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January 21, 2015 12:53 pm

Tel Aviv Bus Driver Wounded in Terror Stabbing Called Friend: ‘Take Care of My Kids If I Die’

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Medics treating victim of Tel Aviv bus stabbing attack. Photo: 0404 News.

Medics treating victim of Tel Aviv bus stabbing attack. Photo: 0404 News.

Before he passed out from stab wounds while struggling to foil a Palestinian terrorist, Dan bus company driver Herzl Biton, 40, called a buddy and asked him to look after his children in the event that he succumbed to his injuries, Israel’s Ch. 2 News reported Wednesday.

“Herzl called me and said, ‘A terrorist boarded my bus and is stabbing people,'” Dan traffic division chief, Dan Katzis said, recalling the traumatic call he received at about 07:30 am.

“[Biton] said, ‘I’m going to die, if I die – take care of my children.'”

Biton, who is currently hospitalized in serious but stable condition, was the first of 20 people who were wounded – three of them seriously – when 23-year-old Tulkarm resident Hamza Matrouk boarded the bus and began his murderous rush-hour spree.

“He tried to resist and pepper-sprayed the terrorist,” Biton’s niece, Heli Sosen said, later, at the hospital. “I’m really shaking, it is shocking. He’s in bad shape and was taken into surgery.”

Biton managed to hit the door-open button before he passed out from loss of blood, allowing some of the passengers to escape to safety, but also giving Matrouk the chance to flee and stab a woman pedestrian as he ran off.

A squad of Israel Prison Service officers transferring prisoners to the city courthouse happened to be driving behind the bus in the rush-hour traffic and noticed it zig-zagging as Biton tussled with the terrorist.

The officers immediately understood what was happening from the screams of the fleeing passengers, and chased after the attacker. They soon cornered him in an alley and shot him in the calf to immobilize him.

Bat Yam 8th-grader, Liel Suissa, who was on the bus told Army radio, “I heard people screaming on the bus, and I saw a man with a knife start to stab people.

“We all ran off the bus and then he came at us,” said Suissa, who then bravely tried to fight the terrorist.

“I threw my book bag at him, and then the driver hit the brakes, knocking [the terrorist] off his feet.

“The driver did not open the doors, so I elbowed the window and it broke and he scrambled out; then the driver opened the doors and everyone got off,” Suissa said, describing the melee.

But even as they fled to safety, the terrorist ran after them with the knife in his hand.

“I went behind some cars and hid and ran away,” he said, noting that he saw the officers run by as they chased down the terrorist. Suissa, who sustained minor injuries from the broken glass, was treated at the hospital and later released.

Passenger Ilanit Laniado noted that, “Just before the Ma’ariv bridge, I heard screaming from the driver. At first I thought that some people were arguing, and suddenly I saw a huge knife. We ran back, started screaming and the terrorist chased us. I saw wounded people fleeing; it was terrible.”

Tel Aviv District Police chief Benzi Sau praised Biton’s courage in trying to fend off the terrorist, who had gotten on the bus two stops earlier, and timed his attack just as the bus traversed the short Ma’ariv Bridge overpass.

“It was a great response by the bus driver, who fought the attacker,” Sau said.

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  • ISRAEL needs to forget about what the rest of the “Uncaring World” thinks and take back Gaza!
    They need to STOP trying to be The Nice Neighbor.
    Know matter what they do, it will NEVER be enough.

    Take back ALL the Land GOD Gave You !!!
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    (In the Beginning GOD told the JEWS to Kill their Enemy, but they disobeyed GOD and tried to make friends with them. This angered GOD and they have been suffering ever since.
    So NOW is the time to Obey GOD and do as HE Commanded.)

    If You must, give your Enemy Fair Warning, then do so.
    But you must Take Back the Land “GOD” Gave You !!!

    Be an example to the rest of the World and hopefully, the rest of the World will do the same.
    We have to STOP Living in Fear !!!

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    The ADULTS Will Suffer on JUDGEMENT DAY !!!

    I Lived in AMERICA. We were once the SAFEST Country in the World. Not so much any more.
    Peaceful, GOD Loving AMERICANS live in Fear Everyday !!!
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    What’s Next ???

  • Reform School

    As long as ‘Infidels’ remain Jihadi targets, rather than post-conviction prison sentences, Jerusalem might consider their immediate release to Ramallah or Gaza [after a bath in pigs’ blood] from a thousand meters up. Let Allah teach them how to fly!

      HE knows ALL You Say & Do !!!
      How will You Justify Your EVIL Ways ???
      You Can’t !!!
      NO Paradise for You !!!

  • Wm J. Levy

    There’s the difference between the Arabs and the Jews.

    The Arab would have wanted revenge. The Jew just wanted his children taken care and be safe.

    Every Jew on board that bus should have had a gun or a weapon or a Taser to stop that Arab. Stop calling them Palestinians as that is a made-up word by Arafat in the 1970’s.

    Jews are the only Palestinians and WW I proved that when the Jews in Palestine were called, “HMFIP< His Majesty's Forces In Palestine".

    • Amen !!!
      Praying for a Speedy Recovery for ALL the Innocent People Injured in these
      Cowardly Terrorist Attacks !!!

  • Peter Joffe

    I am sure that the terrorist was NOT a Muslim?? As we have seen in the recent past it is never Muslims who do these things? It is Islamists who do these terrible things. Would someone please explain to me and the world what the difference is between an Islamist and a Muslim?? The Koran which is the guiding light of Islam and of course Muslims, has the following to say and we disregard these verses at our peril.
     Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191)
     Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood (9:123)
     When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them (9:5)
     Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)
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     Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12)
     Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels (8:60)

  • Michael Fox

    and in the midst of this barbarism, the US, the EU and the UN are all pushing for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capitol bordering Israel….as if that single event would end the Palestinian violence against the civilian citizens of Israel. With all the world experiencing inhumane Islamic terrorism, still they push for a Palestinian state neighboring Israel. I see that single event as the lynchpin for the destruction of Israel. I believe there are many who think if there was no Israel, there would be no problems in the middle east and that the reestablishment of Israel was an international colossal mistake. Their solution….. the establishment of a Palestinian state that would with their Islamic terrorist partners, destroy Israel. End of problem.

  • Isaac brajtman

    Since he stole blood from his victims, Sharia law should apply . Chop off both his hands . Maybe his penis too

  • Vivarto

    Arm the population!
    Every Jew a 22!

  • steven L

    IL must find a way to deter the terrorists and ignore the opinion of the western world who is guilty of condoning terrorism by failing to confront Islam and Islamism. In this area, BB is weak.

  • vic bogan

    Another of the many ISRAELI HEROS

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I live in Jerusalem. Two weeks ago I was attending a training course for Berlitz just a few blocks from the Maariv bridge, which I walked past along Sderot (Avenue) Menachem Begin in my commute from the central bus station to get to the Berlitz Tel Aviv office on Rechov (Street) Hahashmonaim for my training. The actions in this world are so incredibly intertwined. The descriptions in this article just take my heart away.

  • It is not clear whether Biton died at the hospital where he “in a bad shape … was taken into surgery.”-or just in the bus as “Biton managed to hit the door-open button before he passed out from loss of blood”. The author must be more carefully in describing the horrible situation with a real hero. Everybody in Israel must be now a hero. And he (she)will. I greatly regret, that I am not in Israel now, but it is impossible for me. :

  • I’m really sorry to see that we have such a number of terrorists active in Israel just now. Glad I am not there now as I am 76. Not sure I can defend myself from that kind of an attack.