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March 1, 2015 1:34 am

Opinion: Mahmoud Abbas is No Moderate

avatar by Bradley Martin

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The Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, is slated to formally join the ICC in April. Photo: World Economic Forum.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently marched with world leaders in Paris in a gesture of unity after Islamic extremists slaughtered 17 people. While much of the Western world agrees that Hamas is a terrorist organization, Abbas has been hailed by many as being a brave and moderate figure who wants peace with Israel. Such characterizations fail to take key facts about Abbas into consideration, making his participation in the anti-terror march absurd.

In 1982, Abbas completed his doctoral thesis, titled “The Secret Connection between the Nazis and the Zionist Movement.” Abbas wrote that the estimated number of Jews killed during the Holocaust, was “less than one million.” He also claimed that the Zionist leadership collaborated with the Nazi regime to “facilitate the wide-spread destruction” of Jews. Abbas’ thesis later took the form of a book, which was printed in 1984 by a publisher based in Amman, Jordan. In the introduction to his book, Abbas asserted again that the number of Jews killed was less than one million. Abbas also claimed that there were doubts regarding the existence of gas chambers.

It is rather ironic that Abbas constructs a supposed Nazi-Zionist conspiracy, considering the very real connection between Adolf Hitler and former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini. Al-Husseini was considered by many to be one of the major founders of Palestinian Arab nationalism. During the Second World War, he collaborated with Nazi Germany and helped recruit Bosnian Muslims for the Waffen-SS, many of whom later fought against the nascent State of Israel during the 1948 War of Independence. Al-Husseini also sought Hitler’s help in extending the Nazis’ genocidal anti-Jewish program from Europe to Arab lands. This happened during a personal meeting between the two that took place in 1941.

And the outrages don’t end with Abbas’ views on the Holocaust. Under his presidency, the Palestinian Authority has continued to make it illegal for Palestinians to sell land to Jews; worse, it is a capital offense. In one high profile case, former Palestinian intelligence officer Muhammad Abu Shahala was sentenced to death after it was revealed that he sold his home in Hebron to a Jewish man.

According to Caroline Glick, “scores of Arab land sellers began turning up dead in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria in both judicial and extrajudicial killings.” Such laws, enforced by Abbas, have dangerous commonalities with the Third Reich ban on social and economic relations with Jews. Furthermore, Palestinian Authority officials and media have continuously engaged in incitement against Israel, under Abbas’ watch. A recent example occurred just last year, when Abbas called upon all Palestinians to prevent Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount ‘by all means.’

Mahmoud Abbas’ past history of financing terrorism also must be addressed. In a Sports Illustrated article from 2002, the mastermind behind the Munich Olympic Massacre revealed that it was Abbas who financed the operation. The mastermind recalled how Arafat and Abbas wished him luck and kissed him when he set about organizing the attack.

Not only does Abbas refuse to renounce this massacre, but he actively praises Black September and other terrorists to this day. When the Munich mastermind died in 2010 of kidney failure, Abbas sent a telegram of condolence calling him “a wonderful brother, companion, tough and stubborn fighter.” In late 2014, Muataz Hijazi shot Yehuda Glick in an attempt to assassinate him. When Hijazi was later killed by Israeli police, after attempts at his arrest were met with gunfire, Abbas expressed condolences to Hijazi’s family while condemning the “heinous crime committed by the murderous, terrorist gangs in the Israeli occupation army.”

In order for there to be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel must negotiate with moderate Palestinian leadership. There must be willingness on the part of Palestinians to renounce terrorism, not pursue anti-Semitic policies and deny Israel’s right to exist. Mahmoud Abbas is no such person.

Bradley Martin is a Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) Fellow and student at Concordia University.

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  • Islamic Destruction of Hindu Temples

    For those who don’t believe or do not know of the amount of destruction that took place in India at the hands of the Muslim invaders and Islamic rulers who established themselves in parts of India, we can review the Islamic chronicles of the deeds of these rulers of the day, as written by the Muslim contemporary writers or historians. So what follows is a review of some of the books and their authors who recorded the histories of the Islamic rulers, and quotes from some of the descriptions within them about the cities they attacked and the temples they destroyed. It really shows how demoniac and cruel these rulers were.
    The evidence of destruction of thousands of Hindu temples can be primarily found from two different sources:
    1. Literary Evidence from the work of renowned Islamic historians
    2. Epigraphic Evidence from the inscriptions on numerous Mosques all over India.
    This article deals with only the literary evidence.
    Hundreds of Muslim historians have glorified the deeds of their Muslim heroes all over India. This by no means is an exhaustive list! To learn more about this, please read both volumes of, Hindu Temples: What Happened To Them? by Sita RamGoel.
    There is elaborate literary evidence from the Islamic sources which glorify the crimes committed by the Muslims in India. Crimes such as the desecration of the Hindu idols, looting of the temples, killing devotees and raping have been well documented by the Muslim historians themselves. They have done so because according to them these Muslim rulers by doing such deeds were following the tenets of Islam and Sunnah of the prophet Mohammed. The literary evidence stated below is in chronological order with reference to the time at which a particular work was written.
    1. Name Of The Book: Hindustan Islami Ahad Mein (India under Islamic Rule)
    Name Of The Historian: Maulana Abdul Hai.
    About The Author: He is a highly respected scholar and taken as an authority on Islamic history. Because of his scholarship and his services to Islam, Maulana Abdul Hai was appointed as the Rector of the Darul Nadwa Ullum Nadwatal-Ulama. He continued in that post till his death in February 1923.

    The following section is taken from the chapter Hindustan ki Masjidein (The mosques of India) of the above mentioned book. Here we can see a brief description of few important mosques in India and how each one of them was built upon plundered Hindu temples.
    a. Qawwat al-Islam Mosque at Delhi: “According to my findings the first mosque of Delhi is Qubbat al-Islam or Quwwat al-Islam which, Qutubud-Din Aibak constructed in H. 587 after demolishing the Hindu temple built by Prithvi Raj and leaving certain parts of the temple outside the mosque proper; and when he returned from Ghazni in H. 592 he started building, under orders from Shihabud-Din Ghori, a huge mosque of inimitable red stones, and certain parts of the temple were included in the mosque…”
    b. The Mosque at Jaunpur: “This was built by Sultan Ibrahim Sharqi with chiseled stones. Originally it was a Hindu temple after demolishing which he constructed the mosque. It is known as the Atala Masjid.”
    c. The Mosque at Qanauj: “It is well known that this mosque was built on the foundations of some Hindu temple that stood here. The mosque was built by Ibrahim Sharqi in H. 809 as is recorded in Gharbat Nigar.”
    d. Jami Masjid at Etwah: “This mosque stands on the bank of the Jamuna at Etawah. There was a Hindu temple at this place, on the site of which this mosque was constructed. .”
    e. Babri Masjid at Ayodhya: “This mosque was constructed by Babar at Ayodhya which Hindus call the birth place of Ramchandraji… Sita had a temple here in which she lived and cooked for her husband. On that very site Babar constructed this mosque in H.963 ”
    f. Mosque at Benaras: “Mosque of Benares was built by Alamgir Aurangzeb on the site of Bisheshwar Temple. That temple was very tall and held as holy among Hindus. On this very site and with those very stones he constructed a lofty mosque, and its ancient stones were rearranged after being embedded in the walls of the mosque. It is one of the renowned mosques of Hindustan.”
    g. Mosque at Mathura: “Alamgir Aurangzeb built a mosque at Mathura. This mosque was built on site of the Govind Dev Temple which was very strong and beautiful as well as exquisite.”

  • If anyone took the time to try to understand why peace has not been achieved between Israel and the Palestinians, the correct conclusion would be because the Palestinians don’t want it. The media, bends over backwards to praise Abbas and the Palestinians, while Netanyahu and Israel are demonized. Would a moderate agree to have a coalition government with Hamas? On several occasions, Abbas went to the U.N. and tried to unilaterally achieve Palestinian statehood despite warnings that any attempts to do so would fail. The Palestinians, i.e. Abbas went to the international criminal court, and ordered an investigation of Israeli war crimes during last years Protective Edge conflict. Abbas rejected every peace offer that Israel has made and never made any counter offer. Last year, Netanyahu agreed to release Palestinian terrorist from prison, a decision I strongly opposed, with the promise that Abbas would show for negotiations with Israel. Abbas showed up for a half a day and left. I am not sure how anyone could surmise that Abbas is moderate and he clearly has no interest in normalizing relations with Israel and until the Palestinians have a reform minded leadership, peace will never be achieved.

  • No, the message as yet to be absorbed. There will always be those who will tell us that Abbas is a “moderate”. He never was and has yet to change.

  • Mahmoud Abbas is proud of his role in the Munich Massacre.

    Palestinian President Abbas: Paymaster of 1972 Munich Massacre Terrorists
    Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas financed the Abu Daoud/Black September terror call to murder 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972. Read the reports, then decide.

    What a delusion and irony – Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen the murdering terrorist of innocent civilians and creator of fiction and delusion.
    Arab-Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas financed the Abu Daoud/Black September terror cell to murder 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972. He has a warrant for his arrest in Germany and a murder conviction in Italy with life in prison for the hijacking a cruise ship and killing an wheel-bound elderly man. . Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen the head of the Arab-Palestinian Authority is also the master mind of the Achille Lauro hijacking, on 11 October 1985 they thru a wheelchair bound Jew in to the ocean to die. There is a reward on his head by the United States and Germany. This is the person you want to make peace with – how delusional can people be.
    Former PLO official Muhammad Daoud Oddeh published in France in 1999, Abu Mazen was involved in the hostage takeover at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, which led to the death of 11 Israeli athletes.
    Oddeh, known as Abu Daoud, wrote that he was the mastermind of Munich, which was carried out by the so-called Black September organization. He recalled that the plan was concocted in Rome at a meeting he held with senior PLO official Salah Khalaf, better known as Abu Iyad, and another colleague. Soon after, Abu Daoud began planning the operation. The only people he dealt with on the matter were Abu Iyad and Abu Mazen, who, Abu Iyad said, was to secure the funding.
    It was the “real” Black September, set up by Abu Iyad, Abu Daoud, and Abu Mazen as a tributary to Fatah, that was responsible for Munich.

    YJ Draiman

  • Dr. M. Abbas, hates Jews and he hates Israel. I consider him more dangerous then Arafat was. He is a true terrorist, he and his crony Erekat are skilled liars.

    Unfortunately, with the Islamic and Arabic PR-machine he is politically very successful. Many western democracies have recognized Palestine.

    Abbas will never recognize the Jewish State Israel and he will never make peace with Israel.

    The only loyal non-Arab supporter he has is the Jewish Palestinian lobby, the NIF, JStreet, JCall and JFP.

  • Pro America

    America did not want to get into World War I. Germany was winning the war. Germany tried to make peace, asking only that things went back to way they were before the war.
    Great Britain was ready to make peace. Zionist went to them and told them they can get America into the war in exchange for the Balfour declaration. Giving part of Palestine to the Zionist. Zionists then came to America and red yellow journalism until they could get America into the war.

    World War II Germany was made pay reparations for World War I. this resulted in Germany going into a very severe depression. During this time Jews called for a international boycott Germany.
    Cause and effect.

    • Lee

      Are you the crazy anti-Semitic dude who calls C-SPAN all the time? If so, I want to thank you for all the laughs you have given me over the years. Keep up the good work. Your pals, the Jewish people.