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February 12, 2015 11:54 am

Anti-Zionist British Parliamentarian George Galloway Launches Legal Action Against Journalist’s ‘Antisemite’ Tweet

avatar by Ben Cohen

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British parliamentarian George Galloway embraces Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh during a visit to Gaza. Photo: Twitter

George Galloway, the violently anti-Israel British parliamentarian who was accused on a BBC panel show last week of fueling antisemitism in the UK, has launched legal proceedings against a Jewish journalist with The Guardian newspaper for a tweet in which she claimed that the MP had “said and done plenty of things that cross the line from anti-Israel to anti-Semitic.”

During the broadcast of the BBC’s weekly Question Time program, an audience member asked, “Why is antisemitism rising in the UK, and do you think a certain member of the panel” – a reference to Galloway – “may bear some responsibility for this?”

In response, Jonathan Freedland, a columnist for The Guardian who also appeared on the show, charged that Galloway had traded in antisemitic conspiracy theories, for example by accusing Israel of being behind the conflict in Ukraine. Freedland argued that Galloway was doing so at a time of deep insecurity for British Jews, with the publication of a Community Security Trust (CST) report that revealed a record number of antisemitic attacks in the UK in 2014.

Following the broadcast, Freedland’s Guardian colleague, Hadley Freeman, tweeted “Galloway has said and done things that cross the line from anti-Israel to antisemitic.” Shortly after, Galloway, who has often resorted to legal action to silence his critics, announced: “I have begun legal proceedings against Hadley Freeman of the Guardian on her defamatory comments about me. No-one should repeat them.”

Freeman then deleted her tweet as a result. However, that didn’t stop Adam Levick, the editor of the widely-read CIFWatch blog, from detailing precisely why describing Galloway as an antisemite is legitimate:

Though Galloway has largely couched his hatred and bizarre conspiracy theories in ‘anti-Zionist’ terms, let’s be clear:

When Galloway openly calls for “the destruction of the political state of Israel”, he’s not only sanctioning the end of the only Jewish state in the world, but advocating a position which will all but certainly lead to the ethnic cleansing of millions of Jews.

When Galloway expresses support for violent, antisemitic extremist movements like Hamas and Hezbollah, he’s in effect endorsing their insidious Jew hatred.

When Galloway said he was “enthralled“ by Gilad Atzmon’s book The Wandering Who? (described by CST as “probably the most antisemitic book published in this country in recent years.”), he was legitimizing – if not outright endorsing – Atzmon’s neo-Nazi style anti-Jewish racism.

And, when Galloway walked out of a debate with an Israeli Jew, declaring “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate Israelis”, as when he declared his district an “Israeli-free zone,” he was not only ostracizing and demonizing six million Jews, but sending a message to the millions of non-Israeli Jews in the world who are Zionists that they are morally beyond the pale.

Levick concluded: “Hadley Freeman was right. George Galloway has said and done plenty of things that cross the line from anti-Israel to antisemitic. Say it, share it, tweet it: #JeSuisHadleyFreeman.”

Galloway has long supported antisemitic organizations in the Middle East such as Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as openly defending the Iranian regime and its genocidal Syrian ally, the dictator Bashar al Assad. An admirer of the late Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein, Galloway’s most notorious moment came in 1994 during a visit to Baghdad. During an audience with Saddam, Galloway gushed: “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability. And I want you to know that we are with you until victory, until victory, until Jerusalem.”

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  • Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld

    Je suis Hadley Freeman. Je ne suis pas George Galloway!

    I enjoyed this article immensely. I hope that Galloway gets to court, where he will appropriately and soundly be found to be an anti-Semite and will have to pay damages and court costs to whomever he sues.

  • Fred Hewitt

    To solve the problem is quite easy. As the Palestinian/Arabs did not play a part in the suffering of the Jews in Europe they should not have been chosen as the people with whom the Jews should have saddled with. Europe and America saw Arabia as easy pickings. After World War 11, why could not the European and American governments carve out a lovely nation on the Rhine, Volga, Seine, Thames or Hudson for the Jews? Would it not have been less violent, less costly to their national sponsors? The Europeans and Americans should entertain the Israeli Prime Minister’s request to have their Jews take up a comfortable abode in Israel. Then arrange for the Palestinian in Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights to move to Europe. I hope if this idea is published, the readers will see that I am Pro-Semitic.

    • Geoff Short

      ” The Palestinian/Arabs did not play a part in the suffering of the Jews in Europe.” Have you never heard of the Mufti of Jerusalem? I think you should find out where he spent much of the war and what he did vis a vis the Jews of Europe during the war.

      • Sabre

        Why don’t you tell us? Why is it that in the USA the Japanese were put in “internment camps” but in Germany the Jews were put in “Concentration camps”? So what did one man do that justifies the Genecide of indiginouss brown people at the hands of white European Khazar’s?

  • Max

    Please don’t call Galloway an anti-semite! After all, haven’t you heard, “some of his best friends are Jews!”

    • American

      You sound jealous of Mr. Galloway. FREE PALESTINE!!! 🙂

  • Owen

    Its funny,we can criticise any country in the world but we dare not mention Israel,when we mention Israel’s human rights violations ,when we do,we are automatically labelled antisemitic,this is Israeli propaganda,and is a well known tactic used by the hasbara project,set up as israels propaganda department,I rest my case

    • Geoff Short

      What’s funny is that people like you “can criticise any country in the world” but you don’t. You criticise only Israel for its alleged human rights abuses whilst ignoring the same abuses or worse elsewhere. If that doesn’t warrant the epithet “anti-Semitic” I don’t know what does.

  • This is a job for the Mossad. Enough is Enough.

    • Owen

      So call mossad for what exactly? ,to deal with galloway,is that not a nazi tactic to silence your opponent,shame on you for attacking any mans right to free speech what ever side he should support ,you have shown your ugly head for what you really are ,an attack on free speech,and a call for extremism,dont you think we have enough extremists in the world already trying to silence there critics with murder and torture,when the nazis killed millions of innocent jews and gypsies and opponents of their regime,brave men went and laid down there lives to fight this evil,that threatened this world,you my friend are no better than that evil and you are a hypocrite

  • Conflate, shmonflate.

    Galloway is a nasty piece of work who is totally unfit for purpose as a receiver of the hard-earned money I pay in tax.

    He is also an inveterate liar, as witnessed by his recent tweet to the Metropolitan Police about his treatment on exit from his BBC Question Time aberration.

    Looking at the video taken on his exit proves this, and for once, his PR skills weren’t sufficient to get over the fact that the camera doesn’t lie.

    • American

      Mr. Galloway is still my hero for defending the Palestinians. You just sound like you are envious. 🙂

  • How many times must one tell the famous line about the
    duck to prove that Galloway is an Anti- Semite? Let him
    tell Italians that they have no right to a state of their
    own but he isn’t Anti-Italian.

    • American

      You don’t have a right to steal other people’s land, genius. 🙂

  • Geeta Preenia

    So you reckon George Galloway is not anti-semitic at all eh ! Well Well Well ! What about his embracing and endorsement of Ismail Haniyeh Hamas leader who has sworn to kill ALL Jews eh !
    There is an old saying,that you are known by the company that you keep !
    You will be telling us next that the Pope is not a Catholic !

    • American

      Please provide the link to your source for that quote? None? Oh ok, you are just expressing your opinion. 🙂

    • Mulisinthehoose

      Is the Pope a Catholic because he hangs out with a load of Catholics then? Tighten up the analogies please bruv

  • Well said Jake perhaps someone should sue him

    • American

      Why don’t you? Do you have the guts? ha ha 🙂

  • hmp49

    With the hundreds of thousands of pounds Galloway collects each year from Arab and Russian sources, he can afford to silence his critics.

    It’s not a secret, MP income sources are published each year.

  • Ben

    on reading my comment – i would like to add, not just UK jews – but all Jewish civilians everywhere in the world – inc Israel

  • Ben

    I am Jewish and I really don’t mind people conflating jews with zionism. Saying that Judaism isnt Zionism is an attempt to distance Jews from Zionism – as if to say, dont harm me for the evils that Israel is doing. Well being a Zionist isnt evil and it isn’t a dirty little secret we should attempt to rid ourselves with. There is nothing wrong with believing the Jews deserve a state within secure and safe borders. Most Jews are Zionists. To conflate the two is perfectly fine.

    What is not perfectly fine is to be anti-semitic or violent towards Jews in the UK. We are civilians. People are not governments. We don’t put up with hate crimes against UK muslim civilians when overseas governments do controversial figures. They are civilians. That same generosity needs to be given to UK jewish civilians. Yet from Tim Wilcox, Adam Bolton and Eamon Holmes we are told that civilian jews are acceptable targets for radicalised muslims because of Israel.

    The problem is not conflation – it is violence towards civilians in an open and democratic country where people are allowed to hold all kinds of views and not be murdered in the streets if you disagree with them

    • Mike

      I agree with having a state for jews. But how can one expect to have security when the neighbours are treated like dirt and killed ? What’s wrong with having a state or country that treats everyone, all religions all ethnicities equally ? Anything less will blow up in Israel’s face either from outside or within. Do you really think a state that only allows those of the same religious zealousness to live within has any chance of survival ?

      It’s not medieval times, the world is a big place. Israel cannot be an island. There are so many examples of failed states who tried to do what israel wants to do. Why dont israelies learn from this.

      Successful countries (societies) must treat everyone the same. Screw Zionism ! It is a fascist, disgusting and dangerous obstacle to peace in the world.

      The solution is one state, secular for all.

  • Helen

    Criticizing Israels policy is one thing, we are all entitled to do so and many of us do, but there is a line, and George Galloway has crossed it on many occasions. As an alumni of Bradford University I can also say that the comments he made declaring Bradford a Israeli free zone are not only extremely racist comments but also offensive to those people who live in Bradford and have told me how much this upset them and he doesn’t speak for them. All his comments have done is stir up racial hatred and discomfort (we have a law against incitement to racial hatred in this country by the way!!!).
    Netanyahu, Love him or hate him, he is an elected premier of the ONLY Jewish state, therefore yes he does have a right to speak on behalf of Jews around the world, whether we want him to or not.

  • Motti P

    John Spader, like George Galloway is the kind of man who would enthusiastically fundraise for and hand over bags of cash to Aryan Nations, or Golden Dawn, or Jobbik and then later claim that he isn’t a fascist racist bigot.

  • Prof Deborah Lipstadt showed the way. She was sued by a notorious Holocaust denier. The British Court ruled that he Was a Holocaust denier and therefore she had not libelled him! Let Galloway sue and let us see how a British Court will assess the evidence.

    • Brookly Berenson

      Good point. Why does everyone settle it out of court / take back the accusation. He has (he thinks he has) been so careful to avoid proof of being antisemitic (even if he actually believes he is not). There are multiple absolute proofs some obvious ones not covered in this article which could be used in court to settle it once and for all…

  • Shimon

    As long as a Jew fits his requirements then he’s okay with them. Otherwise, Galloway is the typical Leftist antisemite. For example, Gilad Atzmon, the avowedly antisemitic ex-Israeli jazz musician is a hero of his (you can see a cringeworthy interview on YouTube), and the as-a-jews of various anti-Israel groups would also receive his seal of approval, as would the fringe dwelling, Iran-loving nutters of Neturei Karta. But the overwhelming majority of Jews he would regard as detritus to be swept away. As Adam Levick concludes in his piece for CiF Watch: “In short, you cannot putatively like Jews in the abstract, while demonizing and delegitimizing the overwhelming majority of actually living Jews, and claim innocence when charged with antisemitism.”

  • Per Ardua

    Among the 193 countries of the world, Galloway’s diatribes are exclusively directed against the homeland of the Jewish people. That is sufficient to deem him an anti-semite. But he may nevertheless very well win in a British court.

  • Robert Davis

    All of this european antisemitism and even the moslem’s have ONE single origin ie the anti-Israel PRESSURES. If Israel’s politicians were ABLE people,courageous and clever politicians able to understand that as long as those jordanians will squat Western Palestine there will be no respite for Israel nor for Jews all over the world,antisemitism cannot be fighted and it will keep going from bad to worse. It is unfortunate that the worse politicians of the world have GATGHERED in Isrzel because politicians are the political physicians and with such stupid,cowardly,arrogant and good for nothing bunch of physicians the patient stands no chance. If that stupid PM keeps delaying arabs’ eviction,Israel will not last for very long.

  • Eric R.

    Years ago, John Malkovich had the right idea about what to do with him.

  • Galloway had made the statement ” that Jews are the greatest people to walk this earth ” and yet he also made the statement that he dose not recognise the ancestral land of the Jewish people.
    ISRAEL . He actively supports all the terrorist organisations, movements and country’s ,that want to drive the Jews into the sea and kill maim or degrade,demonise every last one. If that’s not Antisemitsm , what is ?

  • American

    Mr. George Galloway is my hero. Thank you for defending the Palestinians, sir. 🙂

  • Anyone who endorses Hamas is an anti-Semite. Hamas does not only want to destroy Israel. It’s charter calls for the murder of all Jews in the world.

    “”[Palestine]’s legal status is in accordance with Islamic law [ ]. It is subject to the same law to which are subject all the territories conquered by Muslims by force, for at the time of the conquest [the Muslim conquerors] consecrated it [i.e., Palestine] as a Muslim religious endowment for all Muslim generations until Resurrection Day.”`

    The charter, which Galloway supports, says that the Jews “by means of their money, have taken over the international communications media: the news agencies, newspapers, publishing houses, broadcasting stations, etc. [Not only that,] they
    used their money to incite revolutions in various places all over the world for
    their own interests and to reap the fruits thereof. They were behind the French
    Revolution, the Communist Revolution and most of the revolutions we have
    heard about [that happened here and there]. They used their money to found
    secret organizations and scattered them all over the globe to destroy other
    societies and realize the interests of Zionism. [Such organizations] include the
    Freemasons, the Rotary clubs [sic], the Lions [Club],53 The Sons of the Covenant
    [i.e., B’nai Brith] and others. They are all destructive espionage organizations
    which, by means of money, succeeded in taking over the imperialist countries
    and encouraged them to take over many other countries to be able to completely
    exploit their resources and spread corruption. they were behind the First World War, through which achieved the abolishment of the Islamic Caliphate,55 made a profit and took over many of the sources of wealth. They [also] got the Balfour Declaration and
    established the League of the United [sic] Nations to be able rule the world. They
    were also behind the Second World War, in which they made immense profits by
    buying and selling military equipment, and also prepared the ground for the
    founding of their [own] state. They ordered the establishment of the United
    Nations and the Security Council [sic] which replaced the League of the United
    [sic] Nations, to be able to use it to rule the world. No war takes place anywhere
    in the world without [the Jews] behind the scenes having a hand in it [as it is
    written in the Qur’an:] “Whenever they fan the flames of war, Allah will extinguish
    them. They strive [to fill] the land with corruption, and Allah does not like the
    corrupt” ([Surah 5] Al-Ma’ida [Verse] 64).

    Lest anyone believe that Galloway’s hostility to Israel is only about the territory of Israel, Hamas’s charter makes clear: “The Zionist plan has no limit; after Palestine [the Zionists] aspire to expand to the Nile and the Euphrates. Once they have devoured the
    region they arrive at, they will aspire to spread further and [then] on and on. Their plan [or plot appears] in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

    There can be no uncertainty: anyone who endorses an organization like this is an anti-Semite.

    • American

      blah blah blah, the real Semites are the Palestinians. Stop taking their land and go back to Europe, fakers.

    • American

      blah blah blah, the real Semites are the Palestinians. Stop taking their land and go back to Europe, fakers. 😐

  • Mickey Oberman

    Every time, every word, of Galloway’s “praise” of Jews is a Back Handed Compliment
    and strengthens the argument the he is a virulent and despicable anti-Semite.

    “A backhanded compliment, also known as a left-handed compliment or asteism, is an insult that is disguised as a compliment. The term usually connotes an intent to belittle or condescend.”

  • Martin Luther King said it most cogently: “When people speak against Israel, make no mistake about it, they are speaking against Jews. They are anti-semites.” As for UK’s preeminent Jew hater, George Galloway deserves much more than
    the one slight beating he received. Where are the people of
    courage who, when they meet him, will give him much more that he well deserves. Imagine Galloway going to a gypsy asking when he will die. The gypsy may say, during a new Jewish holiday. If asked “Which or When?” The gypsy no doubt would say, any time you die will be a new Jewish holiday.”

    • Mulisinthehoose

      You okay Stan – think you had a wobble towards the end of that

  • Liz Crawford

    John Spader, criticizing is different from demonizing — from ostracizing — from calling for the elimination of an entire nation and its people.

    It is also quite different from brainwashing, inculcating hatred and violence in successive generations, and encouraging genocide — as does Hamas and other Islamist pals that Galloway collects like something on the bottom of one’s shoe.

    You are also guilty of blending criticism of Israel (other than its existence, I am not sure of your specific complaints) — with demonization of the nation, and frankly its people, and the ethnicity, by your blanket accusations and blanket support of anti-Israel hatred and propaganda.

    And you don’t need to be a Jew to see any of that…

  • Tommy Mato

    You really need to watch this. Galloway is most definitely not an anti-semite and definitely not a racist. This explains where he is coming from and includes his praise for the Jewish people.

  • Eliot Schickler

    George Galloway only sees one side of the story and REFUSES to see what Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have done to provoke the response! He also REFUSES to digest the info that Israel tried to give the Palestinians what they want but Arafat refused and reneged on the deal with Olmert and Clinton. Galloway thinks Israel doesn’t have a right to the land, but he’s wrong, he’s selective in his outrage and he’s a homosexual! He should get together with Russell Brand or another male scumbag!

    • Yusree

      yeah….give Palestine they land back
      still until today they refuse
      in WW2 Palestine give Jews a helping hand
      “come to our country, we will protect you” Palestine
      after the WW2
      “thanks for helping us, now you must die, your baby must die, your woman must die, your older must die” Jews

  • tovlogos

    One does not have to be a sage to see that George Galloway is blatantly anti-semitic. A person may be naive, myopic; or so full of hate he has lost all potential for objectivity. What ever the reason, his assault of Jews is vulgar.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Israel is the only legitimate Jewish homeland. It also happens to be safest country in the surrounding area if you are a Christian, Catholic, Bahai or Muslim follower. Yes, it has its problems with the West Bank & Gaza. Most countries in the region are living in a state of terror.

    Those who don’t believe in Israel, are in some way reflecting an anti Jewish sentiment because the Jewish State has every right to exist. More so than ever, with such evidence of hatred against the Jews in modern society.

    George Galloway is nothing but a piece of scum. Vile & evil.

  • I remember the night in May 2009 when Galloway spoke at UC Irvine and collected donations which he took to Gaza and gave to Hamas. Below is what he said to me when I brought up the chants of Palestinian supporters in the US of “Jews to the ovens”, Long live Hitler” etc.

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  • Jack

    It appears that John Spader is less than one mile away.

  • Leo Toystory

    I had wondered what Mr. Spader had been up to since “Boston Legal.”

    I guess Galloway needs to be taught another lesson.

  • Daniel

    Its amazing! Only Jews can really give expert evidence as to what antisemitism is. I have heard Galloway on University Campuses years ago when he wasn’t so slick and guarded
    He is a pure blood antisemite!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    I’ve never understood why Jew haters who say they’re Jew haters object so much when other people agree with them and repeat their own Jew hatred back at them.

  • John Spader

    George Galloway is not anti-semitic at all. If you have listened to all of his talksport shows, he always called jews some of the greatest people to have walked the earth. He has repeatedly called out people for anti-semtisim (as verified by the last jewish questioner in the same question time you refer to).

    Israel and Iraels actions warrant critism. When people conflate this to jews and jewishness is when it is wrong. In that particular case, Netanyahu is the biggest anti-semite since he has claimed to speak on behalf of all jews around the world. Perhaps you should mention this evil from within as well.

    • Jake

      Maybe you don’t understand because you’re not Jewish. We can spot anti-semite scum from a mile away. Apparently you can’t spot one right in front of your face.

      • PeaceForAll

        What a load of tosh. John Spader makes a clear aseetion, and because you can’t argue with a single salient point he made, you come up with this nonsense. Blind Zionist fools like you give the rest of us Jews a bad name.

      • spktruth

        and we, can spoke a Zionist immediately. Zionism is the culprit, they are the ones keeping Israel from progress. Judaism is the opposite of Zionism.

      • Abner

        It’s one of life’s ironies. Galloway holds such a strong anti-war stance that he sometimes has the opposite effect and conflict arises out of his words.

        Some choose to defy Galloway with their “interpretations” of his actions, but Galloway has always been very clear on his views. Make no mistake, Galloway is right, again.

      • Abner

        Speak for yourself, not Jews, the vast majority of which do not speak in terms of hatred like you are.

      • CWinokoor

        well said Jake

      • Herb Grossman

        You should finish the last sentence, Jake, “looking in a mirror.”

      • Jane Ferrish

        These types of articles and these types of comments, for whatever else, have the inescapable effect of alienating those who would otherwise be allies. When one cannot offer any criticism about the actions of a country without being labeled anti-semitic, it breeds distrust and anger. It may have the temporary effect of silencing people, but the long-lasting effect of driving them into the arms of your adversaries. Israel has done great things and it has done deplorable things, just like America. By pretending this insidious infallibility and belligerently threatening those who question in good faith and call out the obvious, you are building a fragile, explosive silence of loathing and distrust.

        • Liz Crawford

          Jane: we are not being absolute in our support of Israel — it is that we refuse to accept simplistic thinking and accusations; in order to criticize productively, one needs to be specific — not issue blanket condemnations, as Mr Spader andost anti-Zionists are…

      • American

        The real Semites are the Palestinians. How do you feel about them? See how the real anti-Semite is the one in your mirror? 🙂

      • Robert Davis

        Of course he understands this!!!I am sorry to say it is YOU who do not undersztand the whole matter. These people for SOME reason which are not essentially or exclusively antisemitism,say corruption ie getting money from arabs or europe to destabilise Israeldirectly or indirectly thru antisemitism, theyn willo do it just as eichmann said “I just executed orders”.These people “execute the orders” to make money and OBEY THEIR PRINCIPALS! The root of the problem is Israel’s jordanians : they are the cause of everything directly,say 30% or INDIRECTLY say 70%!PRESENT APPROACH TO THE PROBLEM IS TOTALLY WRONG AND COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. People like you do not understand this and they are so many!

      • The majority of real Jews support is so if you talk against ISRAEL you are anti Semitic..Israel is the only country we can call our own.

        • Mulisinthehoose

          Could you define ‘real Jew’ for me Hell’s Bell’s – thank you

      • Jfox

        Great job calling a Spader a Spader!

      • Lynne T

        but Hamas and Hamas’s actions will never earn Galloway’s criticism unless he is paid by someone to do so. Likewise, Iran, Syria and, while Saddam Hussein was alive, all warrant(ed) far, far more criticism than Israel at its worst, but never, ever, ever would such condemnation cross Galloway’s lips.

      • Davies Samuel

        Bravo well said, has certainly a negative IQ.

      • Mulisinthehoose

        Jake my son
        ‘Maybe you don’t understand because you are not Jewish’
        What a bigoted bell-end you are my son

    • This would make an interesting libel case. Mr.Galloway is too clever to have had allowed himself to slip by uttering the word “Jew” and not “Zionist”. Yes, the pure hatred of Jews by himself and by others who support him is beyond obvious. If a trial could focus on the reasons behind Mr. Galloway’s obsession with the destruction of “Zionism” and the “Zionist State”– at the expense of just about every other issue — it could be worth it. Also, Mr. Galloway has expressed hated against Jews without even asking their own political leanings, and there are many Jews who are not pro-Israel who have felt his wrath. I would like to see this trial go ahead. I think he might win a token pound note at the end — there was some movie like this as I remember.

    • Hill

      whores like Galloway extend right up to the highest levels of British society, even Royalty. Just look at Edward and Hitler. After all, Hitler didn’t hate Israel, just Jews. Oh thats right, there was no Israel because Churchill made a deal with the Arabs. See what not knowing your history can do. Galloway knows his history and that is why he can skirt around his jew hate to fool idiots like you. In the end, the muslims for whom he is a bum boy will screw him over too he just hasn’t learned from history and obviously neither have you.

      • Mulisinthehoose

        Where to begin with this one eh – historically, grammatically or politically – wow – you are some mixed up kinda guy Hill

    • Alexi

      Support of Hamas which proudly totes it’s genocidal aims against Jews in their Charter, as does Nassrallah of Hezzboil is anti-Semitic. Delegitimizing Jewish Self Determination while supporting genocidal organizations is anti-Semitism. Holding the Jewish State to a Double Standard applied to no other, is anti-Semitic.

      This is not “criticism of Israeli policy”. It’s Jew Hatred.

    • dante

      the only thing that you’ve managed to establish through your post is that you like galloway, dislike Israel, don’t have a clue about history or the definition of antisemitism. you have not presented anything of substance to support your positions. perhaps, you’ve exhausted the limit of your intellect by declaring, in the fashion of a 3-year-old, whom you like and whom you hate.

      BTW: if one (i.e. a reasonably well-informed and intelligent person) actually knows something of history, one will find that Israel has acquitted itself as well or better than ANY OTHER COUNTRY in similar circumstances. of course, some little man who is well beyond danger’s reach can discharge his own bile and blab all he wants about what other people should do when confronted with by savage enemies.

    • Robby

      John – I don’t think you understand, Israel is a Jewish State.

      Galloway has blamed Israel (read – Jewish State) for everything under the sun. You really can’t separate the two.

    • Larry

      John Spader–Please return to your kindergarten class and try to learn the basics of common sense. At this time you obviously have None.

    • Okey

      John, why are you being disingenuous?
      Nobody is going to punish George for hating the Jews; it’s a socially acceptable trait in Great (once upon a time) Britain.
      It goes way back in your history: exploit the Jews, then accuse them of being the devil, steal their property and expel them.
      What booty will you be seeking, John?

    • steven L

      Ignorance is bliss and can be fatal.

    • Pinchas Baram

      are you for real? are you saying that Adam Levick is writing falsehoods when he calls George an anti-semite, i.e., a hater who wishes Jews, especially Israeli Jews, dead? and you say Netanyahu is the biggest anti-semite of all? I take it you are British– more specifically, an insane repulsive Brit. Get off this site, creep, and peddle your papers elsewhere.

    • Being anti-Israel is being antisemitic and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.Israeli journalists, including Arab journalists, who escort foreign journalists around Israel have discovered that the deeply anti-Israel feelings harboured by a lot of the journalists who cover the Middle East are actually a way of excusing the Holocaust. We have seen many examples of this, no point in naming names because any name mentioned will merely mask the equally prejudicial conduct of other journalists.

      Josephine Bacon

    • DM

      Idiot. First, learn to type… or spell, whatever the problem is; next, quit lying, Gallows has never “called out” anyone for antisemitism.

    • June Grant

      Come on, John. If Galloway’s useful idiots maintain he is “only against Israeli policies’ then why isn’t he also so outspoken in his condemnation of the many repressive regimes that commit atrocities against their citizens, such as North Korea, China, Syria, Iraq and all the undemocratic Islamic states? Maybe the answer lies in the fact that Galloway hasn’t met a tyrant or dictator he doesn’t like.

    • JAIME


    • Myron Robinson

      So why did Galloway declare a district he represents “Judenfrei”

    • You are an ignoramus John Spader. Netanyahu’s concern is Iranian nukes and the rest of the world should share these concerns.

    • Moz

      And if Galloway had said the Irish for example were not welcome in bradford you’d been fine with that, because he’ll say to cover his back that some of the greatest people on this earth were Irish

      And if Wales were lobbing 10 Rockets a day for years, and building tunnels under your house thats also OK. You’d prefer Cameron to do nothing otherwise it would be evil for the leader of his country to protect his Citizens.

      but then again you make think Hamas are lovely folk, although its in their charter to wipe a whole nation off the face of the earth.

      • Mulisinthehoose

        I’d become a freedom fighter for the Welsh in that hypothetical scenario bruv – Cameron is a nob jockey

    • Mickey Oberman


      Your irrational hatred and anti-Semitic/Jewish and anti Israel writings speak for themselves.

      Enough said.

    • Jack Holan

      John you need to delve deeper into the politics of people you are going to stand up for or you may embarrass yourself. Firstly, you are re-stating the same Anti-Semitic philosophy being espoused by Lord Mayor of yesteryear Galloway. Chiefly, whatever your argument about the Israel/Palestinian Conflict and your complaints about Israel and Israelis; you are now blaming Jews who don’t live in Israel. It would not be dissimilar if I blame all Palestinian Muslims for the actions taking place in Israel and the surrounding areas. If I made outrageous claims such as this you and Galloway would be the first to be screaming “RACISM”! Second, George Galloway is a huge unconditional Pro-Hamas supporter. You see him in all kinds of photo-ops with their leaders. The Charter of Hamas includes not only a language to “wipe Israel off the Map” but also has a clause to kill any Jew wherever you find him/her in the World. This is the organization that Galloway unconditionally supports. So, what evidence does the Jewish community quickly have that Galloway might be a diehard Anti-Semite? He blames Jews for the actions of Israelis. He unconditionally supports a terrorist organization defined by the EU and US that plans to eradicate Jews Worldwide. Now, this meets my definition

    • Marco Redwolf

      Want to see a real Anti-Semite ? Look in a mirroe

    • Harvey

      We are talking contemporary antisemitism . The one which hides away behind the guise of so called antizionism .Peel back the layers and you reveal Jew hate in all its manifestations . Galloway and his ilk would have you believe antisemitism lies purely within the remit of the Neanderthal far right , which manifests as a hark back to the name calling and physical violence that many have suffered . The intellectual antisemitism of the far left is far worse . It seeks to separate the Diaspora from Israel in order to weaken and ultimately eradicate Israel . Galloway proclaims diaspora Jews to be the ‘ good Jews ‘ whereas those living in Israel are to a man woman and child seen as the ‘ Bad Jews ‘ . Why bad because they have the temerity to resist and defend themselves from those who would avowedly commit a new Holocaust given the chance .
      Galloway calls for the end of the Zionist state and its replacement by a single state of Palestine . He demands the Right of Return for millions of so called Second and Third generation Arabs , not to a newly created Palestinian state but to Israel pre 67 thus guaranteeing the demographic demise of Israel .

      For far left ideologues such as Galloway , the fact there remains the not inconsequential matter that Israeli Jews might not agree to such an outcome and that any actions taken to enforce would lead to out right civil war on a terrible scale is of no import to Galloway . The end justifies the means . Same as it did under Stalin .

      • Rebecca Smith

        Hey hey – you nailed it. I don’t know why everyone hates the fact that Jews have that tiny, tiny place to call their own. It is CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for them to live freely and safely in a country with muslims – as it is clearly impossible for any non-muslim to live in freely and safely in a country with a large population of muslims. In many instances, even SMALL populations of muslims perpetrate unheard of levels of violence and killings (unheard of because the mainstream media HERE just doesn’t really report it – SEE KENYA for example).

        If they REALLY think the jews should leave and give back that land because Israel was created just recently (and in their eyes SO unfairly) then perhaps the muslims should return Pakistan and Bangladesh to India AND LEAVE, giving the tiny remaining population of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists about a 10 Million percent better chance of survival.

        Pakistan and Bangladesh were created at the exact same time as Israel, and millions of non-muslims migrated OUT – and when the migration was over Pakistan retained a 20% Hindu population and a 20% Christian population (can’t find rates for Sikhs) TODAY the Christian population is 1.69% and the Hindu population is 0.76%, right? less than 1%. Their temples are used to house goats or madrassas and as you know they are heavily and violently persecuted and oppressed.

        See the difference? The difference in how the muslims were and are being treated by the jews, their population has exploded – in the muslim controlled countries the non-muslim population (and many small ethnic groups) has been DECIMATED.

        Why on EARTH should ANYBODY be forced to leave and give back land to a people who originally STOLE that land in the first place? How did each and every single muslim country on earth come into existence? Invasion, genocide, and forced rule. There is not one muslim country that became that way FREELY.

        • Mulisinthehoose

          And the UK came about over several Millenia through a series of peaceful negotiations – wow is this BottomSetChatSite I’m on here

        • Yusree

          Malaysia is one of example of country that become muslim country freely
          i can give you a few more example, but please just look it up yourself

    • Rebecca Smith

      WOW – so if somebody has in the past made (allegedly) a few ‘good’ comments, all these other heinous statements are completely disregarded? You don’t understand, AT all. This man is so pro islam there is no way he could be anything BUT a complete and total anti-semite. Did you even read the article? Because if you still think he is not an anti-semite after fully reading this article, then you just can’t be helped.