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March 13, 2015 6:53 pm

IDF Soldier Injured in Palestinian Rock-Throwing Attack

avatar by David Daoud

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IDF soldier injured by Palestinians throwing stones in a riot near Ofra. PHOTO: Flickr.

The commander of an IDF combat unit was injured on Friday by stones thrown by Palestinian Arabs during a riot in the town of Silwad, near the West Bank  community of Ofra, the 0404 website reported.

A rock hit the unit commander in his face, causing him to temporarily lose consciousness and breaking his teeth. After he was hit, the solder was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. His injuries do not appear to be serious, according to the report.

Other reports indicated that there were at least 12 other stone-throwing incidents that occurred today, where Palestinian rock-throwers targeted both Israeli civilians and IDF forces in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, 0404 said

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  • Robert Davis

    sorry I meant …they are NOT going to stay for long in Israel…

  • 1


  • Cynthia

    Has anyone else noticed one distinctive thing about the Palestinians who are throwing rocks at people walking or driving on the roads these days: They are cowards! they have their faces covered to keep them from being arrested for the crime. Put your rocks down and uncover your face, let us see you…. what are you afraid of????

  • Max Cohen

    May I suggest enlisting a squad of Israeli youngsters to engage Palestinian rock-throwers in a duel of rock throwing. As a kid in Brooklyn during the 1930’s we were often battling other neighborhood gangs with slingshots and pellet guns of our own making. Some times it was just fists.

  • No entity in the world will force a solution on Israel.
    They forced or were complicit to the Final solution in WWII with the Holocaust and the extermination of over 6 million Jewish people, men women and children.

    Where were the worlds nations outcry, threats and objection when millions of Jewish people were being exterminated, men women and children? They were silent.

    Where was the world nations when the Arab countries expelled over a million Jewish people from their countries who lived there for over 1800 years, the Arabs confiscated their assets, business, homes and land 5 times the size of Israel, valued in the trillions of dollars?

    Where is the world nations today? Why do they ignore when thousands are slaughtered by Muslims throughout the world.
    When Arab violence against Jews and other who are in Israel is not promoted by the Arab leaders, it is positive proof that the Arabs are no seeking peace and coexistence with Israel, the Arabs only seek Israel’s destruction.
    Any violence whatsoever must be responded with full force, Let them know this terror and violence, stone throwing and barricades is a crime and punishable by extreme actions. This is the only way to treat violence, anything less is a dereliction of duty by the government.

    Today and since 1948. Israel is being threatened with annihilation and when Israel defends itself from destruction, suicide bombers, thousands of missiles, violence, etc, by the Arabs, every country has something to say, threaten Israel and meddle in its business.

    This is the time when nations of the world must mind their own business and stay out of Israel’s internal affairs. Only then there will be a possibility of peace.

    YJ Draiman
    Iran the destabilizing factor in the Middle East and beyond..