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March 10, 2015 1:44 pm

Poll: 71 Percent of Americans Think Iran Talks Won’t Prevent Nuclear Weapons

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Israelis are concerned with the Iranian nuclear threat. Photo: Algemeiner.

A new poll reveals that the vast majority of Americans doubt that President Obama’s negotiations will thwart Iran’s nuclear program.

According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll, 71 percent think that negotiations with Tehran will not prevent the Islamic Republic from developing nuclear weapons. A small minority (24 percent) think that White House diplomacy will prevent Iran from developing such weapons, while 5 percent were not sure.

WSJ/NBC conducted the poll in the days leading up to, and after Benjamin Netanyahu’s congressional speech last week, in which the Israeli Prime Minister warned US lawmakers about the folly of negotiating a bad deal with Iran. The WSJ/NBC poll did not reveal whether this speech moved the opinions of those polled.

Still, the poll suggests that Americans are more skeptical of a deal with Iran than they were of North Korea. A similar WSJ/NBC poll conducted in 2007 showed that 62 percent thought that normalizing relations with North Korea would prevent that nation from developing nuclear weapons.

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  • RobiMac

    These ‘polls’ cannot be correct. Who’s being asked? Because it ain’t me.

  • Jonah

    And fifty percent beleive the democrats are going to give orders to send the Christians to FEMA camps in the not so distant future. They have to get us out of the way. Every time they get a noose around Israels neck…the Christians come to the rescue. And it is driving them mad, I mean look at Pelosi she actually went temporarily insane when Netanyahu addressed the congress, why?…could it be…..because they had the Iranian noose around Israels neck and their attempts to pull the trigger were foiled….by conservative Christians!

    • RobiMac

      I think Jesus is going to get us out of the way.

  • Seule solution avec le régime actuel de l’Iran : ULTIMATUM : démantélement immédiat supervisé par une force internationale de toutes les installations nucléaires susceptibles de mener à la bombe –
    Ou intervention internationale de destruction de ces installations –
    Il n’y a pas d’autres alternatives valables -Nous ne pouvons pas faire confiance aux “religieux”…Ces gens là sont fanatiques et ne comprennent que la force –

  • Of course not (prevent). The diplomacy works between civilized nations, but Iran is not. He is under a great influence and support of Russia, and we can see the same failure of “diplomacy” about Ukraine that Frau Merkel persists as in Iran

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    What do the people know? We Washington hacks know what is good for the American people.? We have to remember that the average American is too stupid to grasp what is good for them.


    -A rally seeking change in Israel’s leadership attracted an estimated 35,000 people to Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night. Keynote speaker, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, told the crowd that Israel faces its worst crisis ever under Netanyahu’s leadership.

    -Zionist Union and the Meretz party signed an agreement to share excess votes, possibly resulting in an extra Knesset seat for the center-left bloc after the elections. Earlier negotiations between the parties and the Joint Arab List failed to reach a deal, meaning any votes for the Arab parties that don’t round off will go to waste.

    -Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman of the Israel Beiteinu party said that Israeli Arabs who are disloyal to the State of Israel should have their heads chopped off. Prominent Israeli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi, who is number four on the Arab parties’ Joint List, suggested a situation like that described by Lieberman would result in a Jewish version of ISIS.

    -Yesh Atid chair Yair Lapid said that while he has “lost hope in the bilateral course” with the Palestinians, “What threatens the existence of Israel as a Jewish, democratic state, is the loony idea of trying to digest 3.5 million Palestinians and staying a Jewish, democratic state.”

    -Former Ambassador to the US and Kulanu candidate Michael Oren said that Israel has to start creating a “two-state reality” on the ground by restricting settlement construction to major blocs and East Jerusalem, while improving the living conditions of Palestinians.

    -Sephardim, disproportionately poorer than Israel’s Ashkenazi Jews and angry over the high cost of living and housing prices, may not support Likud in the election.
    Bibi doesn’t have support in Israel…


    Tuesday’s speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is here to warn against a deal with Iran just two weeks before the Israeli elections, clearly backfired if the goal was to shore up political support for Israel.

    Since the nation was founded in 1948, one of the biggest political virtues for champions of Israel within the United States has been the way in which support has cut across partisan lines. Even after what has taken place in recent months, some of the most contentious in U.S.-Israeli relations, this still remains true.

    Julian Zelizer

    Julian Zelizer

    But Tuesday’s speech strains that bipartisan support more than almost anything else that has happened in recent years. Fifty-five members of Congress boycotted the speech, which some have dismissed as an election stunt and others call a direct slam against President Barack Obama as his administration tries to work out an agreement over nuclear weapons with Iran.

    Worst of all for Israel, the speech is creating the strong impression that there is now a partisan alliance between the GOP and the Israeli leadership. In the current age when partisan polarization is so strong on Capitol Hill, this perception could become devastating. According to a recent Pew poll, 53% of Americans reported positive views of Netanyahu, with 21% being unfavorable. Only 28% of Democrats saw him favorably, with 35% registering unfavorable ratings.

    What comes next will be important. It is clear that there is growing pressure within Israel for a different kind of political posture and different political leaders. As Jonathan Alter has recounted in a fascinating piece for The Daily Beast, there are many figures, including those on the Israeli right, who are unhappy with Netanyahu’s brazen moves.

    The good news for Israel here in the United States is that American Jews still remain overwhelmingly Democratic and they are reluctant to switch over to the GOP (despite Republicans having courted their vote for decades). American Jews remain pretty liberal on most domestic issues. This means that as Republicans become more ardent in their support for Israel, the Democratic Party is not likely to switch its basic position on this alliance dramatically.

    The biggest question will be whether Netanyahu’s critics in Israel can build the kind of coalition that would challenge the Prime Minister, or create sufficient pressure on him to change his tactics, and revitalize the bipartisan foundation of support the nation has enjoyed in the United States for decades.

    Julian Zelizer is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University and a New America fellow. He is the author of the new book “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress and the Battle for the Great Society.”

  • Theodore Sternberg

    Why should *any* Americans expect these talks to prevent Iran from acquiring nukes? I don’t think that’s even Obama’s goal.

  • Craig

    it would be very interesting to see how many American articles focused on the Iran talks vs the number of articles focusing on Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

    I don’t recall many news stories on the Iran talks here in the U.S. prior to Netanyahu’s speech.

  • cool post!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Let me be blunt. President Clinton committed acts of debauchery in the White House during hits terms in office. Whereas President Obama is engaged in acts of potentially causing permanent damage to the American infrastructure, the deaths of millions of people throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America and North America. If Iran explodes a nuclear weapon above the North American continent, the US and possibly Canada will lose most if not all of their infrastructure based on an electromagnetic meltdown. And only 71% of Americans polled think Iran will so have nuclear military capability? How obtuse is the American mentality if that poll is anything even remotely accurate. Obama is in the midst of creating a power vacuum worldwide. America has already lost a great deal of its reputation as a trustworthy partner and ally because of Obama’s principles and diplomacy. With the advent of this possible new detente or entente with Iran, the world may very well rue the day that he was voted into office twice.

    • RobiMac

      Obama wasn’t voted in. He was shoe horned in by communist party USA.