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February 20, 2015 1:42 pm

Major Jewish Group Calls on French President to Strip Former Minister of Légion d’Honneur for Comments About PM Valls’ Jewish Wife

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Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas (left), pictured here in 1995, said he will not apologize for saying French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is influenced by his Jewish wife. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Friday called on the president of France to strip former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas of the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest decoration, after Dumas claimed that the policies of Prime Minister Manuel Valls were influenced by his wife’s Jewishness.

Richard Odier, president of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in France, and Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Center’s Director for International Relations sent a joint letter to President Francois Hollande expressing shock at Dumas’ “antisemitic attack” last week. The former French minister said in a television interview about Valls: “Everyone knows that he is married to someone… someone very good who has an influence on him.”

When asked if he believes Valls is under Jewish influence, Dumas responded, “Probably, I think so.” He then added, “Of course [he is influenced by his wife]. Why not?” He has since refused to apologize for his remarks.

The Center said Dumas’ comments were “widely interpreted as an accusation against Valls of double loyalty, by implication, the regurgitation of a Dreyfus-style conspiracy charge of Jewish control of politicians and media.” The Center urged Hollande to invoke his authority as Grand Master and strip Dumas of the Légion d’Honneur “in accordance with Article R96, Title V:Discipline of the Order’s Code: ‘… when the awardee has committed acts contrary to the honor of France.'”

Dumas’ “Jewish influence” attack on the prime minister is “contrary to the honor of France and tarnishes the Code of the Légion d’Honneur,” the letter also said. “Failure to act decisively can evoke the shadows of a former charge of Jewish double loyalty in France – the Dreyfus Affair revisited.”

Odier is the son of a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur and Samuels was awarded the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur by President Chirac in 2007. Both men reminded Hollande that he stripped British fashion designer John Galliano of his Légion d’Honneur after he made antisemitic remarks. Following the death of Maurice Papon, who was convicted for deporting 1,600 Jews from Bordeaux to Auschwitz between 1942 and 1944, Hollande also cancelled his decoration for “having dishonored the French State.”

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  • It is written that God said to Abram the Hebrew; I will bless those that bless thee but I will curse those that curse thee; Ismail and Isaac were reconciled at their fathers wake about the time of the Akrotiri eruption 1680 B.C. The epistle which the followers of ‘The son of david’ sent to the gentiles remanded believers that ‘blessing and cursing should not proceed out of the same mouth. Yesterday I went to a local Middle Eastern food mart and had a nice conversation with a Jordanian man about PETRA and the secret 2000 year old story about it. He also thanked me for sending relief aide to the Syrian refugees in the Bekaa valley at Zahle. Help those in need; stand fast for what is right…..for god so loved the world that he gave his son……I hope you know the rest.

    truly a native Pittsburgher from USA

  • Helene duPont

    France has always been and will always be antisemitic. Throughout history this has been demonstrated. Now that it is being run over by Islamists it will only get worse. Whenever a country tries to get rid of its Jews and/or dishonors them, their intellectual levels plummet. It’s happening in France today. France has never escaped bigotry and has and will continue to suffer the consequences. C’est la vie francaise. Le pays de la stupide.

  • Reform School

    In Narcissist France, Honor is as complex as it is alien.

  • victoria brandeis


  • Jim42

    Again a Socialist and Democrat (!!!!????) as usual mostly antisemitic and Now Anti Zionist (!!) as are all these Socialists all over the world! Danger comes from the Lef since ever…! Mobs are Pogromists… not Highh Aristrocrats & Bourgeois(who married often Jews (when converted of course by authority…) Extreme Right are a tiny nothing… and were so even under Hitler: in Austria, Catholic Traditionalist Regions (Tirol and Oberoesterreich) were not so surprisingly the LESS Nazi ones; and Leftist Areas (Wien-Linz) were the most massively Nazi ones…
    Right-Conservative University of Graz was a strong nationalistic conservative Nazi antisemitic area…
    French Socialist and Communiste were a majority among WWII Fascists and antisemitic meanwhile a Nationalist Like De La Rocque wasn’t and fought tje Nazis and finished in KZ.

  • Jon R.

    What this article fails to actually address is whether, in fact, Valls WAS influenced by his wife’s Jewishness. Well, was he? It’s certainly not implausible. Dual loyalty is a problem across the Western world.

    Notice that there is no attempt by Algemeiner or probably anyone else to question Dumas as to his rationale for making the claim.

    Absolutely no reason for the Dumas to lose any honor at this point. He has an opinion and that is it. If this were a question of Muslim influence, none of the Algemeiner hypocrites in the synagogue would be whining.

  • hmpierson

    “French PM: “If 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be France.”

    Indeed. With no Jews in France, no more Dreyfuss trials, no more Jews transported on state railroads to concentration camps, no more Jews killed in Toulouse, Paris, etc etc

    That would indeed be a change.

  • Jack

    ‘Everyone knows that he is married to someone… someone very good who has an influence on him’
    So I am not a Jew, but as a non-Jew calling ‘someone very good who has an influence’ would seem a compliment maybe?…. if I were a Jew I would think also…
    So Dumas must have done more than this to raise such ire?…
    I hope there is a follow up!

    • Jack

      I admit if the Dumas fellow needs a good influence maybe that is reason enough…but I have a difficult time imagining he could be that rotten.
      …..Maybe though.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    In making these remarks, Roland Dumas is demonstrating how much he has been influenced by his socialist antisemitic fellow travellers. Never forget that it was and is the ‘socialists’ who have brought about the greatest human tragedies – the Communists of Russia and China etc, the National Socialists (Nazis) of Germany.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    One day a Jew is going to fight back and stop being so weak.

    I have a very simple philosophy. Respect Me or Fear Me.

    Jews are hated by 26% of the world according to the 2 studies by ADL & JWC. Why:

    1. We “killed” their God which if we “didn’t” they wouldn’t have a religion.

    2. Jews are incredibly weak instead of being strong.


    “WHY NOT”!

  • France has a long well-recorded history of antisemitism. It did not start with the immigration of Muslims from North Africa.

  • A Sanders

    Not only should he be stripped of his Legion de l’honneur but with be charged with being ant Semitic and go to jail if proven guilty as for Galliano. He has dishonoured France and should pay the price.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    I wonder if Dumas is truly representative of the real France.

  • tom tuey

    Me thinkest, thou protesteth too much…..

  • Thank G d that the present Prime minister is Manuel Valls, he is prepared to stand up to the antisemitic mases of France. Odier was and stil is ,an idiot.

  • Julian Clovelley

    It is one thing to pursue a Nazi war criminal until the day they die but quite another to pursue a 93 year old man, who once help convey arms to the resistance, for saying something stupid in a TV interview.

    The French Socialist Party itself declared the old man’s remarks to be unacceptable. Surely that is enough

    The present direction of the Wiesenthal Foundation is itself questionable. Surely it is time it was wound up as having completed its task, and these new activities in a modern political context be carried out under a fresh name. Wiesenthal Foundation activities were clearly centred on justice with an eye to the rise of incidents of neo-Nazism. Now it’s activities seem purely political.

    All that is understandable with the passage of time, There was bound to be a transition period in which past and present motivation overlapped. But present activity is likely to be more controversial than the pursuit of WWII war criminals

    Wiesenthal’s name belongs to the search for justice in relation to crimes committed some seventy years ago. The Foundation’s own founder has been dead for ten years. Time for the Foundation to relaunch itself under a new name perhaps.

  • Signe Knapp

    “he is married to someone very good”. I don’t understand .?undue influence? What someone else thinks goes on in your house ? Strip someone of an award for thoughts? Sounds like fascism.

  • dante

    one surmises that dumas was trying to express disagreement with the PM, though dumas lacked the courage to state the disagreement openly. if that be correct, one can say that he is a disgusting swine. his subsequent reaction and his reluctance to offer any clarification seem to confirm that reading of his statement.

    perhaps, his statement disqualifies him from membership in the Legion. perhaps, it does not. there’s a huge difference, however, between the limited statement by dumas and the monstrous crimes of papon. and, there is, also, a significant difference between what dumas said and what galliano said.

    The Prime Minister must be honored for his forceful denunciation of anti-Semitism.

  • David Fried

    This is not a charge of “double loyalty.” What Valls said was that the recent attacks on Jews are antisemitic and intolerable; that the French Republic will protect Jews to the fullest extent possible; and that this is required not only because they are citizens but because “France wouldn’t be France without its Jews,” meaning, I take it, that Jews make a distinctive and essential contribution to French life and culture.

    Roland Dumas’s reaction was that no one could think these things who is not either Jewish or under Jewish influence. Well, in the world we live in, isn’t that mostly true? I was deeply heartened by what Valls had to say–because it was so unusually direct and sensitive. If he didn’t have a Jewish wife whom he loves, and she didn’t have relatives whom he regards as family, he would be far less likely to see say this.

    Dumas, on the other hand, showed that he doesn’t particularly care for or about Jews, and probably that he doesn’t particularly care for or about people. He has no empathy or moral imagination. Unless those are required for the Legion D’Honneur, leave the guy alone, now that we all know who he is. Don’t let him parade as another victim of “Jewish influence.”

  • France will never change.

    • Jon R.

      Nor will Jews.

  • Robert Davis

    Are you afraid to put out my mail : roland dumas is a rat influenced by general dégueule.

    • Jon R.

      Very clever jeu de mots, mon petit.

      Vive DeGaulle! Vive la France! A bas les traitres!