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January 29, 2015 12:52 pm

Angry Scenes as Argentine Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman is Buried Alongside AMIA Victims in Buenos Aires Jewish Cemetery

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Alberto Nisman's daughters paid tribute to their father in a short death notice. Photo: screenshot

Amid angry reactions from some mourners who objected to funeral wreaths sent by the Argentine government, Alberto Nisman, the Argentine Special Prosecutor who died in mysterious circumstances earlier this month, was today buried at the La Tablada Jewish cemetery in Buenos Aires. Nisman was laid to rest alongside the victims of the very same 1994 terrorist atrocity against the AMIA Jewish community center that he had spent more than a decade investigating.

On the eve of his death, Nisman accused senior Argentine leaders, including President Cristina “‹Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, of deliberately covering up Iran’s involvement with the attack. While the Argentine authorities initially painted Nisman’s death as a probable suicide, over the last week, that interpretation has been shattered, with Fernández de Kirchner herself implying that the Special Prosecutor was murdered.

By burying Nisman outside the plot in the cemetery reserved for suicides, Argentina’s Jewish community unambiguously stated its own view on how he died. Gaby Levinas, a prominent left-wing journalist, observed on Twitter: “The official position of the Jews of Argentina is expressed in the burial place. Suicides are buried far from the others, Nisman is not.”

Among those attending Nisman’s funeral today were the newly-appointed American ambassador to Argentina, Noah Mamet, as well as Ariel Lijo, the judge who was dealing with Nisman’s official complaint against the government, and representatives of AMIA and the DAIA, the official communal body of Argentina’s Jews. The Buenos Aires Herald reported that Rabbi Marcelo Pollakoff was presiding over the ceremony.

The BBC said that there were angry scenes when a courier delivered two huge wreaths with messages of condolence from government departments, including the Ministry of Justice. “Angry campaigners tore at the flowers, ripping and stamping on the ribbons,” a BBC correspondent reported.

Earlier today, moving death notices from Nisman’s daughters and his former wife were published in a local newspaper. Next to Nisman’s name and the initials “Z.L.” – short for “Zichrono Livracha,” or “may his memory be blessed,” a traditional Jewish phrase for respecting the dead – his daughters, Iara and Kala, said, “Today we say goodbye in the knowledge of your dedication to your work. We hope that you can now find peace. We will keep in our hearts the  beautiful times we spent together.”

Nisman’s ex-wife, federal judge Sandra Arroyo, wrote, “I am getting through this difficult moment in bewilderment and  pain for our daughters. I say goodbye and hope that you find the peace that your utter commitment to your work did not allow you to fully enjoy.”

Nisman’s burial came one day after his former associate, Diego Lagomarsino, confirmed that he had lent the Special Prosecutor a gun the day before he was found shot dead.

Lagomarino, an IT engineer, said that Nisman had told him, “I am more afraid of being right than being wrong,” on the morning before he died.

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  • racy

    Poor man; he paid with his life to uncover the truth.
    HE WAS MURDERED, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. The truth will come out. RIP ALBERTO.

  • Jack

    Argentine governments have previously slid into police state tactics motivated by political corruption, which also has previously included cover-ups!
    This has gotten to the point that an International Criminal Court investigation should take place.
    In Nisman’s memory we can not let this be forgotten,
    If it can happen in Argentina it can happen anywhere.
    Iran needs to be held accountable.
    Irani expats have said this to me.
    The IRG is just a type of geographically altered Neo-Nazism.
    More may be brewing in the Agrentine….

  • Jews in Argentine should get out as should the Jews in Turkey and France.

  • Latin American politicians in general, seem to deny the contribution of immigrants to their country that have made their nation prosperous.
    Most of the industrial “technology” was brought forth by Jewish immigrants not only in Argentina but in other South American countries. – Ernesto Kirchner, Cristina´s late husband was a “negotiator” who was more inclined to do business under the table than anything else. The Argentinian Government has acted like “pimps” in favor of Iranian radicals in allowing to cover up the terrorist attack on AMIA. Nisman was indeed murdered,since the “autopsy proved” that he had No traces of gunpowder in his hands, absolving him of handling the “alledged suicide gun.” –
    When situations are so rotten and start to spill over with a variety of lies, eventually the truth comes to public view. This is such a case example of that.

  • Julian Tepper

    The body of Alberto Nisman carries with it a piece of my heart into its resting place.

    The soul of Dr. Nisman has probably already been granted prompt passage to its ultimate destination.

    If the human race is lucky, many of the persons who loved him or with whom he worked have subsumed the love, ideals and goals of this brave and wonderful man.

    Julian Tepper
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Fred

    Seems Argentina has not moved far away from the dark days, repeat performance with Iran as partner.

  • Pushkina

    Can someone please explain how –and why– Hector Timerman, son of famous Jewish editor and writer, Jacobo Timerman, who was held and tortured by the anti-Semitic Argentine gov in the 1970s and who grew up in Israel after his father was released by a huge human rights campaign, would be complicit in sheltering Iranian crims over his own Jewish community?

    • Charles Martel

      Have you heard of Kapos in the German concentration camps? They were the trusted inmates who supervised the prisoners. These Kapos, carried out the will of the Nazi camp commandants and guards, and were often as brutal as their SS counterparts. Some of these Kapos were Jewish, and even they inflicted harsh treatment on their fellow prisoners. For many, failure to perform their duties would have resulted in severe punishment and even death, but many historians view their actions as a form of complicity.

      Timmerman is just another Kapo, probably moved by a sense of false power, and a pocketful of petro dollars.

    • Graciela INDIGNADA

      To Pushkina: “Can someone please explain HOW and WHY- Hector Timerman would be complicit in sheltering Iranian crimes?”

      Well, Ms Pushkina, if you took the time to read on the internet the 290 pages of the official accusation made by Dr. Nisman HID before his murder you would understand HOW, WHY, and also OF WHAT Timmerman is accused together with the “presidenta” Cristina viuda de Kirchner.

  • steven L

    By dissolving the Secret Services The Pr. of Argentina hopes to put an end to the crimes committed by Iran on Argentinian land!
    Soon or later Iran will pay.

  • steven L

    By dissolving the Secret Services The Pr. of Argentina hope to put an end to the crimes committed by Iran on Argentinian land!
    Soon or later Iran will pay.

  • M

    The rotting hands of Nasrallah and Khamanei cannot be far from this crime.

  • Julian Clovelley

    One is reminded of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, themselves prosecuting magistrates murdered for their loyalty to their profession.

    Palermo’s international airport is named after them. One day Argentina may well have an Alberto Nisman Airport in Buenos Aires

    Nisman echoed the great fear of many whistleblowers – often accidentally drawn into areas from which rottenness in society is clearly visible to them – “I am more afraid of being right than being wrong,”

    As the owl found in Florian’s fable of the Philosopher and the Owl, sometimes the greatest danger of persecution comes from a natural ability to see in the dark

    “…notre sage fait fuir la cohorte ennemie,
    puis dit au chat-huant : pourquoi ces assassins
    en vouloient-ils à votre vie ?
    Que leur avez-vous fait ? L’ oiseau lui répondit :
    rien du tout ; mon seul crime est d’ y voir clair la nuit.

    (Florian – Le Philosophe et le Chat-Huant)

  • Peter Rossler

    There is no doubt that the Argentine politicians and federal authorities are corrupt.
    It shows that some things never change.

  • Graciela INDIGNADA

    In a period of over 20 years the Argentinian authorities were “unable” to bring the AMIA IRANIAN MURDERERS and their local political and secret service accomplices to justice.
    Only Dr. Nisman -hashem ikom damo- was honest and courageous enough to do it, and they made him pay for it with his life.
    We can only hope that God will avenge his blood together with the blood of the 85 innocent AMIA victims, because Argentina is a DEEPLY FAILED STATE.
    Politicians, the secret service, the police, the administration, the federal and local authorities are all CORRUPT.
    No one will ever succeed in straightening this country out.