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January 25, 2015 1:32 pm

Israeli Police Open Probe After Unknown Intruder Films, Curses Bus Terrorist in Hospital Room (VIDEO)

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Tel Aviv bus stabbing attack victim. Photo: NRG News.

Tel Aviv bus stabbing attack victim. Photo: NRG News.

Israeli military police are probing how an unknown man managed to enter the closely-guarded hospital room of a Palestinian terrorist who was shot after stabbing 12 people on a bus in Tel Aviv last week, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported Sunday.

In a brief video clip captured by the intruder, Hamza Matrouk, 23, is seen lying in his hospital bed at the Wolfson Medical Center, recovering from a bullet wound to the calf fired by Prison Service guards who caught him after he fled the No. 40 Dan bus after his stabbing spree last Wednesday.

“Smile for the camera a**hole!” the anonymous individual says as Matrouk turns to look at him. There were no reports that the intruder attacked or otherwise harmed the terrorist.

The day after the attack, the Israel Police, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Transport Ministry opted to fund and implement a pending plan to train bus drivers on how to cope with a terror attack on their vehicles.

Ten thousand drivers are to be trained to identify suspects and confront would-be attackers if necessary, in addition to being allowed to frisk suspicious passengers, according to the plan.

The security course, first announced in August, will include identifying suspicious passengers, recognizing explosives, suspicious bags, and techniques for disabling an attacker.

Watch the brief clip:

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  • Jerry G

    If I were the hospital dietician I would feed that Arab bastard nothing but pork products.

  • Lou VanDelman


  • Shalom-Hillel

    Be prepared for the demented Left to describe this as racism and profiling.
    They prefer to see many stabbings.
    Of course, stabbing people for the crime of being Jewish is never an issue.

  • Vivarto

    Why are they wasting a hospital bed on him?
    He should be hanging from the lamp-post by his balls!

  • Why do you allow this?

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  • I was supposed to be interview For a TV station but they heard I was helping Israel with the Israel Longhorn Project and it was a nonprofit. They hung-up on me. There is lot of Anti Semitism going around. Even many of the Reform and liberal Jews want to destroy Israel.

    ZOA Files Election Fraud Complaint: “HaTikvah Slate” Falsely Advertises, On WZC Election Website, That It Fights BDS

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    (2) Ameinu (another major member of the HaTikvah slate): lobbies U.S. and European governments to impose severe financial and visa sanctions on Jewish Israeli government officials whom Ameinu disagrees with. Ameinu’s top officials also double as J Street officials or are tied closely to J Street, which engages in extensive de facto promotion of BDS.

    (3) “Open Hillel”: The confusingly-named “Open Hillel” group tries to force the well-known and long-time campus organization Hillel International to provide platforms to promote the global BDS movement – and to bring in speakers that promote Israel’s destruction. “Open Hillel” was formed in 2012 to attempt to abolish Hillel International’s “Standards of Partnership.” Hillel International’s reasonable “Standards of Partnership” prohibit campus Hillel facilities from hosting organizations that promote BDS against Israel. “Open Hillel” brings in speakers who say that Israel should be destroyed and cease to exist. “Open Hillel” is working together with the anti-Israel anti-Semitic hate group “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) SJP members have violently attacked Jewish students on college campuses.

    (4) Americans for Peace Now (APN): APN openly promotes boycotts of Jewish Israeli businesses in eastern Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.

    (5) New Israel Fund (NIF): NIF spent large sums of money erecting the BDS infrastructure, and continues to fund BDS groups and their co-conspirators. The NIF-funded Adalah organization’s “Adalah-NY and friends” participated in a “Global BDS Day of Action” with a pro-BDS “flash mob” at Grand Central Station. Adalah’s current Facebook page also brags about “the amazing things we achieved together in 2014 –,” and declares “Tell the New York City Council: Don’t Tour Apartheid Israel.” NIF grantees Adalah, B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence also provided the false information to Judge Goldstone which formed the basis of the false (and since discredited) Goldstone report that accused Israel of war crimes. The BDS movement uses the false Goldstone report as one of its chief weapons to promote BDS against Israel. The “US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel” has a web page entitled “Sections of Goldstone Report Very Useful for BDS and related campaigns.” The NIF also funds groups that hire Arabs to viciously confront young Israeli soldiers with ugly personal provocations against the Israeli soldiers, their families and Israel. There are always cameras filming these episodes, so that on the rare occasion when a young soldier responds strongly, these groups’ cameras film and disseminate the response, out of context – without showing the provocation or the rarity of such responses – to try to harm the humane IDF’s reputation.

    (6) J-Street: J Street promotes, honors, and gives major platforms to the leaders of the global BDS movement (including Mustafa Barghouti) at its national conferences and brings top BDS leaders to college campuses. J Street also promotes BDS on J Street’s website video.

    Thus, the HaTikvah slate’s official platform page on World Zionist Congress election website tells voters the exact opposite of what the HaTikvah slate members are really doing. It is unconscionable election

  • The terrorist was lucky that the intruder did not finish him off. It would have sparked more violence in Gaza and other Palestinian territories. He just filmed him.

  • b. harris

    SERVES THE MURDERER RIGHT!!!!! ken yirbu, though the real weapon against the Exile under Ishmael is Torah study and support, Prayer, and Acts of Kindness

  • Pi

    Scary but also awesome in its implicit mercy. Some people are said to be afraid that a camera may steal part of their soul, being or essence, perhaps if only by defining them in a particular way that may not truly represent the totality of who they are. It’s perhaps not such a silly idea, after all. And so maybe it’s also possible for one to renew a depleted or fragmented soul, by seeing oneself portrayed in a certain, if despicable, light.

  • Jane

    Israeli bus drivers don’t ALREADY have training in how to deal with terrorists on their vehicles? I cannot believe that? Why not just install two heavily armed IDF members on each bus? That should deter any would-be terrorists. I do not think it is reasonable to ask a driver to be able to maintain control of a vehicle AND frisk passengers AND deal with an incident — especially if the incident occurs while the bus is in motion!

  • art frank

    The face of a savage. Why is the scumbag still alive?

  • z

    You mean this Jihadistani’s face wasn’t pumped full of bullets and on top of that he gets medical treatment? The country is beyond salvage 🙁

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Should have set him on fire.