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March 4, 2015 5:09 pm

Rouhani Says Iran Will Never Accept Deal Which Deprives Country of Nuclear Power

avatar by David Daoud

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Rouhani says Iran will never accept a deal curtailing its right to nuclear power. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, said Wednesday that Iran’s nuclear negotiators would never accept a deal with world powers that would curtail the Iranian nation’s “rights” to nuclear power, Al-Manar News – the media outlet of Iranian proxy Hezbollah – report on Wednesday.

Rouhani, touted as a moderate, made these remarks in a speech to a session of his cabinet, according to the report.

Al-Manar claimed that the president said Iran was willing to demonstrate more transparency on its nuclear program, which Iran has long maintained is being built for exclusively peaceful purposes. However, Rouhani added that if the negotiators are seeking to deprive Iran of its “inalienable right” to pursue nuclear technology, the Islamic Republic would reject such an agreement.

The report claims that Rouhani said Iran wants a deal that is beneficial to Iran, but also to the region and the entire world.

Rouhani also claimed that the world appears satisfied with the course of negotiations and progress being made between Iran and the P5+1 nations, and that the outcome of negotiations would help in settling the crises caused by extremism in the region and the entire world.

Rouhani expressed his hope in the meeting that the six world powers negotiating with Iran would come to realize the critical situation in which the Middle East finds itself, and therefore adopt a “reasonable” approach towards Iran’s nuclear program.

Rouhani further noted that only the “occupying regime” in Jerusalem – a reference to the State of Israel – is unhappy with the talks and the progress being made. But he added that the wisdom of the American people and the world would prevent them from being dragged by the “warmongering regime” into violent confrontation with Iran.

Rouhani ended by saying that the p5+1 are well aware that they face one of two options: either sign a deal with Iran, and the earlier the deal is reached the better, or be faced with the possibility of a much speedier development of Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program.

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  • DockyWocky

    Iran will soon have enough weapons grade uranium and plutonium in their reactor fuels to have one nuclear power plant for every square mile of the country.

    Methinks the are hedging their situation.

    Me also thinks Iran could become the first fully radioactively contaminated patch of dirt on the planet.

  • Monty Pogoda

    A liar to the core. Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program. Then why are they building intercontinental missiles that can carry enormous war heads?

  • Reform School

    Now even Rouhani verifies Bibi’s argument.
    How the Pied Piper with the cellphone and the pen will react is predictable: he will add to our predicament.

  • The “peaceful” Rouhani, the good soul, wants to “help” the whole world, with just a smal nuclear bomb, but the big warmonger Israel don`t let him. What a shame. But nevermind, his best friend, the Muslim Obama will help him, because only a Muslim can understand a killer.

    • Joyce Bross

      Very scary thought! But honestly … Obama’s actions surely speaks to the truth of your comment! God help US ALL!

  • It is amazing how cocky Iran and Rouhani are, they are now dictating to Obama and the world the terms of the agreement they are willing to sign. It is high time the the tied is turned and that Iran is stopped period by no mater what means, even if that means war against them and it has to be before they have the nuclear bomb. As one can see it is not only Israel that is concerned but the other Arab nation are worried as well as they expressed their support to Netanyahu’s speech.

  • Robert Davis

    At long last the iranian regime admits he wants the nukes and therefore Netanyahu was RIGHT to speak before the Congress to show that obama’s delays for years was a wadste of time which has allowed iran to develop its nuclear industry and is now on the brink of getting the nukes and to keep negociating with them will only result in letting iran get the nukes which we knew from the start.obama wants to give iran enough time to eventually pretend there is no way to prevent it which he already started to say. However this is a new LIE because there is a way which is the bombing of itzs nuclear facilities? If obama does not want to bomb his iranian friends,he should at least not threaten to take on Israels aircraftand anyway whether or not he takes on Israel’s aircraft the latter should bomb the facilities and if need be shoot down obama’s aircraft.

  • this is theocratic worldpower as Clear as you couls wich from shiamuslim base. Envied by its sunnimuslim counterpart in Saudi Arabia..

  • Paul

    Two questions underline how false Iran’s declared aims are:
    1) “Rouhani ended by saying that the p5+1 are well aware that they face one of two options: either sign a deal with Iran, and the earlier the deal is reached the better, or be faced with the possibility of a much speedier development of Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program.” The question is: if the program is peaceful, why is it presented as a threat ?
    2) Why does Iran NEED nuclear power ? It CLAIMS it is for civilian use only. REALLY ? Iran is subjecting its citizens to tremendous economic hardship while spending a fortune on its nuclear program (as well as its missiles and other armaments). Such sensitive consideration for the welfare of the citizens they are literally starving – to get them cheaper energy ? There is NO LOGICAL OR ECONOMIC REASON for Iran to invest in developing its own nuclear capability for civilian use – they could purchase all they need for a fraction of the cost.
    The only thing that makes sense, is their ongoing aspiration to power, which will be achieved the moment their first bomb goes off – they will immediately impose themselves on the moderate arab oil producers (where they are already long active to undermine thier regimes) and thus become a superpower controlling the economy of the Western world. THEN they can take on the other targets with much more resources at their disposal.
    The waving of Israel as its target is an efficient subterfuge, a successful read herring – the west will continue trying to regard it as another problem out there, between the (Damned) Jews and the Arabs. But if the west were to read about the ideology behind these extremists, they would find that the order in which they regard others as their enemies: most hated are other Muslims (non Shi’ite Muslims). Then, all infidels (Christians, Jews etc). Then the great Satan (the USA) and only last, the small Satan (Israel). The ultimate aim of this regime is not Israel, it is the world – Israel is last on their hate list. (They know that a nuclear strike against Israel will result in a retaliatory Nuclear strike by Israel that will obliterate Iran. They have MUCH better choices than to nuke Israel as an opening strategy).) Iran is already today in a position to wreak havoc on the USA if they were to so choose. (For example: One cup of certain substances poured into a US water supply could kill millions before it was detected – and this could be anonymously done. Only the threat of devastating retaliation prevents this).
    The USA is going for a deal to let Iran LEGITIMATELY develop nuclear weapons in ten years time. And they criticise Bibi’s speech for being impolitely managed by bad protocol. They say there is no better alternative. they are actually, politely, politically correctly SURRENDERING to Iran’s will, while squealing it is the best they can get. They are saying PEACE IN OUR TIME and allowing Iran to go for its bomb.
    Obama said they would NOT allow a Nuclear-armed Iran – and they are allowing it to be legitimate in ten years time. Iran’s choice today is, wait ten years to do it legitimately, or rush ahead illegitimately with the capabilities they have visible and hidden. A week ago we were informed of a new secret facility nobody had known about. We are not fighting to stop the most vicious, dangerous regime in the world today. Who was it that said “if you want peace, prepare for war”? The USA has shown it will NOT go to war, and Iran knows this. they smell the fear from miles away. The credible THREAT of war is the only thing that will deter Iran.
    Who was it that said that you can count on the USA to do the right thing – after they have tried everything else.

  • Fred

    Never smile at a crocodile. Rouhani shows honesty in his pursuit of atomic power ,something Obama & Kerry do not by being secretive & devious.

    • Joyce Bross

      I really enjoyed your comment “Never smile at a crocodile.” I think Obama and his administration is “In bed with a crocodile.”
      Now that sounds extremely painful … I wonder why this president and his administration can’t imagine the pain of being bitten multiple times by this crocodile? It sounds like the American people are not so stupid after all, (they can see the impending outcome), but the president and his administration are the Stupid Ones … that is of course unless Obama wants nuclear chaos throughout the world. Thanks for your comment.

  • Efram

    Actually, the vast majority of Americans see right through this villain’s bogus bluster. It is Obama, not the American people, who cannot wait to give Iran the sweetheart deal it wants.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    All the threats are coming from Iran, and they always have been. The country is hardly a superpower. Their economy is weak and applying strong sanctions could unseat this regime through a popular uprising. However, Obama inexplicably threw them a lifeline when they were hurting really badly. Now he acts as though he is left with little choice and must take a deal that rewards the regime’s criminality. His weakness makes Iran appear strong. If they get nuclear weapons they will become a nuclear bully. These are the new Nazis of the 21st century.

    People in the US and around the world are wondering what is going on with US leadership.

    • Joyce Bross

      I say Amen and right-on to Shalom-Hillelmen’s comment!

  • Toby

    States seeking only peaceful nuclear power do not go around discussing how other countries can be eliminated by just one bomb. Nor do they have uranium enrichment programs.

  • Terror in the nuclear age
    “Let me explain to you what we – all of us -are up against. Classic warfare is fundamentally a contest of wills fought to impose so much stress on the enemy that he loses the will to fight. A war of terror has the same intent, but with a singularly insidious twist: the enemy can be anybody, anywhere. He is without uniform or identification. His targets are random. His weapon is fear. He knows no constraints. He comes in all guises, often in the dress of his victims. He seeks to shatter nerves and break morale by flaunting the impotence of the authorities to protect their people. He uses his own women and children as his shield. He seeks to goad the defender into ever-harsher counter measures so as to stoke the general hate. He goes all-out to sow despair and to brutalize the agitated hearts of the other side. And in so doing, he strives to corrupt the defender’s military professionalism and discipline through combat stress, demoralization, fatigue, boredom and overkill, the very things we have been talking about. Well” – this in a final arpeggio – “no enemy is going to brutalize our hearts, nor corrupt our military professionalism and discipline.
    Do you want prevent nuclear terror? Vote for nuclear free Iran.
    A terrorist state must not be permitted to possess nuclear capability.

    • Joyce Bross

      You are so very correct … So Sad that Obama can’t see or understand such logic … SO SO SAD! I really enjoyed reading your truthful comment full of good logic. Thanks for sharing it.

  • nelson marans

    When Rouhani and the real ruler of Iran Khamenei state that Iran will never accept a deal which deprives that nation of nuclear power, he means of the nuclear bomb. We have been idiots to think otherwise led by a president who has no regard for the future safety of the Jewish state and is intending to leave a second Chamberlain to history. The difference is that Chamberlain was already negotiating from perceived weakness while Obama is giving deadly concessions while the U. S. is the stronger party.

  • Michael

    Just a continuation of Iranian propaganda. Actions speak louder than words. Iran’s actions in the Middle East speak volumes of its intent. It is a state sponsor of terrorism throughout the region. It has referred to America as the Great Satan. Iran’s destiny is to return to the glory days of ancient Persia under the flag of Iran and under the rule of the Ayatollah. The path to domination is through the development of nuclear weapons.

  • steven L

    He knows it is not about nuclear power but nuclear war heads.
    Every intelligent people is against Iran acquiring nuclear war heads. And he knows it.

  • Howie Subnick

    And Obama thinks they won’t use the BOMB on Israel. Just remember, if they do, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL BE NEXT! Thank that one over, OBAMA!!!!

  • Bruce Richardson

    I seem to recall a deal with North Korea that was supposed to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. It appears to me that the “deal” effectively subsidized it.

    That Iran intends to develop nuclear weapons seems obvious. The Obama administration appears to be negotiating only the timetable. Sanctions may be interfering with that goal so, of course, our Neville Chamberlain, wants to assure “peace for our time” by lifting those sanctions.

    Once Iran has enough nuclear weapons that the Muslim fanatics feel that they can launch a successful first strike against Israel, Allah is probably going to tell them to do it. Israel will have no choice but to retaliate with her own nuclear weapons. A lot of innocent people in both Iran and Israel would likely suffer.

  • hill

    naturally this brain damaged prick thinks that Iran taking over the entire world with Islam is good for Iran. Nuclear is definitely the way to get it. Who’s game to stop them? No one was game to stop Haj Adolf until it was too late. Now they’re doing it again only this time it is not 1938 or is it?

  • Gary

    It’s just what they want, they know Obama is weak, and supports the Muslim every change he gets.

  • Valery

    what was known before. The breakdown of talks, the rejection of the agreement – is accelerating nuclear program of Tehran, and without the control of the IAEA. This is – a step towards war.

  • Steve Loeb

    The Saudis and Gulf States beg to differ

  • rachel robinson

    The world needs to see the above statement, and know that all the talk is just talk, that Obama will not accomplish even the bad deal with these terrorists. It is just a waste of time to even attempt to negotiate.

  • Either way Iran wants to make nuclear bombs. – “Logic dictates that you should never give a monkey a loaded gun.”- That is the equivalent of Iran´s nuclear power.
    ISIS has taken Mosul,Iraq and burned down the library, destroying thousands of years of history and works of art. If ISIS were to overrun the present Iranian Government and take possession of those nuclear elements, we can be sure of a major “Nuclear Fall Out” much worse than that of Chernobyl. ISIS willl eventually take over Iraq, and then go for Iran. There is no coordination between those two Moslem groups sunnies and chiitas to stop once and for all these radicals of ISIS.

  • Eddie

    Or we could blow their asses into Allahland. NO DEAL is better than a bad deal. These two bit rag heads have pushed America around enough. Screw Khomeini we still owe them for the hostage deal. I would bet that Valerie Jarrett is the driving force behind Obamas obsession with appeasing Iran….she is an Iranian citizen.

  • Iran the destabilizing factor in the Middle East and beyond..

    Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and seeks one of the world’s most terrifying weapons: a nuclear bomb.

    Israel’s PM speech in Congress today just reinforced our resolve to stop Iran’s Nuclear development at all costs. The alternative could bring the world to a nuclear Holocaust.

    Iran also has developed the largest ballistic missile force in the Middle East, which poses a growing threat to U.S. bases, U.S. allies, and numerous other countries in the region.

    The rogue regimes in Iran pose some of the most dangerous threats to U.S. national security interests. Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and is rapidly expanding its nuclear program and ballistic missile force plus other offensive weapons and methods of terror. Regrettably, the Obama Administration has failed to formulate effective policies to address the challenges posed by the rising power of Iran and its unpredictable regime.
    Iran has been hostile to the United States since 1979, when a revolution brought to power a cadre of anti-Western Shia Islamist revolutionaries who dubbed the United States the “Great Satan.” Iran has tried to export its Islamist revolution violently to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Gaza and Saudi Arabia by supporting Shia radical Islamists in each of these countries. Tehran helped to create the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon and has supported a wide variety of terrorist and revolutionary groups throughout the Middle East. It became the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism to advance its foreign policy goals and punish its enemies.
    In recent years, Iran’s hostile regime has been one of the chief beneficiaries of the political turmoil that convulsed the Middle East during the “Arab Spring,” which distracted the United States and other countries from the ongoing standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. The dramatic events diverted international attention from Tehran’s stubborn defiance of four rounds of U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions on the nuclear issue. The political upheaval in the Arab world also has toppled a government in Egypt, and recreated a new government headed by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Iran undermined governments in Jordan, Bahrain, and elsewhere, that firmly opposed Iran. Although Bashar al-Assad’s pro-Iranian regime in Syria also has been weakened, strong support from Iran appears for the moment to have evened the balance of power in Syria’s civil war fueled by Assad.
    Some of the consequences has been the growth of ISIS and its goal for a Caliphate Dominion. The horrific pictures of beheadings and atrocities that defy human comprehension, only awaken our resolve to stop terror and violence before it engulfs the whole world and threaten our own survival.
    In retrospect, how would the U.S. react if Iran was a neighbor of the U.S. with its nuclear development and a threat to the U.S. and its allies.

    U.S must force the halt of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Washington must do a better job of enforcing its red line against an Iranian nuclear weapon than it did in enforcing the Obama Administration’s ill-considered red line against Syrian chemical weapons. Tehran must be forced by additional sanctions to comply with its non-proliferation obligations. The U.S. must demonstrate the willingness and capacity to defend its vital interests in the region. The U.S. should not agree to lift or ease anymore sanctions until Iran has taken concrete and irreversible actions to stop uranium enrichment, ship medium-enriched uranium stocks out of the country, close the uranium enrichment facility at Fordow, and halt work on the heavy water reactor at Arak and other location in Iran or its accomplices.

    Imagine Iran with nuclear capability and some terrorists getting a hold off a backpack with a nuclear device or dirty bomb and detonating it in the middle of Times Square in New York or any other congested area with hundreds of thousands in casualties. Do you think the American people will tolerate such a potential threat.
    I think 9-11 has shown to the American people that threats and weapons of mass destruction in the possession of terrorists is a national threat to America and the rest of the free world.
    It is time for the free world to take the gloves off and treat the threat with utmost force and cleanse the terrorists and its sponsors from existence.

  • The Ginny came out off the bottle…

  • David Drimer

    “either sign a deal with Iran, and the earlier the deal is reached the better, or be faced with the possibility of a much speedier development of Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program.”

    What is the downside of a “peaceful” nuclear program? He is mocking us. Obviously.

    Bibi is right that the powerful combo of plummeting oil prices and sanctions should be used to craft a deal that dismantles the infrastructure of Iran’s enrichment programs. No weapons grade fissionable material, now or ever.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    This sounds that Rouhani is a blackmailer in addition to his other virtues.

  • Irans “peaceful” nuclear Holocaust program MUST be wiped out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!