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January 28, 2015 2:40 pm

Hezbollah Filmed Towing US Abrams Tank Into Battle (VIDEO)

avatar by Dave Bender

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Hezbollah terrorists seen towing US Abrams MI tanks to battle. Photo: screenshot

Hezbollah terrorists seen towing US Abrams MI tanks to battle. Photo:

Units of Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Islamist terrorist organization, have been filmed transporting a US M1 Abrams battle tank, M113 armored personnel carriers and other US Army equipment, in a long convoy headed for a battle with Islamic State terrorists in Iraq, according to a post in the Long War Journal on Wednesday.

In the video, set to martial Arabic music, a long convoy of  flag-waving pickup trucks and troop and tank transporters, is seen headed down a desert road towards what the video’s authors said was a battle with IS forces in Iraq.

Hezbollah on Thursday morning fired a rocket-propelled grenade at an IDF patrol along the Lebanon border, killing at least two soldiers and wounding seven others, in an attack that Israel said would incur harsh retribution. The IDF has confirmed the names of the two dead soldiers, Cap. Yochai Kalangel, 25, and Sgt. Dor Haim Nini, 20.

In 2009, the US ruled that Kata’ib Hezbollah, as the unit is known in Arabic, was a terror group and a component part of a larger group, the Qods Force, which was “responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US and allied soldiers between 2004 and 2011.”

The US State Department described the Brigades as “a radical Shia Islamist group with an anti-Western establishment and jihadist ideology that has conducted attacks against Iraqi, US, and Coalition targets in Iraq.”

Watch the video clip:

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  • Barry Panensky

    Tanks;missles, ext all on amazon.
    As my father from Poland would say (America vat a country.)

  • William Brown

    I have no doubt that the more advanced weapons systems can be disabled by friendly forces. The M1 M2 and M3 are all computer controlled and can be hooked up to WI-FI. Sadly they have this equipment but I think it will do them no good. Anything older can be killed by air power.

    • Simcha

      Hezbollah are not going to try using the Abrams themselves what they will probably do is give it to their Iranian patrons for reverse engineering.
      The US should not be giving Iraq any advanced current generation hardware like the Abrams, because the Iraqi army are useless despite the fact they have been given years of training by the US and US hardware.

  • jeff

    Are all you people stupid and asleep? Yall act like this is a suprise. Our government is giving terrorist billions of dollars and war equipment. Omg yall are all sheeple this is why this country is going to fall, you idiots are more worried about deflated footballs arena royal rumble crap.

  • Etha Coane

    Let Hezbollah tow whatever they can lay their hands on (probably Iraqi equipment confiscated by ISIS and donated or sold to Hezbollah). The IDF has plenty of airpower to destroy these convoys en route or in place. However it is troubling that, even as Hamas was blasted and at least temporarily de-fanged in Gaza last summer, Hezbollah has chosen to open a campaign in the North. This is the best thing Netanyahu could hope for as elections approach: the opportunity to again show himself as the strongman for Israeli security.

    • Simcha

      This tank will be given to Iran for reverse engineering and Iran will then use the designs to build a modern western quality tank of their own which is not an issue that affects Israel because there are no land borders between the two countries but it will probably be sold to rogue states and used to threaten Irans neighbours like Saudi Arabia.


    this is the iraqi hezbollah (see their flag). this is not lebanese hezbollah. the tanks most likely come from the stores of the US financed Iraqi Army. Perhaps the troops operating the tanks ARE Iraqi Army troops.

  • Anyone would think that after the Osama ben-Laden fiasco, where America trained him and supplied weapons which came back to bite the US in the butt they would STOP supplying weapons and training to questionable Islamic groups. Unfortunately U.S. bureaucrats naivete (or just plain stupidity) seems to NEVER learn. The U.S. has a president who would rather give weapons to Islamic forces than have the U.S. military take the initiative (probably because sending them to Africa to fight ebola is more important!) It makes one wonder how many times history must repeat itself before one learns.


  • Where did they get the US tanks and rocket launching military vehicles ?

    • David

      from the Iraqi government delivered through Iran

  • Abbushuki

    “BUT ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE” because they say so in college campuses around the world. So do not believe your deceiving eyes and ears with this video. Now believe: Islam = Peace. Say it again many times until you become a believer. Then you too will not accept the idea than Muslims do violence and that they merely resist Zionist oppression: The Jews force women not to wear burqas and to actually show their faces and arms in public. Yuck.

  • Atilla2

    The obvious question, how did this US Army equipment find it’s way into the hands of Hezbolla ?

    What an unholy mess Obama has created.

  • Reuven

    Where the hell did they get the Abrams?

    • Simcha

      The Iraqi army the tanks used by the US in the war were donated to the Iraqis because was cheaper than shipping them back and it was part of an effort to rebuild the Iraqi army who are now being equipped with alot of American weapons from small arms – tanks & F16

  • Mickey Oberman

    Oi vey!

    Hezbollah is using a Jewish tank.

    They must be very desperate.

    • Yossi

      FYI, Israel doesn’t have such tanks.
      we build our own ones…

    • Simcha

      Israel uses the Merkava 4
      George Bush tried to convince Israel to ditch Merkava and buy the Abrams but the offer was rejected

  • Allan Fritz

    Where did Hezbolla get the M1 Tank and M113 APC’s from?

  • art

    maybe some day the US will learn to be more judicious when they give potent weapons away to unvetted groups. Other than Israel and maybe sometimes egypt there is no one friendly in the mideast

  • Sofia Bain

    OMG How absolutely frightening – where did they get all the American cars, tanks and weapons?

    We are remembering today the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auswitz Death Camp and seeing the Hezbollah caravan is devastating – hope the West and Pres Obama have a careful look at this – what looks like the beginning of WWIII.

    G-d bless Israel.

  • Efram

    Obama must be so proud.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    So where the f*** did they get an American tank?!?!

    • drjackgrenan

      The USA left billions of dollars worth of equipment and supplies with the Iraqis!!!
      I contacted a senator US and advised the USA government and military to give trucks & jeeps to Iraqis who turned in weapons caches, turned in terrorists, showed where IEDs were buried….RATHER, THAN SIMPLY GIVING THESE THINGS TO RICH AND INFLUENTIAL IRAQUIES. OF COURSE NO ONE , I REPEAT NO ONE WOULD , DID OR HAS LISTENED TO ME OR OTHERS!!B SO NOW THIS EQUIPMENT IS USED TO KILL usa SOLDIERS, CIVILIANS AND OUR ALLIES NOT TO MENTION INNOCENT CHILDREN……..Our best and brightest ARE NOT IN THE US GOVERNMENT OR MILITARY!!!GOD HELP US!!Dr Jack Grenan very sad American

  • Gabor Eichler

    If the US foreign policy continues the way it is today, soon you will watch the same -tipped with nuclear missiles!

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