times, in New York City. Photo: WikiCommons.

Office of The New York Times. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Lest anyone think, even for a moment, that there is even the slightest link between Islamic terror against Jews in Paris and Islamic terror against Jews in Jerusalem, the New York Times has rushed in to disabuse us of that notion.The Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren, authored a half-page article on January 10 mocking the idea of such linkage. The editors helpfully added a huge color photograph of a scowling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The image of the mean, angry Netanyahu is important to trying to discredit any sympathy for his arguments.

Actually, when it comes to Netanyahu, his points do not count as “arguments.” Rather, Rudoren – writing what was ostensibly a news article – derided Netanyahu’s statements as “a lengthy diatribe.” By contrast, “Palestinian leaders responded quickly” to the Paris attacks.

Next Rudoren employed an old journalistic tactic for making a point if you don’t have an actual person to make it: employ anonymous sources.

Here’s how Rudoren did it. She wrote: “Even those [Palestinians] who renounce violence generally see Israeli policies, rather than the ‘clash of civilizations’ Mr. Netanyahu talks about, as the context for last summer’s rocket fire from Gaza or last fall’s vehicular, knife and shooting attacks.”

So, “Israeli policies” are “the context” – meaning, the cause – of Palestinian violence against Israelis. How so? Rudoren doesn’t say. She just makes the accusation and then quickly moves on to her next jab.

A reader who pauses to think about Rudoren’s allegation might be puzzled. After all, Israel unilaterally withdrew all its soldiers, and evicted all Israeli civilians, from the Gaza Strip way back in 2005. What Israeli “policy” since then could conceivably be regarded as provoking “last summer’s rocket fire from Gaza”? Israel’s refusal to permit Hamas to import tanks?

And what Israeli “policies” can be blamed for the “vehicular, knife and shooting attacks” by Palestinians against Jews in Jerusalem? Was there a policy that caused a Palestinian terrorist to drive his car into a crowd at a train station, murdering a three month old infant? Was there a policy that caused Palestinian killers to massacre rabbis at prayer in a synagogue?

Rudoren wrapped things up with a grotesque quotation from an Israeli pundit, Eitan Haber, who commented that “the terrorists in Europe are doing a very good job for Netanyahu.” Of course, for a shallow-minded cynic whose main concern is not the loss of innocent lives but the possible loss of votes for his party in the upcoming Israeli elections, the attack boils down to terrorists “doing a very good job” for his opponent.

Instead of acknowledging that Haber is a supporter of the Labor Party, which opposes Netanyahu, Rudoren drapes him with the mantle of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, for whom Haber worked. But even here Rudoren manages to get in one more dig. She characterizes Rabin as “the peace-seeking former Israeli prime minister,” as if to contrast him with the current prime minister.

Of course, so has every other Israeli prime minister. Menachem Begin surrendered the entire Sinai peninsula to Egypt to in order to reach a peace treaty. Ariel Sharon was so anxious for peace that he unilaterally withdrew all Israelis from the Gaza Strip, even though Israel received nothing in return. Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert each offered the Palestinian Authority an independent state, but the PA refused. Benjamin Netanyahu has offered them a state, unilaterally froze Jewish construction in the Judea-Samaria (West Bank) territories for ten months, and released numerous Palestinian terrorists from prison. The continued absence of peace is not due to any Israeli prime ministers failing to seek it.

But Jodi Rudoren and the New York Times wouldn’t want you to know that. It would interfere with their never-blame-the-Palestinians narrative.

The authors are president and chairman, respectively, of the Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia, and candidates on the Religious Zionist slate ( in the World Zionist Congress elections. This article originally appeared at

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    One correction. Sharon did not leave Gaza because he wanted peace so much. He withdrew (mistakenly in retrospect) because he thought the cost in terms od soldiers’ lives and money to maintain the occupation of Gaza was too great, and that Israel could defend itself better by withdrawing from Gaza. He was wrong about that.

  • Given the number of Jews in NY, it’s surprising that th NY Times survives. Do Jewish people buy it?

    • Larry

      Yes they do. There is an old saying “The Jewish people are their own worst enemies”.
      This is why we have a J Street, extreme Leftist Jewish educators, Jews still believing Roosevelt was the best President and the Israel hating New York Times still publishing. I could go on and on.

  • Jeremiah Black

    Clarification. My point about looking at the tangle of Israeli politics was not meant as sn adverse comment on Israeli government and politics – the nature and extent of its imperfections I assumed to be obvious to any fair minded person, especially Israeli. My point is that instead of simply attributing inveterate malice or incomprehensible devious stupidity to those Palestinians who (at best) “never miss an opportunity to miss an oppportunity” just assume ordinary human frailty – no more than exhibited in Israeli politics – and you may not (almost certainly won’t) find a solution but will relieve yourself of the self-righteous anger which, when you are strong enough not to have to give in, militates against any move toward solutions.

    • Vladimir N

      “instead of simply attributing inveterate malice … to Palestinians” why the hell not, if the empirical evidence fully supports this view?

  • Jordan is Arab-Palestine – The autonomous Jewish nation was in Jordan as much as in Israel
    In fact, Jewish sovereignty STARTED in Jordan over 4 millennia ago, with defeat of Amorites under Moses’ lead! The tribe of Reuven, Gad and half of Menasheh were the FIRST to have designated land! Only later, when Moses passed away did Joshua lead the rest of the Israelites into Canaan and conquered the area.
    What we today call Jordan was ours, as a people, BEFORE what we today call Israel!

    Even in the 2nd commonwealth. The Jewish sovereign kingdom under the Hasmoneans included all the inhabitable area of today’s “Jordan”.
    Jordan is “Palestine” as much as Israel can be claimed to be.
    As for options, though none are necessarily easy, “outcome thesis” of not preserving the “status quo” has to be a population transfer, as much as people like to shy away from it. The Arab countries have expelled over a million Jews, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land “5-6 times the size of Israel, valued in the trillions of dollars. Israel has taken the responsibility and settled the million expelled Jews from Arab countries. It is time for the Arab countries to settle the Arab-Palestinian on lands they confiscated from the million Jewish people and or settle them in Jordan – which was part of Israel.
    1) the world pressure for Israel to be 8-15 miles wide is increasing
    2) we know what happens when Arabs, er, “Palestinians” have Israel leave. Gaza.
    Jordan IS Palestine. It is 78% of the British Palestine Mandate, its population is 80% Palestinian, and its numerically insignificant royal family are British imports from another area entirely (modern day Saudi Arabia – which used to have a large Jewish population), circa 1920.
    Israel can not be 8 miles wide. If Palestine/Jordan wants to be antagonistic they will reap what they sow. Its time for the weakness of 20 centuries of ghetto living, to come out of the Jew. When this is done we will be alright, with the Almighty’s help.

    P.S. How many holidays do the Arabs celebrate due to historical events in the land of ancient Israel. The Jewish people celebrate most of their holidays and fast days in memory of and the goal and aspiration to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem – where it was before it was destroyed and desecrated by the enemies of the Jews. Many of the Jewish prayers for thousands of years recite the love of Israel and the Jewish aspirations to return to their ancestral land and bring back its glory and holiness.

  • sandra borr
  • barry G

    I don’t EVER read what this useful idiot has to say or for that matter Friedman and Kristof either.

    They are outright anti semitic self hating Jews,except Kristof who is just an outright moron.

    The NYT readership wants this biased reporting so the likes of Rudoren gives it to them.Fortunately as of yet nobody forces you to read it.

  • Lawrence Nowosenetz

    Jodi Rudoren should lower his/her head in shame. NYT should cringe at publishing this mediocre piece of sophistry. Perhaps like the eponymous Talking Heads album it should plead “stop making sense”. “If you don’t like these facts I have others” seems to be NYT’s journalistic credo.

    • E benAbuya

      All the news is print to fit.


    She is disgusting. Please send her to Gaza or Turkey or Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Paris!

  • Why is this person still allowed to live in Israel? She is a dirty rag and her news paper The New York Times is equal to that task. Both needs to be expunged from Israel never to return. The New York Times has shown us all once again that this newspaper is anti Israel and anti semitic.

    • E benAbuya

      The “Gray Lady” is more and more “The Yellow Hag Rag”

  • As I see it,we as Jews have ” choice”, do not buy from businesses that advertise in the New York Times.
    Email each Company that does of our intentions, only through financial impact will we have our voices heard !
    I have done so with over 76 advertisers, rags like this exist on their advertising revenue, let our voices be heard by not buying from those businesses that support disinformation, or osfucate the truth !

  • Arty Cohn

    The NY Times has been trash for many years. Their editorial stance has been foolish for even longer. But now that stance has diffused into their news coverage the whole paper is trash.

  • bissel essen

    Thankyou Algemeiner.

  • Steve Frank

    Jodi Rudoren is not a serious person.

  • Fred

    The NAZI party would be proud of the New York Struermer. Judi Rudoren would do Hitler & Julius Streicher proud. Same record different label.

  • Russell Mollot

    Bravo! I am heartened that at least some people can see through the yellow journalism of the New York Slimes. Thank you for exposing the foul tactics of Rudoren and her ilk. I haven’t bought the NYT in nearly 50 years, and doubt I ever will give then another dime.

  • Jeremiah Black

    A nice piece of boilerplate rhetoric. And keeping the NY Times (and the BBC) on the defensive about their fashion following is never bad. But try to think of what was Ottoman Palestine as being the location of an irresolvable problem. Contemporaty jihadism is just an add-on to the fundamental belief (and I don’t have to ask them personally any more than I have to ask West Bank settlers whether a lot of the more rabid of their number think they were promised the land in the Torah) that their families have suffered a great injustice which still damages them and is everyday confirmed as being the consequence of there being a muscular and apparently constitutionally non-secular Jewish state on most of Ottoman Palestine which intends never to allow a Palestinian majority to one day elect a government in a conventional modern state.

    A two state solution has long looked like being the only possible solution to the irresolvable but the slightest reflection in the tangles of Israeli politics makes it ridiculous to dump all blame for lack of progress on the failings of Palestinian politicians who apparently missed great opportunities.

    I have some far out ideas for solution short of bringing back Ottoman rule under a kind of modernised constitutional monarchy (Communist China if it cleanses and keeps the party clean might be one that an ancient Greek like Plato might have approved). But please stop thinking you are doing your bit for Israel or Jewry by clever clever arguments which are verbally adroit but no more fundamentally determinative of right and wrong than those clever lawyer’s performances one enjoys in a dozen TV series (think The Good Wife, Law & Order, now with a UK version, Boston Legal and many ithers).

    Maybe Netanyahu and the even harder men will prove right. Tough it out for long enough and time will resolve all. Who knows what a generation of smart young people creating high tech startups electronically across borders and barriers in Israel and Gaza and West Bank and (why not?) Hong Kong won’t make possible. Which is a reminder of what education, especially for girls, may do to turn people who are still premodern and tribalist into modern productive pacific people. There can be a wide screen interactive classroom in every home. Of course some non-primitive but narrowly zealous settlers may make one feel that education won’t be much of an answer! One’s friends can be bad enough: spare me from family!

  • Joel Keller

    It’s high time that either the NY Times voluntarily withdraws this despicable fraud of a reporter, or Israel pulls her accreditation and summarily deports her.

  • rachel robinson

    If you are on the left you do not have to be logical. I do not know why the writer goes to that length to refute the points of this article. Waste of time

  • Jodi Rudoren regrets that she was born to late to work for Der Sturmer..
    Oh, that’s right, she does work for Der Sturmer.

  • Scott

    How does the NYT stay in business? Who believes their tripe?

  • spktruth

    BIBI crashed the event in France, AFTER he was told to stay home. He went anyway, pushed his way to the front of the lines…Its not about ISRAEL, but never let anything happen in the world that Israelies don’t think is ALL About them.

    What is wrong with you people…don’t you understand its not the NY Times you for decades have supported Israel no matter what you did to Palestinans…there is a new sheriff in town…who are exposing Israel now…but hey you still got the right wing Washington post.

    • CONNIE

      And you are obviously anti semetic. I will always support Israel, period. Arabs have all the land so let them go live on it and leave little Israel ALONE!

    • Ken Greenberg

      So, spktruth, who are you referring to when you say, “you people?”