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February 16, 2015 9:29 am

Playing the Race Card Against Israel

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn /

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President Barack Obama is under fire for failing to mention antisemitism when describing the Paris kosher supermarket attack during his interview with Vox magazine. Photo: White House. When all else fails, play the race card.

With the White House campaign against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu running out of steam, the administration’s supporters scraped the bottom of the barrel last week, suggesting that the Israeli leader is a racist for accepting the invitation from Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-Ohio).

A number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus emerged from a recent meeting with Obama to announce that they will not attend Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. As U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) said, it was “about President Barack Obama being a black man disrespected by a foreign leader.”

Congressional Black Caucus chairman Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) told reporters, implausibly, that the subject of Netanyahu’s speech “didn’t come up” during their 90-minute meeting with the president. But then he proceeded to lambast Israel’s leader for supposedly being “disrespectful.”

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) echoed the “disrespectful” charge. Rep. Greg Meeks (D-N.Y.) chimed in that Netanyahu’s decision “is an insult to the president of the United States.”

An insult?

They want to talk about Obama, Netanyahu, and insults?

How about the distributing photo of Obama with his feet on his desk, and letting it be known that it was taken while he was talking on the phone to Israel’s prime minister?

How about Obama getting up in the middle of a meeting with Netanyahu and telling him to wait (for more than an hour) while the president went to eat dinner with Michelle and the girls?

How about Obama complaining to the president of France, in front of a live microphone, that he is burdened with “having to deal with” Netanyahu?

How about Obama’s senior aide telling the media that Netanyahu is comparable to chicken excrement?

Those are genuine insults.

Now add irony to insult—compare the anger of the Congressional Black Caucus at Israel to the silence of that Caucus regarding Arab and Muslim maltreatment of blacks, including actual slavery, around the world.

In the Darfur region of Sudan, government-sponsored Arab militias have slaughtered 300,000 blacks and made refugees out of 2 million more. Human Rights Watch recently reported that Sudanese Arab soldiers have raped hundreds of black girls and women en masse.

In Nigeria, the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram kidnaps and enslaves black girls.

In Mauritania, Arabs hold between 10 and 20 percent of the black population in slavery, CNN reported last year.

When was the last time the Congressional Black Caucus said anything about the persecution of blacks in Arab or Muslim countries? Where are the angry marches, the congressional resolutions, the demands for action by the U.S. government? Have they even taken five minutes to issue a measly press release about the mass rape of black girls in Darfur?

This is the real insult—the insult to our intelligence that the Congressional Black Caucus has delivered by slandering Israel while the real racists of the Muslim world get away scot-free.

Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn are president and chairman, respectively, of the Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia, and candidates on the Religious Zionist slate in the World Zionist Congress elections.

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  • zadimel

    After viewing the above posts,the opposition to Obama seems to be based on a very liberal misunderstanding of the President, a very conservative bias of his successful programs or good old-fashioned American bigotry. The economy under his administration has improved very nicely,unless you are still out of a job, because your company has moved out of the country in order to enhance its financial position.Gang we are out of the recession. Israel has received more military aid under Obama than any other administration.In addition to the $3 billion plus annually, a half billion dollars was received by Israel for further development of the Iron Dome anti-missile system,which saved many Israeli lives.In addition, we have had joint efforts with Israel to further increase the effectiveness of the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems. Under Obama we have maintained more than a billion and a half dollars of American military equipment stored in Israel, which can be used during an emergency. We also answered the “3 am phone call,”when Obama personally intervened to rescue Israel’s diplomats in Cairo. We have also had joint military exercises with the IDF during the Obama administration. I know that no minds will change;I’ve been disappointed by some of Obama’s actions,but he is far,far better than the Bush dynasty, the Reagan “acting,”the Ford travelogue” and the Carter “vacation.”

  • Avi

    We must not forget that Jabotinsky was unpopular and considered wrong by majority of Jews in 1938 when he spoke in Warsaw and said that the Volcano was imminent. He said he had grown old and his hair was white from warning the Jewish people of the imminent catastrophe, that they were too busy with their daily cares to truly listen. He said I plead with you at this twelfth hour to save your souls.

    Netanyahu’s speech is also not liked by a strong number of our fellow Jews, perhaps even the majority. But Jabotinsky was right. And so is Netanyahu. Iran will stop at nothing to obtain Nuclear Weapons. All else – the politics, the supposed snub, is not relevant. See Military Counterintelligence and attorney Steven O’Hern’s excellent 2012 book “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard” to understand who Iran is and what their goals are.

    Netanyahu’s March 3 speech seems to me to be a Jabotinsky Warsaw 1938 moment.

    • Sue Kirian

      Suggested dialog:

      Aerobus666 calling Dulles airport; we request approach and landing instructions.
      Dulles traffic control: Hello Aerobus, acknowledged. What is your authorization code?

      AB666: Authorization code? What is this?
      D: You are not a scheduled commercial airline. You are required to have an approved authorization code to land.

      AB666: Look, we are bringing the Prime Minister of Israel to the USA, Benjamin Netanyahu.
      D: Who?

      AB666: the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.
      D: Spell that please.

      AB666: B-i-b-i ….
      D: Is that male or female? What is his Visa Number?

      AB666: He is a citizen of Israel. He does not need a Visa.
      D: Please hold. {hold music; “Come Josephine In My Flying Machine” }
      …several minutes

      D: Sorry, you are right, he does not need a Visa.
      D: What is his passport number?

      AB666: He is the Prime Minister, he has a diplomatic passport.
      D: OK. What is the number?

      AB666: He does not carry his passport. He is the Prime Minister of Israel.
      D: OK. He is not the President?

      AB666: We are getting close, what about landing?

      D; Have you filed an application to land with the Office of Protocol at the State Department?

      AB666: No.
      D: We suggest this to avoid delays in the future.

      D: Are you carrying any weapons?
      AB666: {gasp} Hmm. Hold a minute. {hold music: Israeli dance}

      AB666: I am not authorized to answer that question.

      D; Hmm. Is he requesting asylum? How many family members are accompanying him?
      AB666: None.

      D: How many persons are traveling with him requesting entry? Do they have passports?
      AB666: His assistants and security detail are about 27.

      D: Is your client coming to the USA for treatment of a communicable sexual disease, such as AIDS/HIV or other disease?
      AB666: No.
      D: Good. Is he coming to the USA for treatment of Ebola?
      AB666: No.

      D: How long will you be here? After delivering your passengers, where will you fly your Aerobus?
      AB666: We will leave in about a week–there’s an election, y’know.

      D; Are you expecting to park your aircraft?
      AB666: Of course.

      D: Have you paid the parking fee? I’ll have to look it up for an AB666, it’s about $25,000 per day.
      AB666: This is ridiculous. We always pay our bills.

      D: Are you paying with money that America sent to Israel? In any case, the parking fees must be paid in advance.

      AB666: These will be paid by the Israeli Embassy, Ambassador Ron Dermer.
      D: Will that be a credit card or debit card?

      D: OK, so he is not the President, he doesn’t have his passport with him, your aircraft and he may or may not be carrying weapons, he did not apply for an authorization from the Office of Protocol.

      We are diverting you to Baltimore or Philadelphia. They have enhanced processing facilities there.

      AB666: NO! Wait! He is going to be met at Dulles by Members of Congress, the Ambassador, many people. We can’t land in Philadelphia.

      D: There are good ground transportation choices in Phila. He can take the train to Washington; there are also buses, and rental cars. Probably taxis. Tell you what, I’ll call ahead and see that a ground transportation assistant is available for you.

      Now, do you prefer Baltimore or Philadelphia?

      AB666: {sputter}

      D: Thank you for calling Dulles Airport. Have a wonderful day. Shalom.

      • racy


  • Delilah

    Hypocrites all of them it’s getting a little difficult to disguise anti-Semitism as anti-Zionism I don’t even think the word Zionism is used anymore it’s all become very muddled. we see what’s going on in Europe and then we hear this from our own president he got elected on a large part because of Jewish support!!
    What really overwhelms me and scares me is that the holicaust did not happen in the Middle Ages it happened in 1940 to 45 A bit longer but I’m using the war years. The “never again” wording. How is this possible?? And where are you the Jews of power ?? Are you going to remain silent or even worse take the other side because you don’t want to stand out?have we not learned our lesson??

  • Yoel Larry

    What did you do
    American Jew
    in 2012 or 1942
    ’cause business was good
    and they didn’t come for You?

    What did you do
    when the world turned it’s head
    and six million Jews
    were soon to be dead
    but you just didn’t know
    and business was slow
    and the kids needed shoes
    no time for some Jews.

    What will you do
    American Jew
    As the nations align
    our Homeland maligned
    and the sword is unsheathed
    for the whole world to see…
    yet our president balks
    at the ominous news
    saving words of rebuke
    for ‘intransigent’ Jews
    and six million more
    getting ready to die?

    What will you do
    and what will you say
    when the question is asked
    that won’t go away…
    that you watched
    and you waited
    your life unabated
    and just didn’t care
    to risk such a dare
    … and the grandsons ‘
    made Harvard, Hooray!

  • I really feel the irreligious Jews in America don’t care about Israel otherwise they’re very gullible and believe whatever Obama says and that’s very dangerous for isrEl

  • June Grant

    The fact that there is a Black Caucus in the American congress seems uncomfortably like racism. One wonders if Obama is pulling their strings in his efforts to disrespect Netanyahu. His obvious distaste for the Israeli Prime Minister is so overwhelming, that it clouds his vision for the real dangers of Islamic terrorism so he dare not even call it by its name.

    • shloime

      there’s nothing to wonder about. and most of the personal animosity thing is just for show – the real game is far more sinister: the administration has allied american policy with the moslem brotherhood. not only is america training and equipping the “good terrorists”, but obama has helped to overthrow american allies throughout the arab world, on the pretext of promoting “democracy”. (although it remains to be seen just how “democratic” the brotherhood is – so far, libya, turkey, egypt, yemen, and syria haven’t done so well.)

  • richard sherwin

    given every other insult by the White House and Democratic Lobby to Israel’s Prime Minister hasnt so far worked, this one seems somewhat overdue. Scraping the racist barrel, yes; but Europeans have been doing this racism-gig quite respectably for the past decades, so the American black lobby/caucus is a bit behindhand. But what could have been expected anyway to come from the black congressmen re Israel or Netanyahu? if they dont support Obama theyre accused of being ‘uncle toms’. or whatever term passes for insult in the black community these days, given the long lost Martin Luther King’s courage and honesty in refusing to go along with his community’s attempt to hide jewhating behind zionist-bashing and israel-smashing. Par for a long and pretty gutless course politically. The black caucus and President Obama arent required by their community to feel solidarity for african black suffering, especially that at the hands of moslems and arabs, their mythical pre-christian ancestors, and –factually– historical and contemporary oppresors. It’s so much easier, and costless, to jump on jews, israelis, than blame, say, black and white republicans for Netanyahu’s invitation. Or blame themselves and their president for the Iranian near breakout into atomic power assisted by their heroic leader. And their own silence.

  • The Black Caucus ought to realize that unfortunately this particular black president is nothing to be proud of. Not only are his manners rude – and this is no way to conduct the diplomacy of the only superpower in the world – he is also incredibly ignorant. The likes of Iran are not going to give up their nuclear program without the considerable pressure that only wide-ranging sanctions can bring to bear; he is also incredibly gullible if he believes that Iran, the second-largest oil producer on the planet needs nuclear power to supplement its energy needs. Without question, we need the Congress to intercede here.
    Because if Obama miscalculates WE, THE PEOPLE are going to have to live with his mistakes. Pretty scary.

    • shloime

      you presuppose that obama is trying to make them give their nuclear program – he is not. he is only trying to write his “legacy”, as the anti-bush. an agreement, ANY agreement, will vindicate his policy of political engagement (sic) with iran. a year ago, when real sanctions brought iran running to the negotiating table, he relaxed them, before the iranians could even offer a single concession!

      you don’t fold on a strong hand, unless you’re either dumber than dirt, or deliberately throwing the game. and there’s no evidence that he’s really that stupid.

  • as all the whites are not supportive of white only apartheid all the blacks are also not supportive of the suffering blacks in sub saharan africa. NOwadays affluent blacks like michael jackson can become white through surgery. President obama is also not entirely black but try to get the benefit of the blacks.

  • Sonia Willats

    System said there were 32 comments. I could only see 2. This is more often the case than not with Algemeiner. It is a pity. I used to value the comments section as well as the articles.

  • tovlogos

    I couldn’t have said it better. Once this president’s term has run its course, the Caucus can move on to find less toxic leadership.

  • Golum

    A F—–G NEW LOW by OBAMA!!!
    I’m ashamed to be a Democrat!!!

    • shloime

      being a “democrat” (or “republican”) is not genetic; you born free, to vote for the best party or the best candidate.

    • My family has always been Democratic, in lieu of the cumlative wrong from this so called president, all 37 of my family members are changing their party affiliation to Repulican.
      We have decided to donate $10,000 each to a viable republican candidate.
      There has never been a president of this country who is such an enigma.
      Has he attended any religious church,Temple.. No probably a mosque!
      He probably did not invite. Bibi for dinner for the fact that he had evening prayers towards Mecca !
      I have emailed my state Senators and Congressman that if they do not attend Bibi’s address to the senate and congress, my family, Schul and every Jewish organzatuon we never support them for election again. That is a total of 1,247 Jews !
      By vote ,by financial support. This is the only option we as Jews have !

  • RobiMac

    I am soooo sick of the OLD RACE CARD.

    Somebody euthanize the damn thing!

    Obama’s not pathetic because he’s a darkie. He’s just pathetic.

  • dante

    so, through the very limited and provincial lens of race, these two congressional morons see the entire world and interpret every event. one wonders how, hobbled thus, these two beauts make their way through life. in any case, their reaction to this controversy says a lot about the small-mindedness of these small-town second-raters than it does about the Israeli PM or anyone else.

  • steven L

    There are apparently historical evidences to suggest that under Islam/Islamism, several hundred million of Blacks and Indians were exterminated over the past centuries. Far more than the total from Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Mao and all other Criminals of the XXst century and those dead during the crusades.

  • steven L

    Blacks are where they are thanks to their representatives. It is the same situation for the Palestinians who have fanatical and genocidal leaders who cheat their own people with the $billions they get from the EU, US and rich Arab countries.

  • Left wing blacks have always exhausted me.They are haters of Jews.Liberal Jews could never do enough for them.

  • Gregg Solomon

    Did they really say “about President Barack Obama being a black man disrespected by a foreign leader.”

    Incredible. They are stuck in the first half of Martin Luther King’s speech “judged by the color of their skin,” and we and Netanyahu judge Obama by the “content of his character,” which if not anti-Israel is at least naive, arrogant, and dangerous for Israel and the world.


    • An excellent point, Obama has caused more division between whites ,blacks, Jews.
      I am discusted by the total lack of “Manners,Decorum and plain Rde behavior by our muslim president !”
      We have a president who so passed a line by involving himself in local “town” criminal matters. A first for an executive branch to do, let alone a president !
      Pandering to blacks using an “American express Black Race Card !
      What damage can he do for the rest of his term, only Hashem could predict, I feel unease in this.
      Never Again , remember this from an lid Jew !

  • Barry

    Dear Cody-
    Some of us have been complaining to and about Obama in essays for more than six years.
    Fortunately, I have seen many of those Jews you chastise (who screamed at me)
    change their minds. For more than a year, I haven’t had a single one express a negative response when I write about Obama’s misgivings.
    There is hope, if not for the President and his caucus, at least for America’s left-leaning Jews…

  • CG

    Obama forgot that Jews are among his biggest supporters. This is pure delusion. The last thing Netanyahu would be perpetrating are racist acts. This group, the Black Caucus, is looking for trouble where there is none.

  • Okey

    It’s disappointing that people who, obectively, have dark skin, and who have known victimisation for centuries, should now be victimising and demonising and slandering another minority, the Jews.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    From what I’ve read Hank Johnson from Georgia was the most intemperate in his remarks. Other members of the CBC were more conciliatory and some are scheduling private meetings with PM Netanyahu or with Amb. Dermer. I believe Mr. Netanyahu’s speech is extremely important given the gravity of the situation with Iran. The catastrophe of Iran’s nuclear capability would affect every member of the CBC just as it would affect every other American. I hope they will reconsider and rise to the occasion. This is beyond politics.

  • Herb Grossman

    Complaints about being “dissed” and the staging for it are indicative of the level of Obama and his cronies.

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    the real insults of hussien, show the caliber of the man.
    His background of being muslin educated and his version of
    Christianity by that so called “rev” who tutored him for twenty years. The anti-semitic anti- American racist,
    that has not made a peep since hussien gained the WH.
    Surely the anti-American activities of this man are
    impeachable. Why has no one gone after him? The damage
    that this man can still do should not be allowed.
    Now is the time for all good men to come forward.

  • Richard Finn

    Unfortunately there is an epidemic of cognitive dissonance among Blacks and Jews. I wonder if both groups are predisposed to it and the hypocrisy that follows.
    Obama admitted that he would always take the side of a Moslem in a dispute. Throw in a bit of anti-Jewish beliefs, and we now have this Democratic president and his followers making fools of themselves with their childlike petulance. I also believe that Obama considers PM Netanyahu to be similiar to the Republicans that Obama hates.
    Obama has proved himself to be uniquely unqualified for the office of the presidency.

  • brenrod

    Its the black caucus who are the racists who say the same thing about everyone who disagrees with Hussein Obama. American blacks were polled at 35% anti semitic which was 4 times the US average.

    • shloime

      but “blacks” account for only 12% of the population of the united states, so who cares?

  • Fred

    Unfortunately the Muslim President of the US Barak Hussein Obama has no compunction to insult everybody’s intelligence by disguising atrocities as boyish pranks. no protestation at the unending murders done in the name of Islam in Africa & Middle East. His undisguised hatred for Israel & its Prime Minister his readiness to sell out to Iran. What a disguise of a man.

  • I agree 100% with Cody.

  • rachel robinson

    Israeli leader is a racist for accepting the invitation from Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-Ohio).
    Did Bibi refuse Obama’s invitation but accepted the one from Boehner? Even then it would not necessarily be racist, there would have been other considerations, but if you really stretched it it could have been racist. But since Obama did not extend such an invitation but Boehner did how in the world can it be racist?? only someone like Obama who has not a chip but a boulder on his back could come up with such a stupid statement.

  • Martin Kochberg

    Every time I read a story like this, it makes me prouder to be a Canadian and have a prime minister like Stephen Harper who has stood up for Israel and the Jewish people time and time again. Sometimes I wish he were the president of the United States but that is wishful thinking. Anyway November 2016 can’t come soon enough. Maybe it is high time Jewish voters in the U.S. started seeing the light and stopped voting Democrat.

  • The Black Caucus is a disgrace to the memory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr who said with great wisdom and prescience in March 1968:. “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism.”

  • Stick to your guns. This President is avoiding the only real American support in the Middle East. So much about Israel is the same a USA that to dislike them is to dislike ourselves. Lets invite the European Jews to come to America also.
    Jerry Frankeny

  • .

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama … – YouTube

    2 min – Dec 2, 2013 – Uploaded by Bernhard Rosenberg…

    See More

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have Some Nerve. ISRAEL Will Not LISTEN To You

    We dare not allow another Holocaust, the destruction…

  • Before we witness another Holocaust in Israel and elsewhere (God Forbid) Jews in the United States have to rise up and put an end to the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama before he starts to create an atmosphere of real anti semitism right here in the USA. The Jewish voters appear too weak to challange this man and certainly the Democratic Party, but they need to if the Jewish People are to remain free and independent world-wide.

    We sometimes forget that the State of Israel is surrounded by hundreds of millions of hostile Muslims all wishing to see the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle East. We also seem to have forgotten that we have PM Netanyahu who has taken it upon himself to defend tiny Israel from these savages. His actions take real guts. I wish out President had the same fortitude that PM Netanyahu has. Better than that, I wish the Jews of America would stand up and say” I have had enough of this name bashing by President Obama. I wish the Jews of America would just stand up for a change.

    • Robert B Geller

      Very well said. However, it is not all American Jews. IF you look at the data, Conservative and Orthodox Jews tend to support Israel at all costs. Unfortunately, it is the reform movement and the reform rabbis that have forsaken Israel and have put their support behind Obama and their “asses” to Israel. It was also the Reform movement in the US that hid behind Rabbi Steven Weiss in their support of FDR as he turned his back on European Jewry. Many American Jews may be educated and successful, but they are also very stupid as they have forgotten history and have chosen to repeat it.

    • rachel robinson

      ABSOLUTELY!!! And not only Israelis, the whole world is in deep danger from this P O S

    • RC

      Hey Cody,

      You must have forgotten that most of the Jews in the US are Liberal to Very Liberal Democrats. They all voted for Obama twice even though they could see the handwriting on the wall after the first four years. At that point they were “A little disappointed.” Now they are embarrassed and confused and are afraid to admit that they could have been so blind. So, don’t be looking for the vast majority of Jews to stand up as it isn’t going to happen. The only ones standing up are the conservative Republicans who have been doing so all along.

    • Historian

      Truly Obama is anti-Semetic in nature, He does not think before he opens his mouth and only because of the support of the Senate and Congress is he quasi supportive of Israel.
      2016 can not come any too soon for the US.
      The way he has acted and said speaking about the PM Natanuahu is disgraceful.

    • Sonia Willats

      Not only the Jews of America! All who care in the world about what is normal, instead of standing on their heads, as these black congressmen have just been persuaded to do. Who are the racists?

      The supreme irony is that the political left around the world has been persuaded, by BHO, to stand with an ultra rightist theocracy – the ‘ayatolas” of Iran, who hang and murder thousands every year, I am told, simultaneously confiscating the hanged man’s property for their personal gain. And they threated the entire free world, verbally, with destruction. The left finds they must support this regime, who has armies in Syria and supports terrorist organisations around the world, including on most of Israel’s borders.

      You shall know a man by his friends. The liberal left must be recognized for what it is by it’s embracing of Iran. BHO must be recognized for what he is by his embracing of Iran. Europe must be recognized for the pragmatist, or coward, it is, for it’s cow-towing to Iran. Shame on the Liberal Left!

      And three cheers for the MAN OF COURAGE, BINYAMIN NETANYAHU, and the fact that he continues to fight for his country in the face of such hostility, which BHO has even sponsored within Israel’s borders via the V15 and whatever-else. Kol hakavod, Bibi.

    • Lois Feinberg

      I think you are correct and I voted for the man. His national policies had some positive effects, but the religious Jews who refused to vote for him were correct. He is pro-muslim anti Israel.
      I am a Democrat and a left leaning, but I will have to think twice to vote for a Democrat in the next election. Even though I am female and have been for Hillary and Warren, I am leaning right at the present time.