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February 2, 2015 12:27 pm

Alberto Nisman Death Investigator Claims Bullet Entered From Back of Head, Further Undermining Suicide Claim

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Investigator Viviana Fein has again changed her assessment of how Alberto Nisman died. Photo: Screenshot

Viviana Fein, the top Argentine official investigating the death in mysterious circumstance of Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, has radically revised her assessment of how he died, claiming that the deadly bullet entered not through his temple, as originally stated, but two centimeters – around three-quarters of an inch – behind his ear.

If Fein’s latest conclusion is borne out by the facts, it will further weaker the assertion that Nisman’s death was a suicide, since the the bullet’s point of entry strongly suggests that the trigger was pulled by someone else.

Fein’s comments on Argentine radio were reported on Twitter by Gabriel Bracesco, a crime reporter for the Clarín newspaper, who quoted her as saying: “The bullet that killed Nisman didn’t enter through the temple, but two centimeters behind his ear.”

In a follow-up tweet, Bracesco noted that the latest revelation would further undermine the theory that Nisman – who had spent more than a decade investigating the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in which 85 people were murdered, and who, on the eve of his death, accused the Argentine government of actively colluding with Iranian claims of innocence – committed suicide.

However, Bracesco added, Fein still subscribed to the suicide theory. Three days ago, Fein said that tests carried out on the pistol found at the scene discovered traces of only Nisman’s DNA.

Another leading Argentine journalist, Gaby Levinas, poked fun at Fein’s belief that the death was a suicide, commenting sarcastically that “Nisman must have been a contortionist.”

Since Nisman’s death on January 18, the Argentine authorities have done little to allay widespread concerns about their competence and honesty in carrying out an investigation, frequently changing their story of what transpired on that fateful night. The confusion has been further compounded by the statements of Argentine President Cristina “‹Fernández de Kirchner, who initially insisted that Nisman had died by his own hand and now says that he was murdered.

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  • leonard gilman

    It is hard to believe that Nisman killed himself. What was his motive? He had already written his report. It is much easier to believe that in a country as ant-Semitic as Argentina there were many would-be assassins. Will is take forever to determine who killed him?

  • Valery

    I seem to be a fantasy tales of conspiracy Argentine President Kirchner with Iran. Nisman could eliminate, because it has become dangerous for those who organized his assassination. But it is not the president of Argentina.

  • There seem to be a few language’contortionists’ in Argentina. With a entire security contingent they only now discovered three ways to enter Nisman’s flat. Could that be because he lived on the 13th floor and the security was stationed on the ground floor?

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    Argentina had an army before being a nation, that explains a lot

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Argentina government crime and cover up is most probable.

  • norberto resnik


  • NuritGn

    Who they are trying to fool these murders? Iran or Argentine, the franchise of Iran, government have killed Alberto Nisman before he exposed their crimes in the 1994 AMIA bombing.

  • Reform School

    Argentina’s last suicide victim stabbed himself repeatedly in the neck with a machete, until his head hit the ground.

  • steven L

    Fein is told to be an IDIOT and a contortionist TOO.

  • Joe Honick

    The real question is why world media have almost totally ignored the implications of this crime, what the man was going to testify to under oath and many other realities. The wonder as well is why our own American government that has played cozy with Iran remains quiet.

  • Golum

    It’s Obvious that Fein and everyone else in the case also has a gun to their Heads!!!

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Let us take the word of the Argentine President taht Nisman was murdered. Viviana Fein should not be the investigator as she is a damned fool or in on the coverup.

  • It’s hard to imagine such a melodramatic charade to cover up obvious duplicity occurring anywhere else, save Putin’s Russia. A whole country shilling to protect the Iranian murderers; hundreds of Jews killed, smoking guns everywhere – and presto, just at the penultimate moment before he unmasks Senora Presidente, the Jewish prosecutor murdered mysteriously. The marionettes clatter on and off the stage

  • Allan Fritz

    It makes sense to me since Kristina Kirschner is a poor leader who wanted to hide the Iran connection to the murder of 75 Argentinian Jews.

  • jbwillikers

    Now the story will be that Nisman wanted his suicide look like a murder so he he shot himself in the back of his head.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Oh please, they will ‘investigate’ this for another 20 years. It’s Argentina for god’s sake.