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March 17, 2015 4:21 pm

Exit Polls Show Stunning Rally for Netanyahu in Israeli Elections; Veteran Leader Likely to Retain Premiership

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin casts his ballot. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Exit polls released by Israeli TV stations have shown an unexpected rally by Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party which leaves him likely to retain the premiership after today’s general elections in Israel.

Israel’s Channel 10 released numbers showing Likud and its main rival the Zionist Union in a dead heat with 27 seats each, while Channel 2 had Likud with 28 seats and the Zionist Union with 27.

The makeup of the remainder of the parties means it will be highly unlikely that the Zionist Union’s leader Isaac Herzog will be able to build a 61 seat majority coalition through alliances, leading to a historic fourth term for Netanyahu.

Polls leading up to today’s elections showed Likud trailing by up to 4 seats.

Both channels showed the newly formed Joint Arab List in third place with 13 seats and both also showed fourth place going to Yair Lapid’s centrist Yesh Atid party. Channel 2 showed Yesh Atid with 12 seats while Channel 10 gave the party 11 seats.

Both polls gave 10 seats to Kulanu, a new party formed by former Likudnik Moshe Kahlon, who was widely seen as something of a kingmaker in the lead up to the elections.

Both polls also gave the right-wing Jewish Home party of Naftali Bennett just 8 seats down from a polling high of up to 17 a few months ago. With the threat of Netanyahu losing to a left-wing alliance, it is likely that many of his would-be backers flocked to Likud to ensure a victory for the right-wing bloc.

At Likud campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv, activists celebrated the apparent win, The Times of Israel reported.

“It’s an amazing victory,” one party activist said, according to the internet newspaper. “There’s no such thing as a left-wing government.”

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  • Reform School

    Generally far-better educated than the U.S. electorate, even Israel’s Leftist voters are not as likely to fall for the false poll numbers and similar dirty tricks Team Obama pulled-off in 2008 and 2012 in collusion with their Leftist U.S. LameStream Media allies.

    The U.S. State Department’s expenditures of tax funds to influence an election, whether foreign or domestic, is strictly against U.S. law, and grounds in itself for the impeachment, trial and removal of all officials involved. 2015 would not be the first firing of an Attorney General.

  • Wyn and Diane Harter

    We have been praying fervently and heartily for the prime minister to retain his position as leader of Israel and the free world. He is a great leader and it is certain, beyond a doubt, that the God of Abraham has His hand on this man.

    blessings to you sir, in HIM……….wyn and diane
    John 13:34,35

  • Sofia

    We are praying and hoping its a BIBI Victory – Victory for Israel and its People. He understands the threat that is all around – one has to be blind not to see it. Hamas already bragging that they rebuild tunnels to enter Israel and continue killing sprees.

    And let’s not lily-wash Iran as a nice place to visit, unless you want to go back in a basket.

  • Remember, right hand: Don’t let the left hand know what you’re doing.

  • George

    Congratulations to the Likud Party and a historic 4th term for premier Netanyahu. This clearly was not the time to change directions in Israel! Given the conditions in the middle-east retaining one of the only real leaders in this troubled world is paramount to the survival of the only like minded friend the US has in that region of the world. The only thing standing in the way of the relationship improving is the islamic communist in the oval orifice.

  • Efram

    I am never happy to see a ‘right wing’ victory. However, given the suicidal nature of most left wing parties in Israel, one victory by them might be the last of Israel’s history, G-d forbid.

  • Ness Pessah

    He is THE MAN. May he be blessed. Am Israel Chai.
    Ness Pessah

  • De


  • Glad what happened, happened!

    Netanyahu, coming from a distinguished heritage brings honor and respect to Israel.

    May he do great things!! May he continue in fulfilling the Zionist dream.

    Jack H Bloom, who met Ben Gurion at S’deh Boker eons ago!

  • Tess

    Big congratulations to Bibi and a sigh of relief for the rest of us.
    Bibi’s voice is the one sole voice of reason in a very dangerous world.
    Our God is good!

  • SpecialKinNJ

    When seen ultimately through the prism of history, the State of Israel will be perceived (warts and all) as an Oasis of Reason in a Desert of Irrationality, and an Island of Democracy in a Sea of Despotism

  • Like France and any Democracy, is Israel unmanageable…
    To marry goat to rabbit has never given any result.
    So the “Alliances” are generally objectively securing, in France and Israel, these 45 years old DOING NOTHING policies…. and postponing difficult courageous decisions..
    I would have loved to see how the “Peres’ successors” would have crashed ????
    It remains to them an opportunity for a nice career, the only one thing, like their Great Mentor, they are able to do.

  • Eitan Rosenberg

    Algemeiner is now just a Lakud/GOP mouthpeice.

    Stunning victory my ass.

  • It is strange and funny, but to me partly this election in Israel was between Netanyahu and Obama, if the Israeli Left had won. Thank god Netanyahu won. 🙂

  • SIGHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Emanuel

    There is no such thing as a left wing government! Well said! Praying for Israel and Bibi!

  • Shira Loustaunau

    Baruch Hashem