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March 11, 2015 1:19 am

Haaretz’s Pitiful Attack on Elie Wiesel

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Elie Wiesel attended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress. Photo: David Shankbone.

This may not be the most offensive Haaretz column ever written, but it very possibly is the most idiotic.

From Rogel Alpher in Haaretz:

I saw you during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in Congress, Elie Wiesel. You were there, in the gallery, next to Sara Netanyahu. Your appearance was impressive and powerful, leaving its mark on everyone who saw it.

…Your thin, elderly body hardly filled the suit you wore for the occasion. It is obvious you are accustomed to such suits. They are your natural clothing. Their touch is familiar to your skin. You looked like you were completely in your element when Netanyahu pointed you out – the most famous Holocaust survivor today, a Nobel laureate, an admired author – to illustrate his commitment to stopping the fulfillment of the Iranian threat to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons. Never again, and all that Holocaust jazz. You stood and thanked all the members of Congress, who gave you a standing ovation. You sat down, but they would not stop.

There is an intolerable ease in the applause you receive. It is automatic. Applauding you is the easiest, safest thing to do. And how they applauded. You sat down and stood up, modestly, to receive their overflowing esteem. You gave Netanyahu your symbolic and moral support. It is obvious you are well aware of who you are. You are Elie Wiesel. You are 86 years old. And for you, I count for nothing.

What were you doing there, Elie Wiesel? Netanyahu is my prime minister. You are not an Israeli citizen. You do not live here. The Iranian threat to destroy Israel does not apply to you. You are a Jew who lives in America. This is not your problem. By what right did you stand there, using your reputation and your prestige, to try and influence the members of Congress to accept Netanyahu’s position on an issue that has nothing to do with you?

If Israel’s future is so important to you, if the fate of Jerusalem matters so much to you, why do you not live here? Do you think that you and I have some shared fate because we are both Jews? Think again. Everything that happens to me here in Israel does not happen to you there in New York. Where do you get the right to interfere in my affairs? You have some nerve.

Rogel Alpher has created a new moral rule for the world.

Genocide in Darfur? Beheadings by ISIS? Girls kidnapped by Boko Haram? Don’t speak out about it, unless you live in Nigeria or Iraq or the Sudan. Otherwise, you are a hypocritical blowhard.

Sorry, Peter Beinart. In Alpher’s world, you have no right to write a column for Haaretz anymore, you damned American.

In Alpher’s world, Wiesel has no right  to speak out in support of Nicaragua’s Miskito Indians, Argentina’s Desaparecidos, Cambodian refugees, and Kurds. That’s almost as heinous a crime as Wiesel’s speaking out in defense of Israel Jews!

What chutzpah for a person who survived the genocide of six million Jews to speak out against the potential genocide of six million more Jews! What a hypocrite!

The ironic thing is that Alpher has said that he is so sick of Israel that he will move out – but meanwhile, his opinion of the people he is abandoning is far more important than that of those who identify with and care about them.

Hilariously, the longest paragraph in Alpher’s nonsensical piece is about Elie Wiesel’s hair. I kid you not.

It is impossible to ignore your white hair, visible from afar, parted by a deep gulf on the slope of your high forehead and dividing into airy stalks of a fluttering, almost youthful, forelock with something Parisian about it. The professorial hairdo of an esteemed intellectual, the kind that characterizes a creative, instinctive and turbulent sort of person. You carry it with open self-awareness, a bit like a preening peacock, a hallmark of the icon you have become. It flew over your elongated head, your beneficent and wise eyes. The feeling was that your very hair carried something of the victory of the human spirit. That is how the hair of a distinguished humanist looks.

This is the sort of serious thought that is esteemed by Haaretz and its shrinking readership.

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  • How much can a stupid be a fool?

  • I haven’t read Haaretz for many years and rather hoped it had gone qietly under a rock and died. How dare anyone quote from Haaretz in this kosher Algemeiner publication? Like BBC, The Guardian, The Independent and NY Times — Haaretz is one of ‘the usual suspects’ when it comes to bias and vitriol. If Roger Alpher plans to leave the Holy Land, I hope he doesn’t come to London. I hear there are some good buys in houses in Antarctica.

  • Diane Hewitt

    What despicable comments! She on the author and the paper!

  • By Rogel Alpher’slights I had no business being outraged at the video distributed by–from a link provided by Algemeiner–showing downed Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned alive by ISIS–as I am neither a male, a Muslim, a combatant nor a Jordanian. Yet that video which was billed accurately by Shoebat as the worst thing viewers would ever see caused me to commit to the battle to destroy ISIS and support those who are leading the fight–including U.S., Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Hmm. I think Alpher’s got a point. If you allow yourself to be swayed by the victims of atrocities you might actually do something about it.

  • Barry Appleby

    Isn’t more the case that many German Jews who live in Israel are anti-Zionists since they expected Israel to be a European society and no a Levantine one, which is inevitable because it welcomed so many Jews expelled from Arab countries and also has a large minority of Arab citizens. The large German Jewish community was quite assimilated, and many German families were aware that they had Jewish relatives. This fact explains why the Nuremberg law paid so much attention to creating different categories of Jewish affiliation. I cannot say that I have ever really warmed to the German Jews I have met and some of them seemed to think that they were superior in some way to the Ostjuden, who were usually poor and Yiddish-speaking, as were both my maternal and paternal grandfathers.

  • Marc Rosenblatt

    Roger Alpher is a horses ass! Ha’aretz should be ashamed of itself to print such an article from this low life. Nothing is sacred anymore. Ellie Wiesel is more than an American citizen. He represents so much more. He represents what the world can do in terms of Jew hatred and genocide. The is the voice and the conscience of millions. I will never purchase that rag of a newspaper again, even if I am out of cat litter. Shame!

    • Alyssa

      Excuse me, but Elie Wiesel is nothing but an opportunist. As Primo Levi so articulately stated years ago, “There is something unsavory about a man who uses his survivor status to make his living.” Wiesel has, in fact, made a highly lucrative career for himself without ever having any talent, education or intellectual sophistication. Americans latched on to him as their poster child for the Holocaust. Anything he has is the direct and sole result of his exploitation of his survivor status. Wiesel nothing but a scammer.

      Why are Americans so ga-ga about him? Is that because he is the “right kind of Jew”? The one who supports Israel in ALL things – right or wrong??

      • Leon

        The ss in your name shows what your personality is familiar with.

  • andrea schwartz

    Your are an idiot to believe what you believe and to write what you wrote. I am not usually this rude but you deserve it.

  • Steve Kohn

    One of the great pleasures of living in Israel is getting a free copy of Ha’aretz at a shopping mall and ripping it up in front of the fool trying to get people to subscribe. Its circulation numbers show that my disdain is common.

    • The issue is that Haaretz is the favored newspaper of the diplomatic corp, foreigners reading about what is happening inside of Israel and tourists so its anti-Zionist propaganda is enormous.

  • Elere

    Why is Israeli government send them parking from Israel and all the NGO’s that never add value to Israeli society. I guest will help the state in a large extend.

  • Dr. Elie Wiesel is a sage, a warrier and possibly even a saint. There doth exist a very tall order respective to his battles and his message. Apart from the politics in Israel- the rebirth of Israel and Israel’s existence (I have fought alongside and with Israel regarding: it’s very existence also-) Israel is also part of my personal history,my country’s history and Christendom- Israel. Dr. Wiesel’s stance respective to BiBi’s speech to MY Conress re:Iran’s public threats of genocide to the Jewish State was and is Dr. Wiesel’s rightful boundary-understandably. Respectfully Yours, MKate Edwards

    • My congress.

    • Alyssa

      “Dr.Elie Wiesel is a sage, a warrier and possibly even a saint.”

      REALLY? First of all, he is a “doctor” of absolutely NOTHING. He got an HONORARY doctorate from a few universities and, in case you are unaware, this does not mean anything in terms of academic achievement.

      “A sage”? You really are kidding me! He wrote Night and that was enlightening for the world at that time. However, his subsequent books are pathetic and poorly written. He is no philosopher and NOT a thinker.

      “A warriar” (sic) If supporting Israel on every issue without question is a “warriar” (sic), then I will give you that.

      “A sage”? If you think Elie Wiesel is a sage, you are seriously delusional. He is nothing but “an astute opportunist and contemptible poser and windbag” (to quote Christopher Hitchens).

      Why don’t you try reading Primo Levi to see what a REAL humanist is??

  • John D.

    An important distinction is that genocide in Darfur, beheadings by ISIS, girls kidnapped by Boko Haram are things that have actually HAPPENED. Iran is not irrational, but basing your policy on fear of nuclear destruction by it is. Weisel was used as a prop by a war monger and it is shameful.

  • Just read this instead: It will restore your hope and fail in humanity.

  • S Cohen

    Nauseatingly pretentious and completely offensive. This is not journalism. Haaretz should be ashamed, not only at the appallingly immature standard of this narcissistic writer but also at the anti-Israel fodder it constantly shovels to the left to be devoured by anti Semites worldwide. Haaretz may reflect Israel’s freedom of speech but it certainly also seems to revel in its anti-Zionist content which unfortunate gets appropriated (very eagerly) and hurled back against Israel by Jew haters the world over.

  • Leslie

    As I read what alpher wrote, I couldn’t help wondering if it was written by his 12-yr. old daughter. His focus on the meaningless (his hair, really??), his detraction of the man who has earned the respect he garners, and the evidence of his not being able to contribute anything of substance to the conversation, leaves me wondering why he even received space in the rag. His only position is that if you don’t live in Israel you should stay out of the nuclearization of Iran is so ignorant, it doesn’t deserve a serious reply. I’ve always detested ha’aretz because of their self-hatred, fifth columnist activity. But this empty personal attack on Elie Wiesel is a new low, and shows they’ve run out of anything substantive to attack.

    • David Hoffman

      This is an insult to 12-year-old girls everywhere, the overwhelming majority of whom would show greater maturity and empathy than Alpher did.

  • Corrine schlessel

    Another perfect example of why I do not read Haaretz. I think it’s an anti semetic paper…self hating jews are the worst.

  • Moishe

    Haaretz has gone over the line of integrity and decency. They clearly do not represent the Jewish prople much less Israel’s best interest. I have canceled my subscription to this sick paper. I suggest all others do the same.

  • Jonesy

    No matter where we live, we are united by our history and by our future which is why Israel is so important to the Jewish people regardless where we live. Elie Wiesel can do more good living in NY then he can is Israel b/c he can speak to groups of people, children, college students, Christians, Jews, Moslems freely here in the USA and tell his story and educate people so it’s actually irrelevant where he lives but he like most American Jews actually care about the survival of the Jewish people and by that, Israel’s survival. I did mention to a friend that he could have combed his hair but I guess that’s his trademark look 🙂

  • Israel Sonnenschein

    To be honest, I did not expect other than such a stupid statement from a Haaretz journalist,

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    Roger Alpher– a half-wit with the nonsensical acumen of a tumbleweed. His words contradict themselves. His next move should be to put his helmet back on.

  • Leo

    Nobody reads HAARETZ anymore. Ever since they started charging $1 a month (which is much more than anyone should spend to read such drek) their readership has plummeted. What a crock.

  • CG

    Alpher is a pathetic excuse for a human being. This is why I don’t subscribe to Haaretz. That they can give this loser a platform is an insult to all thinking and sentient people.

  • The world hates us – if we ever ask why? here is one of the answers. At a time when it is of the utmost importance to show the world that we are united, this kind of disgraceful refuse, published in an Israeli paper, is the height of disgrace and fuels hatred and disrespect – if a Gentile had written this, well, after all…but a Jew? Leave!!! Go far away!!, we do not need you here!No one will miss you. Find yourself a hole to crawl into and be ashamed of who you are…I am ashamed of who you are and ashamed that anyone should read the trash you write about a man who has dedicated his life to a legacy that the likes of you have no clue about – The Anti-Semite in our midst are the dregs of our own who have always been and always will be THE ENEMY AT HOME – The worst of OURS have always caused our people the greatest harm – but there are punishments for the likes of you – Beware, there is an accounting – Sheoul is waiting….

  • As Ben Gurion said once just after Israel’ independence about girls of dubious reputation on Dizengoff Street.. “Thank G’od ! We are finally a normal nation”. Same applies here – every nation has its share of assholes, even Israel!

  • yehudi

    The “author” of this piece is obviously suffering from severe mental illness as no one in their right mind would criticize any elder, much less one who not only survived the shoah but has dedicated his life to writing and educating about it in the most evocative and profound way.
    Further, publishing such garbage only indicates a horrid absence of humanity at ‘Haaretz”. They should remove this awful thing and apologize to Wiesel.

  • Rina Dalibard

    What a senseless and shameful article! Where was the editor?
    Elie Weisel had lived in Israel and was a brilliant Israeli journalist and a loyal supporter of Israel.
    Most likely he is still an Israeli citizen and even if not he is free to listen to Netanyahu without permission from Rogel Alpher whoever he is.

  • jesse segal

    roger alpher your a huge loser and an idiot ! How dare you talk this way to your brother. Israel is our ancient homeland given to us by our creator hashem. Your piece belongs in the toilet. I would imagine your a left wing progressive.We need to be loyal to our only jewish state its for all jews and you must be one of those crazy palestinian arab sympathizers

    • Robinanna

      You can always use the New York Times, but then again even THEY tell the truth OCCASIONALLY, The Haaretz doesn’t seem to even do that, they even attacked Jonathan Jay Pollard, whom is the reason that the Israelis who write the newspaper-are writing the newspaper instead of you know-BEING DEAD! It’s even more of a shame to attack a man who suffered so much, and didn’t do any crimes! They didn’t go through the holocaust so WHAT RIGHT, do they HAVE to bully someone who DID-and lived! And to me, that is the characteristic of either a faux left wing nut or a wrong right wing nut! To me, being a REAL leftist means supporting who’s RIGHT, supporting the underdog, NOT BY them being less powerful but by them being HATED or by them being provoked, to me Israel is the underdog! It also means not being a HYPOCRITE, so if you support oh say, a prisoner’s right to a fair trial or a right to not be sentenced unfairly and have their PLEA BARGAINS KEPT, it means supporting JEWS who had that right taken away as well! I support Jonathan Pollard, Elie Weisel, Israel, and other people who have MORAL CHARACTER and are NOT bad people! Breaking a law doesn’t mean that you’re bad, it depends on the law! For example the righteous Gentiles, Rosa Parks and more!

  • To those that still love life-Never give in-never sit down-I was very proud that Bibi had to guts to speak to the USA-For me he is the Churchill of our day-which is why the cringing left hate him-Be brave-speak the truth-ignore those that speak the lies .

  • Yitz Strauchler

    The sad part is: Why is this Haaretz newspaper still in business in Israel?
    The quality of the editorial writers reflects the quality of the readers.

    • Eldarus

      Because Israel is a Democratic country, we’ve even Arab terrorists in Knesset speaking out of loud for destruction of the country, yet we can’t touch them, they are protected by idiotic Democratic laws.

  • henry buckhalter

    In my opinion this article was evil, disgusting.
    You want people to pay for your site? You have no ‘sight’

    How you guys sleep at night is a mystery.
    If you were anymore left….you’d all be working with av sever limp!

  • This story is simply terrible. How can the Israeli Press and People tolerate such an anti Israeli and anti semitic feeling? This is like kicking a blind person to walk faster. Hearted should be closed down permanently.

  • Steven

    Rogel, you are a total idiot and moran. Since when does Eli suppose to live in Israel and still love Israel the way he does? Since when any of us who live in the States must live in Israel in order to love that country? Your comments about Eli are ridiculous and you are actually ridiculous. Although you are a writer in the pro-palestinian newspaper in Israel, you can’t and will NEVER compare yourself to such a nobel person like Eli. You are a total SHMOCK.

  • Robert Davis

    alpher(this name does not deserve capital letters)is sick of Israel,wants to move out(what is he waiting for?no one asked him in!)he wants to destroy Israel and never blames anyone sittining in anti-Israel forums but he does not recognize the right to exist for those who support Israel! That is typical of antisemits who deny Jews any right even to live! A left wing supporter sais of late that “never again” applied only to…non Jews so that he claimed he had the right to wish Jews be killed even by holocaust! As to the jordanians they call “palestinians” what kind of holocast are they subjected to which makes them multiply over the years?

  • Nazareth certainly doesn’t speak for sane minded Jews. To write such drivel about Eli Wiesel is disgrace

  • akiva werber

    Roger Alpher would do best to sit home in silence. His statement was pathetic and certainly not worth printing. Shame on Haaretz for even bothering to print it.

  • Ruth Cohen

    wow such sour grapes
    picking on his hair and suit oh please Good grief is that all you can write about??

    good thing the writer stopped when he did.

    I will help him pack to leave Israel sooner. go away to Iran and leave us alone, all of us, including Weisel

    I met Eli at Yad Vashem, the man has amazing energy and is not a peacock or proud. Like the author of this nonsense.

  • This article is an insult to Professor Wiesel and to the 6 million who perished in the holocaust. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  • Eileen Vicente

    I find this article obnoxious and disturbing. I also finTd the lack of Jewish unity in reference to Islam and its dangers disgusting. Many Jews died during the Holocaust due to the belief system that some Jews were different from other ones. Who gives a damn where we come from, we would all share the same gas chamber. Roger Alpher is arogant and stupid. Israel belongs to all of us, or I would not bother being on the political pages I’m on daily in order to defend my other country,Israel. Obviously, Roger you are a jerk.

  • Judith Yacov

    Alpher, you name will be long forgotten when Elie Wiesel is still held up as an example of someone who broadened his own suffering to better understand the suffering of others. Shame on you.

  • VictorMc

    WHY oh why does ANYBODY read this awful rag Haaretz??? I deleted them long ago from my computer and that was FREE.

  • This is truly disgusting!!! I was appalled when a Palestinian student body at Concordia University pilloried Elie Weisel….but this…I have no words.

    Thank you for analyzing this ridiculous post and putting Rogel Alpher in his place.

    We have to out and expose all these “intellectuals” who think they know what they are talking about.

  • Lila lowell

    Shocking! ALPHER has removed himself from any identity with his people, the Jewish people and recognition of Israel and the The State of the Jewish People. He is angry and attacks Elie Wiesel for being all the things he is not, all things that threaten him; a Jew committed to the welfare of the Jewish people and the welfare of all humanity.

  • Emanuel

    Elder, Elie, I am sure Haaretz will not be publishing my comment but I told Rogel where he belongs and what he is.

  • alan ziegler, Jerusalem

    I wonder if the anonymous author lives in Israel…? Also curious if he would consider making aliya under the serious threats of annihilation by Iran? By my comments, I absolutely mean no disrespect for Eli Wiesel. Unlike the life experiences of the author, I could never conceive of the horror he and others suffered during the Holocaust. However, my intuition tells me that the author is seeking validation for his own personal choices and may be subliminally, at best, guilty for his lack of courage. If I am wrong and the author is a resident of the Holy Land, sincere apologies are offered. If not, time to join the front line soldiers by showing true faith in the Jewish destiny. I also not blame Eli Wiesel for being targeted by Prime Minister Netanyahu for seeking to add drama to his important speech to the US Congress and the world in general. Eli Wiesel is an innocent victim then and now.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Mr. Alpher is a pathetic specimen. His ad hominem attack on Elie Wiesel is undignified, hateful and irrelevaant. What has Mr. Wiesels’ hairdo or suit size have to do with any relevant questions. IF Mr Alpher feels that we in America should not have a voice in the destiny of the Jews in the world, then please dont ask the US for assistance, stop money grubbing for charities in Israel, stop selling us Israeli bonds, stop asking for military equipment, stop asking for loans. You are on your own. Mr Alper is a left wingnut and theHaaretz is a disgrace to journalism for having and printing such statement such as Mr. Alpher’s. The Jewish people are one peoplke regardless within what borders they reside. With ideas such as Mr Alphers, many American Jews during the 1930 and 40s were silent and were in a way responsible for not saving their brothers. If a Holocaust comes to Israel, Mr Alpher, dont ask us in America for assistance toget you to safety. It is none of our business.

  • Mark

    Yeah, why should he, a Jew, care about the future of the Jewish people? Why should he, after being a victim of the Holocaust and devoting his life to speaking out against murderous regimes, care about another murderous regime that threatens the existence of another 6 million Jews? Talk about willful blindness based on a sick political ideology.

  • Avi Geldwerth

    Anyone, let alone a Jew who can say, “Never again, and all that Holocaust jazz” has nothing of value to say to me. Frankly, there’s nothing more to say.

  • Yale Rodman

    Mr Alpher

    I am an American Jew. Are you saying that I cannot feel threatened for my people with the Iranian nuclear program? What a fool you are!

    Are you attempting to denigrate Elie Wiesel because PM Netanyahu is an Israeli, and Wiesel is an American? What a fool you are!

    Did you really chide Wiesel for his commitment against “never again, and all that Holocaust jazz.”? What a treacherous disgrace you are!

  • art

    Wow what an example of pseudo intellectual pompous writing by haaretz. The author of the attack is very happy to show off his self important use of words. Yet his physical description of Elie Weisel is part of his cowardly attack. Elie Weisel has become a conscience of humanity. Part of his his existence is to warn and protect ALL JEWS exactly because he painfully learned that an attack any Jew for being Jewish is an attack on all Jews, WE ARE, OR SHOULD BE OUR BROTHERS’ KEEPERS

  • Why bother giving a schumk like Alpher any space at all?

  • steven L

    Haaretz & liberal Jews fundamentally antisemitic.


  • len

    I thought Netanyahu had come to speak to the U.S. Congress about a danger that is supposed to be as great for America as it is for Israel?Why shouldn’t Elie Wiesel have the right to be at this event?Does anybody at Haaretz even know the pure nonsense that is printed in it’s paper?Does anybody care?How does this reporter get away with it.Doesnt this reporter understand that in America we have the right to attend events that we believe in.This guy is so self centered and in his own world his attitude is” his way or the highway”.I think his article is a good example of the phenomenon of the “Ugly Israeli” arrogant and condescending.Unfortunately this fool thought he wrote a clever article.Heaven spare us from such cleverness.

  • rulierose

    disgusting. but it’s Ha’aretz, so not surprising.

    btw, it says there are 10 comments. I only see 1. why do you not display all the comments? it’s no fun to read 1 comment…

  • Kathleen Stiver

    Amen brother

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    both: most offensive Haaretz column ever written and
    the most idiotic.


    That is positively disgusting. Even Haaretz should find it outrageous and disrespectful!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The only good thing about Haaretz is that its odious “news” and Israel-hating readers’ comments prove what a free society Israel really is. But no tears will be shed when its final issue rolls off the presses into oblivion.

  • zadimel

    I stopped reading Haaretz a couple of years ago, because it lacked the proud,dignified and noble opinion for the support of the Jewish State.

  • rachel robinson

    why publish such an article. This idiot writer should not have a venue, especially not this one, to air his idiotic ideas.

  • Lynn Michalski

    To Rogel Alpher, I too am a Jewish American, and I am appauled at your disrespect to this man. We are THE People Israel (not Eretz Yisrael) and that is who I think is being threatened just as the country is threathened. I love the country Israel and we plan to retire there, with you and my brothers and sisters. Please be reminded also that Elie Wiesel was at the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and pleaded with then President Clinton to save the Muslims of Bosnia from genocide. That is the true message of humanity that Elie Wiesel represents.

  • Algemeiner’s comeback to Roger Alpher’s (and Haaretz’s) diatribe is certainly well-deserved and appropriate; his column was not only hateful, but stupid and illogical.

  • Haaretz is the Israeli voice of the Israeli Palestinian Lobby. No other Israeli news media fights more for the Palestinian cause then Haaretz.

    Possibly, because Haaretz is owned 20 or 25% by the German media house Dumont Schauburg.

    I believe this anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli behavior are the last jerks before this most unnecessary news media closes down.

    • Emanuel

      Germany leading and most of Europe following, are anti-Judaism and anti-Israel. The story started more than 2500 years ago. Nothing new under the Sun.

    • Robert Davis

      haaretz should get huge fines so it gets bankrupt. As to “palestinians” I wish at least Jews stop calling arabs this way because AS OF 1948 WHEN PALEZSTINIANS WERE JUWS AND BECAME ISRAELIS,THERE ARE NO PALESTINIANS ANY LONGER. AS TO PALESTINE ARABS THEY RECEIVED THE JORDANIAN NATIONALITY AS OF 1949 WHEN JORDAN OCCUPIED JUDEA/SAMARIA SO THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE JORDANIANS NOT…”palestinians”. This word is purely a propaganda gimmick meaning the land belongs to…arabs which is contrary to History and International Law which recognized the land belongs to Jews by the SAN REMO TREATY AND ART 80 OF THE UN CHART. Let us stop using unproper arab and left wing pr words!!!