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February 28, 2015 10:19 pm

Fox News Co-Host Says It’s Time to Ask: ‘Is This White House Antisemitic’ (VIDEO)

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Andreana Tantaros, conservative commentator and a co-host on Fox News' The Five and Outnumbered. Photo: Screenshot.

Andreana Tantaros, conservative commentator and a co-host on Fox News’ The Five and Outnumbered on Thursday asserted that the time has come to ask if the Obama White House is antisemitic.

Citing the administration’s consistent attacks against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over his stance on the Iranian nuclear threat Tantaros said, “I think that it is time that we ask the question, and I’m dead serious about this, is this White House antisemitic?”

After being challenged on the assertion by her co-host, Tantaros explained: “I am asking the question. Because look at the hostility towards Israel, we have never seen an administration so coordinated in their attacks, from Susan Rice to John Kerry to the president, repeatedly at Netanyahu, calling him quote ‘destructive’, it’s just a question.”

The remark came amid elevated tension between Obama and Netanyahu over their divergent views on how to tackle Iran’s nuclear program. Obama has insisted that negotiations with the Iranians can slow their nuclear ambitions, while Netanyahu has held that Iran, a chief regional terror sponsor, can’t be trusted.

Tantaros is not the first Fox News contributor to question Obama’s attitude towards Jews.

In April 2014, Katie Pavlich outright claimed that the president is an antisemite. “Obama won’t fire John Kerry for two reasons. 1. doesn’t need the donors 2. because he’s anti-Semitic,” she tweeted.

Watch a video of Tantaros’ remarks below:

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  • Gail Drake

    Kerry! what a piece of garbage

  • Mak

    Obama’s hostility to Israel is not merely driven by his distrust of Jews and the capitalism that they represent to leftists like him, but also by his frustration that their refusal to go willingly to slaughter has complicated all of his grand plans for world peace.

  • BM3 Evans

    It is obvious that Obama/ Obuma is a Jew hater, he could learn from Truman, who instantly said America will stand with Israel, while my families background is of Irish ancestry we will like Truman stand with Israel,, our Lord and Savior’s mother was a Jew, of tribes of Levite and Judah, Jesus brother and sisters are Jews and besides that what evil hath the Jew done, zero, they contribute much knowledge needed in our world, they have been great allies and a wealth of mideast knowledge, and America, France, Spain, & Germany should join forces and send two hundred thousand troops against Isis on several fronts and when we have destroyed them tell them kill another Christian and we will be back, we need to give blood to get this result, to just stand back makes us the cowards, I stand with Israel and those like Obama,& like Susan Rice may God almighies curses fall upon them, Islam is the offspring of the evil one and before all prophecies are over God Himself will destroy this eviland rule the world again, amen, and amen so be it…

  • Karen

    Does anyone really understand that if Iran has nuclear capabilities they WILL come after us. Does everyone have their heads up their butts. They hate us, I think almost equal to Israel…It’s always “death to Israel, death to the United States” Isn’t anyone SCARRED yet? I am, not for me but for all children and grandchildren. Life for them will not be the same if we don’t stop them now and show our strength against them!

  • Joe

    Obama is always on the side of Islam….he is totally anti-Semitic………he is pro Islam …absolutely!

  • Mike

    I second Jew hater.

  • victoria brandeis

    you want a clap …….

  • Webb

    Anti-Semitic is such a tepid worn out term. Obama is 100% a Jew hater.

  • Col. Angus

    ANDREA Tantaros. At least get the name right.