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February 19, 2015 9:05 am

Adele Biton’s Mother Mourns Her Death, ‘You Were My Entire World, My Life’

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Adele Biton died on Tuesday after suffering pneumonia. Photo: Biton family album.

At a gathering in the community hall of the West Bank village of Yakir,Hundreds of local residents and other visitors gathered on Wednesday for the funeral of 4-year-old Adele Biton.

Among the attendees was Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Economy Minister Naftali Bennet and Gen. Yoav Galant from the Kulanu party, Israel’s NRG reported.

In March 2013, Adele’s mother, Adva Biton was driving with her three daughters from Ariel to her home in Yakir when Palestinian assailants threw rocks at their car, causing Adva to crash into a truck traveling in front of her. Adele sustained serious injuries to her head, while her mother and two sisters only sustained moderate and light injuries. A few days after the incident, the attackers were arrested, and indicted for attempted manslaughter.

Adele only returned home half a year ago, after a year and a half of hospitalization, during which she underwent a series of operations and many treatments. She died on Tuesday as a result of complications with pneumonia.

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Adele Biton was laid to rest by her community. PHOTO: Miri Tzachi.

At the funeral, Adele’s mother eulogized her daughter, calling her, “my dear child, my love, my treasure and soul, my life.” She added that it was very difficult for her to mention her daughter in the past tense, “last Nissan your body was murdered by villains, but your soul continued to flourish. I did not know how that battle would end, and we went through a difficult period of agony that I don’t even wish on those who hate us. But it was clear to me that we would fight this battle together. They said you had no chance, but you did not give up. I did not believe them when they said that you could not hear me or that you did not understand me. You gave me proof that you heard and understood me. You did not give up, my little fighter. Those villains were unable to take away your beauty even after the attack.”

Adele’s mother added, “the Creator of the Universe gave me a great gift that graced the People of Israel. My Adele, you are my entire world. Yesterday I saw your suffering, struggling for each breath. I asked the Holy One: whether she will live or die, please do not let her suffer. I wanted what’s best for you. I did not want you to suffer. The Master of the Universe took you back to Him.”

Adva continued her eulogy, saying, “I always whispered to you that Mommy would never leave you, yet here I left and we are now separated. But I will make sure that you will continue to live, and I am certain that you are now in a place of honor. Here you grew and learned, and now even at the height of our sorrow, we are burying you close to us, in the place where they attacked you, so that a cry will resonate and they will hear that the Land is ours as of right. The Paramedic who saved you (an Arab) belongs to our family, even though he is not a Jew. I am eternally grateful to him, and you will remain in my heart forever.”

By the end of her speech, the entire crowd was in tears. Not a single person was indifferent to Adva’s pain over the loss of her daughter, according to the report.

Rafi, Adele’s father, took his leave of his daughter by saying that, “we must deal with everyone who throws rocks, even if he is a minor, through his parents. Master of the Universe, how much I beseeched You. I said to everyone that I could deal with everything, except emptiness. The pain and suffering would eat me alive. The thought that I would never again be able to hug Adele is destroying me. You made me part of a bereaved family, and I’ll tell you [Adele] something that you do not know or understand – the pain is intolerable.”

Her father continued, addressing his daughter’s body which was laid before him, saying, “What will I do without you? I’m ready for everything, but not for this void. Now you are above, and who will take care of you? I don’t trust anyone with that task. Maybe you are there afraid. Forever, I will remember your face and your breaths. You, Master of the Universe, brought me to this situation and You are the only one that can help me. Or who can take me away, or bring me back Adele. Adele – my little one, my precious baby. We have been condemned to lives of suffering, and I say: I’m counting the days until I join you or you are returned to me. This loss is absolute.”

After that, he carried his daughter in his own two hands to the grave, not allowing anyone else to touch her.

General Yoav Galant rose to speak after the mother’s eulogy, saying, “we will find the person who killed her, and we will stand by our right to live. Anyone who dares raise a hand to us should know this. Even after years in the army, it still breaks my heart to see the body of such a small child. I came to show my support, and was not planning on speaking. Adele is waiting for us to accompany her along her final path.”

The town’s rabbi, Aharon Cohen, also gave a eulogy. He said, “How can we eulogize a child that has been only partly conscious for the last two years? What are we to speak of? Her smile? What has she even had the chance to accomplish yet? However, there are those who were not given the opportunity to do much, but caused others to do. Adele has affected us all, awoken us to fulfill the commandments, to connect to the Land of Israel. In her merit, we opened up a new path in the community.”

The rabbi added, “Adele was killed yesterday by the hands of a terrorists, and not from breathing complications. The absolute truth is that she was murdered two years ago. The terrorist murdered Adele, who belonged to the entire people of Israel, and we shall remain here forever by power of divine command.”

Economy Minister Naftali Bennet also gave a eulogy, saying, ” ‘A new and good world I will give you’ – Adele, young fighting girl, we have come to you to bid you farewell. But what do we say about a girl who, for half her life learned to laugh, and for the other half fought to laugh? Adele merited in the last four years of her life love that people dream to merit in 40 years. Adele’s struggle for survival has ended, but in the end we shall win – in the battle for happiness and life. A people that celebrates the death of an infant girl does not deserve a state. We will continue to build and develop and grow, but everything we do will be out of love. Rest in peace.”

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