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February 18, 2015 5:01 pm

The Writers at Haaretz Hate Israel and Themselves

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Haaretz Nonews. Photo: Elders of Ziyon.

A poll in 2013 showed that Israelis were the 11th happiest people in the world.

Another survey in 2014 showed that among the 10 countries with advanced economies polled, Israel ranked second in satisfaction with how things were going.

Yet another survey last August showed that 86% of Israelis were satisfied (or very satisfied) with their lives.

But not 100%.

There are some Israelis, a tiny minority, who are miserable, and they spend every waking hour telling the world how awful things are.

Arabs? Mizrahi Jews? Haredim? No, no, and no – their happiness numbers are all better than world averages.

The most miserable people in Israel are the people who write for Haaretz.

Every single day, Haaretz has multiple articles about how absolutely awful Israel is. I’m not exaggerating. Most are of course rabidly against the current government and obsessed with anything negative they can find there, but others are angry at pretty much everything and everyone, and they want the world to realize how terrible the country that they live in is.

Here is one of today’s articles in Ha’aretz, by Zvi Bar’el, in its entirety. I won’t even fisk it; :

European Jews moving to Israel are trading anti-Semitism for racism

French and Danish immigrants will find that Israel swallows its immigrants, but it doesn’t digest them.

By Zvi Bar’el | Feb. 18, 2015 | 2:48 AM

Dusty old plans stored at the Immigrant Absorption Ministry and the Jewish Agency and its affiliates are being revived. Everyone is ready to welcome the big wave of immigrants expected to move to Israel following the terrorist attacks in France and Denmark. No country in Europe is safe for Jews anymore, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, not forgetting of course to remind these future refugees that the continent remains “that same old Europe.”

Actually, not only the Jews of Europe aren’t safe. The Jews of Israel have a hard time being convinced that their haven can face up to the threats in the region that Netanyahu warns them of daily. But let’s assume that thousands of Jews do decide to abandon their businesses, studies, homes and livelihoods and board rescue flights to Ben-Gurion International Airport. What will they find here?

They’ll see right-wing videos portraying the Israeli left as Nazi collaborators out to destroy the country. They’ll learn how fortunate they are not to have come here as refugees from Eritrea or Sudan, or even as Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia.

Jews who have suffered European anti-Semitism will trade it in for Israeli racism. They’ll discover they’ve become citizens of an occupying country, the occupation that has contributed to that same anti-Semitism that made them pack their bags in the first place.

And here are two other facts that European Jews should be aware of. Israel’s murder rate is 1.8 per 100,000 people, while in France it’s 1 per 100,000 and in Denmark 0.8. Last year, 27 people were killed in terror attacks here. In France and Denmark not a single person was.

The situation in Europe could worsen, but in Israel the risk that the situation could worsen is far greater. If European Jews come to Israel immediately, they can vote in the March 17 election and support the person who promised them a safe haven and invited them to immigrate, or more accurately ordered them to.

True, quickly enough they’ll discover that their safety isn’t subject to the whims of the Islamic State or Al-Qaida, and they won’t suffer murderous manifestations of anti-Semitism. But to be real Israelis, they’ll have to adapt to the Israeli depression and the constant fear of war or mass destruction — or both.

Of course, Jews from Europe can respond to all this with the question: “If things are so bad in Israel, why do you Israelis stay?” The answer is implied in the question: We are Israelis. Our identity is dictated to us. Hebrew isn’t only our language, it’s our culture. Our solidarity is limited to ourselves; our collective memory as Israelis isn’t shared.

That is, there are Palestinians in Israel, but they’re the enemy at the moment. The anger that some of us feel isn’t directed at the country but rather at the country’s leaders, the ones who distort the national identity and dip it in racist-religious acid. We’re proudly surviving with the help of the saying “We survived Pharaoh and we’ll survive this.” Survival rather than quality of life is the linchpin of our identity.

You, the Jews of Europe, were taught to demand quality of life. In Israel, anyone seeking quality of life like that in Berlin is considered a traitor. And please don’t confuse Israeliness with Jewishness. Israelis don’t go crazy for foreigners even if they’re Jewish. Just ask the Russians. About 150,000 of the immigrants from the former Soviet Union have left.

And ask the Ethiopians, the Bukharans and the Kurds, who decades after arriving are still identified by where they came from. Of course, you’re entitled to immigrate, and of course you’ll receive a warm welcome at the airport. But remember that Israel hastily swallows its immigrants. It doesn’t digest them.

The amount of self-loathing shown here is off the charts. But at Haaretz, this is pretty much par for the course.

To be fair, the writers for +972 Magazine are just as filled with self-hate as those at Haaretz.

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  • In fact, I consider Haaretz not as a news-paper but as a defamation-paper. Are the writers are pathologically self hating Jews? Because they notoriously defame, demonize and delegitimize Israel, its government, institutions and our IDF?

    Is the reason, that Haaretz is against Israel, Zionism and Judaism, that it is owned 20% by the German media group M. DuMont Schauberg? Are the writers of Haaretz obliged to write in a teutonian spirit or is their own evil wish?

    • michael maskaron md

      god bless haaretz and gertrude stein.remember ? gertrude has written ,before 9139,that hitler is right.heil prophet muhamad.

  • Yale

    Ha’aretz is the mouthpiece of those Israeli Leftists who still haven’t accepted that the electorate could vote the Left out of power. Its hostility toward Israel flows from the growing recognition that Israel has abandoned the Left, possibly for good. Its hostility toward Netanyahu predates his rise to the Prime Minister’s office — they hate him because economic changes he introduced changed Israel’s economy from socialist poverty into the “Start-up Nation”.

    Even worse than Ha’aretz’s Hebrew edition (Quick poll: How many readers know that Ha’aretz’s native language is Hebrew?) are its English outlets. People on the Left, who generally know no Hebrew at all, are often unaware that what appears in Ha’aretz’s English editions doesn’t match what appears in Hebrew, where its lies would be picked up quickly by local people. Next time you hear someone quote Ha’retz (two syllables), you can ignore what follows: the speaker isn’t aware of his source’s name, “Ha’aretz” has three syllables.

  • Allan Pogrund

    Israel has much less racism than any country in the world. The smears by Ha’aretz writers are symptomatic of infantile left-wing tantrums. They are not in any way reflective of thoughtful analysis or reality.

    • No, Haaretz writers are NOT infantile. They are hard-core anti-Israel and anti-Zionists. I consider them as quislings, a Israeli Palestinian lobby.

    • michael maskaron md

      i agree.haaretz can not wait till china becomes number one in the world.why ? because china is a communist country.communist ??!!!!!!!!!!!!i think not.chinese capitalism is the most brutal in the world.i read once comments in haaretz that clearly indicated that haaretz would love to see china in first place.

  • I feel really ignorant to whats really happening over there!

  • Robert Davis

    haaretz nazi anti Israel collaborators love eu’s money and the day they will not get it any longer will be a dark day for them even if it will make Israel a safer place. What they don’t is that Israel’s enemies are weakening and Israel is getting stronger this is why they are so desperate. Israel’s pr should become more efficient and THE FIRST WORD THEY SHOULD STOP UTTERING AND FORGET IS THE WORD”palestinian” WHICH IS MOST TOXIC FOR ISRAEL. They must understand AND SPEAK OUT THERE ARE NO PALESTINIANS ANY LONGER SINCE 1948 WHEN THEY BECAME ISRAELIS.ISRAEL S ARABS’ ARE JORDANIANS SINCE THEY GOT THE JORDANIAN NATIONALITY AS OF 1949 : it is about time they understand it and speak out instead of playing into the enemy’s pr!

  • Monty Pogoda

    I have often written to Ha-Aretz and told them to move and settle in Gaza. I would make them sandwiches for the trip.

  • RobiMac

    If you hate Israel so much, what’s keeping you there?

  • Kris kristian


    • michael maskaron md

      because israel is a democracy.china,palestinian authority and gaza are not.did u know,haaretz adores china!

  • Lauren Goldman

    Between Haaretz and Jewish Voice for Peace, I expect, at some point the future, to see ‘a wholly owned subsidiary of the PA and Hamas’ at the foot of their websites’ homepages.

  • Boris

    Tell them to move to Syria or Iraq if they don’t like the leaders??
    If it’s fo miserable move out!!!!!

  • z

    Ha’aretz is not an Israeli paper and neither are the people connected with it. Ha’aretz is a CIA propaganda outlet through and through and the people associated with it are CIA propaganda agents. By definition they are all foreigners. You need to stop lending them credibility calling them Israeli — they are not!

  • Dogan. Akman

    Frankly, I do not see why the government does not shut down Haaretz and any other newspaper magazine that libels and slanders the country and the Israelis.

    Freedom of speech, freedom of the press are not absolute freedoms.They have never been even and meber will be in countries, like Canada or United States whose constitutions include the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the former and the Bill of Rights in the latter.

    All rights and freedoms must be balanced against one another and against the paramount interests of the state in times ofactual or apprehended war and/or international idolation and villification.

    At all events, there is no such thing as freedom to slander and libel the country and thereby to support Israel’s enemies and validate their libel and slander of the country.

    If nothing else, the paper ought to be shut down and its owner and writers sued and jailed for undermining the defence of the country in the international fora and for bringing comfort and succor to its ennemies.
    Personally, I can no longer stomach self-flagellationist Jews and Israelis who are intent on harming Israel, the Israelis and the Jewish People of the diaspora.
    Dogan Akman


  • mackykam

    The headline needs changing.It needs to read.
    ‘Thw Writers at Haaretz Love to Hate Israel and Hate to Love themselves.’

    Some people aren’t happy unless they are miserable. Unfortunately, they all work at Haaretz. The overflow joins the Left and won’t be happy even if the arabs win against Israel. Should that happen, they will cry, Oy! whom do we criticize now?

  • judithg

    no. it’s better to hide in your house and have to demand your children be protected by the military while the world’s filthiest lowlives spit on you in the street. it’s better to put on a baseball cap over a kippah and hide any signs of being a Jew.
    yeah, that’s a lot better than coming home.

  • steven L

    Haaretz the prototypical Israeli antisemite. At least they should recognize that in IL they are free to say what they want.
    They should move to Syria, Iran, China or N-Korea and spit the same non-sense and they will go straight to the gulag!

  • Victoria

    The Nazi teach hate well but truly we must never learn their lessons of hate because we have the Law to love God and our brethren. God is our teacher.

  • Ms Bo Salsberg

    Israel is bound by its own emergence as a fledgling country to offer shelter to Jews in distress. Knowing how they were rejected by so many countries, it behooves the State of Israel not to repeat such a horrible injustice. It should also be understood that those now rushing in understand that they must adhere to current and future ways of life. Certainly, it can’t be easy. Overcrowding, high tax structure, a strain on economics. But what should they expect. Who else will take them with open arms in such haste. There is a price to pay… Anyone not willing to accept the terms, need not approach. As far as throngs of previous immgrants leaving. Let them go in peace. They are inegative and selfish and do not understand what it means to be a Jew in Israel. They are not prepared to fight for the rights of Jews or their adopted land. They are not an asset to Israel.

  • Norm

    Haaretz is a disgusting rag. All negative. I have never seen a newspaper anywhere that is filled with such self loathing. The Nazi Sturmer paper would have been proud of Haaretz. Maybe some of its Journalists would have been awarded the Iron Cross

  • if I were to take that diatribe seriously… one would question how come the murder rate was quoted without taking into consideration who was murdered and who did the killing. They do that kind of writing all the time for leftist regimes and their apologists in South Africa. …but don’t ask too many questions… shame on me for listening