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February 5, 2015 1:01 pm

Jewish 100, 2014: Jonathan-Simon Sellem – Voices

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Jonathan-Simon Sellem. Photo: YouTube.

Jonathan-Simon Sellem


A French Jewish media pioneer, Jonathan Simon-Sellem is the founder of, a Jewish news site that specializes in immediate and ongoing reporting. Dividing his time between Israel and France, Simon-Sellem has become an invaluable source of guidance and information for many Jewish journalists in America, among them The Algemeiner. In January 2015, Simon-Sellem excelled in his coverage of the Paris terror outrages, providing some of the first confirmed reports from the bloody siege at the HyperCacher market. With international attention increasingly focused on the growing exodus of French Jews, Simon-Sellem’s site is a vital record of a country in turmoil.

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  • Filip

    Jonathan Simon Sellem has published an edito insulting a Holocaust survivor in his website, JSSnews. How could Algemeiner give him an award? I don’t understand. You need to ask someone to translate the content of Sellem’s website into English for you!

  • Maisonnave

    Bravo Monsieur Sellem pour votre Award…
    Your courrage and determination to published exclusive informations make you a real Albert Lodnres … Or rather a real Theodor Herzl, himself journalist and Zionist pioneer.
    La France et les français sont fiers de vos accomplissement.
    JSSNews have been an example for all of us.
    Pierre Maisonnave

    • Arielle

      Last year, Jonathan Simon Sellem published an article attacking Jean-Yves Camus, a highly respected specialist of far right wing, antisemitic parties in France. Sellem’s JSSNews went as far as criticizing Mr. Camus’ Jewish faith.

      Why did Sellem’s website attack Mr. Camus? Because the latter had been invited to speak by Bnai Brith,the Global Voice of the Jewish Community.

      I am surprised to see Algemeiner list as a “Jewish voice” someone who attacks members of the Jewish comunity on his website when they are invited to speak by Bnai Brith.

      • Alain

        I’d say that most French Israelis and French Jews have no idea who Jonathan Simon Sellem is, so it’s a bit weird to see Algemeiner give him an award.

        French Israelis know journalists working for the excellent French-Israeli TV i24 News because they watch it, and some of them might deserve an award.

      • Yair

        I am extremely shocked to see that Algemeiner awarded something to Jonathan Simon Sellem. Are you aware that Sellem published an article insulting a concentration camp survivor on his website, JSS News, as well as an article mocking the latter’s wife, who spent the Second World War hiding to escape the Nazis and has now fallen ill? How can Algemeiner not check what Sellem write in Frenchefore giving him a prize? The man clearly is not telling you the truth about himself.

    • Karel

      If Algemeiner wants some genuine French Jewish voices, why not watch i24, the small French Israeli TV network which everyone is talking about?

      Jonathan Simon Sellem is just a blogger very few people have heard about. He loves talking about himself but that’s about it.

      • Mitch

        Jonathan Simon Sellem is a small time blogger who few people have heard of. It is not even clear if he holds a job. Why not give the award to someone who really is talented and really makes a difference, someone like Julien Bahloul of i24TV? There are loads and loads of talented French Israelis who would serve an award for their good work, so why choose someone nearly no one has heard of?

  • Thomas

    Congratulation to him and his news site… He’s making a real good job !

    • Alain

      Did Algemeiner do a background check on M. Sellem?

      Sellem recently had to acknowledge that he was forbidden to enter the French embassy in Tel Aviv. Knowing how important security is in Israel, I’d say it is not a very good sign.

  • Ezra

    Is it a joke ? It seems not… JSS is a specialist of fake scoops (one about the Al Assad “murder” by his bodyguards !), using fake names to write insulting reviews about French Jews targets. There is no moderation on his blog, full of racists comments. What a “voice”…

    • Thomas

      But wait… I’ve looked for what you said and it’s written than they published the information – but the information was published only in arabs medias… Moreover, the article is written in the conditional.
      Ezra, do you know how many time the NYTimes published the story of the death of Fidel Castro ?

      I followed JSSNews after he revealed the scoop of the Jewish Student Union… They are a Free Voice… I congratulate them even if my french is not perfect (a google translate neither)

      • Arielle

        Ae you seriously comparing Jonathan Simon Sellem’s blog, JSS News, to the New York Times?

      • Guy

        Jonathan Simon Sellem never published a “scoop on the French Jewish student union.” He published a story insulting the head of the French Jewish student union,a well respected Jewish personality. Why? Rumor has it that Jonathan is jealous of the Head because the latter attends a very prestigious university and regularly speaks on TV, while Jonathan is said to have never graduated from high school and most people have no idea who he is.

  • Arielle

    Jonathan Simon Sellem’s blog, JSSNews, is controversial. In 2013, one day after the death of Stephane Hessel, a concentration camp survivor, Sellem’s JSSNews published an edito insulting this former French Resistance member. Is Algemeiner aware of it?

    • Macro

      Arielle, Stephane Hessel is a strong anti-zionist figure… What is your point ? He hate Israel… And he lie all his life about his past…

    • Victor Koahn

      Thanks G.od he attacked Hessel…
      Hessel was a Hamas supporter – that took pictures with Ismail Hanyeh !
      Arielle, who are you ?
      Are you a PLO member ? Are you the former President of the Jewish Student Union ?

  • Arielle

    To write that Jonathan Simon Sellem is a “French Jewish media pioneer” is far-fetched. He is a blogger, who posts his views on a website named after his own initials

    If Algemeiner wants some genuine French Jewish media pioneers, maybe you should take a look at journalists working for French-Israeli network i24.

  • Arielle

    Jonathan Simon Sellem is a controversial figure in the French-Israeli Jewish community. Last year, Sellem published an article attacking Jean-Yves Camus, a highly respected specialist of far right wing, antisemitic parties in France. Sellem’s JSSNews went as far as criticizing Mr. Camus’ Jewish faith.

    I am surprised to see Algemeiner list him a a “Jewish voice.” Did you do a background check?

    • Macro

      Apparently you dont like this Sellem… Maybe he attacked you too 🙂
      JSSNews is known for defending strongly zionism and Israel… If you support anti-zionist figure in Israel, or Media propagandist like France 2… Sure you will not like him !

      • Arielle

        Jonathan Simon Sellem’s blog, JSS News, is known for publishing stories attacking respected members of the French Jewish community.

        His latest “victim” was Jean-Yves Camus, a French political scientist who researches antisemitic and far right wing groups. JSS News weirdly attacked Camus for being invited by by Bnai Brith.