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January 28, 2015 7:00 pm

Lebanese Christian Leader Slams Hezbollah for Attack on Israel

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Lebanese Christian leader Samir Geagea Hezbollah has no right to implicate Lebanon in its battle with Israel. Photo: Twitter. – Samir Geagea, a prominent Lebanese Christian leader and senior figure in the country’s anti-Hezbollah political alliance, denounced Hezbollah’s attack on Israel on Wednesday.

“Today’s development indicates that Hezbollah is more and more expanding its regional schemes against the Lebanese state,” Geagea said, Lebanon’s Daily Star reported.

“Hezbollah has no right to implicate the Lebanese people in a battle with Israel,” he added. “There is a government and a parliament which can decide on that.”

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in a Hezbollah terrorist attack on Wednesday near Mount Dov, along the border with Lebanon.

Geagea is a senior figure in the “March 14 Alliance,” a group mostly composed of Sunni Muslims, Christians, and liberals who are opposed to the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis.

A Maronite Christian, Geagea’s Lebanese Forces political party currently holds eights seats in the Lebanese parliament, making it the country’s second-largest Christian party.

Meanwhile, Druze political leader Walid Jumblatt wrote on Twitter that Lebanon has “entered a phase of big troubles” and cautioned Lebanon to take precautions against a possible larger Israeli retaliation.

Lebanon has been locked in a political stalemate between the March 14 Alliance and the pro-Hezbollah March 8 Alliance, leaving the country without a president for more than half a year. Tammam Salam, Lebanon’s prime minister, is a caretaker rather than an authoritative leader.

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  • paul

    If the United States and allies had supported the christian lebanese forces back in the civil war starting in 1975, they would have dealt a major blow to terrorism,and radicalism let that be a lesson, ISIS, is at their front door, and Hezbollah,is getting stronger,I hope someone has the sence to start getting DR.Geagea people at the very least ready to defend themselves, he is pretty much the last one alive,because that pig Assad, assassinated all the anti terror leaders, the pig even killed preceding elect bashir Gemayel,even though bashir # 1 priority when begining his term was to form a unity government,and try to put an end to the civil war,Assad the pig Even killed Hariri,I’m not saying that we need another armed milita just training and preparations,training should take place somewhere like Israel very disciplined men and women well played during their training, heavy weapons should be kept in Israel, with solid plans for lightning delivery and deployment their will be no shortage of volunteers, but pay them well during training phase don’t wait for ISIS to Masacre and Ruin another country this will also work to balance some of the power and influence Iran has on the region, even if it’s just 2,500 highly trained and superbly equipped,force,with air support, and some naval capabilities.
    Well maybe i will comment more later. Someone fax this to the via,Israel,France,I’m sure the Saudi will pay for some of this these men if taken care of. I will guarantee will serf not only Lebanon, but you will never find a group of men more dedicated for their western partners,in many ways,and many places, trust me I know, I was one…

  • Mujtaba Marashi

    What do you expect them to do in retaliation of the same attack killing 5 of their members. What would one do if someone does the same to you . Would you remain quiet . Again he come and repeat again and again . WE are all human . So let us live peacefully and love each other until we meet our Lord as taught by Jesus Christ .

  • victoria brandeis

    i do not know who puts this limited news paper together however its limitation and gall towards ISRAEL AND ITS PEOPLE….THE STARS IN THE SKY…….this man above is not part of the equation…….

    good cop bad cop idea…..

    no news report how beautiful in acknowledgement of a muslim or christian hater means anything….

  • shloime

    mr geagea may be opposed to hezbollah, but what is he going to do about it? no other militia, or unifil, or even the laf (lebanese armed forces) are willing to take on hezbollah, and enforce unscr 1701, requiring hezbollah to disarm. which isn’t likely to happen without another civil war or israeli invasion.

  • sekasana

    my prayer is that may peace and security prevail in israel and the whole of middle east.

  • Arnest Mekvan. PhD

    The Iran, Syria and Hezbollah axis is sole provoker of conflict with Israel. It is very clear that Lebanon people and parliament is not interested in war. Then why Hiz and Iran creating conflict without any reason? Please understand that Israelis are the chosen people of the God and no authorities of the world can defeat them, not even Iran. The terrorists who has been killing innocent people how their allaha like them? No religion of the world allow sucking the blood of innocent people. For every battle in the Middle East Iranian authority is responsible.