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March 20, 2015 3:47 pm

Watchdog Group Says Israeli Election Subject to Massive and Blatant Subversion

avatar by Chris Coffey

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu votes on Tuesday. Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/POOL/Flash90.

Professor Gerald M. Steinberg, President of watchdog group NGO Monitor, said today that Israeli democracy suffers from the “severe problem of foreign interference.” Steinberg was responding to a Washington Post article, in which he was quoted, analyzing the role of foreign money in the Israeli election.

“No other democratic country in the world is subject to such massive interference and blatant subversion,” said Steinberg.

“Groups like V-15, OneVoice, Ameinu and the powerful New Israel Fund operate entirely outside Israeli government regulations and campaign financing laws, and this must end — no democracy can allow itself to be manipulated by unaccountable and irresponsible political frameworks.”

Earlier this week, Netanyahu warned that his political opponents in Israel’s general election on Tuesday were benefiting from “tens of millions” in foreign support.

The Washington Post published a story today about the amount of foreign money injected into the elections. While the paper said that there were millions in foreign money spent on the race, there was no evidence of tens of millions having been spent.

Steinberg praised The Washington Post piece for “highlighting the severe problem of foreign interference in and efforts to manipulate Israeli democracy,” but he thought it was too dismissive of European efforts to influence the elections.

“Kessler’s piece gave short shrift to the tens of millions of dollars provided annually by European governments to political groups such as B’tselem, Peace Now, and dozens more,” Steinberg said. “This practice is a form of modern imperialism, with the Europeans using money for NGOs as the main form of influence. All of these forms of interference and manipulation will be examined in detail in the Knesset in coming months.”

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  • Trust the electorate. As long as demographics hold up, Israelis will democratically sustain the Jewish State of Israel.

  • Ronnie Zuckerman

    To be totally objective and fair, this report failed to mention abuse on both sides. Sheldon Adelson, the international casino operator, contributed and spent millions in favor of Bibi – just like the external groups you are calling out. (Why do I think you will never publish thus comment? Hmmmmm!)

  • You would have to be extremely NAIVE for these slimy manipulations to fool you!

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    The White House , the Eurabies and the traditional Judeophobic groups sacrifice Israel to appease the murderous Islam .

  • Arty Cohn

    The New Israel Fund, B’Zelem, and other NGO groups funded by left-wing non-Israeli funders are twisting Israel’s elections, and its foreign policy.

  • Fred

    The White House & EU would happily derail Israel with incitement donations. Kerry is on the way to perform a re enactment of Munich in Lausanne.

  • TheAZCowBoy

    As if the injection of millions of Jewish dollars in US elections were ‘mom-existant,’ CLOWNS!

  • It was this that the Prime Minister was refering to in his quote about busing. He was attacking outside money not the right of Arabs to vote, but the Leftist American press put their own spin on it making Netanyahu look like a racist.

    • Reform School

      I would hope the Knesset would investigate the electoral and media bribery that corrupts U.S. elections as well. And publish the results, as Lamestream Media refuse to.

  • harri

    would that be like the votes from the national elections for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA being counted by the Spanish voting company Skytl owned by George Soros who has stated that he wants to destroy America before he dies? or would that be like the Demoncratic machine in America paying the poor and homeless $20 per vote and then driving them around to different precincts?

  • steven L

    IL most likely the most intelligent, knowledgeable and concerned democracy.
    Time to clean-up the “Ecuries d’Augias”. The abuses of the left/far left must be addressed ASAP. And the academia need to be cleaned-up too.
    The same applies to the far left but perhaps for different reasons.

  • Leo Toystory

    The Big BO is behind it and has violated the Logan Act.


    I bet the hands of obama adminstration in this election no doubt

  • The people who receives money in order to manipulate
    Israeli citizens of Israel are traitors.
    Israel will suvive.

  • RobiMac

    That’s just too funny. Millions of dollars from all over the world, no doubt, to knock Netanyahu down and once again G-d jumps in and proves He’s always got the upper hand.

    I just can’t stop laughing.

    Just as He said, everyone who burdens themselves with Jerusalem will be cut to pieces. And the global smack down by G-d is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Terri Granot

    Those accounts should be taxed or frozen if they break the Israeli campaign laws.

  • art

    The world just can not allow a strong independent Jewish state. They just want the homeless weak Jew dependent upon their “good will”.
    Obama was afraid to even comment on the suppression of the iranian opposition because he “didn’t want to interfere”

    Yet Obama had his operatives including Jeremy Bird go to Israel to organize and fund the opposition. Worse yet with US tax money brought opposition leaders especially arab leaders to the US to train them. Clinton was successful in 1999 in unseating Netanyahu. Fortunately the Israelis were smarter this time

  • Henryk Zaleski

    Just follow the money and once you find the source do the right thing and prosecute for using US tax or NGO money to interfere in foreign elections. That is outrageous and illegal.

  • Scott

    Read Caroline Glick’s just posted article on what the Knesset needs to do to protect Israel’s Democracy. This article speaks to her concerns.