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February 25, 2015 12:46 am

How Attending the AIPAC Conference Seals My Commitment to Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference, on March 4, 2014. Photo: Algemeiner.

JNS.org – The following essay, written by 14-year-old Adam Hoffman of Houston, won Hoffman a scholarship to attend the 2015 America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, DC, which will take place March 1-3. Hoffman is a 9th grader studying at the Robert M. Beren Academy.

It is not just because I am a Jew, freedom lover, or an admirer of Israel’s trailblazing accomplishments that I consider myself a Zionist. Being an American, I believe that I have the duty and obligation to promote the ideas of liberty and justice. These virtues are just a couple of the shared values between the United States and Israel. Their relationship is a crucial one for both countries and it’s essential that it continues to thrive.

The countries’ partnership serves both well. On a diplomatic level, America is always at the Jewish State’s side, an unfortunately uncommon stance in today’s hostile world, and Israel returns the favor. Israel also acts a strategic ally and foothold for the United States in a vicious region and enjoys having a major world power as her ally. The United States provides much need monetary assistance and military help. Israel shares everything from her cutting-edge technology to their military intelligence. The two nations benefit tremendously from their cooperation in all sectors.

As a supporter of this alliance, I am also a supporter of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which converts the love for Israel among Americans into real governmental policy. Their dedicated staff work tirelessly to muster up support for Israel on Capitol Hill and at the White House. In addition, this special committee stimulates warmth for the Jewish State by showing its true face in order to properly defend it from blatant lies. The committee also displays ways to use these tools of truth effectively. Though AIPAC provides these tools, it is up to individuals to utilize them.

At AIPAC’s national Policy Conference, I would absorb the information and carry it away with me. I would build upon my current knowledge of Israeli affairs with even more crucial points. More importantly, I would utilize this data to defend Israel. This includes justifying Israel’s legitimacy to defiers of truth, speaking out against lies directed towards the Jewish State, and debating attackers of the Jews. Whether it is defending Israel on social media or attending a pro-Israel event, I am already trying to work in benefit of the counties’ courtship. By going to the policy conference, I would seal my commitment to the State of Israel. It would give me a sense of responsibility to make the case for Israel. I wouldn’t just hear the speeches, but I would be inspired by them and act upon my renewed dedication to the Jewish State. Attending the conference wouldn’t be a single event in my life. Rather, its information will be instilled in me for life.

I have a passion for politics and a love for Israel. The AIPAC national Policy Conference would not only be a great place for me to quench my devotion to the organization, but also a place where I’d be able to learn. I would fully appreciate, enjoy, and use the knowledge that I’d gain from this special opportunity. This is an event which I would dream of going to and would love to have the privilege of attending.

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  • Jordan Shepetofsky

    Adam Hoffman, you are one amazing person. Since the time we met and got to know each other, you are continuously growing in your passion for Israel. Truly an inspiration to all of us (especially me, here in Israel)! I am very proud of you!! Keep up the great work!!! (And please send my regards to everybody at Beren)

    Jordan Shepetofsky

  • Cal

    When I first became familiar with Israel and what zionism is and its belief in ‘separation’ of jews and others I saw it as a bad idea for jews.

    That was 12 years ago….since, and in following Isr-US-I/P, I have changed my mind, jews do need to be separate from others and out of others nations.

    This boy is a tiny example of why. He and his family and all like them should be in Israel where their national loyalty is, not here in america.

    Fifth columns of foreign loyalty in a nation have historicaly always led to bloody internal conflicts.
    This israeli one eventually will also.

  • LM

    John WV – you are an ignorant fool. I suppose you also think that the Jew’s disproportionate contributions to science, medicine, philosophy, literature and music, were all “extracted” by them as well? PhDs, Nobel Prizes, and Fields Medals – all stolen, right?

  • Anonymous

    JohWV – Adam wrote an awesome article and the world should be proud of him for his maturity and depth of understanding. It’s fools like you who are completely uneducated about anything except ridiculous conspiracy theories that make it easy for everyone else to see just how ridiculous the claims against Jews in America are. Go crawl back in whatever little hole you came from you ignorant a-hole.

  • Barry Gelman

    The scholarship that Adam Hoffman won is provided by United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston.
    We are very proud of Adam for his involvment in Israel advocacy and commitment to the State of Israel. Adam’s paretns, shul, school and community have instilled in him a love of Israel and an understadning of the importance of the U.S. Israel relationship.
    Adam Hoffman’s family attends United Orthodox Synagogues.

    Barry Gelman
    Rabbi, united Orthodox Synagogues

  • JohnWV

    Of today’s Americans, 2% are Jews. Of today’s American millionaires, 50% are Jews. As in Weimar Germany, they are organized and cunningly extract enormous amounts of money from our economy without contributing value. Wall Street has become a Jewish run casino serving itself and Jewry. Our news media is mostly Jewish owned and blatantly Israel/Jew biased. Our electoral process has been corrupted by AIPAC, the Jewish Conference of Presidents and more enormous amounts of Jewish money. Israel has occupied not just Palestine, but America too. The Wall Street felons remaining unpunished, AIPAC actually writing congressional legislation, and lack of treason indictments attest to the depth of the occupation. The Jewish state instigated 9/11, all our Mideast wars, and benefited from all. None were in American interests, yet we did the dying and suffered the Great Recession. Our diminished America is now being quietly overthrown from within and transformed into a world dominating racist ultrapower, the JEWISH STATE OF AMERICA.

    • john

      I’m not a Jew, so please take this to heart when I say that, having just read your comment, I feel as though I have just had stupid rubbed all over me. Please, go have a glass of milk and a nap and let the adults have a conversation. Thanks