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February 10, 2015 3:34 pm

Jewish Defense Groups Urge UC Davis Chancellor to Investigate Students for Justice in Palestine

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Antisemitic graffiti at UC Davis following the passage of a resolution urging divestment from Israel. Photo: Instagram.

Twenty-three advocacy groups have signed a letter to Linda Katehi, the Chancellor of the University of California, Davis, demanding an investigation into Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), an antisemitic organization that has continually harassed Jewish and pro-Israel students on campuses across the United States.

The letter, organized by the AMCHA Initiative, was triggered by instances of antisemitic graffiti on the UC Davis campus just days after the student government, on January 29, passed an anti-Israel divestment resolution written and promoted by SJP. Following the resolution’s passage, a Jewish fraternity at UC Davis was spray painted with swastikas.  In addition, anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered at the Hillel House.  Authorities said a janitor found the words, “grout out the Jews,” etched into the bathroom wall.

“While we commend you for already taking some important steps in addressing these problems, we urge the university to conduct a full investigation into the conduct of the registered student group called Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and one of its members, Azka Fayyaz,” the letter declared.  “We believe that the investigation will reveal that both the SJP and Ms. Fayyaz have violated university policies and fostered divisiveness, hatred and bigotry on campus in violation of the Principles of Community. They should be held accountable for their misconduct.”

Fayyaz, a student senator, marked the resolution’s passage by taking to Facebook to proudly state, “Hamas and Sharia law have taken over UC Davis,” and “Israel will fall insha’Allah  #UCDDivest.”

Her postings were, the letter continued, “particularly troubling, because they support and promote violence against Jews and the destruction of Israel.” The letter also noted that Fayyaz, on a separate occasion, “helped hold a sign depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with devil’s horns and an Adolf Hitler mustache and outrageously equating Gaza – which is controlled by the terrorist group Hamas, not Israel – with a concentration camp.”

The letter encouraged Katehi to issue “a strong public condemnation of SJP and the conduct of its members.  With antisemitism rising at an alarming rate around the world and right here in the U.S., it is more critical than ever that you continue to send the message to the university community that while UC Davis supports free speech and the robust exchange of ideas, it will not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate and bigotry.”

Among the signatories to the letter are local chapters of the Chabad movement and a range of political advocacy organizations, among them the Zionist Organization of America and the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel.

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  • anon

    “If” Muslims somewhere in the world do something that I think is “bad” can I scream at Muslim students at UC Davis?

    What about the giggling girls in headscarves with the picture of Netanyahu with horns and Hitler? Are they being sanctioned? You realize that if someone at UC made a joke at the expense of another minority or let’s say a transvestite the world would come to an end.

  • ken brownsher

    So the Muslims have brought the Dark Ages to America? Time to wake up and stop their immigration to this country. They are a cancer that is spreading hate across the globe.

    To the Secular Jews who have allowed this to occur, I hope that your heads are secured to your bodies.Hell if you get killed it will be “work place violence”


  • Cora Nott

    Everybody should be protected against the Muslim students…not just Jews. The Muslim students are savages.

  • nelson marans

    Fringe groups, such as Students For Justice For Palestine, by using violence and intimidation have been able to control the debate about the Israel-PA conflict. No self respecting university should allow the constant harassment and threats against its Jewish student population, many times including violence.
    Free speech is one thing, physical harassment is another. The organization of Students For Justice In Palestine should be banned from campuses throughout the U. S. because of their tactics and calls to violence.

  • debbyfayga

    Amcha is doing a marvelous job.

  • alan bernson

    Dear Allegemeiner

    We should do a petition and gather names an present it to the UCC DAVIS.

    I think there is software that will give us the set up to do that.

    Alan Bernson